what fnaf game takes place in 2023

What FNAF Game Takes Place in 2023?

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It was discovered through links to the first game that FNAF 3 and, quite possibly, FNAF Pizzeria Simulator are both set in 2023. 

With the year past the halfway point and the new live-action movie from Blumhouse on the horizon, it’s interesting to note that at least one of the FNAF games seemingly takes place in 2023. This revelation came, in typical FNAF fashion, through the research of fans as opposed to the games outright telling us. 

To call the timeline of Five Nights at Freddy’s complicated would be an understatement, to say the least, often a lost cause for newcomers to the series and even confusing at times for seasoned veterans.

The convoluted and vague nature of the storytelling present in the FNAF series has given creators like MatPat a full-time job trying to scour through tiny hints dropped in the games and books in order to piece together the story that Scott Cawthon has left for us.

The Confusing Timeline

FNAF 3 and Pizzeria Simulator

The main allure of FNAF for many is the vague story that fans of the series can piece together, filling in the blanks with their own theories and speculation. As the current widely accepted timeline for the events of the games, it goes:

  1.       FNAF 4 – Set in 1983
  2.       FNAF 2 – Set in 1987
  3.       Sister Location – Set in the late 80s/early 90s
  4.       FNAF 1 – Set in 1993
  5.       FNAF 3 – Set in 2023
  6.       Pizzeria Simulator – Set in 2023 or possibly later
  7.       Security Breach – Sometime between 2024 and 2029

The year Security Breach and Ruin take place is also up for debate; it’s obviously far enough in the future that the mega pizzaplex has been built.

The Burntrap Ending proves that it takes place later than all the others, but pinning down an exact date is not yet possible; for now, we can say with a fair degree of certainty that FNAF 3 and Pizzeria Simulator very likely take place in 2023.

But How do we Know These Games Take Place in 2023?

Theories will only get you so far, but the link to the first FNAF game is how many in the community believe these games, particularly FNAF 3, take place.

In the first game, the player receives a paycheque at the end of the playthrough; this amount is $120, coinciding with the minimum wage in 1993. This places FNAF 1 in 1993 and makes it chronologically the fourth game in the series, which is funny in a way because FNAF 4 was set in 1983, making it chronologically the first game in the series.

FNAF 3 is listed in its description as being set 30 years after FNAF 1, placing it in the year 2023.

During FNAF 3, we take the role of another night security guard, this time working for the Fazbear’s Fright attraction, going through the usual stages of fending off murderous animatronics who would like nothing more than to give you the William Afton treatment and subject your body to the horrors of an animatronic suit.

The story behind this game, taking place 30 years after the original, is simply that because of the murder stories surrounding the titular pizzeria, the next logical step is to lean into it and create a restaurant-themed horror attraction, creating a replica of the original building and salvaged animatronics because why wouldn’t you?

This refurbishing of the destroyed pizzeria awakens everyone’s favorite, purple-obsessed murderer. Crushed to death and preserved with Remnant in the Springlock suit, William Afton makes his first appearance as a threat in this game, having spent decades locked in the safe room of the destroyed building.

FNAF Pizzeria Simulator

FNAF Pizzeria Simulator
Image sourced via Polygon

“Connection terminated; I’m sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name.”

FNAF 6, titled Pizzeria Simulator, provides a conclusion for the original story, with Michael Afton, Henry Emily, and William Afton, along with the other animatronics, all meeting a fiery end in “a labyrinth of sounds and smells.”

The game begins in a different form than usual, following the title with a pizzeria-building mini-game, after which it returns to normal FNAF gameplay, defending yourself from animatronics via cameras.

The date the game itself takes place is a subject of debate within the community as it’s confirmed that it happens sometime after FNAF 3; this could be any time during or after 2023 leading up to Security Breach.

During the game, we see characters from previous games, such as Circus Baby (now scrap baby), the Marionette (now Lefty), and Springtrap (now Scraptrap). The fact that some animatronics have fallen into such disrepair shows that a significant amount of time has passed, but this could be mere months instead of years.

fnaf pizzeria simulator
Image sourced via YouTube

The burning of Fazbear’s Fright from FNAF 3 could explain the damages. We know through the Golden Freddy Mode cutscene from FNAF Sister Location’s custom night that Springtrap was present in the building for the fire, suggesting that the damages could be because of that event, meaning there is a genuine possibility that FNAF Pizzeria Simulator takes place in 2023.

What FNAF Game Takes Place in 2023: In Conclusion

FNAF 3 has one prominent piece of evidence to support it being set in 2023, the paycheck from FNAF 1, while Pizzeria Simulator is more wishy-washy when it comes to hard proof it can be said with a certain amount of certainty that the game takes place at least around 2023.

The timeline of these games is not for the faint of heart and is often something that can turn away new fans to the series, but to those that stick around to search the games and unearth these little hidden pieces of lore, it can prove to be a rewarding experience.

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