fnaf montgomery gator guide

FNAF Montgomery Gator Guide

The world of Five Nights At Freddy’s is one filled with tons of colorful characters. From the wacky world of the Mediocre Melodies to the horror and nostalgia of the original four, to… whatever the hell Egg Baby is.

Despite this clear over-saturation, however, more and more animatronics continued to get added to the lineup, leading to one of my personal favorite lines of animatronics: the Glamrocks.

Of these, I find none more interesting than Montgomery Gator. He’s definitely the Glamrock animatronic we know least about (aside from maybe the scraps of Glamrock Bonnie lore or the ending where Glamrock Happy Hippo becomes a thing) and I find him to be the most interesting.

If you feel the same, you’ve come to the right place, because in this FNAF Montgomery Gator guide I’ll be taking a look at that infamously destructive animatronic gator, as well as the role he may have played in the game’s biggest mystery.

Bottom Line Up Front

fnaf montgomery gator
Monty’s jumpscare

Monty is a Glamrock animatronic that appears in Security Breach and the upcoming Ruin DLC. He’s known for being aggressive and destructive, has a major boss fight in Security Breach, and is believed to have played a major part in the disappearance of Glamrock Bonnie.

Physical Appearance and Personality

fnaf montgomery gator
Shattered Monty

Monty is a green gator with a red mohawk. His frame is the same as the other Glamrock animatronics, matching their broad shoulders and appearing to have a stomach hatch like Glam Freddy. His main color is green, with yellow and purple showing up as supporting colors on his torso and limbs.

His legs have scales painted on them, and his jaw matches that of an alligator with sharp rows of pointy teeth. He wears spiked bracelets on his wrists, and star-shaped sunglasses on his face.

Monty also has special claws that are designed to help him play the bass better, though he mostly uses them to destroy things. After beating his boss fight, these claws can be attained and used to upgrade Freddy and get into more areas of the Pizzaplex.

Like his fellow Glamrocks, Monty gets more withered-looking as the night progresses. In his shattered form following the boss fight, Monty shows the most damage of the decommissioned animatronics, losing his legs, the casing on his left arm, and a big chunk from his torso.

His jaw hangs loose from his face, with the top casing missing a big piece. Since losing his legs, Monty crawls around on the floor, and he’s also missing his iconic sunglasses, allowing the Faz Cam to stun him.

Monty is known for being destructive and aggressive, both before and after Afton’s takeover of the Pizzaplex. He has a rock star attitude and cosmetic style, with even his catchphrase being the signature “Let’s rock!”

Before even encountering Monty for the first time, the out-of-order signs and busted-up walls outside his room made a lasting first impression on me.

fnaf montgomery gator
The inside of Monty’s green room


As of right now, Monty only appears in one release game, that being FNAF: Security Breach. However, he’s also set to appear in the upcoming DLC Security Breach: Ruin, and though we don’t know much about Help Wanted 2, some theorists think he and the other Glamrock animatronics could make an appearance.

Though Illumix and the dev team have been silent for half a year with no updates or new content, recent updates to their website included content not found in FNAF AR, leading many to believe it will return, and if this is the case, it’s likely the Glamrock animatronics and other Security Breach content may be added to the game.

Gameplay and How to Beat

fnaf montgomery gator
Monty in one of the first Security Office sections

Monty shows up in several security office sections, all of which mostly consist of trying to stay alive until he and whichever other animatronic he’s paired with leave.

You need to watch the door power and make sure you don’t run out while ensuring they can’t enter the office by closing the doors when they get close. These sections range in difficulty, but most of them can be survived with the same strategies.

Aside from the office sections, Monty has one major boss fight inside of the Monty Golf area. However, this battle doesn’t start when you enter Monty Golf.

The first time you go into the Monty Golf area, you’ll head straight to the security office and grab the Faz Cam and security badge. You’ll also find a Faz Watch message telling of a Mazercise vent that leads into Monty Golf, leading you to head over to Mazercise.

Getting to Monty’s Boss Encounter

mazercise control key
Acquiring the Mazercise Control Key

When you get to Mazercise and find the control panel, you’ll soon realize you can’t actually get anything done. Another Faz Watch message hints that the key might be below the Daycare Theatre, so that’s where you’ll head next.

After carefully making your way through the security bots, you’ll find an area underneath the theatre full of endos. These aren’t active yet, so you can go straight ahead to the back of the room without anything to worry about- for now.

Once you make it to the back, open the present box there to get the Mazercise control key, and then save your game. As soon as you exit this room, the endos will become active.

Call Freddy (hopefully you charged him on the way over) and walk out in him. Provided Freddy has enough battery, you should be able to go straight out of the room inside of him with no issue. If needed, you can also use the Faz Cam to stun the endos into being inactive for a second.

Head back to the Mazercise control room, where you’re now able to shift around the maze. Though most of Security Breach’s bugs have been patched by now, this section still has a few, and it can be hard to hit the right buttons, so it’s important to make sure you have a save file backed up before pressing anything.

mazercise control room
Mazercise’s control panel

The Mazercise puzzle can be really frustrating, especially because the only real clue the game gives you is where to move the dark green panels- which was even more frustrating in the past because before being patched out, the Faz Watch message said blue instead of green.

Without the knowledge on how to move the maze, it’s easy to spend hours stuck on this one section. There are plenty of different Mazercise codes players have said to try, but I’ve found that only one of them worked for me.

You’re gonna wanna hit the bottom 4 four times, use the lever to switch to horizontal mode, hit the left 1 twice, switch to vertical, hit down 2 once, switch back to horizontal, hit the same button twice again. Make sure to check your security camera and ensure the vent is unblocked, and then continue on.

fnaf monty
Monty at the start of the boss fight

How to Beat Monty

Once you emerge from the vent, you’ll find yourself up on a top platform in Monty Golf, with a Monty plane blocking your path. Save your game, and then use the gun to your right to hit the two targets and drop down, triggering a cut scene and Monty’s chase.

beat monty
The targets that activate the gator planes

As soon as the cutscene ends, you’re going to want to run as far away from Monty as you can, and when you feel far enough, start crouching. Turrets like the ones you used to hit those top targets (and the one Monty destroys in his cutscene) are placed throughout the map, and they’re the main way you’ll interact with this fight.

At the front of the room is a giant bucket, and your main goal during this section is going to be to get it to tip over. The hard part here isn’t filling the buckets, but avoiding Monty.

There isn’t much cover on the map, and while there are a few places you can crouch so he won’t see you, Monty will always find you eventually. I’ve found it’s best to walk, and then if he finds you run away and crouch until he turns around.

fnaf monty
Monty giving chase

Extra Tips

The best turret on the map is going to be the one on the bridge because it’s aimed pretty much directly at the target and hits it straight on, making it the easiest to shoot from.

When you find a turret, shoot all ten balls, and then it will start to refill. However, if all ten hit the target, the gun will be destroyed and you’ll have to find another.

Keep playing through this loop; find a turret, shoot the target, run from Monty, repeat- until you’ve filled the bucket. On my playthrough, it took about 3 full turrets to get it done. After filling the bucket, sprint over to the catwalk in front of it where you’ll find a green button.

You won’t actually need to hit the button, as a cutscene will automatically play, meaning you’ve successfully decommissioned Monty. However, on my playthrough, I had a glitch where the cutscene wouldn’t play and I could hit the button; the only way to fix this is to load an old save and replay.

decommissioned monty
Monty after being decommissioned

Monty’s Lore

Unlike other animatronics, Monty doesn’t have much lore, and most of the lore he does have is steeped in mystery. Of his lore, certainly the most interesting is his likely involvement in Glamrock Bonnie’s decommissioning.

Glamrock Bonnie’s Disappearance

I’m mostly going to be looking at Monty’s role concerning the mysterious disappearance of Glamrock Bonnie, but for a more thorough look at what happened to the iconic rabbit, check out this piece about why Bonnie isn’t in Security Breach.

Bonnie used to be a big hit at the Pizzaplex, second only to Freddy, of course. He was the bassist in the band and his main location was Bonnie Bowl.

Not much is known of what became of Glamrock Bonnie; we know he was close with Freddy, and that Monty may have behaved antagonistically to him, but little is known about his overall personality.

Possibly even less is known about the night he disappeared; a Fazwatch tells us Bonnie left his Rockstar Row green room at 12:24 AM, entered the East Arcade at 2:40 AM, and was last seen entering Monty Golf at 4:12 AM. Bonnie wasn’t seen again after going into Monty Golf, and many assume Monty may have been involved.

glamrock bonnie's disappearance
The Bonnie message on the Faz Watch

Monty’s Involvement

Monty is shown throughout the game to be aggressive and destructive, coupled with the fact that he seems to want to be the main face of the Pizzaplex, or at the very least, he doesn’t want Freddy to be.

A level in Monty Golf shows Monty leading a performance on stage, while Freddy is in pieces in a dumpster below. Monty also stood a lot to gain from Bonnie’s disappearance; he replaced Bonnie as the bassist in the band, with new claw upgrades to help him play better, and became the fourth major mascot of the Pizzaplex.

After Bonnie’s disappearance in Monty Golf, while he was never seen again, there are clues in the game that give hints as to what might have happened. Burntrap’s frame has a leg that not only doesn’t match the rest of his endo but does match that of Glamrock Bonnie.

monty's involvement
Bonnie’s leg in the utility room

When you first encounter Vanessa in the game, in the tunnels beneath the Pizzaplex, she exits into a gated-off room.

Later on in the game, you can return here and get into the room, and this is where you find not only the Fazwatch message detailing Bonnie’s strange actions but an endoskeleton leg with blue paint on it, clearly meant to be Bonnie’s leg.

Due to this and the fact that Vanny built Burntrap, many actually don’t blame Monty at all, and assume she decommissioned Bonnie; however, this doesn’t absolve Monty from suspicion.

It’s possible Monty was working with Vanessa, Vanessa controlled him like she did when the Glamrocks dug up the FNAF 6 Pizzeria, or that he tore apart Bonnie, and then afterward she found the parts and used them for Burntrap.

My Thoughts

Personally, while all of these theories make sense to me, there’s only one that I believe to be most likely. I think it’s most probable that Monty destroyed Bonnie by himself, and then Vanessa used his parts later on.

Gators are highly territorial, and we already know that Monty is pretty dominating and aggressive. Taking into account what we see in the Monty Golf Minigame, it’s not hard to see Monty bumping him off to get ahead.

monty fnaf
Freddy in the trash as Monty leads the stage in the Monty Golf mini-game

After this, Vanessa would have found the leftover pieces and used them to build Burntrap’s physical form. This also adds up a bit more, as if Vanessa had broken Monty herself, she would have been fired or faced legal consequences.

However, as an animatronic, there’s little that can be done to hold Monty accountable for bustin’ up the ol’ rabbit- meaning he’d get off scot-free and Vanny would get exactly what she needed.

It could be possible that Vanessa was controlling him to make him kill Bonnie too- but regardless, I think the most logical chain of events is Monty decommissioning Bonnie, and then Vanessa using his parts for Burntrap later on.


Question: What to do if Monty Breaks Cannons?

Answer: When Monty breaks a turret during his boss fight, there is nothing you can do to fix it. Instead, you must find another cannon to use.

Question: How to Play Monty Golf Mini-game?

Answer: To play the Monty Golf mini-game, go inside Monty Golf and progress through the ball pit until you see an arcade machine.

Question: Will Monty Help You in Ruin DLC?

Answer: Not much is known about the upcoming Ruin DLC, but many fans expect either Monty or Roxy to be a stand-in for Glamrock Freddy and act as a player companion.


Montgomery Gator is, like the other Glamrock animatronics, an interesting new addition to the FNAF franchise.

He’s one of the animatronics with the most personality and charm, and I really can’t wait to see what they do with him going forward, especially with Security Breach’s Ruin DLC releasing in a few days.

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