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FNaF is a horror juggernaut that has millions of merchandise sold worldwide. Five Nights has tons of merchandise like posters, t-shirts, and even keychains. Probably its most popular merch would be FNaF plushies. Children and adults love buying them to make their rooms a little bit cuter and livelier. Unlike the games, there are no angry souls inside the plushies, so you don’t have to worry about being killed by them at night.

Plushie can become your partner if you don’t have any shoulder to cry on. They are soft and huggable, so they can be emotional crutches and a benefit to our mental health unless they roam during the night in search of blood. Just kidding.

The Puppet is probably the most enigmatic character within the FNaF franchise. Many fans wonder and think hard about the character. Why is she there? What’s her role in the story? Where did she come from? Many fans and even game critics have a lot of questions about this character which is why she is the most interesting animatronic.

You can buy some puppet plushies to show your love for that character. There are a variety of puppet plushies on the internet; it could be a bit overwhelming to choose. Don’t worry; this FNAF Puppet Plush article is right up your alley.

fnaf puppet plush

Bottom Line Up Front

The FNaF franchise has a lot of merchandise currently available on the market. They have wide arrays of FNaF T-shirts and FNaF posters for fans to choose from and buy. Plushies are another popular product that the Franchise also sells. These are stuffed toys used to decorate rooms or play with children. Adults also wanted plushies for emotional support and to add a certain vibe to their place.

Unfortunately, looking for a Puppet plushie to buy is a difficult task to accomplish simply because it is hard to find these products. The Puppet may have an interesting background but her appearance is simply not marketable as the other characters.

My favorite Puppet Plushie is the Security Puppet due to how cute it appears – however, the plushie is rare or worse, no longer available.

To the fans of the Puppet, don’t worry! We got your back. I have a bunch of recommended Puppet plushies that I manage to find on the internet. In case some of them will no longer be available, I know plenty of talented fans who you can order your own custom-made Puppet plushies.

Where to Buy Quality and Affordable Plushies?


Ever since the Five Nights at Freddy’s bulldozed its way to success. Many individuals and companies grabbed the opportunity to earn more money by selling their own FNaF merchandise. You need to take a look at the company’s reputation by reading the reviews to see if what they sell is high quality or not.

That said, I would recommend the Funko plushies. Their plushies are well-made and durable, so spending your money on their merch is worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the Puppet is not as iconic as the other characters of the series. So, these plushies are relatively rare compared to the others and are also a bit expensive. Carefully review your choices and do it fast because most of their puppet entries are low in stock.

Handmade Plushies

As I said, there are very few official plushies for the Puppet. Some fans decided to make their own puppet plushies for the puppet fans. You can find plenty of handmade puppet plushies on the internet though you have to be careful when selecting an item. Be sure to check the reviews and ratings to make sure that it is legit.

That said, some of my picks are handmade, and I’ve checked and read a lot of reviews to ensure their quality would be a bang for your buck.

handmade fnaf plush


It is a no-brainer that I will choose the most recognizable brand in online shopping. Amazon has proven itself to be a reliable site for buying high-quality plushies from respected brands.


It is also a global marketplace where people can buy and sell products online. You can find plenty of handmade puppet plushies on this site.

My Selection Criteria: What I Want for my FNaF Plushies

Design and Aesthetics

Plushies are cute stuffed toys that we display in our rooms. The more adorable the plushie, the more likely I will include it on my Top 10. But aside from being cute, I would also choose Plushies with an amazing and unique design that makes them stand out from the rest of my plushies.

Evoking Emotions

Plushies can also be emotional crutches. I usually hug my plushies when I feel sad or lonely. They are cute and huggable, so they could make me feel better. If these plushies make me happy or evoke emotions, even fear, I would include them on my Top 10.

Aside from being cute, I would also include plushies that terrify or creep me out.

Resemblance to the OG Character

Everybody has a favorite character, which includes me. Not only do I want my favorite characters to look cute, but I also love it if their plushies have unique designs and color schemes.

If the plushie puts justice to the Puppet’s appearance and characterization, then I would be going to buy it. I also love it if they have a unique take on their design because it gives me a new perspective on the character.

My Top Picks for FNaF Plushies

  1. Nightmare Marionette – The most popular puppet plushie. You will have no problem buying this item because plenty of stocks are available.
  2. Security Puppet Plush – Definitely the best puppet plushie you can find on the internet. Its design is so adorable and unique. It is a bit smaller than Nightmare Marionette and has a smaller stock available.
  3. Puppet Plush Key Chain – Small enough to carry anywhere.
  4. Premium Puppet Plush Toy – The best handmade plushie you can find. It looks exactly like how the Puppet looks in the game.

Off-the-Rack Puppet Plushie Merch

Nightmare Marionette Puppet Plushie

nightmare marionette puppet plushie

The Puppet first appears in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 and has since become an iconic character within the Franchise. There were so many mysteries that surrounded the character – her cryptic quotes, her design, and her role in the story, which made her intriguing.

A few sequels later, I managed to piece together her story arc. She helped the other murdered children get justice, she helped in ending the Purple Guy’s reign of terror, and helped put down the last murderous animatronics. PLOT TWIST – she’s not a monster! She’s a misunderstood heroine! Her empty eyes do not mean a lack of humanity but a symbol that she is still a human. Nobody deserved to suffer as much as she did.

Learning her story makes you want to hug her tightly and tell her everything is okay. Luckily, this plushie is here to do exactly just that!

Product Details

  • Material: Plush
  • Brand: Funko
  • Size: 6”
  • Item Weight: 0.2 Pounds
  • Where to Buy: Amazon.com


  • More accurate depiction of the Puppet.
  • A great color combination that makes it stand out from your other plushies.
  • It feels nice when you hug it.


  • The plushie is small for its price.
  • Its dark color might make it difficult to find if lost.
  • Only one option when it comes to size and dimensions.

Fun Time Marionette Puppet Plushie

fun time marionette puppet plushie

If you are wondering, “This looks like the previous entry.”, then you are correct. It’s exactly the same design as the previous one – aside from the coloring of her tears. One big difference is that this plushie is big—really BIG.

This monster plushie is around 16 inches tall. Okay. I admit that the size is a bit overwhelming, but it is the right size for me. Not too small that it might not stand out in your room, but it is also not too big that it might overwhelm the place.

Like the previous entry, it is soft and comfortable. But this entry is better because of its dimensions—you’ve got a bigger plushie to snuggle and hug.

Product Details

  • Condition: New
  • UPC: Does not apply
  • Video Game Series: Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • Size: 16”
  • Where to Buy: ebay.com


  • This plush is an excellent gift for your friends and children.
  • The size is great; it’s one of the biggest FNaF plushies I’ve checked online.


  • Shipping might be costly given the size of the product.
  • It is a bootleg version.
  • It has a couple of loose stitches.

Security Puppet Plushie

security puppet plushie

“Peek-a-boo! I’m going to kill you!” imagine this plushie is going to say this with her squeaky little voice. Instead of screaming “ahh!” you might say ‘aww’ by accident. This is probably the most adorable Puppet Plushie I found online. Unlike the previous entries, this plushie has pupils to make it look livelier. Her tiny arms wailing also adds to the plushie’s cuteness meter.

Come to think of it. It does look like a baby that somehow got stuck on a box and was delighted to see mommy. Jack-in-the-Box in the horror genre always gives me severe anxiety due to suspense, but this plushie will give you nothing but 100% happiness.

Product Details

  • Condition: New
  • Material: Plush
  • Character: Security Puppet
  • UPC: Does Not Apply
  • Where to Buy:

This product is notoriously rare since it was only released on a limited amount of time. You can only find it on eBay. If you are still planning to buy this plushie, you can check out the links of the sellers with available stocks.


  • 100% adorable that gives 100% wholesomeness.
  • Unique design that would stand out in your room.
  • Easily placed on any flat surface.


  • One of the most expensive plushies despite being an unofficial merch.
  • The plush is too small for its price.

Hand-Made Custom Puppet Plushies

Due to the rarity of the official Puppet Plushies, many talented people took the opportunity to make their own Puppet Plushies for the Puppet fans to indulge!

You can contact these sellers for any inquiry that you have. Since these are handmade, you can contact the sellers to customize your Puppet plushie to suit your preference.

Custom FNaF Marionette Plushie

custom fnaf marionette plushie

The Puppet is the ‘not all animatronics are evil’ personified. Just by looking at the photo, you can also say that not all plushies are made to be cute. This one is a perfect 1:1 copy of the actual character in-game. Her long slender limbs and fingers made it a terrifying sight to see in your room.

Don’t worry, though; I’m sure this plush will not cause you any nightmares,, does it? Just kidding, I’m sure this plush is a great item to put on your bed. If you are leaning into the horror aspect, then this plush is for you. You can use this as one of your Halloween designs or pull a prank on your annoying siblings.

The thing about this product is that it is not an official merch. Craftsalotl is an artist who creates custom plushies for everyone. The seller also offers a rush order, and your custom plushie will be made and delivered in just four days. If you want your puppet plushie to be cuter or horrifying, don’t hesitate to talk to Craftsalotl.

This plush is around 30 to 36 inches tall, so it is quite big to stand out in your room, depending on your preference.

Product Details

  • Material: Fleece and polyfill
  • Production: Handmade
  • Where to Buy: etsy.com 

If you are interested with the plushie and its not available, you can talk to the artist on etsy and have one custom-made just for you.


  • Customizable appearance
  • Customizable price
  • Very detailed and well-made plush.


  • It is not an official merch.
  • Handmade products might not have uniform quality.

Premium Marionette Plush Toy

premium marionette plush toy

This is another custom Puppet plush that is sold by ToylandByOrlove on Etsy. Just like the previous entry, this plush is also an accurate model of the Puppet in the game. The plush is smaller compared to the previous entry since it is only 23.6 inches tall.

However, despite the smaller size, I prefer this plush. It looks like it was made in a higher quality. She also has a slender appearance making her appear longer and more elegant. The best thing about this plush is her face; it is extremely accurate and detailed.

The only disadvantage is that since it was handmade, each order might take two weeks to tailor the toy and even more in peak seasons. If you want this plush, you need to be patient though you can rush the order for a small surcharge.

Like the previous entry, you can prank your annoying sibling with this one.

Product Detail

  • Material: Plush and other antiallergic materials
  • Production: Handmade
  • Where to Buy: etsy.com

Each order might take 2 weeks to tailor the toy and even more in peak seasons. If you are interested on buying this plushie, you can request the seller for a rushorder for a small surcharge.


  • It’s created with detailed design and high-quality tailoring.
  • More affordable price compared to similar puppet plushies.


  • Handmade designs might take a while to tailor.

FNAF-Inspired Marionette Plushie

fnaf-inspired marionette plushie

Some plushies are made to be cute while others are made to be terrifying. This one, on the other hand, sits perfectly in the middle. It looks weird and odd, but I think it is part of the appeal. It is another handmade Puppet plushie that I find on Etsy. Unlike the other handmade plushies in my entries, this one is purposely made to have a baby-ish look and feel.

Her chubby body and floppy limbs might say, “I want to cuddle you”, but her face looks like she might say, “Live or Die… make your choice”. In case you don’t know the reference, it is a quote from Jigsaw from the Saw Franchise because that is what I was reminded when I saw the plush.

Product Details

  • Material: Polyfil stuffing
  • Production: handmade
  • Size: 23 inches
  • Where to Buy: etsy.com


  • Its unique appearance will guarantee to make it stand out in your room.
  • High-Quality and tailor-made product; the seams don’t fray.


  • Due to the small buttons, it is not recommended to give it to toddlers.
  • The buttons can be a choking hazard.
  • Production and preparation is typically slower since items are made to order.

Puppet Plush Keychain

puppet plush keychain

If you don’t want bigger plushies, maybe you can try buying smaller ones. This cute plushie is small enough that you can carry it with you at all times. Bringing this tiny bundle of joy will guarantee to brighten your day.

Unfortunately, the Puppet’s facial features are barely noticeable because of how small the plush is. Plushies are soft, so dogs might be tempted to tear them apart. It is not advisable to own a plushie if you have pets – especially as small as this plush because it might lead to choking.

Product Details

  • Material: Plush
  • Package: Opp Bag
  • Brand: Funko
  • Where to Buy: AliExpress.us

As of this writing, there are 74 available pieces, so you can snag your very own Puppet plush keychain. The store also offers bulk orders so this can be a great giveaway for your FNaF-inspired parties.


  • The cuter the size, the cuter it looks.
  • You can bring it anywhere and hang it anywhere.
  • Guarantee to bring wholesomeness to your room or your car.


  • Big dogs might swallow it entirely, which might lead to choking.
  • You might easily lose this keychain plush due to its size.

Worth Checking Out

Funko Plush: Lefty

funko plush lefty

Okay. Why is Lefty in a Puppet Plush Guide? It’s a fun reference to the epic plot twist in the Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator. Lefty is the Puppet, or at least the Puppet is inside Lefty.

The Puppet’s real name is Charlie, and she is the daughter of Henry, one of the co-founders of the Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Charlie was murdered by William, and so she placed the souls of his victims into the animatronics to exact revenge.

Elizabeth Afton wanted to continue her father’s work, so Henry made a plan to stop the animatronics once and for all. He captured his daughter through Lefty and set her and the rest of the animatronics on fire, setting her free after decades of suffering.

Product Details

  • Material: Plush
  • Theme: Horror
  • Brand: Funko
  • Where to Buy: Amazon.com


  • It’s soft and huggable—a perfect gift for an FNaF fan.
  • High-quality textile and fabric that is comfortable to touch.
  • The colors are bright and don’t fade quickly with washing.


  • It’s just a Lefty Plushie; no puppet inside it.
  • Gray may not be appealing to some people.
  • The size is relatively small. It would be nice to have a bigger option.


Question: Will there be more Puppet Plushies in the future?

Answer: With the success of the FNaF franchise, it is a guarantee that there will be more to be released in the future. However, just expect that it will be relatively fewer compared to other characters of FNaF.

Question: How to wash plushies?

Answer: It’s actually simple. Owning plushies requires meticulous care and maintenance to ensure their quality remains. Here are some tips to help you out!

• Place your plushies in a pillowcase or laundry bag before drenching it with water to avoid wear and tear.
• Use cold water to prevent discoloration.
• Wash it gently, then dry it in the air. Avoid tumble-drying your plushies.

Question: Why are Puppet plushies expensive?

Answer: Rarity. Puppet plushies are few since she is not as popular as the others. The companies expected that only a few would buy them, so only a few were made. Its rarity made it hard to find suppliers, which explains its relatively higher price.

FNAF Puppet Plush: Bottomline

Plushies are great merchandise for popular franchises, and there are a lot of FNaF plushies across the internet to choose from. When it comes to buying an FNaF plushie, always remember what kind of vibe you want your plushies to give, their aesthetic, and the material they are made of.

My favorite plushie is Security Puppet Plushie. It is adorable, huggable, and comfortable to touch. It would definitely brighten your room’s overall mood with this plushie. Though it is hard to find when you do, it is worth it.

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