Charlie Bewers

Charlie fell in love with the FNAF lore over the years due to the convoluted and indirect nature of it, the way that storylines are told in such vague ways drew him into the series and his love for gaming as a whole made him stay. When not writing or looking at new FNAF theories, Charlie is usually playing on either Ps5 or PC, his favourite games are Persona 5 and Destiny 2 but any game with a rich and intriguing story will draw his attention.

how was fnaf created

How Was FNAF Created?

The FNAF series was created in 2014 by developer Scott Cawthon as a sort of response to complaints levied against his previous game, Chipper & Sons Lumber Co. People who played and reviewed the game often complained about how it included frightening characters that were supposed to be friendly, with critics like Jim Sterling proclaiming …

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