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I will never get tired of talking about FNaF. I love that franchise because it gave me many memories with my friends. True, Freddy and his gang gave me the fright of a lifetime multiple times; I still feel attached to these characters and the world that they live in.

I played most of the FNaF games, but they still didn’t satisfy my desires for more FNaF-related content. That is why I turned to binge-search tons of FNaF merchandise because I want my favorite characters to always be by my side. (I know that canonically they are going to kill me, but I don’t care because they look cute as plushies).

Toys aside, FNaF offers tons of products ranging from T-shirts to Bedsheets to the point that choosing can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry; this guide will help you choose the best FNaF merchandise!

The Best Five Nights at Freddy’s Merchandise: Bottom Line Up Front

  • Clothing – FNaF has plenty of clothing merchandise ranging from t-shirts to hoodies. Declare your love for the franchise by proudly wearing one of their t-shirts featuring your favorite animatronic. My favorite merch is the Foxy Costume Beanie Hat.
  • Decorations – FNaF also has room decor as merchandise. You will no longer feel lonely again when you are surrounded by your favorite animatronics. You can’t go wrong with the Classic Freddy Fazbear Poster.
  • Toys – FNaF has a wide variety of toys you can collect or play with. Funko Pop! Funtime Freddy is an excellent addition to your collection.
  • Accessories – FNaF also offers amazing accessories to spice up your fashion. Monster Roster Key Chains features the original animatronics you all know and love.

FNaF: A Brief Overview – What is the Gist of FNaF?

Five Nights at Freddy’s is an indie game created by Scott Cawthon. It centers around a haunted Pizzeria filled with dangerous animatronics roaming at night. Players had to survive against them for five nights while uncovering the mysteries surrounding the place.

What is the Plot of FNaf?

fnaf poster

The plot of the first game is relatively straightforward. You take the role of a newly-hired security guard recently warned of ‘strange events’ occurring at night. These ‘strange events’ turn out to be haunted animatronics hell-bent on killing the player. The question now is, can you survive five nights against them?

What is the Gameplay of FNaF?

Unlike other survival horror games, players are stuck inside a room rather than fleeing or fighting against their foes. Freddy and the gang will find their way toward you, so your task is to prevent them from getting inside by locking yourself with the steel doors. 

The problem; there is not enough power for the door to remain closed throughout the night. So, you need to fend them off while saving power – a power outage will result in a game over. You have a device that allows you to connect to the surveillance cameras, giving you a quick overview of their whereabouts and determining when you will close the doors.

Why is FNaF so Good?

When the game was released, Scott Cawthon could not imagine that his creation would become an instant success. Many wondered how the game became viral and captured the hearts of many. There are plenty of reasons why, but the biggest ones include the following:

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

FNaF’s gameplay is accessible to a lot of people because you can learn it in under 5 minutes! This made it easy to hook you into the game because you will be fully immersed in the world without wasting time in the tutorials.

Of course, a challenge is needed to make the game interesting. You will soon discover that surviving Five Nights is much more complicated than you thought and that figuring out how to use the limited resources will give you enough dopamine drive to continue to the next day.

The gameplay is also unique because rather than fleeing from monsters like other survival horrors such as Amnesia, you are stuck in the room alone with the animatronics. It will give you a sense of paranoia and feeling trapped, which will certainly maximize your terror.

The Thrill of the Chase

Although the premise of the game is simple; a security guard trying to fend off killer animatronics for five days, it has plenty of mysteries that hook you into the story.

The first game gave you little information but plenty of questions regarding the happenings surrounding the restaurants. You wanted to learn more about the lore, encouraging you to continue playing the game to find the answers.

The way the game tells the story feels like playing a puzzle, making you try to connect the dots to get the whole picture. The pay-offs from the mysteries will make you wonder what will happen next.

A Sense of Community

One of the reasons why I love the game is because of the fans. We shared our theories about the mysteries, shared fan art of our favorite characters, and gave each other gameplay tips to survive each night. These interactions gave us a sense of community united by our shared love for the franchise.

At the heart of this community is Scott Cawthon himself. He genuinely cares a lot about his fan, and he loves taking the opportunity to connect with us via his social media platforms. Scott even gave creators of selected fan-made FNaF games an opportunity to make money by creating the Fanverse project to say thanks for all our support.

Where can You Buy FNaF Merchandise?

fnaf stickers

FNaF is a massive franchise with an army of fans supporting it. Of course, there are plenty of companies that wanted a share of that pie. All of us wanted high-quality FNaF merchandise, but it would be a challenge if you didn’t know what you were looking for.

There are hundreds of shops out there where you can buy them but if you are like me and hates the outdoors, then shopping online is a great alternative. Amazon is my go-to website for looking for amazing high-quality FNaF merchandise because their services are safe and secure.

Reliable online shops:

  • Amazon
  • Gamestop
  • Target
  • Wallmart

Things You Need to Consider before Buying FNaF Merchandise

Finding FNaF Merchandise can be a difficult task because there are so many options for you to pick and choose from. To make it easier for you, here are some things that you must consider before you are going to buy.

Ask Yourself: What do You Need Right Now?

The most important factor that you need to consider is knowing what you want for now. Do you want to decorate your room? Perhaps, you want new clothes? Or are you planning to give a gift for a younger fan? By determining what you need right now, choosing the right FNaF merchandise will be much easier because you will lessen your pool of options.

Do not Rush Your Choice!

You have the merchandise that you want but don’t place your order yet! Try to search other sites or sellers who offer the same type of merchandise and compare it with your initial choice. Check if the other options provide the same amount of use or even better but at lesser prices. Not rushing your choice will ensure that you will find merchandise that will make you and your wallet happy!

Aside from finding cheaper options, not rushing your order allows you to assess the seller and the site as a whole. Are they trustworthy enough? Does the merchandise come from reputable brands that sell durable and high-quality products? You can determine it by checking the reviews online.

Try to Plan Ahead Before the Package Reaches Your Doorstep

You are now sure that this is the product that you are looking for, not only is it good but cheaper too! Now, what are you going to do? Where are you going to place your product? 

It sounds ridiculous to even consider this but hear me out: what if someone in your house is allergic to the materials used? Do you have pets or toddlers that might ruin your beloved FNaF merch? Do you even have a space to place your product?

Knowing where you can place your FNaF merch is essential to consider because it ensures the survivability of your product and maximizes its use. It is pretty sad to find out that your FNaF posters cannot fit on your walls or your FNaF plushie is torn to pieces by your puppy.

You can learn more about the materials used and the size options by checking the merchandise descriptions.

What are the Types of FNaF Merchandise You Can Buy?

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a massive franchise that offers thousands of high-quality collectibles that you can buy. It might sound overwhelming to choose any products, but dividing it into categories might make it easier.

Clothing: Wear it with Pride!

fnaf clothes

Spending your money on FNaF clothes is definitely worth it. It is also versatile merchandise because you can wear it in your house, in public places, or even at your work (if they allow it.)

The most important factor you need to consider before buying any FNaF clothing merchandise is knowing the fit & size. You can easily see the size options by checking the product’s description.

FNaF offers a wide array of clothes with varying design choices. Another thing that you must consider is determining if it fits your style. Try to imagine how the FNaF clothes match the ones that you currently have. There are definitely FNaF clothes out there that match your preferences, so don’t worry about not finding one!

Here is a list of clothes that FNaF has to offer:

  • T-shirts are great FNaF merchandise to buy because of their versatility and pragmatism. There are tons of opportunities for you to show off your brand-new FNaF T-shirts – in the park, on the beach, or even in school!
  • Hoodies help you warm your body, especially during colder seasons. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they are also stylish!
  • Beanies also help you keep your head warm during the colder seasons and protect your hair from specks of dust.
  • Pajamas are very comfortable to wear and will help you find a good night’s sleep.
  • Shoes will make your walks and jogs smooth and keep your feet protected.
  • Jackets are great things to wear on top of your shirts and an additional layer of protection.


fnaf decorations

Our rooms are our safe space. It’s a place where we can become ourselves, a place we can do anything without judgment, and a place where we can find privacy. With that in mind, we want our rooms to match our personalities.

Before buying any FNaF decorations, one thing to consider is the kind of vibe you want for your room. Do you want your room to feel more wholesome? Or do you want to have a ‘gamey’ feel to it? As an FNaF fan, there is plenty of merchandise that you can use to decorate your rooms that are reliable and well-made:

  • Posters are the most common way to decorate your walls, and they come in all shapes and sizes. FNaF offers you a ton of posters that are guaranteed to give a cheery or sinister vibe in your room – depending on your preferences.
  • Bedsheets have a wide array of pattern designs that will add more personality to your room. Make sure that it is also comfortable to help you sleep.
  • Curtains offer you privacy from your nosy neighbors. An introvert’s must-have!
  • Carpets are a great way to keep your feet warm in your room.
  • Lamps illuminate your spaces, especially if you are playing an FNaF game. We don’t want animatronics lurking in the dark.

FNaF Toys

fnaf toys

What do a collector and a child have in common? They like to buy toys! FNaF has tons of toys that will guarantee to provide joy in your life. Indulge the inner child within you with the myriad of FNaF collectibles!

Whether you want to collect them all or make them a gift for children, the most important is if you are enjoying your purchase. If the toy gives you happiness, then go ahead and buy it, but if not, there might be a better FNaF toy that you can find.

Another thing that you should need to consider is whether it is durable enough. There is no problem if you are giving it to an adult, but it would matter a lot more if you give it to a child. Children like to play with them, and if I remember correctly, I once threw my toys like imaginary missiles to my mom’s chagrin.

Check for any small parts that might become choking hazards because there are times when children treat their toys like it’s their favorite snacks.

FNaF offers the following items that will guarantee to provide joy for you and for your children:

  • Plushies are cute; who doesn’t love them? They are great decorations that will give your room a wholesome vibe. They are also great companions because they can lessen your loneliness while you are inside the room.
  • Funko Pops are fun for those who love collecting stuff. These figurines look adorable and add character to your room. Although they are not as huggable as plushies, they are much easier to place in other parts of the room, such as your desk.
  • Action Figures are a perfect gift for your son/husband/insert male relative here. Aside from accuracy, action figures have movable limbs allowing you to make your characters pose in any way you wish.


fnaf accessories

FNaF also has a lot of fantastic, well-designed, and high-quality accessories that you can buy. With this merchandise, your favorite characters will undoubtedly add something to your fashion sense.

FNaF offers a wide array of merchandise that will add more bling to your style!

  • Backpacks are great things to bring to store your stuff while traveling, be it to your school or some distant place. Of course, since you are carrying it around – why not add some fashion to it?
  • Keychains have the same effect on me as the plushies. They are so tiny and adorable– you can carry them anywhere! Just hang these lovely figures on your car, backpack, and phone; they will brighten your day.
  • Bracelets add fashion to your arms.
  • Pins can dazzle your clothes or add character to your backpack!

My Top 10 Best FNaF Merchandises

FNaF Nightmare Chika Mask

fnaf nightmare chika mask

Hello, is this the Dream Department? One of your nightmares managed to escape my head!“. This costume truly lives up to its name because it is pure nightmare fuel. The sharp metallic teeth and the wide sunken eyes truly made it a wonderful merch for s̶c̶a̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶w̶a̶y̶ ̶k̶i̶d̶s̶ ̶ celebrating Halloween.

It is 100% polyester, and it can be hand-washed. Teens and Adults can wear this mask and give unsuspecting people a good fright.

FNAF Plush Backpack

fnaf plush backpack

I already stated before that plushies are my favorite type of merchandising – so giving these adorable toys some pragmatic use then it included in my top 10. If you are confused as to what it is, it’s essentially a backpack in a shape of an adorable Freddy Fazbear.

It’s made of polyester and cotton, so this backpack is very comfortable to wear. I’m sure having children wear this adorable bag will make them even cuter.

Shadow Bonnie

shadow bonnie

Shadow Bonnie Plushie is probably the best-looking plushie I have ever seen. I am a sucker for black because it makes everything look sleek and chic, including this Bonnie Plushie. If you are an avid collector of plushies, this one is one-of-a-kind and would definitely stand out the most in your room.

Do not worry about hugging it or using it as a pillow. Its soft material is meticulously sewn, making it extremely durable.

FNaF Stickers

fnaf stickers

Stickers are another way to personalize your belongings or even parts of your walls. These little pieces of art range from childish to downright horrifying. With this package, you have so many FNaF stickers that you might have trouble using all of them – go crazy with it!

You can put stickers on your laptops, notebooks, tablets, etc. the possibilities are limited to your imagination. This package is an excellent gift for your child, and it’s a cheap one too!

FNaF Party Supplies Set

fnaf party supplies set

How do you make your birthday party even more awesome? By having an FNaF-themed party featuring our favorite animatronics. It is good to celebrate your birth surrounded by your friends, families, and favorite characters – it would make your party sinister yet still magical.

There are so many things you can use to decorate the place – you might not even use everything on one occasion. The designs are also recyclable, so you can use them for more birthdays to come.

FNAF Earphones

I spend most of my time on the computer listening to bangers with my earphones. When I saw this merch, I ultimately loved it because music and FNaF are two of my favorite things. Freddy and the gang added life to the earphones, giving them their unique personality.

The music is so good with these earphones. The stereo plug can fit into many gaming consoles, phones, and tablets but always make sure your device is compatible with the item.

Fnaf Security Metal Badge

fnaf security metal badge

Do you want to work on your dream job of being a security guard at Freddy Fazbear Pizza? Consider yourself hired once you bought the security badge. By buying this merch, you will receive all the benefits of a security guard— minus the pay. But hey, at least you will not fend for yourselves from killer animatronics for five straight days.

Twisted Chica Funko Pop!

twisted chica funko pop!

Not all Funko Pops are made to be cute. This Funko Pop, in particular, is a stuff of nightmares – with multiple mouths filled with sharp teeth covering her body. She has boils all over her skin, and it seems her face has absorbed her signature cupcake look!

What’s not to like about it? There are plenty of scary Funkos out there, but none of them could ever top Twisted Chica. If you want a little bit of horror to spice up your room, this one is right up your alley.

Crying Child T-Shirt

crying child t-shirt

Despite the simple design, it sure does have a lot of meaning. For those who don’t know about the games’ lore, a serial killer is targeting children and hiding their bodies inside the animatronics to rot. Years later, the souls of the children remained inside the robots.

Imagine that kind of fate happening to your child – it is horrible and tragic. If I were in their position, I would also lose my mind and begin attacking anyone who is alive. This T-shirt is giving me the feels, so of course, it is included in my Top 10.

Bonnie Plush Keychain

bonnie plush keychain

By now, you must know that I have a thing for plushies. It comes as no surprise that I will be drawn by the Plushie keychain. What makes this great merch is that you can always carry it around anywhere you like bringing its wholesomeness with you.

Just be mindful when there are dogs around your home; I have plenty of keychain plushies that were broken because they thought it was a chew toy.


Question: Are the Merchandises from FNaF Fan-games Legitimate?

Answer: Yes! Scott Cawthon and a bunch of developers of well-known fan-made games collaborated to do the Fanverse Project. This means that the fan-made games are now licensed by the franchise, thus giving them an opportunity to sell their own merchandise. However, only selected fan-made games are part of the project:
• Five Nights at Candy’s
• The Joy of Creation
• One Night at Flumpty
• Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus

Question: What is the Best FNaF Merchandise?

Answer: Personally, the best merchandise that is worth your money are the ones that have practical use. Clothing merchandise fits the description because it’s a basic need and can protect you from the elements. 
T-shirts can be worn both inside and outside your home, and hoodies can protect you against the cold.

Question: Does FNaF Merchandise have Custom Options?

Answer: Yes! FNaF sellers know how diverse the FNaF community is, so they offered us fans many customization options to cater to all our preferences.

Wrapping Up: Which Fnaf Merch Items are in Your Wishlist?

Playing all the games is not enough to quench our love for the FNaF franchise. We crave more content, so the franchise offered us lots of merchandise to choose from and buy. The choices are endless, from dolls to bedsheets, t-shirts to beanies, but at least there is always the right merch for everybody.

Be sure to check for reviews and always shop on reliable websites so that you will not encounter any problems while ordering your choice of merch. After that, a little patience is required, and eventually, you will have your very own FNaF merchandise.

Plushies are my personal favorites because they are so cute and huggable, and they never fail to brighten up my day. If you are not into plushies, you can search for top picks and see if you find the one that you are looking for.

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