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FNAF World Chips Guide

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FNAF World is the first official FNAF spinoff from franchise creator Scott Cawthon. Unlike the primary FNAF horror games, FNAF World is a role-playing game. Players can collect various items, including chips. 

Chips in FNAF World are essential items that give players different boosts and abilities. With 21 chips to collect, knowing which ones to prioritize can be challenging. So, this guide explains what they are, what they do, and where to find them. 

Bottom Line Up Front

FNAF World Chips are items scattered around the game world in chests. They offer buffs, so getting them is worth the effort. 

What are FNAF World Chips?

Chips are collectible items you can equip to FNAF World characters. Each chip gives a distinct boost or ability to the character equipping it. The game has 21 chips, each with its effect.

You can get chips in different ways. 

  1. You can find them in treasure chests scattered throughout the game world. 
  2. Buy them from the game’s different shops. 
  3. Earn them as rewards for completing various objectives. 

Once you get a chip, equip it to one of your characters by accessing its inventory.

The chips also fall into different classes:

  1. Green Chips. Their effects are low/mild. You can find them in big gray chests. 
  2. Gold Chips. They have more significant effects than Green Chips. You can find them inside golden chests, though they are often located in mines. 
  3. Red Chips. They are the most powerful chips in the game and the toughest to find–you can only get some after defeating bosses. 

List of FNAF World Chips

fnaf world chips

With over 40 chips to choose from, it can be challenging to know which ones to prioritize. Below, I’ve listed the FNAF World chips and explained what they do.

Headstart Strength

Class: Green

This chip temporarily boosts your party’s strength when you start a battle. You can find it behind the Auto Chipper north of Fazbear Hills. Headstart Strength is a relatively weak chip, but its buff helps if you’re starting a new game. 

Headstart Defense 

Class: Green

Strength isn’t everything, so Headstart Defense is a decent starting chip if you want your characters to survive. The chip lets your party start a battle with a defense boost. You can find Headstart Defense in the exact location as Headstart Strength, so look for that Auto Chipper. 

Headstart Speed

Class: Green

Headstart Speed is another chip for beginners. This one gives your FNAF World party a temporary speed boost. However, it’s not behind the Auto Chipper like the first two chips. 

Instead, look for Headstart Speed at Choppy’s Woods. The Warp 4 button can get you there conveniently, though you don’t need it. Alternatively, reach the Clock Ending and head to the first clock. 

Quickstart Party

Class: Green 

This chip gives your party breathing room. It prevents enemies from attacking immediately. Instead, the chip gives your team extra time to attack and land increased damage. 

To find Quickstart Party, go to the Dusting Fields. Defeat Bouncer to unlock a glitch. Next, enter the glitch and travel through it, heading downwards. You’ll find an orange portal that will return you to the Dusting Fields. However, the chest containing the Quickstart Party chip will be ahead of you. 

You can also get the chip without defeating Bouncer or navigating the glitch. Once you’re in the Dusting Fields, travel north. When you see a raven, search for a false tree. Passing the tree will unlock the Quickstart Party chip. 

Run Luck

run luck fnaf world chips

Class: Green

You can’t win all your battles in FNAF World. So, Run Luck is a handy chip to escape before the enemy decimates your party. The chip increases your success of fleeing. 

To find the Run Luck chip, head to Warp 4 but don’t go through it. Instead, look around for a false wall. The chest holding the chip is just beyond this wall. 

Evercomet Weak

Class: Green

Evercomet Weak is an Area of Effect chip. Activating it makes a star occasionally fall during battle, damaging all your enemies. 

To find the chip, go to Jump 2, and look around. You’ll find an Auto Chipper and a Gray Chest nearby. Fight and defeat the Auto Chipper to unlock the Evercomet Weak chip. 

Block Jumpscare

Class: Green

Since FNAF World is still FNAF, the enemies can use a Jumpscare attack on your party. However, as the name of this chip implies, Block Jumpscare prevents enemies from giving your party a Jumpscare attack. This ability makes Block Jumpscare among the most effective Green Chips and one worth getting. 

To get this Green chip, head to Blacktomb Yard. Once there, head down until you reach the third &*_ _ _TWRE entry point–a glitched area you’ll hopefully find. The chest holding the Block Jumpscare chip is close to this area. 

Endless Strength

Class: Gold

Endless Strength is a significant upgrade over Headstart Strength. While Headstart Strength offers a temporary strength boost, Endless Strength grants your party strength throughout their battle. 

To find this chip, go to the Mysterious Mine. Once you enter the mine, head to the top-left corner. 

Endless Defense

endless defense fnaf world chips

Class: Gold

Endless Defense makes your entire party tanky by boosting their defense for a whole battle. This buff will give you the confidence to face most of the game’s enemies. 

You can get Endless Defense by going to the Mysterious Mine–it’s on the map’s top center entrance. Once in the Mysterious Mine, go left until you reach the left-most tent. You’ll need to defeat a boss, an Eyesore, to unlock the chest. 

Evercomet Strong

Class: Gold

If you liked Evercomet Weak’s effect, you will love Evercomet Strong. This chip makes comets fall more frequently during battle. Evercomet Strong is my favorite area of effect ability because it gives the enemies more to worry about than your party’s attacks. 

To find Evercomet Strong, use the Dusting Fields to enter the Mysterious Mines. Next, go straight from the entrance and pass the rock in the second passage. Turn left and take the bottom path at the fork.

You will see a passageway going down with planks on it. Next, follow this path down until you cannot go any further. From there, continue along the way until you reach the chip. However, be aware that an Eyesore guards it, so you’ll have to defeat the boss. 

Endless Speed

Class: Gold

Endless Speed is a fun FNAF World Chip. It gives your party endless speed during battle. 

To find the Endless Speed Chip in the Mysterious Mine, I suggest using the entrance closest to Jump #2. Upon entering, turn left and descend immediately towards the left. An Eyesore guards the chip, so get ready to battle. 

Auto Regen

Class: Gold

Auto Regen is your best chip if you play aggressively and your party has limited health. The chip lets your party periodically regenerate health during battle. 

To find Auto Regen, battle Browboy. Once you defeat this boss, head north. You’ll find the chip between two tents. 

Auto Giftboxes

Class: Gold

Auto Giftboxes is a fascinating chip. It gives all your party members gift boxes when you start a fight. 

To find the Auto Giftboxes chip inside the Mysterious Mine, start at the entrance from the Dusting Fields and head towards the top. Look for the Hovering Red Chest situated on planks, and from there, take a left turn to locate the chip. However, another Eyesore guards this chip, so be ready for a fight. 

Find Characters

Class: Gold

Do you wish you’d have an easier time finding characters in FNAF World? I recommend Find Characters. This chip increases your luck in finding a new character after each battle. 

You can find this chip alongside Lolbit in the Deep-Metal Mine. A Mad Endo boss guards it, so you’ll have to beat it first. 

Auto Shield

Class: Red

Auto Shield gives your party a shield that automatically activates, boosting your defense. 

The Auto Shield chip is in the Red Chest inside Lilygear Lake. First, go to the jump point in Choppy’s Woods. Here, you’ll find a bird sitting on a stump. Run into the stump from the south and hold up.

This action will make Freddy clip into the stumps north of the bird. Once there, collision detection will be disabled except for invisible barriers.

You might have to face a challenging boss or two. So, after defeating them, head right into Lilygear Lake. You’ll find the Red Chest containing the chip in the middle of the lake, surrounded by vegetation and rocks.

Freddle Fury

fnaf world chips

Class: Red

Freddles are among the most adorable characters in FNAF, and they remain so in this game. The Freddle Fury chip summons these characters to attack your enemies. 

To reach the chest in Deep-Metal Mine, navigate several false walls. Start at the passage connecting Lilygear Lake and Blacktomb Yard, where you can find a false wall at the bottom edge.

Once through, turn right and proceed through another false wall. Follow the path alongside Blacktomb Yard until you reach the end, where you’ll find another wall.

Upon entering, walk towards the gravestone and allow it to teleport you to a short path within Deep-Metal Mine. Go up and engage in battle with a Mad Endo. You’ll find the chest with the Freddle Fury chip at the end of the path.

Curse Status

Class: Red

Sometimes the best way to strengthen your party is by weakening the enemy. Curse Status lowers your enemies’ speed, defense, and attack when a battle starts. 

Pinwheel Circus contains a tent–purple in the 2D version and green in the 3D version–before the Brow-Boy fight. Press into it, and the tent will reveal an entrance to the Deep-Metal Mine. Follow the path inside, and you’ll find the chip. However, a Mad Endo guards it, so you should battle this boss.

Counter Bite

Class: Red

Counters don’t get more intriguing than Counter Bite. When an enemy attacks, you automatically counter them with a damage-dealing bite. 

To reach the chest, go to the Pinwheel Funhouse and defeat Bubba. Next, go to the tent behind the slain boss. From here, enter the tent below and go through the false wall to your left. Continue until you reach the next tent, next to the Counter Bite chest. 

Auto Mimic

Class: Red

The mimic ball is a vital attack that mimics the previous attack. You can automatically activate it if you have the Auto Mimic chip, which comes in handy when facing a challenging boss. 

To find the Red Chest with the Auto Mimic chip, go to jump 5 in Blacktomb Yard. On the left side of the tombstones, you’ll find one tombstone that disables collision detection. Approach this tombstone from the bottom, and turn left.

This path will take you to Pinwheel Circus, where you’ll find an inaccessible Red Chest. Continue left until you reach the Mysterious Mine. Here, look for a Red Chest on wooden planks. Open it, and you’ll have the chip. 

Pizza Fury

world chips fnaf

Class: Red

This is the most distinct chip in FNAF World. Pizza Fury lets you constantly damage your party’s enemies with pizzas. Pizza Fury doesn’t deal the most lethal damage in FNAF World, but it’s a fun chip. 

You’ll find the chest containing Pizza Fury in Choppy’s Woods, close to the lower right corner. Look for the tent leading to Pinwheel Circus, head down, and fight Mad Endo. After you defeat him, you’ll find the chest.

Block Unscrew

Class: Red

Unscrew and Esc Key are among the most potent attacks in this video game. They give you a chance to instant-kill an enemy, which is great if you’re facing an enemy boss but terrifying if the enemy has it. So, Block Unscrew disables these abilities from damaging your team. 

To find the Block Unscrew chip, head to the Dusting Fields and look for Shadow Freddy–he’ll be dancing. Look for a nearby collision-disabling item resembling a rock towards the rock. Enter this rock and turn right to find the chip. 


Question: How Many FNAF World Chips are There?

Answer: FNAF World currently has 21 chips. They include Green Chips (the easiest to find), Gold Chips, and Red Chips (the most challenging chips to find).

Question: What are the Best FNAF World Chips?

Answer: The best FNAF World Chips are Red Chips. They offer the most significant buffs and can help you crush enemy bosses. However, they are also the most difficult chips to find. 

Question: When Did FNAF World Come Out?

Answer: Scott Cawthon first released FNAF World in 2016. However, the game had bugs and unfinished content, so Scott pulled it from stores. The FNAF creator fixed the game, and released it on Game Jolt for free. 


FNAF World Chips are 21 essential items that can considerably improve your gaming experience. They give your team buffs or penalize the enemy team, giving you an upper hand.

I recommend starting with Green Chips as they are the easiest to find and significantly help early in the game. Then, after you’ve clocked a few hours into FNAF World, search for Gold Chips and Red Chips. 

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