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The FNAF series is overflowing with many characters. From old broken-down robots to hallucinations, there are a lot of different varieties of characters throughout the series. However, there is one set of animatronics that people universally love: the FNAF 1 characters.

There is no prefix denoting which group they’re from, no exaggerated design; fans generally say they have the most realistic looking design and, therefore, the most terrifying. Within this set is everyone’s favorite swashbuckling pirate captain, Foxy.

Foxy is one of the main antagonists of the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game, alongside Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. He is characterized as a rebellious, boisterous pirate and a separate attraction to the main stage, providing his show in Pirate’s Cove.


Main Games


Since its initialization, Foxy has been a part of the “Fazbear” brand, as evidenced by the “Fredbear and Friends” easter egg from FNAF 4.

However, after the closure of the first Freddy’s location and the first missing children’s incident, the original Foxy character was discontinued and only used for spare parts up until and during the events of FNAF 2. This neglect and lack of maintenance cause the animatronic and suit to deteriorate over time, creating Withered Foxy.

When the second location closes due to the second missing children’s incident and the bite of ’87, Foxy returns with a new suit and endoskeleton with the opening of the third location (the FNAF 1 location). However, following this location closing due to a lack of business, the character goes unused as Fazbear Entertainment goes silent until around 2023.

The character makes a return in the game FNAF: Help Wanted as part of the faithful recreations of past FNAF games and in-universe rumors surrounding the pizzeria locations in both his classic and withered form, the latter of which became part of the game in a post-release update.

Spin-off Games

Foxy appears in FNAF World and Freddy in Space 2 as a playable character. He also appears in FNAF: Special delivery as one of the animatronics available via the Fazbear Funtime Service.



fnaf foxy

Foxy is a fox animatronic; his fur is a dark red color except for a section on the front of his torso, a lighter, softer red. Parts of his upper torso have received damage, showing pieces of his endoskeleton, most noticeably on his chest. He wears brown shorts, which also have damage; however, this isn’t as glaring because there is a lack of suit covering Foxy’s legs, exposing them.

The top of his head has three tufts of fur, and the sides of his head have two more prominent tufts each. Behind his shoulders are two more tufts on both sides. Foxy has a hook on his right arm and wears an eyepatch over his right eye, fitting his pirate persona.

Despite having an eyepatch, his endoskeleton comes equipped with two eyes, both with golden irises. His snout features a big black nose and little spots for whiskers. Inside his mouth are a set of sharp teeth, some of which are golden.

Withered Foxy

Withered Foxy is a heavily deteriorated form of an earlier version of the Foxy character. Due to the extreme amount of withering, the torso and legs of his character suit don’t connect, most of his endoskeleton arms are visible, and his entire left ear is bare, leaving some wiring exposed.

The top of his head has four tufts, and the sides of his head feature one large clump each. His mouth features a set of teeth like his classic iteration. However, unlike the classic form, there are numerous more teeth in each row, and none of them have a gold color.


Following the success of Fredbear’s Family Diner, Henry Emily and William Afton decide to expand their business and open a second, more impressive location called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. As part of this new expansion, they create some new characters.

To start with are non-springlock variants of Spring Bonnie and Fredbear, dubbed Bonnie and Freddy, respectively. Then, two entirely new characters, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the pirate Fox, join them to make one big band.

Operations are running smoothly until some time in 1983 when Fredbear fatally bites a child, one of William Afton’s children. The event causes Fredbear’s Family Diner to close, but due to the incident mainly being blamed on the dangerous springlock suits, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza remains open.

The pizzeria continued being open until around 1985 when William Afton used a discarded Spring Bonnie suit to lure five children to a back room where he brutally murdered them.

Needing a way to hide the bodies, William stuffs each corpse in the mascot costume for each character (including the discarded suit for Fredbear). Unfortunately, because the spirits of the children were not ready to move on, it resulted in the animatronics becoming possessed by the children.

A couple of weeks after the disappearances, customers started complaining about what seemed to be blood and mucus around the eyes and mouths of the animatronics. These complaints and a lack of revenue caused the first Freddy’s location to be closed down, and the haunted animatronics were stored.

Two years later, in 1987, a new Freddy’s pizzeria opened with a new line of animatronics dubbed the “Toys.” These new robots have access to a criminal database and come equipped with face-scanning technology to keep the kids safe. That’s not all, though; the old animatronics from the previous location stay in the Parts and Service room for spare parts.

Despite being deactivated, the young spirits still haunt the robots, and they roam the place at night. Another five children go missing at the hands of William Afton, causing enough trouble as it is until a malfunction with one of the animatronics causes a daytime security guard to be in a comatose state. All of the new animatronics get scrapped due to this.

After using most of their money to open the second location, Fazbear Entertainment takes the old animatronics, upgrading them to be more kid-friendly. Then, they open a third, much lower-budget location with what little money they have left. This pizzeria barely stays open, with nobody wanting to visit because of the franchise’s long history of tragedies. Eventually, the place closed in 1993 due to a lack of business, leaving the characters to rot in the abandoned location.

Sometime after, William Afton revisits the location, searching for answers for a mysterious substance he discovered called remnant. Remnant is a tangible version of the soul and makes souls possess inanimate objects. He dismantles the haunted animatronics and melts their souls down into a single solution he uses to create new robots, more conscious and aware of their surroundings.

These creations go on to become one giant amalgamation themselves. Known as Molten Freddy, this creature ends up in Freddy’s Fazbears Pizza place 30 years after the previous location closed.

The building is lit ablaze by Henry Emily to put all the tormented souls to rest as the only way to break down the remnant is exceptionally high temperatures. He is successful, and the original five spirits, among others, are put to rest and can move on to the afterlife.


Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Foxy is first revealed to the player during the second night’s phone call and advised to “check on the character in Pirate Cove from time to time” however, Foxy can be active during the first night. He starts inactive with his AI set to 0 but at 3 AM and 4 AM each night, his AI level is incremented by 1, so while he is technically a threat to the player, he will most likely not even show up due to the night almost being over.

From night two onwards, Foxy is a threat from the night’s start, meaning he is more prominent than night one.

His AI level starts each night at:

  • Night 1 – 0
  • Night 2 – 1
  • Night 3 – 2
  • Night 4 – 6
  • Night 5 – 5
  • Night 6 – 16
  • Night 7 – Custom

Foxy’s mechanics differ significantly from the other three main animatronics. He starts in Cam 1C, AKA Pirate’s Cove, hidden behind the starry curtain. How the AI in FNAF AI works is that every 5 seconds, the animatronics check if they can move to the next spot in their path to the player’s office.

This check involves generating a random number between 1 and 20. If the animatronic’s AI level is equal to or greater than the random number, they can move. A higher AI level will result in a greater chance every 5 seconds that the animatronic will move, making them more aggressive.

Foxy has a unique property that he shares with Freddy in terms of his AI; if the player is looking at the cameras, he will fail his check to move even if his AI is 20 (which should mean he has a 100% chance to move).

When the player leaves the cameras, Foxy remains in this state of being unable to progress for a highly variable amount of time from a little under 1 second to almost 17 seconds. Due to what phone guy says, most players believe you must be looking at Foxy to stun him; however, this is not true, and any camera can be the current one.

Foxy’s path has 4 phases, hiding behind the curtain, peeking out, leaving the curtain, and running down the West Hall. When Foxy gets to his last stage, the curtains at Pirate Cove will be empty, and the player will wait around 25 seconds or look at the West Hall cam (2A) to activate his sprint. At this point, Foxy will quickly attack the player from the left, resulting in a game over. If the left door is closed in time, Foxy will create a loud banging noise and be reset to phase 1 of his path.

However, one more thing to keep in mind is that when Foxy bangs on your door, he takes a certain percent of power. It begins with just 1%, but each subsequent visit will take an additional 6% on top of what he took previously.

With all this in mind, the strategy for Foxy is as follows:

  1. Use the cameras frequently to stun Foxy (but not too often as not to use too much power)
  2. Check Pirate Cove (1C) occasionally to know how close Foxy is to attacking
  3. When Foxy is ready to attack, close the left door and activate his sprint or do it in reverse if you feel confident you can shut the left door quickly enough.

The strategy may sound simple, but it becomes more challenging to handle when the other animatronics become a simultaneous problem for the player.

Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2

whitered foxy

Like his classic counterpart, Withered Foxy is a particular case among the many animatronics in FNAF 2 and only starts appearing from night two onwards. Due to FNAF 2 being made shortly after the first game, it shares a lot of the same AI mechanics using the same 1-20 AI level system. However, the mechanic of incrementing AI levels throughout a given night is a lot less consistent this time around.

Here are Withered Foxy’s AI levels:

  • Night 1 – 0
  • Night 2 – 0 (12 AM), 1 (1 AM)
  • Night 3 – 2 (12 AM), 3 (1 AM)
  • Night 4 – 7
  • Night 5 – 5 (12 AM), 7 (1 AM)
  • Night 6 – 10 (12 AM), 15 (2 AM)
  • Night 7 – Custom

Like all the other withered animatronics in FNAF 2, Withered Foxy starts in the Parts and Service room. However, unlike the rest, he only operates in that room and the office hallway.

When Withered Foxy leaves parts and service, he will stay in the office hallways until he is ready to attack and, as the phone guy describes, the Freddy mask won’t work on him, and he will attack you even if you are wearing the mask.

The only way to repel him is to use your flashlight on the hallway enough. Doing so will result in Withered Foxy returning to parts and service. Each night increases the requirement for how much you need to use your flashlight on him to reset him to Parts and Service.

Considering there isn’t much you can do to stop him, the strategy for Withered Foxy is simple – keep an eye on the middle hallway frequently. The player will not need the flashlight for anything else in the game other than temporarily stunning the other animatronics and brightening up the cameras to get a better view which only serves a surface-level purpose; it doesn’t help the player much in terms of gameplay. Every time you check the vents in the office, flash the hallway to check for/repel Withered Foxy.

If he is in the hallway, use your flashlight frequently on him but be careful as Golden Freddy can appear in the hallway during the nights, and if the flashlight is shined on him for too long, he will jumpscare you.

Also, be aware of Balloon Boy as instead of jump scaring you, he will permanently disable your flashlight, making for a deadly combo with Withered Foxy. Also, unlike in Ultimate Custom Night, you cannot use the flashlight while using the Freddy mask so keep that in mind.

Ultimate Custom Night

Pirate’s Cove

Returning in his FNAF 1 iteration, Foxy is one of the 50 selectable animatronics in Ultimate Custom Night. He is back in Pirate’s Cove, although he shares it with Bonnie this time. The two alternate being on the camera, indicated by a figurine of either animatronic on the player’s desk in the office.

Foxy’s strategy this time around involves putting pieces of himself in your office in the order of; legs, right arm, torso, left arm, and head. Then, when all five parts are in your office, and you flip your camera up, he will kill you.

Your only protection against this is regularly looking at him on the cameras to stall him from adding more pieces to your office. Also, make sure you check which animatronic is in the cove before looking at the Pirate Cove camera, as looking at it while Bonnie is there will temporarily disable your cameras.

Finally, with this in mind, you shouldn’t ever flip your cameras down while looking at Pirate’s Cove because doing so may result in having to look at Bonnie without having a chance to switch off of the Pirate Cove camera.


Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night

“Yar-har-har-har-har! Never underestimate the cunning of a pirate. Or a fox, for that matter!”

“Argh, I came for ye booty! That be treasure, y’know.”

“Argh, ya never stood a chance!”

“I can’t run like I used to, but I can pull myself apart just fine!”

“Arr, so much more spacious in here! I may stay awhile.”

Five Nights at Freddy’s Special Delivery

“Yer stuck to the ground like a barnacle on a ship, aren’t ya?”

“Avast ye, yer time is just about run out.”

“What’s wrong? Am I too fast for ya?”

“I’ve gotcha now!”

“Dead men do indeed tell no tales, ha-ha-har!”

“I should warn ya! There’ll be no quarter for ya.”

“Not long yet, before ye will be feeding the fishes.”

“Pretty soon, you’ll be walkin the plank.”

“Arrrrrre you scared yet?”

“Me hook is getting mighty hungry, yar-har-har-har!”

“Watch out for the hook! Unless ye be wanting to gouge yer eye.”

“Ahoy! It’s time ye should be getting properly afraid.”

“Here I come!”

“Ready to dance the dead man’s jig?”

“Argh, ye scurvy landlubber, never stood a chance!”

“Me bird’s keepin an eye on ya.”

“Yer time’s almost out!”

“The sands of time are almost gone for you.”

“Shall we parley? Ha-ha-ha-har! Just kidding.”

“Good thing for me that ye were no ninja.”


foxy 1

  • Foxy was initially going to be a beaver instead of a fox in reference to creator Scott Cawthon’s previous game, Chipper & Sons Lumber Co., which served as inspiration for the FNAF series due to criticism that the game’s characters looked robotic and uncanny.
  • It is stated in FNAF 2’s Night 3 phone call that Foxy is the favorite character of the phone guy.
  • Scott Cawthon created the 3D model of Foxy used for FNAF 1 during a road trip which is why the character looks “torn up.”
  • After the first game’s release, the fanbase theorized that Foxy was the culprit of the infamous bite of ’87 due to his sharp teeth and long mouth.
  • In the first game, a song playing throughout the pizzeria is one of the ambient noises. In the game’s files, it is referred to as “pirate_song2,” indicating that Foxy is the one who is singing this song. Additionally, the music gets louder when viewing Pirate’s Cove, further proving this.
  • It was a popular theory around the first game’s release that Foxy is not out to kill you. Fans took him not jumping in your face and only sliding into the doorway as him not trying to kill you, only wanting to check up on you, killing you with a heart attack by accident.


Question: Did Foxy cause the bite of ’87?

Answer: An official answer has never come out regarding which animatronic caused the bite of ’87. However, considering that FNAF 2 took place in 1987, it is probable that the event happened at the FNAF 2 location and was part of its closure. With this in mind, we can narrow down the suspects to the animatronics in the FNAF 2 location, including Withered Foxy. However, most fans point to Mangle being the one who commits the bite of ’87.

Question: Does A child spirit possess foxy?

Answer: Yes, during the first missing children’s incident, William Afton stuffed a corpse into each character, including Foxy, which resulted in that child’s spirit going on to inhabit the animatronic.

Question: Is Foxy a boy or a girl?

Answer: Foxy is a male character; however, the gender of the child possessing him is unclear, although it is probably also male.

Question: Why is Foxy out of order?

Answer: In the FNAF novel, The Silver Eyes, Foxy was made out of order because his twitchy endoskeleton was deemed unsafe. So we can assume a similar or the exact reason for the main series.

Question: Why is Foxy the only animatronic able to run?

Answer: With his robotic interior being glitchy, his servos probably don’t have a limit on them and allow him to move at more significant, albeit unsafe, speeds than the other animatronics.

Question: Does Foxy appear in FNAF Security Breach?

Answer: Foxy only appears in minor easter egg/cameo appearances; he does not appear as an antagonist. Instead, his role becomes filled by a similar character: Roxanne Wolf

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