why the fnaf movie will be a hit

Why The FNAF Movie Will Be A Hit

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Since its 2014 launch, Five Nights at Freddy’s has captured the hearts and souls of myself and countless other gamers worldwide. With its engaging lore, intense gameplay, and iconic characters, the horror video game has become one of the century’s major horror franchises. 

Now, I’m holding my breath in anticipation of the upcoming FNAF movie. Set to premiere on October 27, 2023, the film will come out just in time for Halloween.

While anticipation couldn’t be higher, video game adaptations have a tendency to disappoint (though the trend is changing, thanks to efforts like The Super Mario Bros. Movie). 

I’m optimistic that the FNAF movie will succeed. In fact, I’m so confident that I’ve written this ‘Why The FNAF Movie Will Be A Hit’ article to convince you why it will be such a hit. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The FNAF movie will be a hit because it has an outstanding cast, a devoted and proven production company, and an extremely passionate fanbase. 

My Choices At A Glance

My prediction for the movie’s success is based on several key factors:

  • Strong production team. The movie is being produced by Blumhouse Productions, which has an excellent reputation for producing top-quality horror films. 
  • Scott Cawthon is involved. The FNAF creator is a producer on the adaptation, so it should be a faithful adaptation. 
  • Massive and devoted fan base. There’s growing FNAF mania as the franchise is quickly gaining new fans–while current fans are happy to finally see the franchise they love on the silver screen. 
  • Talented cast. With standouts Matthew Lillard and Josh Hutcherson, the film has a respectable cast for an indie production. 
  • The numbers are crazy. The trailers have tens of millions of views while videos based on the movie are going viral. The FNAF movie also has an impressive budget of $36 million–significantly higher than other indie horror flicks. 
  • It’s a relatively faithful adaptation. The film is based on the first FNAF game, so both seasoned fans and newcomers should have a blast. 

Why The FNAF Movie Will Be A Hit

fnaf movie

The Production Team is Strong

It was a time to celebrate when we learned that Warner Bros. had bought the film rights to FNAF. The franchise was popular, creating YouTuber careers everywhere you looked, and Warner Bros. was the dream partner. After all, they were behind iconic horror franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Conjuring. 

However, that deal turned sour faster than a Chica jumpscare, and Warner Bros. pulled out.

However, when the fate of the movie looked bleak, Jason Blum stepped in. His Blumhouse Productions might not have the heritage of a juggernaut like Warner Bros., but boy, does it have a mouthwatering portfolio of modern horror classics. Paranormal Activity? Check. Insidious? Yep. The Halloween sequels? Music to my ears. 

The production company has already launched a promising franchise with Megan this year.  In addition, I appreciate how much devotion Jason Blum has shown for the franchise by choosing to work with FNAF creator Scott Cawthon. Speaking of which…

Creator Scott Cawthon is Involved

Scott Cawthon, the FNAF creator, is part of the movie’s production team. His involvement ensures that the film stays true to the franchise’s narrative, aesthetics, and the unique brand of horror we’ve come to love. His presence is proof that Jason Blum cares about making FNAF as authentic an adaptation as possible. 

Since the trailer has introduced new characters (and possibly merged others), there’s a chance the movie could veer too far from the source material. However, with Scott Cawthon’s involvement, I’m confident the film will be something he’s proud of. 

The Fan Base is Massive and Devoted 

FNAF isn’t just a horror video game franchise—it’s a global phenomenon. Since 2014 when the first FNAF game was released, the franchise has gained a massive and dedicated fan base. Fans have become influencers (the likes of Dawko and CoryxKensin, for instance) thanks to FNAF.

Additionally, with multiple games, spin-offs, merchandise, and even books and comics, the franchise has established a solid, enduring presence in horror gaming. Our anticipation for the movie has gone through the roof, and you can be sure we’ll come out in droves to support it. 

The Cast is Talented

fnaf movie cast

The FNAF movie features a talented and versatile cast, from Josh Hutcherson to Matthew Lillard. Hutcherson’s casting as the night guard, Mike Schmidt, is noteworthy as he gave stellar performances in films like The Hunger Games series. Hutcherson will undoubtedly bring a level of depth and intensity to the character that will resonate with audiences.

However, my chief highlight is Matthew Lillard. Playing the wicked William Afton, he’s no stranger to horror–you can see a perfect example in the first Scream film.

Additionally, Lillard has starred as Shaggy in countless Scooby-Doo movies and TV specials–both live-action and animation. Securing his services was a coup, as I’m sure his legion of fans will show up to support the FNAF movie. 

The Numbers Are Crazy

As of the time this article releases, the FNAF teaser has garnered over 27 million YouTube views while the official trailer has 19 million views.

Additionally, YouTubers’ videos on the movie have also gone viral–for instance, CoryxKenshin’s FNAF movie trailer reaction garnered 6.5 million views (probably since he’s literally in the movie) while Dawko’s reaction gained over 700k views. 

Meanwhile, the movie has a respectable $36 million budget, which is no slouch for an indie horror adaptation. The latest Insidious film, for instance, only has a $16 million budget, while M3GAN’s budget was $12 million.

So, you can expect the movie to look dazzling. It also doesn’t hurt that Jim Henson’s Creature Shop–which gave us The Muppets–is handling the animatronics design. 

If these numbers are any indication, the horror world is craving to see Freddy Fazbear and his nightmarish friends in live-action. So, I expect the film to be a modest box office success but to really gain traction in Peacock and home media. 

It’s a Relatively Faithful Adaptation 

fnaf movie

One of the major pitfalls of video game adaptations is how they don’t capture the essence of the original game(s). For instance, Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil franchise’s only connection to the video games was the title and a handful of token characters. 

However, the FNAF movie is among the newer video game adaptations breaking this trend. The film’s plot closely follows the first FNAF game as it traces the harrowing journey of a new night guard, Mike Schmidt, as he navigates Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

This faithfulness to the game’s plot and exploring the deeper lore (which we saw through the flashbacks in the trailer) will undoubtedly contribute to the movie’s success.


Question: When is The FNAF Movie Coming Out?

Answer: The FNAF movie will hit theaters and stream on Peacock on October 27, 2023–just in time to make it the year’s must-wach Halloween feature.

Question: Who is in The Cast of The FNAF Movie?

Answer: The film features an ensemble cast, including Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard, Elizabeth Lail, Kat Conner Sterling, and Mary Stuart Masterson.

Question: Who is Producing The FNAF Movie?

Answer: The FNAF movie is produced by Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions. The other producers include Beatriz Sequeira, Russell Binder, Christopher H. Warner, and the game’s creator, Scott Cawthon.

Why The FNAF Movie Will Be A Hit: Conclusion

The FNAF movie has all the elements necessary to become a box-office hit and a defining moment in horror video game adaptations. With everything going for the flick, I expect it to become a hit both in theaters and at home.

After all, it’s a love letter to the fans who have kept the game alive and thriving for nearly a decade–it’s also a way for new audiences to experience Five Nights at Freddy’s.

I will be the first person in the line to watch the FNAF movie, and I expect many other fans feel the same way. 

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