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Animatronics are the main antagonists of the entire Five Nights at Freddy’s series, and each game introduces its own horrific cast of characters that will make surviving your five nights on the job a major challenge. As they make their way to your office and become increasingly aggressive with every passing night, you’ll have to get to know each of these menacing robots to avoid meeting a terrible demise.

FNAF’s animatronics are more than just a source of heart-stopping jumpscares, though. Each one is incredibly detailed and well-modeled, and many of them play crucial roles in the series’ lore as well. There’s something upsettingly lifelike about the animatronics that gives FNAF a pervasively unsettling and immersive vibe, allowing the games to stand the test of time despite being relatively simple on the surface.

Between their designs, behaviors, and sheer creepiness, the FNAF animatronics build tension in a way that very few horror game antagonists can successfully pull off.

Bottom Line Up Front:

As of FNAF Security Breach, there are eight major groups of animatronics, including the Classics/Withereds, Toys, Shadows, Phantoms, Springlocks, Nightmares, Funtimes, and Glamrocks.

While these main animatronics enjoy a lot of the spotlight, they’re accompanied by a wide variety of other equally-sinister animatronics, many of which are as important to the lore as they are deadly. There are well over 100 animatronics with unique models and mechanics, and every player has their own personal favorites. Even Mr. Hippo has his fans—myself included.

FNAF 1 Classic Animatronics

Chica the Chicken

The animatronics from the first Five Nights at Freddy’s are known as the “Classic Animatronics.” Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy make up the main cast of mascots, and this core group reappears in various forms throughout the franchise.

The Classic Animatronics are possessed by the five victims of the first Missing Children’s Incident.

  • Freddy Fazbear: Freddy is the star of Fazbear Entertainment’s mascot band. He becomes active on Night 3, and he attacks from the right side of your office. He also appears when you run out of power.
  • Chica the Chicken: Chica typically becomes active early on in the week and attacks from the right side of the office. She is possessed by the spirit of a child named Susie, the first victim of the Missing Children’s Incident.
  • Bonnie the Bunny: Bonnie was the first animatronic created for FNAF, and developer Scott Cawthon has stated that Bonnie is the only animatronic that gave him nightmares. He’s also typically the first to move. Unlike Chica, who tends to wander a bit, Bonnie will usually make his way slowly but directly towards the left side of your office.
  • Foxy the Pirate: While Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie are kept on the main stage, Foxy has his own stage in Pirate Cove. If you don’t check the cameras enough, Foxy will become more active, eventually sprinting down the hall to attack from the left side. If you manage to close the door before he reaches you, he will bang on the door and drain your power.
  • Golden Freddy: Golden Freddy is a rare animatronic that is possessed by an incredibly vengeful spirit named Cassidy. Unlike the other animatronics, Golden Freddy is a “springlock” animatronic from the original Fredbear’s Family Diner. It’s possible that William Afton’s son, the Crying Child, is also one of the spirits inside Golden Freddy.

There’s a 0.00001% chance that the poster visible from CAM 2B will show Golden Freddy’s face, at which point Golden Freddy will appear in your office once you lower the camera.

When Golden Freddy is in the office, his signature phrase “IT’S ME” will also flash on screen. You can get him to leave by quickly flipping your camera up, otherwise he’ll attack and crash the game.

FNAF 2 Animatronics

Toy Animatronics

Toy Bonnie

The Toy Animatronics were kid-friendly redesigns of the original characters. After the first Missing Children’s Incident, these new bots were programmed with advanced facial recognition software that allowed them to scan for criminals.

It’s unclear whether the Toy Animatronics are possessed, but it’s possible that William Afton used these suits to hide the victims of the second Missing Children’s Incident. Fortunately, all of the Toy Animatronics can be fooled with the Freddy mask, which will be a big help as you try to survive your five nights on the job. They’re also the first animatronics to become active.

  • Toy Freddy: Toy Freddy will make his way to your office through the main hallway.
  • Toy Chica: Toy Chica attacks through the left vent.
  • Toy Bonnie: Toy Bonnie attacks through the right vent.

Withered Animatronics

Withered Freddy

The Withered Animatronics are the decaying versions of the Classic Animatronics from the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. They were brought to the new and improved FNAF 2 location, but were deemed too ugly and unsanitary to perform.

Once the Withered Animatronics come out on Night 3, you’ll have the best chance of survival if you put the Freddy mask on any time you lower the cameras just in case one of them is standing there.

They can also lower your monitor, so be ready to put on the mask as soon as they do. The Withered Animatronics will stay in the office longer than the Toy Animatronics, so it’s a good idea to wind up the music box as much as possible if you see them approaching.

  • Withered Freddy: Withered Freddy attacks from the hallway.
  • Withered Chica: Withered Chica attacks from the right vent.
  • Withered Bonnie: Withered Bonnie can appear in the hallway, but he’ll only ever attack from the left vent.
  • Withered Foxy: Unlike the other Withered Animatronics, Withered Foxy can’t be fooled with the Freddy mask. He’ll attack from the hallway, but you can flash your light at him to get him to leave.
  • Withered Golden Freddy: Withered Golden Freddy only appears in FNAF 2’s Custom Night. He can appear in the hallway, at which point you should avoid flashing your light until he’s gone. He can also appear in your office after you lower your monitor, and you’ll have to use the Freddy mask to get him to leave.

Other Animatronics


  • Mangle: Mangle is a dismantled, pink and white version of Foxy, which is likely either meant to be Toy Foxy or Funtime Foxy. Once Mangle gets inside the office, there’s no way to get them to leave, so you’ll have to put on the Freddy mask when they appear in the right vent.
  • Balloon Boy: Balloon Boy (BB) will enter the office from the left vent unless you put on the Freddy mask when he appears. Once he’s in, he won’t attack, but he will disable all of your lights until 6am.
  • The Puppet: Also known as Marionette, the Puppet is possessed by Charlie Emily, the daughter of Fazbear Entertainment co-founder Henry Emily. The Puppet is responsible for giving life to the other animatronics. If you don’t wind up the music box at the Prize Counter, the Puppet will escape its box and reach your office very quickly. At that point, there’s nothing you can do to stop him.
  • Shadow Freddy: Shadow Freddy is a rare Easter egg animatronic that can appear in the Parts/Service room. He won’t jumpscare you, but he will crash your game if you stare at him too long.
  • Shadow Bonnie: Shadow Bonnie is incredibly rare, having only a one in a million chance of appearing in your office. Like Shadow Freddy, he’ll crash the game if you let him stick around too long, but you can get him to go away with either the Freddy mask or the flashlight.
  • Jay-Jay: Jay-Jay (JJ) is a hallucinated version of Balloon Boy that sometimes appears under the desk, but she can’t attack.
  • Dee-Dee: Dee-Dee (DD) is another version of Balloon Boy. She wasn’t featured in FNAF 2 itself, but she appears alongside the others in FNAF World and Ultimate Custom Night.

FNAF 3 Animatronics



Springtrap is the only real animatronic in FNAF 3. He is possessed by the corpse of William Afton, co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment and the “Purple Guy” responsible for the Missing Childrens Incident.

Springtrap is an incredibly sinister animatronic, and he’ll attempt to hide from your cameras as he makes his way towards you. You can use the “Audio” button on the cameras to lure him into the next room and away from your office. If he enters a vent, you’ll have to seal it from the Ventilation screen to stop him from getting through.

Phantom Animatronics

Phantom Puppet

The Phantom Animatronics are hallucinations allegedly caused by Fazbear Fright’s faulty ventilation system. While they can’t kill you, they will jumpscare you and cause system errors, which makes it harder to avoid getting killed by Springtrap.

  • Phantom Freddy: Phantom Freddy can be spotted walking in front of the office window. When he gets the whole way across, he’ll jumpscare you unless you’re watching the cameras.
  • Phantom Chica: Phantom Chica appears on the arcade cabinet screen visible from CAM 07. She’ll jumpscare you once you lower the monitor.
  • Phantom Foxy: Phantom Foxy will randomly show up in front of the box of animatronic parts in the office without any cues. Check the cameras to avoid eye contact, and he’ll go away.
  • Phantom Mangle: Phantom Mangle will show up on CAM 04. If you don’t look away in time, they’ll appear in the hallway outside the office and make a loud static sound that attracts Springtrap.
  • Phantom Puppet: The Phantom Puppet will appear on CAM 08, and you’ll have to look away quickly before it shows up in your office. Once it’s there, it’ll block your vision for at least 15 seconds.
  • Phantom Balloon Boy: Phantom Balloon Boy shows up on CAM 09 and CAM 10, and he’ll jumpscare you once you close the monitor if you don’t look away from him fast enough.

FNAF 4 Animatronics

Nightmare Animatronics


Some fans thought the jumpscares in FNAF 3 weren’t as scary as they had been in the first two games, so Scott Cawthon created the Nightmare Animatronics to increase the fear factor of FNAF 4. As a result, the Nightmare Animatronics are some of the most horrific-looking animatronics in the franchise.

The Nightmare Animatronics—as their name suggests—are from the nightmares of the game’s player character, which we experience as the five nights of FNAF 4’s game play. If you hear a Nightmare Animatronic breathing on the other side of the bedroom door, hold the door closed until they go away.

  • Nightmare Freddy: Nightmare Freddy hides under the bed, and plush versions of him will appear on the bed behind you. You’ll have to shine the light on them to chase them away, or else Nightmare Freddy will jumpscare you.
  • Nightmare Bonnie: Nightmare Bonnie will aggressively approach your room from the left hall.
  • Nightmare Chica: Nightmare Chica approaches from the right hall, but she’s slower than Nightmare Bonnie and attacks less often.
  • Nightmare Foxy: Nightmare Foxy will sneak into the closet instead of attacking from the hall. Once you hold the closet door closed for long enough, he’ll turn into a harmless plush for the rest of the night.
  • Nightmare Fredbear: Nightmare Fredbear only comes out on Night 5 and the last two hours of Night 6. He replaces all of the other animatronics, but he’s also much more threatening.
  • Nightmare: Nightmare is an aggressive shadow version of Nightmare Fredbear that appears in Nightmare mode, 20/20/20/20 mode, and All-Nightmare mode.
  • Plushtrap: Plushtrap is a nightmarish Spring Bonnie plush that appears in the “Fun with Plushtrap” minigames between each night. Shining the flashlight on him when he’s on the X in front of you will allow you to skip the first two hours of the next night.

Halloween Animatronics


FNAF 4 was originally scheduled for a Halloween release, but since Scott Cawthon released the game early, he released a special Halloween DLC with festive redesigns of the Nightmare Animatronics and other animatronics from previous games. However, Nightmare Balloon Boy is the only Halloween animatronic that is canon to the lore.

  • Jack-O-Bonnie
  • Jack-O-Chica
  • Nightmare Mangle
  • Nightmarionne
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy

Sister Location Animatronics

Circus Baby

Note: This section contains spoilers for Sister Location.

FNAF Sister Location took the franchise in a new direction, allowing players to explore the underground Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals facility.

The venue houses the clown animatronics created for the Circus Baby’s Pizza World restaurant as well as the newer Funtime Animatronics made for Fazbear Entertainment. Unlike the original animatronics, which were created by Henry Emily, the Sister Location animatronics were created by William Afton.

  • Circus Baby: Circus Baby is one of the most mechanically sophisticated animatronics in the franchise. However, she was also designed with a claw and storage tank in her stomach, allowing her to capture and/or kill children when they’re left alone with her. William Afton’s own daughter, Elizabeth, was killed by Baby and now possesses her.
  • Ballora: Ballora is a ballerina animatronic who is kept in her namesake Ballora Gallery to the left of the main control room. You’ll be able to hear her music when she gets close to you.
  • Funtime Freddy & Bon Bon: Funtime Freddy is a sadistic, pink and white version of Freddy Fazbear. Like Baby, he was designed with a sinister claw and storage tank. Bon Bon, or the Bonnie Hand Puppet, is usually on Funtime Freddy’s right hand.
  • Funtime Foxy: Funtime Foxy performs in Funtime Auditorium to the right of the main control room. It’s likely that Funtime Foxy is the non-dismantled version of Mangle, who was also named Funtime Foxy in FNAF World.
  • Ennard: At the end of the week, the four main animatronics in Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals combine themselves into an amalgamate animatronic named Ennard. As Ennard’s primary consciousness, Baby will try to trick you into getting killed by the Scooper, allowing them to climb into your body and escape the facility. In the Custom Night cutscenes, Ennard is shown wearing the player character’s body as a disguise until he decays, at which point, they have no choice but to eject themselves and escape into the sewers.
  • Funtime Chica: Funtime Chica doesn’t appear in Sister Location since she was rented out to Chica’s Party World during the week of your shifts. However, you can purchase her for your pizzeria in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.

Custom Night & Other Animatronics


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator Animatronics

Molten Freddy

In Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, you’ll have the chance to own and operate a brand new Fazbear Entertainment franchise location. Over the course of the week, several familiar animatronics will appear in the alley outside, and you’ll have the choice to salvage them for your restaurant or leave them on the curb.

Once the animatronics are inside the restaurant, they’ll try get into your office to attack you, so you’ll have to seal vents and lure them away with audio cues to prevent them from reaching you.

It’s possible to play the game without letting any killer animatronics into the building, but you’ll be violating Paragraph 4 of your franchisee contract if you toss them back outside.

  • Molten Freddy: After Ennard ejected Baby’s consciousness sometime after Sister Location, Funtime Freddy took over, transforming their amalgamate form into Molten Freddy.
  • Scraptrap: Scraptrap is the deteriorated form of Springtrap from FNAF 3.
  • Scrap Baby: After being ejected from Ennard, Baby put herself back together with scrap parts and became Scrap Baby. Unlike the first iteration of Baby, Scrap Baby seems to be aware of her identity as William Afton’s daughter.
  • Lefty: While Lefty himself hasn’t appeared in the franchise before, he was created to contain the Puppet, which can be seen inside his suit during a rare death screen. Allowing him to perform in your pizzeria will leave you with a ton of lawsuits thanks to his high liability risk.

Pizzeria Animatronics

Candy Cadet


In addition to the salvageable animatronics, you can purchase a variety of non-haunted animatronics to perform and entertain patrons in your pizzeria.

A few of these animatronics share some interesting information regarding the series’ lore as well. Fortunately, none of them are out for your blood—well, not until they appear in Ultimate Custom Night, anyway.

  • Helpy: Unlike the majority of killer animatronics in the series, Helpy is a friendly companion that acts as your assistant in the restaurant. He isn’t purchasable like the others, but he appears on the menus and loading screens. Helpy also handles your lawsuits.
  • Rockstar animatronics: The Rockstar Animatronics are redesigns of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy that share traits with both the Classic and Toy Animatronics.
  • Mediocre Melodies: The Mediocre Melodies are a discount band of animatronics that includes Happy Frog, Mr. Hippo, Orville Elephant. Nedd Bear, and Pig Patch.
  • Trash and the Gang: Trash and the Gang are an extremely low-budget group of animatronics featuring Bucket Bob, Mr. Can-Do, Mr. Hugs, Pan Stan, and No. 1 Crate.
  • Security Puppet: Much like the Puppet’s original iteration in FNAF 2, the Security Puppet comes in a box and is placed away from the show stage. The third time you play the Security Puppet’s minigame, it shows a new scene depicting Charlie Emily’s murder, which is a reference to the original Puppet minigame from FNAF 2.
  • Candy Cadet: Candy Cadet is a bit of a misfit animatronic, but if you place him in your pizzeria and take his candy, he might tell you a story.
  • El Chip: El Chip is the mascot of El Chip’s Fiesta Buffet. He won’t appear in your vents, but he will take the opportunity to advertise his own restaurant if you put him in your pizzeria.

FNAF VR: Help Wanted Animatronics

Nightmare Endo

FNAF VR: Help Wanted reimagined most of the FNAF series’ core games in immersive VR, but several new redesigns were created for the game as well. Most of the unique Help Wanted animatronics replace their normal counterparts in Hard Mode, but some are part of their own unique minigames and scenarios.

  • Dark Freddy
  • Dark Foxy
  • Neon Bonnie
  • Neon Chica
  • Burnt Foxy
  • Captain Foxy
  • Shadow Mangle
  • Nightmare Endo
  • Party Freddy

Curse of Dreadbear Animatronics

Grimm Foxy

The Curse of Dreadbear DLC introduced a few new characters to the franchise’s roster of Halloween-themed animatronics.

  • Dreadbear
  • Grimm Foxy

Security Breach Animatronics

Note: This section contains spoilers for FNAF Security Breach.

FNAF Security Breach’s Mega Pizzaplex is a massive mall complex full of neon lights, fun games, and a brand new cast of killer animatronics. They’ll try to hunt you down as you try to escape from the Pizzaplex, so you’ll have to run, hide, and fight back when necessary.

Glamrock Animatronics

Montgomery Gator

The Glamrock Animatronics are the stars of the Pizzaplex’s band, and each of them has their own quirky personality. Unfortunately, Vanny managed to hack into the Pizzaplex system and give them murderous commands while she was under the influence of the Glitchtrap virus from Help Wanted.

You’ll get the chance to shatter the Glamrock Animatronics throughout the night, but they won’t stay down for long.

  • Glamrock Freddy: Unlike the rest of his brutal bandmates, Glamrock Freddy is incredibly friendly and does his best to help Gregory escape the Pizzaplex. You can hide in Freddy’s stomach hatch to avoid other animatronics, but he’ll need to be recharged. Glamrock Freddy can also be upgraded with the parts that you… “salvage.”
  • Glamrock Chica: Glamrock Chica loves pizza, which you can use to your advantage when you encounter her in the kitchen after Fazer Blast. Once you shatter her and take her voice box, she’ll be much harder to hear, but Freddy can use her voice to stun the others.
  • Montgomery Gator: Monty is the band’s new bassist, and he’s much faster and more aggressive than the others. His sunglasses protect him from being stunned by bright lights, but he loses his glasses—and his legs—after you shatter him in Monty Golf. Upgrading Freddy with Monty’s claws will allow you to break through chained gates.
  • Roxanne Wolf: Roxy is harder to hide from than the others since she can sniff out your hiding spots. After you shatter her in Roxy Raceway, Freddy can use her eyes to see through walls and spot collectibles that were previously invisible. However, she can still hear you, and she’ll charge if you make too much noise.

Other Pizzaplex Animatronics

Daycare Attendant

  • Daycare Attendant: The Daycare Attendant—otherwise known as Sun and Moon or Sundrop and Moondrop—looks after the kids in Superstar Daycare. Sun is friendly enough, but once the lights go out, Moon will become extremely aggressive. Fortunately, you can distract both of them by making a mess.
  • DJ Music Man & Wind-Up Music Man: While you’ll only have to worry about DJ Music Man in the west arcade, Wind-Up Music Man will chase you through the Pizzaplex’s vents throughout the night.
  • S.T.A.F.F. bots: There are a variety of S.T.A.F.F. bots that help keep the Pizzaplex up and running. In addition to the Security Bots that alert the Glamrock Animatronics of your presence, you’ll also encounter Mop Bots, Map Bots, Wet Floor Bots, and a number of other automated employees.
  • The Blob: The Blob is a massive amalgamate animatronic with Molten Freddy’s face that’s buried deep below the Pizzaplex. Presumably, this mess of parts and wires is a fusion of all the haunted animatronics that were supposed to burn in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.
  • Burntrap: Burntrap is the latest incarnation of Springtrap. It seems that Vanessa/Vanny managed to find a way to transfer the Glitchtrap virus into a new animatronic body with mysterious organic parts. It’s unclear if Burntrap still contains any of William Afton’s soul, or if this new villain is simply an incarnation of his malevolence.
  • Glamrock Bonnie: Glamrock Bonnie was the band’s bassist before he was mysteriously decommissioned. However, his special bass-playing claws can be seen on Burntrap’s endoskeleton, so it seems Vanny may have had something to do with his sudden disappearance.
  • Glamrock Endoskeletons: Once you reach Parts/Service, you’ll have to contend with bare endoskeletons that move when you’re not watching them.


Question: Who Made the Animatronics in FNAF?

Answer: Henry Emily is the original creator of Fazbear Entertainment’s popular animatronic mascots. His business partner, William Afton, is responsible for creating the Funtime Animatronics, as well as the clown animatronics created for Circus Baby’s Pizza World. It’s possible that Afton also helped create the Toy Animatronics.

Question: How did the FNAF Animatronics Get Possessed?

Answer: The Classic Animatronics were possessed as the result of the Missing Children’s Incident. William Afton hid the children’s bodies inside the animatronic suits after he killed them, which caused their spirits to linger inside them.
However, it seems the Puppet is responsible for giving them “life,” allowing them to walk around and attack unsuspecting security guards.
Afton later melted the endoskeletons of the haunted animatronics to extract Remnant, a molten substance containing human souls that allowed him to bring new animatronics like the Funtimes to life.

Question: Which FNAF Animatronic is the Deadliest?

Answer: There are a ton of incredibly deadly animatronics in the FNAF series, and everyone will have certain animatronics that they struggle to beat depending on their playstyle.
However, I’d say that Springtrap is among the deadliest since he plays mind games with you, attempting to hide from your cameras and tricking you with hallucinations.
FNAF 3 really made things personal, especially in comparison to the first two games. It’s just you and Springtrap trying to outsmart each other while alone in that office together for five long nights, and the game really makes you feel that with Springtrap’s mechanics and AI.
Aside from Springtrap, I’d list the Puppet from FNAF 2 as one of the deadliest animatronics since his music box requires constant attention, and there’s nothing you can do to stop him once he’s out of the box.
Both Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare from FNAF 4 are incredibly challenging as well, so much so that they’re both harder to beat on their own than the rest of the game’s animatronics combined.

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