FNAF Levels Guide: Levels 1-6

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    This guide will cover the first 6 Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Help Wanted includes all of the levels and strategies this article discusses, and Security Breach has completely different mechanics and deserves its own section. Since Five Nights at Freddy’s tells a chronological story, you’ll need to beat each game to understand the next.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s (2014) Levels Guide

    The player must use the camera feed locations to hold the animatronics off using the doors. To see if an animatronic is at your door, light the hallways. You have a limited amount of power to close the doors, light each room, and use the computer to check for approaching animatronics.

    If the player fails to close the doors in time, the player will die. To survive, you need to last from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM. It takes 8 minutes and 37 seconds of real-time to advance.

    Night Enemies X Common? Strategy
    1 Bonnie X Yes Close the Left Door: After Phone Guy finishes speaking, close the left door. Don’t do anything else, like check the monitor. If Chica comes into the office, she can’t kill you unless you raise the monitor.


    Check the Stage: To get you accumulated with the game, check the door lights every 7-12 seconds, check the stage to see if Bonnie and Chica have left, and check pirate cove for Foxy.

    Chica X Yes
    Foxy X No
    Golden X No
    2 Bonnie X Yes Use the Check the Stage strategy and keep your video feed on Foxy at all times.


    Use the hall lights occasionally to check for Chica and Bonnie.

    Freddy will only attack the player if the power goes out.

    Chica X Yes
    Foxy X No
    Golden X No
    3 Bonnie X Yes Cove, Freddy, Lights: From Night 3-6, do the following in order:


    • Check Pirate Cove.
    • Find Freddy. Starting at him slows him down.
    • Check the Hall Lights. Close the doors if Bonnie and Chica are outside.
    • Check the Power.
    • Repeat

    Don’t watch Bonnie and Chica through the monitors because it drains power. Instead, focus on Freddy. His number of laughs indicates his position: 1: Dining Area, 2: Restrooms, 3: Kitchen, 4: East Hall, 5: East Hall Corner. A sixth laugh indicates he’s in the office (meaning a game over), or he’s moved away from the East Hall Corner. If you’re prompt with checking on Freddy, he may never leave the show stage.

    Chica X Yes
    Freddy X Yes
    Foxy X No
    Golden X No
    4, 5, 6 Bonnie X Yes
    Chica X Yes
    Freddy X Yes
    Foxy X Yes
    Golden X No
    7 Bonnie X Yes 20/20/20/20 Hacks: To complete 4/20 or Nightmare Mode, open the monitor and go to the East Hall corner. Constantly flip the monitor up and down. Check for Bonnie and Chica, who may be outside your door.


    When done right, Freddy won’t move, and Foxy won’t leave his cave. By simply checking the monitor, you satisfy Foxy’s requirements to not leave his cave.

    Chica X Yes
    Freddy X Yes
    Foxy X Yes
    Golden X No

    Should Golden Freddy appear, he won’t kill you unless you activate him on Night 1.

    You earn one star each for completing nights 5, 6, and 7 on 4/20 mode.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 (2014) Levels Guide

    Five Nights at Freddy's 2

    The player can’t close doors but can use a Freddy Mask immediately when an animatronic appears in the vents, hallway, or room. Players should frequently check the hallways and vents by turning on the camera lights and flashlights. Players also have to wind the music box.

    If the player fails to stop the animatronics or wind the music box, they die. You must last until 12 AM to 6 AM. Since there are 14 animatronics, look at the Legend below to see how they operate.

    Enemy Short Notes
    Toy Freddy TF Appears in the hallway. Put on the mask.
    Toy Bonnie TB Appears in the right air vent. Put on the mask.
    Toy Chica TC Appears in the left air vent. Put on the mask.
    Mangle MA Appears in the right air vent. Put on the mask.
    Balloon Boy BB Doesn’t kill you, but makes a lot of noise and disables the lights.
    JJ JJ Doesn’t kill you. Hallucination.
    Marionette PU Doesn’t kill you unless you don’t wind the music box.
    Withered Freddy WF Appears in the hallway. Put on the mask.
    Withered Bonnie WB Appears in the hallway but enters from CAM05. Put on the mask.
    Withered Chica WC Appears in the right air vent. Put on the mask.
    Withered Foxy WF Use your flashlight on him. The mask won’t work.
    Golden Freddy GF Use your flashlight on him. Remove the mask if he’s in the room.
    Shadow Freddy SF Shuts the game off if you look at him too long. Very Rare.
    Shadow Bonnie SB Use your flashlight. Very Rare.

    The second FNaF game is much more difficult than the first, as it has more animatronics and more ways for you to die. Golden Freddy, Shadow Freddy, and Shadow Bonnie are rare occurrences, while JJ and Balloon Boy don’t kill you. However, BB makes the game harder.

    1 X X X M R X M Start winding the music box at 2 AM. Keep your eye on the left and right vents if any banging is heard. If you need to wind the music box, but an animatronic is in the vents, prioritize the music box before putting on the mask. Once you hear banging or TB moves across, remove the mask.
    2 X X X X X R X M M M M Use the following strategy for every level afterward:


    • Check CAM07 (Main Hall)
    • Check the left air vent light
    • Check CAM07 (Main Hall)
    • Check the right air vent light
    • Check CAM11 to wind the music box
    • Repeat

    Shine the light in the hallway if Foxy is in the doorway and wear the mask if any animatronics approach. Prioritize the music box. If left unattended, PU will appear and kill you.

    At Night 4, put on the mask every time you put on the monitor. This will help you avoid death most of the time.

    At Night 6, Golden Freddy becomes active. Only shine your light once at him, and don’t keep your mask on.

    3 R R R R X R X X X X X
    4 R R R X X R X X X X X
    5 X X X X X X X X X X X
    6 X X X X X X X X X X X R
    7 X X X X X X X X X X X X

    Legend: N = Night, X = Common, M = May become Active, R = Active, but Rare

    Night 7 assumes that you’re trying to beat it on 10/20 mode, the hardest mode. However, 9 other level names vary in difficulty. Beating each one will give you in-game rewards, including plushies, action figures, a microphone, and a star.

    After Nights 1, 2, 3, and 4, you’re treated to cutscenes that extend the game’s lore.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 (2015)

    Five Nights at Freddy's 3

    The player must use the monitor and the maintenance panel to prevent the only animatronic, Springtrap, from entering their office. The monitor is used to see Springtrap, use the audio system to distract him, and seal off vents. However, the system often goes offline.

    When offline, the monitor is unusable. Players must use the maintenance panel to reboot the Audio Devices, Camera System, and Ventilation. Audio Devices and the Camera System goes offline periodically. Other phantom animatronics will disable Ventilation or disrupt your game.

    Although phantom animatronics affect the gameplay, none of them can kill you.

    Enemy Appears Disables How to Avoid the Jumpscare
    P. Freddy Office Ventilation Walks across the hallway. Lift up the monitor/maintenance panel until he walks the length of the window.
    P. Chica CAM07



    Ventilation Switch to a different camera. Do not close the monitor.
    P. Foxy Office Ventilation



    Raise the monitor. Do not look directly at him.
    P. Mangle CAM04
    Audio Once seen, P. Mangle is unavoidable. Put down the monitor/maintenance panel, or he will pull it down for you.
    P. Puppet CAM08



    Once seen, change monitors immediately. Failure to do so will cause P. Puppet to block the player’s view.
    P. BB CAM07, 09, 10



    Ventilation Once seen, change monitors immediately.

    If the player fails to stop Springtrap, they die. You must last until 12 AM to 6 AM for 6 Nights.

    Once Springtrap is in the office, death can’t be avoided. If it’s 5 AM, you may still survive if you don’t open your monitor/maintenance panel. If Ventilation needs to reboot or a phantom animatronic jump scares you, Springtrap will kill you. If he appears before 5 AM, you’re dead.

    Night Strategy
    1 Springtrap and the phantoms aren’t active.
    2 From Night 2, Springtrap and all of the phantoms are active. Use the Audio Devices to direct Springtrap into CAM08 because it gives you the most time to reboot your maintenance panel. Swap through 09 and 10 to see if Springtrap has moved. This also avoids the BB jumpscare. BB becomes incredibly aggressive on Nights 4, 5, and 6.


    When your maintenance panel needs to reboot, prioritize Audio Systems, Ventilation, and Cameras in that order. Seal off Vent CAM14 to make sure Springtrap can’t immediately get into the office. This strategy is beneficial on Night 6.


    After every Night (except for 6/Nightmare), the player will play a minigame. Follow the Purple Freddy to complete Nights 1, 2, 3, and 4. For Night 5, the player has to walk to where Purple Freddy took the player in the past 4 Nights. After Night 5, you’ll get the regular ending.

    To get the “Good” ending, you’ll have to accomplish a few other tasks starting on Night 2.

    Night How to Enter the Minigame
    2 CAM08: Double-click Balloon Boy poster. Activates BB’s Adventure.


    Minigame: Jump to the third platform along the left all. Keep jumping until phasing through. Go right and jump to grab the balloon.

    2 CAM07: Press buttons on Arcade Machine in order: up left, low left, up right, low right.


    Minigame: In Mangle’s Quest, travel to the exit. Jump to the platform above the door to phase through. Continue along the path to get a special cake. Beat Night 2.

    3 CAM08: Double-click Balloon Boy poster. Activates BB’s Adventure.


    Minigame: Use the new platforms to travel right and touch the child.

    3 CAM02, 03, 04, 06: Click on the cupcake. Activates Chica’s Party.


    Minigame: Drop through the hole in the second room. Stand on the tallest platform and clip through the left wall. Touch the child. Beat Night 3.

    4 Office: Press the 3×3 grid of tiles between the crate of masks and your desk in this order: top-right, bottom-right, center, top-center, left-center, bottom-center.


    Minigame: Clip through the left wall and follow these directions: down, down, right, right, upper-left, up, up, and right. Clip through the wall. Touch the child. Beat Night 4.

    5 Office: Click the Bonnie doll on the far right.


    Minigame: Press S rapidly to clip through the left wall. In the purple room, give the child cake.

    5 CAM03: Click on the Marionette’s face.


    Minigame: A scene will play out. After beating Night 5, you’ll unlock the Good ending.

    You receive one star each for beating Nights 5, 6, 5 with the Good ending, and 6 with “Aggressive” mode activated. The third star unlocks the cheat section in Extras.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 (2015)

    Five Nights at Freddy's 4

    FNaF 4 is a departure from the first 3 in many ways. The player takes control of a child rather than a security guard, and the gameplay focuses heavily on listening. In the level, you can close both bedroom doors and one closet door. Behind the player is a bed. You can use a flashlight.

    The flashlight has different purposes for different animatronics. So do the doors. There are eight animatronics in 4, but the Halloween DLC adds three more for a total of 11.

    Enemy Short Halloween DLC Notes
    Nightmare Freddy NF Both Appears at the two room doors.


    Breathing: Close the door for 2-3 seconds.

    No Breathing: Shine the flashlight.

    Nightmare Bonnie NB Jack-O-Bonnie See Nightmare Freddy
    Nightmare Chica NC Jack-O-Chica See Nightmare Freddy
    Freddles FF Both Appears on bed. Shine a light on them until they jump off. Up to three can appear.
    Nightmare Foxy NX N. Mangle After Foxy runs into the closet, he’ll start as a plushie and grow into the animatronic over time. Hold the closet door until he shrinks. Shine the flashlight to check size. Attacks when the player’s back is turned.
    Nightmare Fredbear NR Both Laughter and Footsteps: Will appear at bedroom doors. Shine the light; close door.


    Laughter Only: Will appear in the closet or bed. Shine the light until he disappears.

    Nightmare NI Nightmarionne See Nightmare Fredbear
    Plushtrap PT Nightmare BB Minigame. Listen for PT to get close. Flash your light when he’s on the X. If the player succeeds, they begin the next Night at 2 AM. If not, you get a non-lethal jumpscare.

    The child’s room, animatronics, and End of Night sequences will feature Halloween decorations in the DLC. The Halloween DLC doesn’t add to the difficulty and is purely an aesthetic overhaul. The player doesn’t have access to a monitor and must run-up to each door to listen for animatronics. If the screen starts to flash, check the bed and quickly shine your flashlight.

    The player must last from 12 AM to 6 AM for eight nights to see all of the lore in the game. Headphones are recommended to play FNaF 4, so audio cues are easily heard.

    N NF NB NC FF NX NR NI Strategy
    1 X X X X       Alternate between checking the bed and flashing your flashlight and checking the doors. Listen to both doors for 3-4 seconds. If you hear breathing, close the door, if not, flash your flashlight.


    If you flash your flashlight when you hear breathing, or close the door when you don’t, you’ll die shortly after. Be patient and check for audio cues.

    2 X X X X X     Follow the strategy for Night 1 with the 4 animatronics, but add NX to the mix. Combine checking the flashlight with checking the closet, then check the two doors together. Repeat.


    Close the closet for 3-4 seconds to take care of NX. You can check on NX by shining the flashlight. If he’s about to attack, he’ll roar.

    Don’t flash your flashlight for longer than 15 seconds on the bed, or NX will attack from behind.

    3 X X X X X    
    4 X X X X X    
    5           X   Only NR is active on Night 5. He can appear on the bed, in the closet, or at both bedroom doors. If you hear laughter and footsteps, he’s at the bedroom doors. Shine your light and quickly close the door. If you hear laughter only, he’s on the bed or in the closet. Shine your light on him until he disappears.
    6 <4 <4 <4 <4 <4 >4   Use the same strategies as above, but keep in mind that NR replaces the other animatronics at 4 AM.
    7 <4 <4 <4 <4 <4   >4 NI works the same as NR, but NR is more aggressive. Use the same strategies as above, but be faster when closing the door on NI.
    8 <4 <4 <4 <4 <4   >4

    Legend: X = Active, <4 Before 4 AM, >4 After 4 AM (All <4 animatronics disappear)

    After each Night and End of Night sequence occurs, providing in-game lore. After the End of Night sequence, Nights 1-4 will activate a “Fun with Plushtrap” minigame. Plushtrap will move from his chair to the end of the hall. If you stop him on the X, you’ll get 2 hours off the next Night. If you die and replay the Night, you can’t play the minigame again and start at 12 AM.

    Night 7 (Nightmare mode) is unlocked after beating Night 6, whereas 4/20 Mode unlocks after beating Night 7, visiting the Extras screen, and typing 20202020 using the number keys. Nightmare mode will change to 20/20/20/20 mode. Once beaten, 4/20 mode is inaccessible.

    You receive one star each for beating Nights 5, 6, 7 (Nightmare mode), and 8 (4/20 Mode). The Challenges add six more stars to unlock for completing Blind Mode, Mad Freddy, Insta-Foxy, all three challenges enabled, All Nightmare, and All Nightmare with Blind Mode enabled.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s (5): Sister Location (2016)

    Five Nights at Freddy's (5): Sister Location

    Unlike the previous games, Sister Location has players complete a series of objectives. Each night, the player will interact with different animatronics at the Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location, Circus Baby’s Pizza World. The player will take orders directly from Circus Baby.

    If the player fails to complete the objective, the animatronic Circus Baby sets out for them, they die. There are no time constraints for most tasks except for an ending and Custom Night.

    Nights Enemies Tasks
    1 None Complete the night.
    2 Bidybab Hold the right side of the metal sheet twice.
    Ballora Walk slowly and stop when you hear music.
    Funtime Freddy Restart the system to 50%, leave the panel view, then play an audio clip. Once the danger reaches green, restart another system.
    3 Funtime Foxy Flash Funtime Foxy to stop his approach. Walk straight.
    Funtime Freddy



    Follow the instructions until the Bonnie handpuppet disappears. Move the camera around until he reaches Freddy’s right shoulder. Slowly raise the flashlight and quickly click Bonnie’s button.
    Funtime Foxy Cross normally until reaching the end.
    4 Minireenas Wind 10 spring locks as close to the 12 o’clock position as possible while shaking off Minireenas with the A or D keys. Shaking will make the spring locks looser, so do so sparingly. Minireenas that come up from the middle are harmless; just worry about the sides.
    5 Ennard Real Ending: Must be done first. Cross through Funtime Auditorium. Funtime Foxy isn’t there, so crawl normally. In Parts & Services, enter the code Circus Baby recites, take the keycard, press the button, and follow Baby’s directions to end the game.

    To get the Fake Ending, you need to beat Circus Baby’s death minigame first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get into the Private Room without dying. Sometimes, you can access the minigame by dying, but if you beat the game and get the Real Ending, you can play it in Extras.

    How to Win Baby’s Cupcake Game

    There are three cupcakes in this minigame. The pink ones throw straight, the blue ones fire three in a spread, and the green ones travel across the screen instead of disappearing. You need two pink and blue cupcakes to feed a kid adequately, while you only need one of the green.

    While you do have a timer, there’s more than enough time for you to do the following:

    • Grab the pink cupcakes. Go right and feed the two kids.
    • Go right again. Give cupcakes to the children on the platforms.
    • Jump off the upper-right platform to sore over the blue cupcake icon on the next screen.
    • Keep going right. Feed two cupcakes to the kid standing on the middle-left platform.
    • Go left; get the blue cupcakes. Go right, stand between the two flowers, jump, then fire.
    • Go right. Jump over the green cupcakes.
    • Go right. Stand between the two flowers, fire the cupcakes, go left.
    • Get the green cupcakes. Walk left two screens until you reach the kids on the platform.
    • Fire one cupcake at the three unfed kids at the bottom. Go right until you see two pits.
    • Fire one cupcake right and keep traveling with it. Jump to the next screen to not fall.
    • On the next screen, shoot right again and keep traveling with the cupcake.
    • You’ve now fed all the children. Go to the final left screen and get the ice cream.
    • Travel all the way back to the left to the first screen. Drop the ice cream.

    Now that you’ve completed the minigame, you can proceed to the Fake Ending. After obtaining the keycard from Circus Baby, turn right in Funtime Auditorium to enter the Private Room.

    Fake Ending

    Five Nights at Freddy's Fake Ending

    In the Private Room, wear headphones, as sound cues are critical. Listen to the scratches on the ground, indicating Ennard’s movements and whereabouts. When you hear the same sound twice in rapid succession, he’s right outside the office. Avoid looking at the monitor where possible because it drains your power. Survive until 6 AM to unlock Custom Night.

    Custom Night

    Custom Night takes place in the same office as the Fake Ending. There are 10 different levels, each of which has to be beaten on V. Hard to get the final 4 stars. You need to beat 7 of the 10 levels to see canon cutscenes starring Michael Afton, the confirmed protagonist of FNaF 5.

    Beating Golden Freddy mode will show you the final cutscene with Michael speaking to his dad.

    Enemy Appears Notes
    BidyBab Vent Listen to metal sounds and close the vent when he’s close.
    Funtime Freddy



    West/East Watch him or listen for when he says “Surprise” or “Go get ’em!” Close the door on the side he’s coming from.
    Funtime Foxy CAM07, East Watch him on the monitor to stun him. Close the right door.
    Ballora West/East Listen for her music to know where she’s coming from. Shut the door to keep her at bay.
    Electrobab West/East


    CAM03, 04

    Warning sign beside the word “Power” = administer a controlled shock. May reappear in closets if shocked.
    Funtime Lolbit Office Appears on three monitors. Type “lol” on the keyboard.
    Bonnet Close Monitor



    Click on the nose when she walks across the screen.
    Yenndo Close Monitor



    Quickly open your monitor if he appears.
    Minireena CAM06 Warning sign beside the word “Power” = administer a controlled shock. Reapers on the cameras.
    Minireena 2 Office Randomly blocks your view. Can’t be deactivated.

    To beat Golden Freddy mode, focus on the audio cues from Ballora, Bidybab, and Funtime Freddy. Keep an eye on your office for Lolbit, Bonnet, and Yenndo. Focus on Funtime Foxy on the monitor and only administer a shock when a warning sign appears. Just flash the monitor up and down quickly to avoid losing power. Minireena 2’s will fill up your screen immediately.

    You receive one star each for beating Night 5 (Real Ending), the Circus Baby’s death minigame, Night 5 (Fake Ending), and beating Golden Freddy mode on V. Hard difficulty. You must play Custom Night mode to get the last star unlocked by beating Ennard and earning the other three stars. You can get four other stars by beating all Custom Night presents on every difficulty.

    Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator (6) (2017)

    Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

    The player is tasked with creating a safe, fun, and profitable pizzeria using items from a catalog. It’s up to the player to avoid items with a liability risk to avoid lawsuits. In the first playable section, players can accept sponsorships for extra cash to spend in the restaurant or office.

    After ending the day, the player enters a dark office with a computer, two vents, and controls that allow you to turn the ventilation and monitor on and off. Complete all tasks listed to sign off. If sponsorships were accepted, they’ll appear on the screen, make noise, and prevent you from interacting with your tasks. The tasks, fan, and sponsorships could alert the animatronics.

    That is if you unleashed any in the first place. Scrap Baby, Scraptrap, Molten Freddy, and Lefty could be hiding in some discounted items, but they’re more likely to appear in the Pizzaria after failing a salvage. The player can prevent the animatronics from getting in the office by distracting them from the monitor or shining a light on them if they’re visible in the vents in the office.

    Players can die if the office reaches 120°F or the animatronics enter the office. It’s possible to play the game without letting any animatronics inside the restaurant, making the game easier.

    Before the next Night the player will be presented with an animatronic found in the alley. The player can choose between salvaging the animatronic or throwing it back. If the player salvages it, they’ll have to go through a five-step test sequence. The player has a taser that puts the animatronic in a stable position, which can be used three times without decreasing its value.

    Day/Night Strategy
    Monday Don’t buy the Discount Ball Pit, as it allows Molten Freddy to enter the Pizzeria early. Each day, use all of your play tokens to earn some extra money and purchase the sponsorships. Only buy the office upgrades if you’re planning to salvage animatronics for money or for an ending. Salvage Molten Freddy and use your taser for sequences 2, 4, and the middle of 5 for all salvages.
    Tuesday Don’t buy Nedd Bear, as it allows Scraptrap to be let in early. If you have animatronics in your restaurant, use audio to lure them away. Turn off your monitor and fan if you hear banging in the vents. Look at the vents. When the banging sounds far away, turn everything back on. Salvage Scraptrap.


    Possible Endings: Insanity, Blacklisted

    Wednesday Don’t buy the Star Curtain Stage, as it allows Scrap Baby access to your restaurant. If you haven’t purchased all of the office upgrades, do so today or tomorrow. Salvage Scrap Baby if she isn’t already inside.


    Possible Endings: Insanity, Blacklisted

    Thursday Don’t buy Lefty, as it allows Lefty to attack you at night. He has a high entertainment value for only $5 but comes with a max risk of 9. Salvage Lefty.


    Possible Endings: Insanity, Blacklisted

    Friday Continue to upgrade your restaurant and protect yourself from animatronics.


    Possible Endings: Insanity, Blacklisted

    Saturday Continue to upgrade your restaurant and protect yourself from animatronics.


    Possible Endings: Insanity, Blacklisted, Completion, Loremaster, Mediocre

    There are seven endings in FnaF 6, with the canon ending being the “Good” ending marked with a “Certificate of Completion” and the Blacklisted ending. Here’s how to get each ending:

    Good Salvage all of the animatronics found in the back alley without going bankrupt.
    Bad Salvage none of the animatronics you find in the back alley.
    Mediocre Don’t invest any money into your Pizzeria. Have a Faz-Rating of 0.
    Blacklisted Have a liability risk score of 50 or more on the last day.
    Bankruptcy Lose all of your money due to a lawsuit or multiple lawsuits..
    Insanity Have Egg Baby in the room. Turn off the monitor and hold the left mouse button.
    Lorekeeper Play Security Puppet three times, play Fruity Maze without a game over, go through the gap in Midnight Motorist in lap 4, and salvage all animatronics.

    FNaF 6 has no 4/20 mode or any other challenge mode. The challenge of the game is dictated by how many animatronics are let loose in your Pizzeria. Keep in mind that there are several animatronics available to buy for your restaurant, but only 4 of them are hostile and can kill you.


    Question: How Many Levels are there in FNAF?

    Answer: Although you’d think there’s supposed to be five Nights for each game, most FNaF games have 6, 7, or even 8 levels. The 6th level is typically a “Nightmare” mode, while 7 or 8 are either custom nights of 20/20/20/20 modes. The last Night of each game is always the hardest.

    Question: How Long is an Hour in Each Level?

    Answer: That depends on the game. In FNaF 1, an hour lasts 89 seconds, but in FNaF 2, an hour is 70 seconds. FNaF 3, 4, and 5 all have hours that are 60 seconds long. Ultimate Custom Night has the shortest hour compared to all FNaF games at 45 seconds.

    Question: Which FNaF Game has the Hardest Levels?

    Answer: FNaF 4 is the hardest by far. The audio cues make the game more difficult because you may mistake one sound for another. Since the cues are so much harder to hear, you’ll likely turn your speakers up to listen to them, making the jumpscares incredibly loud and terrifying.


    The FNaF games have gotten more complicated with time, adding new characters, secrets, and levels to accompany its lore. Completing every level in FNaF won’t be easy, but doing so will be incredibly satisfying once you unlock more features, modes, challenges, and endings.

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