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FNAF Help Wanted 2 – Everything We Know

FNAF VR: Help Wanted instantly became one of the most popular FNAF games even before its release, thanks to the breath of fresh air it breathed into the franchise. Compared to everything before it, Help Wanted was something new; it built off of and expanded upon what came before it while also showing a deep respect for everything else.

In the years since, there’s been a deep desire for more of Help Wanted; 2019 had the release of the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, but after came the disastrously disappointing release of FNAF Security Breach.

Things were looking pretty bleak for the future of FNAF (aside from the upcoming movie), but quickly improved after the massive success of Security Breach’s Ruin DLC.

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When the first teaser for Help Wanted 2 dropped, even though it was just a brief shot and a logo, the internet went wild. And it’s no surprise why- Help Wanted provides some of the most fulfilling story and gameplay to be found throughout the entire series.

So today in this FNAF Help Wanted 2 guide, we’ll be taking a look at everything we know about Help Wanted 2 so far- from PAXWest mini-games to Dawko-exclusive gameplay reveals.

Core Takeaways Up Front

  • Three different mini-games have been shown off, focusing on Bon-Bon, Funtime Freddy, and Moon
  • The gameplay will follow the same format as Help Wanted and the Curse of Dreadbear DLC
  • Mini-games will focus on content from Sister Location onward
  • It’s likely to be Circus themed and have a plot based around repairing or fixing either the VR game or an old location
  • The Mimic or Glitchtrap may return
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Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy is a part of the Funtime line of animatronics, created by William Afton to kill children and acquire remnant. He later became part of Ennard and then the lead personality of Molten Freddy, but it has yet to be revealed if either of them will make an appearance in-game

Bon Bon

Bon Bon is an animatronic Bonnie Puppet worn by and assumed to be controlled by Funtime Freddy. In addition to appearing as a part of Funtime Freddy, a standalone Bon Bon mini-game has been revealed.

Circus Baby

Circus Baby is an animatronic in the Funtime line, possessing the soul of Elizabeth Afton. She was the de facto leader of the Funtimes in Sister Location until she was kicked out of Ennard and became Scrap Baby.


Eclipse is the true version of the Daycare Attendant, first appearing in the Ruin DLC. In the daycare segment, we helped unify their bodies and prevent Moondrop from destroying Sundrop.

At Steel Wool’s PaxWest display for FNAF, they had a working Eclipse animatronic poking out of a vent. However, the gameplay has only shown the version of Moon from before Security Breach. It can be assumed that they will both make some form of appearance.

Plush Baby

Plush Baby is a plus version of Circus Baby, appearing in Help Wanted, Security Breach, and Ruin. Many believe its appearance in these hints towards a more significant role in Help Wanted 2.

fnaf help wanted 2 plush baby
Image Courtesy of Dawko


Both Help Wanted and its DLC, The Curse of Dreadbear, have a similar gameplay style featuring multiple mini-games and a story line for those willing to look for it. It’s not yet known if Help Wanted 2 will have any story, but many believe it will.

The footage shown so far appears to have the same play style as its predecessors, consisting of multiple mini-games. Three mini-games have been revealed, each focusing on one specific character.

fnaf help wanted 2 gameplay

Help Wanted and The Curse of Dreadbear DLC had multiple game modes with varying mini-games, but it’s unknown if Help Wanted 2 will do the same. If it does, I’d assume that the Breaker Room and Carousel mini-games would be similar game modes based on how they play and the theming of trying to repair something while an animatronic attacks you in the dark.


Bonk a’ Bon

fnaf help wanted 2 bonk a' bon
Image Courtesy of Dawko

Bonk a’ Bon is a whack-a-mole-styled game where you have to use plush hammers to beat Bon Bons, which pop out of the arcade machine. There’s a time limit of 20 seconds, within which you need to whack as many Bon Bons as possible with your Hammers.

Occasionally, a Helpy will jump out instead, and beating him will result in losing points. After getting the specified points, round two will start with a longer time limit and Plush Babies replacing some of the Bon Bons. Beating the Plush Babies awards extra points and prevents a jump scare.

Breaker Room

fnaf help wanted 2 breaker room
Image Courtesy of Dawko

In the Breaker Room mini-game, you have to turn on the power in the breaker room while Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon stalk you from a distance. At your right is a megaphone you can use to ward off Freddy, but if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a jumpscare.

This game plays similarly to the vent levels of Help Wanted as well as the opening of Sister Location. It also appears to be incredibly stressful and full of tension, at times requiring the use of both hands to hold levers in place while Freddy gets ever closer.

fnaf help wanted 2 carousel
Image Courtesy of Dawko

The Carousel mini-game is like the Break Room mini-game but set on a Carousel with Moon as the main antagonist.

The Carousel itself follows a theme of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, having all of the animals be based on different animatronics.The gameplay is a bit more difficult than others, consisting of replacing and calibrating nozzles and wires. The player also has a flashlight they can use to scare away Moon.

fnaf help wanted 2 mini-games
fnaf help wanted 2

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