every easter egg and cameo in the five nights at freddys movie

Every Easter Egg and Cameo in the Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie

After eight long years of waiting, the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie has finally been released, and we couldn’t possibly be more excited.

For over a year, fans have been planning their trip to the theater- what to wear, where to go, and how to make it as memorable an experience as possible. In those plans, the question of which beloved content creators would make it to the big screen has always come up, but now, it’s no longer a question.

Read on our Every Easter Egg and Cameo in the Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie, as well as the lore behind them– if you haven’t seen the movie yet, consider this your spoiler warning.


Employee of the Month Board

employees of the month board
Image Courtesy of Rabbowski

Most of the cameos in the movie come in this employee of the month board inside the abandoned pizzeria. Featured on the board are a few extras, as well as 8-bit Ryan, Bazamalam, Rabbowski, FusionZGamer, and Dawko, all respected FNAF content creators in their own right.

Creators like these, especially Dawko, have been a part of the FNAF community since the beginning and shaped the childhoods of people like me. Seeing them in the movie, even as just a passing glance, is such an incredible way to honor the past, present, and future of FNAF.


Image by Quinn Quimby

Like the employee of the month board, Cory’s cameo was revealed in the movie trailer. Cory plays a taxi driver towards the film’s end, driving Abby and Golden Freddy back to Freddy’s in the climax. He also has a scene after the credits that reveals that the little Balloon Boy figure left the pizzeria and entered his cab.

When the trailer dropped, I remember my friends freaking out over his cameo specifically- it was no Markiplier, but we knew for a fact a creator we’ve been watching since childhood, and a massive part of the community was being recognized.

Cory’s role being a taxi driver means he could also return in a sequel, even if just for a brief second or to explore the Ballon Boy figure. Either way, I’d love to see him in a FNAF movie again.


Image by Quinn Quimby

Since the movie was announced, fans have been clamoring to see if MatPat would show up or not. When the employee of the month board and CoryxKenshin’s cameos were first revealed, everyone was shocked that there was no news of a MatPat cameo. So too, it seemed, was MatPat, who confirmed he would not be in the movie during a GTLive livestream, even nearly crying.

Though MatPat’s theories a controversial subject in the fandom for years, he’s still an iconic figure in the community, with his FNAF theories boosting both him and the series to the level of fame they have today. It felt impossible to imagine a FNAF movie without MatPat in it.

Fans flocked to the internet to detail how sorry they felt for him (even I, a person who doesn’t really vibe with MatPat’s channels anymore, found myself feeling sad about it)- only for it to later be revealed as a hoax.

Image by Quinn Quimby

When the movie premiered in theaters, MatPat did have a cameo as a waiter at a diner- the diner being called Sparky’s as a reference to the old Sparky the Dog hoax, and his nametag reading Ness as a reference to his famously bad Sans is Ness theory. Matpat even released a Film Theory a few days later discussing his cameo.

Of all of them, Matpat’s cameo is undoubtedly the best one- mainly because of how desperately fans wanted it and how MatPat’s genuinely good acting faked us out. When MatPat’s voice boomed throughout my theater, the groups of people on my right and left began to whisper confusedly- and when he showed up on-screen a second later, there were audible cheers, and people even jumped out of their seats.

Easter Eggs

Rejecting Dream Theory

Rejecting Dream Theory
Image by Quinn Quimby

When I was growing up, one of the biggest theories in the FNAF community was that the fourth game was entirely a dream being had by the bite victim, now in a coma.

Theories like this have always been popular with any media- because it’s so EASY to do. Little real evidence is needed- you can say, “What if it was all a dream the whole time?” “What if they’ve been dead from the start?” “What if the thing is a representation of the seven deadly sins?” and some people will believe it just because.

In the case of FNAF 4, there was a far larger pool of evidence than usual- the nightstand next to the bed often had pills or flowers on it, and on some nights an IV drip could be seen.

In the years since this theory was popular, it’s been disproved repeatedly and is mainly a joke to the wider fanbase now.

When Mike first wakes up towards the beginning, we see his nightstand, which features a bottle of pills and a book titled Dream Theory. The pill bottle mirrors the one on the nightstand in FNAF 4, and in the scene after at the mall, Mike and his coworker mock people who believe in Dream Theory, serving as a complete rejection of the old theory.

Midnight Motorist Shirt

Midnight Motorist Shirt
Image Courtesy of u/DarthBoseman on Reddit

As confirmed by the actor, Carl wears a Midnight Motorist shirt during the break-in scene. Midnight Motorist is one of my favorite mini-games in all of FNAF, and the shirt pays tribute to the lore-based mini-games that made the games what they are.

Sparky The Dog

Sparky The Dog
Image by Quinn Quimby

The restaurant MatPat works at is called Sparky’s, a reference to the Sparky the Dog hoax from the first game, and in the parts and service room, we can also see a broken dog animatronic. The animatronic is believed to be another reference to Sparky, though it could also be a reference to Fetch the Dog from the books or both.

Even as just a passing background reference, longtime fans like myself were amazed to see Sparky there- it serves as one more reminder of how deeply valued fan creators are by both Scott and the community.

Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy
Image by Quinn Quimby

In the parts and service room, a purple Freddy suit can be seen next to the Sparky animatronic, and during the break-in scene, Max is stuffed inside of it. It’s unknown if Shadow Freddy is already an entity, or if Max will return as Shadow Freddy, though Kat Connor-Sterling (Max’s actress) has expressed interest in returning as Shadow Freddy. Shadow Freddy also appears on a security monitor at one point.

Shadow Freddy has played an essential part in the series since his introduction in FNAF 2, and a big-screen interpretation of his character would be really interesting, especially with the context of the movie version being Max’s spirit. Considering a sequel is all but confirmed, it wouldn’t be unlikely to see Max return as Shadow Freddy.

Ella/Baby Springlock Suit

Ella/Baby Springlock Suit
Image by Quinn Quimby

In the Silver Eyes trilogy of novels, Ella is Charlie Emily’s doll that Henry uses to create the child form of her animatronic. Here, Ella makes an appearance that’s pretty important to movie’s climax, but it’s unclear where it fits into the lore. In the movie, there’s a springlock version of Ella, and it appears to be made by William Afton specifically for killing children.

The animatronic also resembles to Circus Baby, but it looks far more similar to Ella and is generally revealed to be some version of Ella. It’s unknown how important this will be to the lore or if Henry and Charlie will appear in the movies.

Novel Connection

Novel Connection FNAF
Image from The Silver Eyes Graphic Novel

From the minute the film was announced, I speculated it would somehow tie into the Silver Eyes books, most likely in the way William Afton uses children’s drawings to trick the animatronics. Not only did this come true, but a large portion of the ending is practically lifted straight from the first novel.

Foxy stalks Abby in the arcade and ball pit the way he does to Charlie, the truth of the missing children’s incident is revealed to their spirits via a drawing, and William is springlocked and dragged off by the animatronics.

While the rest of the film is largely unrelated to the novels, this ending makes it easier to speculate about the future of the movie adaptations.

Every Easter Egg and Cameo in the Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie: FAQs

Question: Is Mike Schmidt Michael Afton in the Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie?

Answer: In the movie timeline, Mike Schmidt is not Michael Afton. We don’t know if Michael Afton will appear in a future movie or not.

Question: Is Markiplier in the Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie?

Answer: Markiplier could not be in the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie due to a scheduling conflict with Iron Lung, but if there is a sequel, there are plans to include him in it.

Question: Is The Living Tombstone in the Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie?

Answer: The Living Tombstone’s FNAF 1 song is used as the first credits song in the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie.

Every Easter Egg and Cameo in the Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie: The Ending Line

Though I don’t consider it much of an Easter Egg, a voice after all of the credits spells out “Come find me.” Many believe this is teasing The Puppet, but based on Michael Afton’s line in Sister Location, I believe this is William Afton reaching out to Michael, and Michael will be a separate character from Mike Schmidt.

Seeing as the game ends with William sealed away, a sequel may see Michael go to Freddy’s to find his now spring-trapped father and try to atone for the sins of his past.

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