how was fnaf created

How Was FNAF Created?

The FNAF series was created in 2014 by developer Scott Cawthon as a sort of response to complaints levied against his previous game, Chipper & Sons Lumber Co. People who played and reviewed the game often complained about how it included frightening characters that were supposed to be friendly, with critics like Jim Sterling proclaiming …

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fnaf toy bonnie guide

FNAF Toy Bonnie Guide

In the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror games, most animatronics look sinister and can easily send shivers down your spine–it’s a horror franchise, after all. However, you’ll find animatronics that look relatively safe and inviting on the other end of the spectrum. Toy Bonnie is among them, and I love how he’s also a guitarist, …

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fnaf ruins dlc guide

FNAF Ruins DLC Guide

When I was a kid, Five Nights At Freddy’s was a pretty simple game. Click around, watch the cameras, check your doors, and survive until 6 am. Pretty easy! Help Wanted even makes light of this inherent simplicity, beginning many of its levels with the instructions “Push buttons, survive until 6”. FNAF is not a …

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