fnaf world chips

FNAF World Chips Guide

FNAF World is the first official FNAF spinoff from franchise creator Scott Cawthon. Unlike the primary FNAF horror games, FNAF World is a role-playing game. Players can collect various items, including chips.  Chips in FNAF World are essential items that give players different boosts and abilities. With 21 chips to collect, knowing which ones to …

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Best SFM FNAF Animations

Five Nights at Freddy’s was already a cult hit when I started playing it. However, I never expected the horror game franchise to evolve so drastically. FNAF has inspired countless memes, YouTube videos, Roblox games, and animations. Source Filmmaker, or SFM, is a free 3D animation software from Valve Corporation that lets users produce animations. …

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fnaf puppet plush

FNAF Puppet Plush Guide

FNaF is a horror juggernaut that has millions of merchandise sold worldwide. Five Nights has tons of merchandise like posters, t-shirts, and even keychains. Probably its most popular merch would be FNaF plushies. Children and adults love buying them to make their rooms a little bit cuter and livelier. Unlike the games, there are no …

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