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Five Nights at Freddy’s was already a cult hit when I started playing it. However, I never expected the horror game franchise to evolve so drastically.

FNAF has inspired countless memes, YouTube videos, Roblox games, and animations. Source Filmmaker, or SFM, is a free 3D animation software from Valve Corporation that lets users produce animations. In this article, let’s look at the best SFM FNAF animations from gifted fans.

Bottom Line Up Front

The FNAF community has produced a staggering amount of SFMs. Hundreds (or thousands) of FNAF SFMs exist, so I only cover the most notable and impressive ones. In addition, many SFMs contain spoilers, so proceed with caution if you haven’t played them.

My Top Picks at a Glance

  • [SFM FNAF] We outnumber you. This animation shows Michael Afton after Ennard leaves his body. 
  • FNAF SL: The Animated Movie. This 90-minute-long animation tells an original story set in the FNAF universe. 
  • HE ALWAYS DOES – Five Nights at Freddy’s Animated Afton Family Short. This animation imagines how William Afton’s body looks after dying and turning into Springtrap. 
  • [SFM FNaF] New Night Guard is Coming. How do the animatronics ready themselves when a new night security guard comes? This animation offers a hilarious take on how the organize themselves. 
  • {FNAF/SFM} 5 AM at Freddy’s – The Sequel. This animation pokes fun at Michael and William Afton as the son ridicules his dad in his Springtrap form. 

Selection Criteria

I considered the following points when selecting the best SFM FNAF animations.

  • Relevance. The most crucial element I considered was relevance to the FNAF franchise. I only went for animations that other FNAF fans would relate to more than general gamers. 
  • Quality. Source Filmmaker is a powerful tool, so the animation quality should please. Additionally, the SFM should achieve its goal–whether it’s a music video, a retelling of a particular scene, or an original story. 

The Best SFM FNAF Animations


Uploader: TryHardNinja

(FNAF SFM) SISTER LOCATION SONG “Circus of the Dead” ANIMATION is an SFM music video telling the story of FNAF: Sister Location.

The quality is impressive, with smooth animations and detailed character models. I also loved the music–with an eerie and haunting melody that perfectly captures the game’s tone. The SFM also has impressive camera work, with creative angles and movements that add to the story’s suspense. This SFM perfectly blends music and animation to tell a compelling story.

How FNAF Security Breach was SUPPOSED to end…

Uploader: TheHottestDog

FNAF: Security Breach is the latest entry in the franchise, and Golden Freddy quickly became the fan-favorite character. After all, he is a Freddy Fazbear counterpart who doesn’t kill–he instead helps humans, as we see with Gregory. 

The game has several endings, but the one I consider canon involves William Afton returning as Burntrap. This SFM animation reimagines that ending. Glamrock Freddy gets upset when he learns Gregory implanted Roxy’s eyes in him.

Burntrap also sounds and acts old–a STAFF Bot moves him in a wheelchair, bandages and a cast cover his head and neck, and he cracks his back when standing up. Freddy laughs, spurring Burntrap to launch slurs. However, the animatronic grabs him and punches him, ending the skit. 

This twist is hilarious since it shows how Afton has not remained unscathed after dying and reviving several times. The skit also shows the size difference between Freddy and Burntrap and how defenseless the latter looks. 


Uploader: Five Nights of Animations

What if the animatronics fought each other instead of trying to kill the security guard? This idea has prompted dozens of SFM animations pitting animatronics against each other. However, [SFM FNaF] CRAZIEST UCN FIGHT EVER is among my favorites. 

This animation portrays the animatronics as students in a classroom. The fight starts with a case of mistaken identity. Foxy flips a coin that lands on Balloon Boy’s desk. Balloon Boy hurls the coin at Foxy, knocking over his green bird. Foxy thinks Rockstar Freddy is guilty since he sits behind the animatronic and punches him. 

What follows is a battle royale unlike any you’ve seen on YouTube. The fight starts with punches. However, it escalates. The animatronics use canons, dynamite, bazookas, tanks, police cars, guitars, and more weapons against each other. The skit also parodies anime like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Bespectacled Funtime Freddy appears towards the end–he’s the teacher–and is shocked to see the carnage, with the classroom on fire. 

[SFM FNaF] CRAZIEST UCN FIGHT EVER is a hilarious animation. The fights escalate, there’s slapstick humor, and the animation reminds me of classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes. The video has earned its 24 million YouTube views. 

POV: it’s 6am [FNAF/SFM]

Uploader: K-O-SFM

The FNAF animatronics come to life from midnight and torment the security guard. They remain active until dawn, but what happens at 6 am? This animation explores when they must stop tormenting the guard and return to their official duties. 

POV: it’s 6am [FNAF/SFM] explores how different animatronics act when dawn arrives. Most shriek as they vanish. However, Nightmare Freddy from one side to another in terror before vanishing. Funtime Freddy approaches Bon-Bon before he also disappears–but Bon-Bon doesn’t vanish. Even the security guard–who looks like Michael Afton–vanishes. 

The animatronics wander around the restaurant all night and stop moving at dawn. So, the animation does a fantastic (and hilarious) job explaining how they return to their stations when a new day arrives. 

The uploader K-O-SFM has made another SFM video about the animatronics at 12 midnight. This time, the animatronics and guard materialize. I recommend watching the videos back-to-back to appreciate the concept. 

{FNAF/SFM} 5 AM at Freddy’s – The Sequel

Uploader: FazBearFilms

{FNAF/SFM} 5 AM at Freddy’s – The Sequel offers a humorous look at Michael Afton facing his dad William in his Springtrap form.

Michael is the security guard, and Springtrap wants to enter the office and kill him. However, Michael distracts him by playing the sounds of a talking child. Since William is a child murderer, the sounds lure him away from Michael. Freddy appears, and Springtrap convinces him to help find the child so they can “throw a birthday party” and give him a cake. 

Michael finds Springtrap easy to deal with. However, Foxy appears in the office and jumpscares him. The sound attracts Springtrap, who bursts into the office. However, Michael attacks him with a crowbar Foxy gave him. 

{FNAF/SFM} 5 AM at Freddy’s – The Sequel is a hilarious take on the father-son dynamic between the Aftons. I’d love to see Michael facing Scrap Baby next since the animatronic contains the soul of his sister Elizabeth Afton

[SFM/FNAF] Five Funky Night’s at Freddy’s 2

Uploader: Father Ferguson

[SFM/FNAF] Five Funky Night’s at Freddy’s 2 is a challenging video to categorize. On the one hand, it’s a fight animation. However, it’s also a musical. 

The video pits Classic Animatronics against their modern counterparts–since this a 2015 video, the modern counterparts include Toy and Funtime Animatronics. 

The video starts with the Classic Animatronics partying–including a Team Fortress 2 character representing the security guard. However, their partying stops when the animatronics’ counterparts arrive and challenge them.

Chica competes with Toy Chica: the former plays the drums while her counterpart plays the keyboard. Toy Chica outdoes her predecessor, so Chica hurls Cupcake at her, making Toy Chica’s head explode. Meanwhile, Toy Freddy tries an identical attack on Classic Freddy, but it doesn’t work.

Classic Freddy retaliates by shooting off his counterpart’s head with a sniper rifle. Mangle chases Foxy, but he hands them a Foxy doll, whose cuteness makes their head explode. 

Bonnie faces off against Toy Bonnie in a guitar duel ending with Toy Bonnie’s head being knocked off. Meanwhile, Balloon Boy summons Springtrap to help. However, the Classic Animatronics counter by summoning Golden Freddy. The latter shoots an orb of light, vaporizing Springtrap’s head. Later, the Classic Animatronics return to partying after defeating their counterparts. 

[SFM/FNAF] Five Funky Night’s at Freddy’s 2 is a silly animation. However, it’s still intriguing after all these years. The quality has aged, but it’s still a cathartic way to spend five minutes. 


Uploader: GaloExtremo

FNAF lore has never been straightforward–gamers have scoured the games, books, and guides to make sense of the franchise. However, many gamers don’t have the patience to spend days or weeks sifting through information to understand the FNAF story. 

User GaloExtremo created this SFM animation to explain the story. He starts the FNAF timeline in 1972 when William Afton and Henry Emily founded Fredbear’s Family Diner. The video leads to most events in FNAF lore from movies and books. 

Such a significant undertaking is impressive, especially for newcomers to FNAF. However, the uploader made a few mistakes and omissions. The errors are minor, so I still recommend SFM-FNAF THE TIMELINE MOVIE. 

FNAF SL: The Animated Movie

Uploader: Secret4Studio

The earlier entries have poked fun at the characters or revealed information on FNAF. However, FNAF SL: The Animated Movie is different. This animation tells a movie-length original story set in the FNAF universe. 

The movie starts with Nightmare Animatronics killing cops who respond to a 9-1-1 call from a child. Nightmare Foxy kills the boy, and we go to the primary story. 

William Afton lures a woman, Fiona Scott, searching for her brother–and other people, including Henry Emily–to Fazbear’s Fright restaurant. He traps them inside and forces them to find a way to escape. A message on the wall promises that one person will die each hour from midnight and that only one person will survive. 

The animatronics come to life, and the group learns that safety in numbers doesn’t apply when facing these creations. The animatronics hardly receive damage from weapons as powerful as guns, and force the people inside the restaurant into desperate situations. 

FNAF SL: The Animated Movie contains twists, gore, and fascinating characters. Remarkably, only one person made the movie. It’s a fascinating watch as we wait for the FNAF movie this year. 

The movie also entertains viewers unfamiliar with FNAF lore. If you know anyone who likes fan-based animations or a compelling story with horror elements, they will enjoy FNAF SL: The Animated Movie. 

[SFM FNAF] BELIEVER – FNaF Animation of the Imagine Dragons Song

Uploader: BonBun Films

If Imagine Dragons made a music video using FNAF characters, it would look like this. The animation shows Freddy Fazbear singing to his prisoner: a security guard. Other animatronics appear in cameos, but Freddy holds the spotlight. Freddy torments the guard, who tries to escape but fails. 

The video perfectly fits the song: Imagine Dragons’ “Believer.” The video is intense, edgy, and far from superficial. The creator took one and a half months to make the video, but the quality is top-notch. The video also went viral, gaining 163 million YouTube views–an astounding achievement for a fan-based video based on a horror game. 


Uploader: Father Ferguson

The first FNAF movie announcement came in 2015–barely a year after the first game was released. No one expected the movie to take so long to make, so fans were ecstatic with the announcement. On receiving the news, YouTuber Father Ferguson spent the next two hours making this video: [SFM GARBAGE] FNAF movie! 

The video starts with Freddy making pancakes–though it’s actually a cake and bacon on a plate–and the other Classic Animatronics join him in the kitchen. A movie producer approaches after securing rights for the animatronics. 

Nine months later, the animatronics watch the FNAF movie trailer at a mostly-empty theater. Only Freddy is awake–the other animatronics are asleep. The trailer they watch draws significantly from anime–including swords, superpowers, and anime fights. 

Many FNAF fans–myself included–hope we never see a FNAF anime adaptation, so Father Ferguson’s video speaks to us. Luckily, the upcoming movie will be a horror masterpiece with no anime elements–fingers crossed! 

HE ALWAYS DOES – Five Nights at Freddy’s Animated Afton Family Short

Uploader: BonBun Films

HE ALWAYS DOES is a short animated filming showing how William Afton always returns after dying. The film starts with William’s son Michael scrounging through the trash in a mask. He goes to a deserted Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and sees scrawlings on the wall: “You won’t die.” 

The next scene shows Fazbear Frights burning down with Springtrap inside. The badly-burned Springtrap stands up and breaks out of the building. Now, he heads to another building with a withered Spring Bonnie suit. A mass of flesh slithers out of Springtrap and enters the withered suit. Meanwhile, Michael lumbers to the building–a fateful encounter awaits. 

HE ALWAYS DOES distinctly interprets how William went from Springtrap to Scraptrap. Additionally, I loved how the animator portrayed him as a mass of flesh with a skull lodged inside. The animation shows William isn’t trapped inside a suit–he can leave it if he wishes. However, he needs a spring-lock suit to move because his body is little more than a lump of flesh. 

FNAF Movie – The Puppet’s Story

Uploader: Secret4Studio

The short movie opens at a crowded Freddy Fabear’s Pizza with animatronics performing and serving customers–a rare sight in FNAF since we mostly see them at night when they try to kill us. The movie cuts to later when the pizzeria is closed. A girl, Elza, is trapped inside the restaurant and futilely tries to escape. However, the security guard pursues her while wielding a knife. The guard catches her and drags her away to a hidden fate. 

We soon learn that the guard is William Afton since he hid inside a Spring Bonnie suit–Elza calls him The Purple Guy. William kidnapped Elza and other kids and hid them in the pizzeria. They called for help, but no one heard them and help never came. 

One day, the kidnapped children found the door unlocked and escaped. However, it was Afton’s plan to break their spirit. He recaptured them, and–tragically–they never escaped. The children died, and Elza’s soul possessed The Puppet, driven by vengeance. The other kids possessed the other animatronics and relentlessly tried to kill Afton. However, he always escaped. 

The children finally succeeded when the Spring Bonnie suit crushed Afton. The children found peace, but Elza swore Afton would only find eternal torment in the afterlife. 

The Puppet’s Story is tragic, morbid and shows how Afton ruined countless lives. It’s among the most moving and best SFM FNAF Animations. 

[SFM FNaF] New Night Guard is Coming

Uploader: Animation Time

The FNAF animatronics are always ready to terrorize a new night security guard. However, do they automatically recognize the presence of a human, or do they prepare first? 

New Night Guard is Coming is a fascinating take on this premise. The animation shows Freddy talking to the other animatronics. He alerts them that a new security guard will start working at the pizzeria that day. Freddy intends for the animatronics to kill the guard the same day. 

The animatronics plan with each to remove the guard’s defenses. For instance, Freddy tasks Balloon Boy with stealing the guard’s batteries. This will let his torch run out and allow Foxy to jumpscare the guard. 

New Night Guard is Coming is a rib-tickling animation that humanizes animatronics. The animation shows how they defer to each other and work together for a common goal: killing the new security guard before dawn. 

[SFM FNAF] We outnumber you

Uploader: BonBun Films

Michael Afton has gone through enough trauma to last several lifetimes. In Sister Location, Michael became a new employee at Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. The Scooper removed the Funtime Animatronics’ endoskeletons and fused them to create Ennard. The machine scooped out Michael’s internal organs and Ennard hid under his skin. Ennard later escaped the facility, but Michael’s decomposing body ejected it. Ennard hid inside a sewer, and that’s where this story starts. 

We outnumber you begins by showing Michael. He gazes at his missing poster, removes his mask, and we see his gaunt, corpse-like face. Meanwhile, Ennard lurks in the sewers. Circus Baby has a disagreement with the other Funtime Animatronics, and they eject her. 

This animation shows a part of FNAF lore we’ve only seen pixelated. The most astounding aspect is how awful Michael looks after he ejected Ennard–he’s barely human. 

[SFM FNaF] What if FNAF had GUNS?!

Uploader: Animation Time

For a horror game to succeed in scaring you, you should feel helpless. So, having guns is basically cheating–you can defend yourself and no longer dread encountering enemies. The lack of weapons is why FNAF is such an efficient horror video game franchise. However, this animation asks that vital question: what if FNAF had guns?

The animation pits Toy Animatronics against Glamrock Animatronics. Each side is armed to the teeth with shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, assault rifles, and more. The animation is a team deathmatch and makes you relieved that the animatronics don’t carry weapons in the games. 

However, if you’d like a taste of FNAF as a shooter, you can find plenty of Roblox games. They are fan-made but offer plenty of fun. 


Question: What Is FNAF SFM?

Answer: FNAF SFM means Five Nights at Freddy’s Source Filmmaker. It stands for FNAF animations fans make using Source Filmmaker: a 3D software graphics toolset from Valve. 

Question: What Are The Best SFM FNAF Animations?

Answer: You can find many SFM FNAF Animations with a prompt Google search. However, many animations fall under fights or songs. The best ones entertain and offer a standout experience: reimagining scenes or characters, an original story, or a parody. This article contains the best SFM FNAF Animations you can watch today. 

Question: How Can I Make FNAF SFM?

Answer: Source Filmmaker is a free tool from Valve, so anyone with a computer meeting the minimum system requirements can use it. The animation tool has many tutorials, and learning it is straightforward. 

Best SFM FNAF Animations: Conclusion

Looking for the best SFM FNAF animations can lead you down a rabbit hole. FNAF has hundreds of music and fight-based SFM animations. However, the animations standing out the most are on this list. They seamlessly achieve their purpose, whether to scare, make you laugh, or show you something original. 

I recommend watching all the animations on this list and visiting the uploaders’ channels. You will find other hidden gems sure to increase your love of Five Nights at Freddy’s. 

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