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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a game that defined me as a person. Thanks to Freddy, I was introduced to the Horror Genre and became a horror fan ever since. It was my first horror game which paved a path to other horror games such as Amnesia, Slender Man, and Left 4 Dead. The lore of the story has captivated me.

The mystery surrounding the Purple Guy and the fates of the children has made me grab the edge of my seat in anticipation of the answers. I also grew to love several characters in the story to the point that I began looking for fanart.

Freddy and his friends have given me so many happy and horrific memories. The best way to thank Scott and his staff is to continue supporting their endeavors and projects because those are the very things that kept the franchise alive. Another way to support the franchise is to buy its merchandise. The best merchandise I could think of is T-shirts. You can wear it as a loud and proud Fredle. The question now is, what kind of FNaF t-shirt should you buy?

Bottom Line Up Front

Five Nights at Freddy’s has produced a lot of merchandise for fans to buy and indulge in. Posters, toys, and keychains are distributed worldwide due to the game’s popularity. The FNaF franchise also sold a lot of t-shirts with varied designs and featuring many game characters. There are all sorts of t-shirts for men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes.

My Top T-shirt Picks

  • Foxy Five Nights at Freddy’s Shirt: Cool black-and-white pirate-themed t-shirt.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s I Survived Graphic Print Men’s Red T-Shirt: If you are a fan of the color red, then this t-shirt is for you.
  • Official Five Nights At Freddy’s Chica Chicadakimasu Women’s T-Shirt: Cute t-shirt stars Chika with an anime art style.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s Boys’ Get Ready Game Over Grid Design T-Shirt: A t-shirt with a grid design that looks like it came from GTA.
  • Five nights at Freddy’s pizzeria game over essential t-shirt: A sinister-looking t-shirt that has a great easter egg for fans of the game.

What Are My Criteria For My Top 10?

Here are the factors on how I managed to come up with my top 10 to make my list as objective as possible.

  • Design: The design is probably the most important part of my Top 10. Did the artwork make the t-shirt more interesting to look at? Does the artwork bring enough color to a bland t-shirt? If it does, the t-shirt will become part of my top 10.
  • Personality: I want my outfits to match my mood! That’s why I want my t-shirts to feature not only my favorite FNaF characters but also highlight my style. 
  • Details and design are important factors, so I always ask myself: does the shirt capture my mood and personality? If it does, then it would be another reason why I placed it on my Top 10.
  • Practicality: I am a function-over-forms type of gal. I love comfortable clothes—who doesn’t? When it comes to washing, I also prefer clothes that can be washed in and tumble dried in a machine without it damaging them. 

1. Foxy Five Nights at Freddy’s Shirt 

Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's Shirt  

I am biased toward black and white colored t-shirts. It’s a simple yet elegant color combo. It’s definitely a foolproof color; anyone can wear it without looking silly or odd. Black and White is a versatile colorway, so you don’t have to struggle with which pants or coats you need to pair it with. 

Let’s not forget about Foxy. I like how the t-shirt captures the essence of the animatronic. Foxy is a pirate, so having the design resemble a Jolly Roger is very fitting for him. So, if you are a Pirates of the Caribbean, Flag Means Death, or just a pirates fan in general, this T-shirt is a bomb.

This T-shirt is for men, but it could also work for women, especially if you like baggy clothes. I mean, you’ve probably ‘borrowed’ your boyfriend’s t-shirts (and never returned them.)

Product Detail

  • Department: Men’s Wear
  • Manufacturer: TOP Style
  • Fabric Type: 100% Cotton
  • Care Instructions: Machine Washable
  • Price: $14.75 – $24.41
  • Where to buy:


  • Cotton can absorb moisture and can regulate body temperature. Great year-round wear.
  • It is breathable and comfortable.
  • The unique design print doesn’t fade when machine washing.
  • It is made of preshrunk fabric, preventing further shrinking when washing and tumble-drying it on high heat.


  • Some sizes do not directly ship to certain delivery locations or countries. The only size available for delivery in the Philippines is Large. 
  • With only two color options, you have limited choices. 

2. Funko Pop Tees: Five Nights Nightmare Freddy

Funko Pop Tees Five Nights Nightmare Freddy Based on my second choice for my T-shirt, you know what my favorite color is right now. Freddies came in all shapes and sizes; the entire franchise is named after them. The Freddy that I feared the most was Nightmare Freddy. He truly lived up to his name, a truly monstrous figure with sharp teeth that can easily crush your skull.

It’s quite amazing how the artists of this T-shirt can make him look cute. I also love the coloring of the T-shirt because I am a big fan of pastel colors. The shade of blue is a very pleasing and very relaxing color to contrast its menacing design: the ‘Welcome to your Nightmare’ statement.

It also perfectly matches the black background in a great way. If you are an avid collector of Funko pop figures and an FNaF fan, then this T-shirt is just for you. It’s more cute than scary, so it is okay to wear it around kids.

Product Detail

  • Department: Unisex Adult
  • Manufacturer: Funko
  • Fabric Type: 100% Cotton
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Price: $14.95
  • Where to Buy:


  • The lovely and cute art style that’s different from most FNaF shirts. 
  • The colorway and overall design were made with a lot of thought in mind.
  •  The fit is true to size, so you don’t have to worry whether you need to bump a size higher or lower.


  • The shirt is made from 100% cotton that isn’t preshrunk, which might affect sizing after several washes.
  • It’s always low on stocks; it currently has XX-Large as the only available size. 

3. Don’t Stop Me Now Classic T-Shirt

Don't Stop Me Now Classic T-Shirt Glamrock Freddy is my favorite character in the FNaF franchise. Unlike the other Freddies in the series, he is extremely protective and supportive of the protagonist. Gregory and Glamrock Freddy’s friendship shows us that humans and animatronics can get along – as long as there are no psycho serial killers around.

This T-shirt can give you the motivation that you need to start your day. Glamrock Freddy in this t-shirt oozes charisma and confidence that would reflect the wearer. The t-shirt has several color choices in its design, but I like the crème version the most.

It gives off a simple and clean aesthetic that complements Glamrock Freddy’s design. Crème may look bland, but it’s great if you wear it with jeans or dark-colored pants to make it pop. If you are feeling down or on the verge of giving up, wear this t-shirt. ‘Don’t Stop Me’ is a great motivational quote to keep moving forward.

Production Details

  • Department: Unisex
  • Manufacturer: BonRockatansky
  • Fabric Type: Solid Colors:  -Solid Color: 100% pre-shrunk cotton  -Heather Grey: 90% cotton and 10% polyester  -Denim Heather: 50% cotton and 50% polyester
  • Where to buy:


  • Cute art starring the franchise’s most beloved animatronic character, Glamrock Freddy
  • High-quality shirt with double-needle hems and neckbands.


  • It has a boxy fit which is not ideal for people who want to accentuate their figure.
  • The design is too small relative to the t-shirt’s size, making it harder to see when viewed at a distance.

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s I Survived Graphic Print T-Shirt

Five Nights at Freddy's I Survived Graphic Print T-Shirt  Don’t let Five Nights at Freddy’s simple game mechanics fool you. Surviving five nights in a row is an extremely challenging task. Each night will get more and more dangerous for the players since the animatronics are more aggressive as the plot progress.

It took me hundreds of replays to survive the fifth night, only to unlock the sixth and seventh nights, which are way more difficult. Millions may have played the game, but only a fraction of them beat the game. What are you going to do after beating the games?

Boast it with your friends and buy a t-shirt to celebrate your achievement. With the word ‘I survived’ printed in big fat letters, it’s difficult not to notice it. As for the t-shirt itself, I love how simple it is. The red color is not overwhelming, allowing the design to pop.

Product Detail

  • Department: Unisex – Adult
  • Manufacturer: Bioworld
  • Fabric Type: 100% Pre-shrunk cotton
  • Where to Buy:


  • The t-shirt is comfortable to wear because its fabric is pre-shrunk cotton.
  • It’s officially licensed, allowing you to support your favorite franchise with style.


  • The art does not blend well with the red background, making it look faded and hard to see.
  • The statement also has the same faded, almost translucent color, which makes it very hard to read.

5. Chica Chicadakimasu Women’s T-Shirt

Chica Chicadakimasu Women's T-Shirt Chika is an icon, and this yellow killer animatronic is one of the OG characters of the franchise. Of all the animatronics from the first game, I find her the most disturbing to look at. Yellow is not really my go-to preference when it comes to my fashion.

It’s difficult to pair it with other colors. However, I like this t-shirt because it’s cute and it has a kawaii element! Who doesn’t love Japan? If you want an energetic, cheerful, and quirky appearance, then this t-shirt is just for you.

Product Detail

  • Department: Women’s
  • Manufacturer: Official
  • Fabric Type: 100% cotton
  • Where to Buy:


  • The bright and colorful color combination is great for livelier occasions.
  • It features one of my favorite OG animatronics: Chika
  • I love the “kawaii” touch to it.


  • It may not be appropriate for children despite the cutesy art due to the presence of blood.
  • It only comes in one color. (I hope they add more color options.)
  • It runs small, so you might need to size up. Weirdly, the sizes come in Large, XL, and XXL. 

6. Crying Child with FNAF Pals Short Sleeve T Shirt

Crying Child with FNAF Pals Short Sleeve T Shirt Five Nights at Freddy, at its core, is a horror franchise. It is natural for the lore of the games to be very dark. If you are not familiar with the game’s lore, then spoiler alert; it has a ton of child killings and losing portions of your brain.

This t-shirt is very haunting; it got me emotional the first time I saw it. The design is simple and cutesy but a punch in the guts. Imagine being just an average kid who just wants to eat a pizza surrounded by your favorite animatronics. You ended up killed by one of them and had your soul and decomposing body stuffed inside, forgotten, and abandoned.

How does it feel if it happens to your kid? Yep, that’s why it is part of my top 10. Wearing this t-shirt will give you a gloomy and dramatic vibe. If you are a fan of tragedies, ironic art styles, and emotional stories, this t-shirt is just for you.

Product Details

  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer: GIASNGA
  • Fabric Type: 100% Cotton
  • Where to Buy:


  • The amazing art style has a tragic feel to it. 100% cool design! 
  • It is tailored to give a perfect fit with streamlined and shaped hem.
  • Ideal for athletic and casual wear. 


  • It isn’t made from preshrunk cotton, which might affect sizing after one wash.

7. Five Nights at Freddy’s Character Squares T-Shirt

Five Nights at Freddy's Character Squares T-Shirt The design is a bomb! It showcases a bunch of FNaF-related content arranged into a grid. I love how they put a lot of stuff in their design without overwhelming the viewer’s eyes. I also love the color scheme and font style because they gave me retro-style vibes.

It’s a great t-shirt for gamers, especially if you are planning to play an FNaF game all night. The design is also reminiscent of the cover art style of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise, another franchise that I love. If you are a fan of GTA and the FNaF games, then this t-shirt is certainly for you.

Product Details

  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer: GIASNGA
  • Fabric Type: 100% Cotton
  • Where to Buy:


  • Excellent shipping times; no delays. 
  • The graphics are unique and extremely detailed.
  •  It washes up very well, with size remaining the same.


  • While it’s a unisex shirt, it fits better for boys and runs baggy for girls.

8. Funko Pop! Boxed Tee: Five Nights at Freddy’s – Summer Tie Dye

Funko Pop! Boxed Tee Five Nights at Freddy's - Summer Tie Dye Here is another Funko-pop-related FNaF t-shirt. The t-shirt depicts the OG animatronics: Freddy, Foxy, and Chika as funko pop figures. I like the t-shirt’s art because it is very cute to look at and makes you forget that they are killer animatronics.

Another thing that I loved about this t-shirt is the design’s coloring; it’s unique and peculiar to look at. I also love the name being written in big fat letters, which added much character to the already great art.

Product Detail

  • Department: Men’s
  • Manufacturer: Funko
  • Fabric Type: Vinyl
  • Where to Buy:


  • A perfect t-shirt for Funko-pop fans and collectors. 
  • The design and colors pop in the black background. 
  • It comes in a variety of size options from XS to 3XL.


  • The stencil-like letterings are barely visible, making them hard to read.

9. Chica’s Glam Rock T-Shirt

Chica's Glam Rock T-Shirt Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is truly a leap forward for the FNaF Franchise. It was the first FNaF game to have an open-roam map for the protagonist to explore. Even if the game received a mixed review due to performance issues, I still love the game and its characters.

One of those characters is Glamrock Chika. Unlike the other Chikas, Glamrock Chika has a more humanoid figure. Other t-shirts feature a poster-style design starring other Security Breach Animatronics, but Chika’s poster is the best. The reason is that I love how the colors green, pink, and yellow mesh with each other.

The colors allowed the poster art to pop extremely well. Another reason why I love it is that it gives me the Jojo Bizarre Adventure vibe to it.

Product Details

  • Department: Unisex
  • Manufacturer: Creator Ink
  • Fabric Type: 100% ring-spun cotton
  • Care Instruction: Machine Wash
  • Where to buy:


  • It’s extremely comfortable to wear with screen printed interior label. (no itchy tags) 
  • The bright and chic design pops in the black shirt. 
  • Shipping and delivery is quick! 


  • Quite pricey since most shirts are around $14 to $20. 

10. Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizzeria Game over T-Shirt

Five Nights at Freddy's Pizzeria Game over T-Shirt The t-shirt depicted a stylized portrait of Freddy Fazbear and the map of the Pizzeria behind him. The words “Game Over” is printed in a big red font style that sends an ominous message to the readers.  There is something sinister and threatening about the black-red color combination.

Plenty of villains in pop culture don this color combination; The Akatsuki and Darth Maul are notable examples. Why not add Freddy to the list too? For those who want to add more edge to your fashion and vibe, this t-shirt is great for you!

Product Detail

  • Department: Unisex
  • Manufacturer: KennethIrwin63
  • Fabric Type: Solid Color: -100% cotton –Heather Grey: 90% cotton/10% polyester –Charcoal heather: 52% cotton/48% polyester
  • Where to Buy:


  • The red-and-black color combination gives you a much-needed sinister vibe.
  • The creative art style respects the original game.


  • The colorway makes the design darker and harder to see.
  • The fabric is a bit thin and quite stretchy.  

Best FNAF Shirt Ideas: FAQs

Question: Where can we buy great FNaF t-shirts?

Answer: There are tons of great FNaF t-shirts scattered throughout the internet. However, to get good ones, I recommend browsing Amazon and Redbubble. The two websites give you great quality t-shirts from reliable suppliers at a reasonable price.

Question: What style should I go for my FNaF t-shirts?

Answer: FNaF t-shirts are varied in design and vibe they can give the wearer. If you want a livelier and more cheerful fashion, choose an FNaF t-shirt with a cute design and lighter color. If you want a slight edge and mature fashion, I recommend FNaF t-shirts with darker colors and terrifying designs.

Question: How much would an official FNaF Shirt cost? 

Answer: The price for a licensed and official FNaF shirt merchandise cost anywhere between $15 to $30. Typically, more expensive shirts are made and produced by FNaF or Funko Pop.

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