Nightmare FNAF Guide

Nightmare FNAF Guide

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Feeling scared has never been so addictive and fun once you start playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. In this franchise, you follow the night shifts of a security guard (or a child) trying to survive. Soon, you’ll discover that their life is in danger due to “malfunctioning” animatronics.

Through the entire franchise, you’ll discover that a simple mistake might ruin the night for you, especially in Nightmare Mode. As a result, you’ll need to maintain your attention on the screen and act accordingly. This article will discuss the important parts of Five Nights at Freddy’s Nightmare Nights. Additionally, you’ll find multiple tips and tricks to survive hardcore mode.

Bottom Line Up Front


Here’s the TLDR part about Nightmare Mode for Five Nights at Freddy’s. Even though the name of the game dictates that you have to survive five shifts, there’s another level (or night) that appears afterward.

This stage officially called the “6th Night”, is known by the community as Nightmare Mode. When you load this level, you’ll notice that the difficulty increases, and you might struggle to keep your defenses activated. Without a doubt, this part of the game tends to become tedious for the average player. To help you, we’ll give you hints and tricks to ease your survival.


Two mechanical geniuses decided to start a business on their own and landed on the idea of a restaurant for children. The key to success (or so they thought) was to make animal suits and animatronics that care for and provide service to their customers. Indeed, the first two “robots” (Springbonnie and Fredbear) positively impacted their business.

After the success of their first restaurant (Fredbear’s Family Dinner), it became a necessity to expand to another location (Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza). This time around, the establishment had four animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy) as the main stars. Moreover, since these mascots became well received by the community, there were tons of merch created.

Sadly, though, almost everything in life begins to crumble after a while. One of the creators (William Afton) had a dark past that kept hunting him down in his life. At one birthday party, he dressed as Sprinbonnie and lured five children to the back of the restaurant. He promised a “surprise,” William pulled a knife from his back and ended their life.

Even though many people knew that William did something “wrong,” there was no evidence. Indeed, before the police came to the pizzeria, he managed to hide all the evidence of this atrocious act. What goes around comes around, and between events, William lost two of his children to his creations. Afterward, they had to close everything down.

Still, though, the other mechanical genius, Henry Emily, made his branch – Fazbear’s Entertainment. He hopes that this new restaurant will leave all the tragedies behind. Therefore, with a group of entrepreneurs, they decided that the previous animatronics were menacing and they needed new elements.

After more killing incidents and something weird between children’s souls and the animatronics, you start in the first game. In Five Nights at Freddy’s, you’re a night security guard warned that the “robots” aren’t working properly. As a result, you’ll need to survive the shift by yourself.

Completing the Game

Once you complete all 5 nights the end credits will appear. However, as you look at your game menus, you’ll discover that there are achievements that are granted for completing specific tasks. 

For example, in Five Nights at Freddy’s 1, you have the option to earn three stars. First of all, you can earn one prize when you manage to beat the fifth night of the game. Indeed, reaching this point might be too difficult for the casual player, but it’s doable.

Secondly, you can earn another star when you complete night six. This night is known as Nightmare Mode in the gaming community. The difficulty is tremendously more difficult and everything happens more rapidly.

Lastly, the third star requires that you complete night seven (or custom night) on 20/20/20/20. This achievement requires you to turn the AI level to the maximum. Therefore, you’ll need to survive with everything this video game “can” throw at you. 

Nightmare Mode (6th Night)

Nightmare Mode (6th Night)

In this part of the guide, we’ll focus on the 6th night, often named “Nightmare Mode” by the community. When you reach this point, there’s no turning back. This night is by far the most difficult as the animatronics become hyper and do everything to reach your safe area.

Try to use everything you learned in this scary “journey.” For example, activate/deactivate your defenses rapidly and use them wisely. At the same time, react accordingly when you hear any sound cues. Remember that practice makes perfect, and you’re likely to fail a couple of times before succeeding.

FNAF 1: Night 6

The sixth night is harder to complete than other nights due to animatronics activity. It is often nicknamed “Nightmare Mode”, and requires careful play from you to complete it. In addition, you will not receive any phone calls or audio recordings, and completing it will show you the message “You’ve earned overtime!” with an extra salary raise of 50 cents.

There are several strategies you can use to survive Night 6. One of them is regularly checking the activity on Foxy and Fazbear because they are especially dangerous in this edition of the game. It is recommended to start watching Freddy from the Show Stage, enabling you not to miss any moves. Checking the Hall lights and repeating the regular check on Foxy and Freddy will do the job.

After completing a few cycles of our strategy, you can always pay attention to Pirate Cove, as the player should not forget him. Foxy can attack regardless of whether you are looking at Pirate Cove, and the distorted robotic sounds Bonnie and Chica make can be heard even if you haven’t raised the Monitor.

Freddy can appear at the East Hall Corner almost anytime, so you must watch him constantly. If you manage to do so, there is a possibility of surviving the night without Freddy even leaving the Show Stage. To complete the night, you should reach some power milestones.

  •       1 AM: at least 80% power should be available
  •       2 AM: at least 60% power should be available
  •       3 AM: at least 40% power should be available
  •       4 AM: at least 25% power should be available
  •       5 AM: at least 9% power should be available

FNAF 2: Night 6


Like in the first edition, this night is available after completing the first five nights. However, the difficulty in this one is nowhere near comparable to the first game. Your office will most likely be visited several times by the aggressive animatronics, so an incredible focus and commitment are needed from your side. Also, Golden Freddy appears on this night, posing a serious threat if not paid attention to.

The survival focus should revolve around Golden Freddy, while you can implement the other survival tactics from Night 5. His head can occasionally appear in the hallway, much bigger in scale. If seen like this for a moment with the Flashlight, do not shine it again toward him. Instead, wind up the Music Box with 4 to 8 ticks, which should be enough for Golden Freddy to disappear.

There is one alternative way for you to beat Night 6: shining the Flashlight down the hall 2-4 times and wind up the Music Box around 4-6 ticks until after the phone call. After this is done, the player needs to put on Freddy Head every time they lower the Monitor, repeating the routine performed during the phone call.

Every three times you put on Freddy’s head, check the Left Air Vent light. This will eliminate the need to check the Right Air Vent light and allow you to pay more attention to Foxy and the Music Box while Balloon Boy isn’t there.

If Golden Freddy appears randomly in front of you after pulling down the Monitor, don the Freddy Fazbear Head immediately! Failing to do so will result in Golden Freddy’s head flying towards the player, with you receiving Game Over screen. You can pay attention to the footsteps heard after you die, as they can give you information about the location of other animatronics.

FNAF 3: Night 6

Friday Nights at Freddy’s 3 Nightmare Mode is super challenging due to the multiple attacks during the night. Managing to complete the night shift means you’ll receive a second star on the title screen and access to the Jump scares tab on the Extra menu.

One of the strategies revolves around rebooting the systems. Priorities should always be Audio Systems, Ventilation, and Cameras. If you reboot Audio Systems first, warding Springtrap for a short period will be achieved from your side. Likewise, ventilation Errors won’t affect the game unless Springtrap is already at the Office’s door.

Every second use of audio will cause an Audio Device’s error, with the Camera and Ventilation failing more often than on previous nights. You should always keep Springtrap at CAM 08, enabling you more time for rebooting the systems. If he is looking through the Office window or peeking through the door, you can play the audio in CAM 01 or 02, resulting in Springtrap visiting those rooms.

If you manage to look constantly at CAM 09 and 10, the prevention of a Phantom BB attack will happen. Also, this will show the movement of Springtrap to you, so you will have full access to his position while sealing CAM 14 will prevent Springtrap from immediately getting to the Office.

FNAF 4: Night 6


One difference this game has regarding Night 6 is the replacement of another animatronics with Nightmare Fredbear after 4 AM. The activity of these animatronics up until 4 AM is incredibly high, so after completing it, you will be granted a second star along with more options in the Extra Menu. The night is a combination between Night 4 and Night 5, respectively.

Since the beginning of this night, the original Nightmare animatronics will be active at an extremely frequent rate. However, upon hitting 4 AM, Nightmare Fredbear takes over the game, as you will hear his laughter, and his head will spawn in place of Nightmare Freddy’s critters.

Adapting to the switch-over could be the most challenging part for you because the long wait for breathing could give Fredbear the chance to slip in. If you manage to survive this transition, the rest of this night will look more and more like Night 5.

One thing you should do to make it to 4 AM is not spend too much time getting Nightmare Foxy down to the plushie state. If you get him to his standing pose, with just his hook visible, it should be more than enough to allow checking both doors once and then the bed.

Surviving Night 6 will take you to a screen with the boy and Fredbear plush in a spotlight, accompanied by piano music. The protagonist’s brother asks if the boy can hear him, as one unknown character will answer: “You’re broken”. The headless Foxy plush fades out, saying, “We are still your friends”. Chica and Bonnie disappear, with Freddy being the final animatronic who fades out.

Nightmare FNAF Animatronics

  • Freddy Fazbear: This is probably the most famous animatronic from the whole franchise. Lore-wise, it’s the mascot of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and it was one of the prototypes where it all began. On the other hand, we tend to see it in almost every image and video related to the main video games. This bear becomes active in FNAF’s first game on the third night.
  • Bonnie the Rabbit: Another animatronic that became famous from the beginning and was presented through multiple games. Bonnie represents a rabbit, and you can see it in the first game of Five Nights at Freddy’s, on the first night.
  • Chica the Chicken: The backup singer of the animatronics band, shares the stage with two other robots. Therefore, with every show they threw, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza grew more popular. It has a companion named Mr. Cupcake and appears in the first video game on the first night.
  • Foxy the Pirate Fox: Unlike the last three animatronics, this one had its stage (Pirate Cove) and operated by itself. Moreover, it became “out of order”, and you can easily notice missing parts from the suit. This pirate appears in the first game on the second night.
  • Toy Animatronics: Three tiny animatronics shares the likeness of the most famous mascots of the franchise. During the Nightmare Nights, you might come across Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, and Toy Chica. 
  • Mangle: In the “Kid’s Cove,” you might come across this animatronic, which shares similarities with Foxy. Overall, it’s a heavily damaged robot with a unique purpose. Indeed, it was meant to become disassembled and rearmed countless times by the guests. Mangle appears in the second game of the FNAF’s franchise.
  • Balloon Boy: Unlike the previous animatronics, Balloon Boy resembles a human child. Lore-wise, it’s often found in the “Game Area”, greeting guests and giving them balloons. When playing Balloon Boy doesn’t hurt you at all. However, he can disable your defenses and make you vulnerable to other threats.
  • JJ (Balloon Girl): Simply put, this is a recolored version of the original Balloon Boy. Both of these robots appear in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 and attempt to make your night shift hell by turning off important systems.
  • The Puppet: One of the strangest and most unique animatronics in the game began its journey in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. It was built to give gifts to guests and make them happy.
  • Springtrap: A Bonnie-like animatronic that seems to be deteriorating and partly destroyed. In Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, this is the only enemy that can kill you. Therefore, try to avoid it as much as possible, and you’ll survive the night(s).
  • Phantom Animatronics: Freddy, Chica, Foxy, Mangle, Balloon Boy, and Puppet appear again with uncanny changes. This time around, all of the previous robots appear too dark, and you’ll find it hard to notice them until it’s too late. Thankfully, they only appear for jump scares when you play FNAF 3.
  • Nightmare Animatronics: If you thought that the previous versions of the robots were too scary, you probably would like to avoid these. They appear with menacing features like tons of sharp teeth, claws, and metallic eyes. You’ll find them when you are playing Nightmare Nights.

Easiest to Hardest Friday Nights at Freddy’s Nightmare Mode

FNAF 1: 


Being the first of the franchise, this game came with basic gaming mechanics. Additionally, it became famous thanks to the jump scares and how the controls work. But at the end of the day, once you learn how to avoid the animatronics, the rest is easy. As a result, it might take only one day to complete the five nights and a couple of gaming sessions for the rest.


Even though Springtrap and the “Errors” might become tedious at first, you can easily get past this nightmare night. After a short while, you’ll learn how to reboot the systems and click the right defenses.


FNAF 4 has one of the hardest Nightmare Modes because of the constant attacks and systems you need to check on. Also, playing as a kid might make the scenery more terrifying and harder to withstand. Furthermore, you might find it difficult to hear the sound cues and act accordingly. Therefore, you are likely to fail on more than one occasion while trying to defeat all the nights.



FNAF 2 Nightmare Mode is perhaps the hardest since you have to manage many resources at once. Often you’ll have to act quickly on the attacks, making each little mistake impactful and likely death-causing. Additionally, you’ll find that many animatronics with unique mechanics can kill you without hesitation. Therefore, you must learn every mechanic in the game before attempting to beat the Nightmare Mode. 

Tips and Tricks for Five Nights at Freddy’s

Tip 1 – Learn the mechanics on the first night: All of FNAF games provide a tutorial on the first night. If you do not understand a mechanic, restart the game until you figure it out.

Tip 2 – Find the rhythm when playing FNAF: Between clicking your defenses and looking between cameras, you’ll soon discover a pattern. As you continue playing, you’ll find it easier to understand what is happening and how to avoid wasting resources. Most noteworthy, you’ll learn how to click quickly between menus and survive the night.

Tip 3 – Use Headphones when you play FNAF: It’s essential to recognize when something is getting closer as soon as possible. This gives you more reaction time to use doors, lights, sound cues, and vents. Also, you’ll have an easier time distinguishing between random noises and the game’s cues.

Tip 4 – Learn the attacking patterns: After a while, you’ll discover that particular animatronic only attacks on your left front. On the other hand, some animatronics only disrupt cameras or climb through vents. Therefore, it’s important to learn the attacking patterns to apply a counterattack quickly.

Friday Nights at Freddy’s Main Objective

The main objective of the video game is to remain in your office through the night shift. To help you succeed, you’ll have different defenses that can help you keep the danger away, like cameras, lights, and sound cues. In the first game of Five Nights at Freddy’s, you’ll need to avoid getting caught by the animatronics. However, if things don’t go as planned, one of the animatronics will catch and put you inside an animatronic costume.

To prevent this unfair treatment, you’ll need to use security cameras or different mechanisms that keep the robots away. Unfortunately, almost everything in the building has limited use through the night. In other words, if you overuse your defenses early, you may not have enough power to protect yourself later on.

Depending on the FNAF version you’re playing, you’ll see different enemies and gaming mechanics. Overall, the gameplay from these four games remains the same. However, as you learn how to endure the jumpscares and the difficulty, you’ll soon find it easier to survive.

Quick Walkthrough of All the Days

  • Day 1: Almost all of the games in this franchise use the first night as a tutorial. Hence, you’ll have many opportunities to use your defenses and power sources. At the same time, you’ll notice that the animatronics barely move. 
  • Day 2: Now, things become interesting when you reach this night shift. Now, the game behaves like you already have a clear understanding of the mechanics. You’ll most likely experience multiple deaths as the animatronics become more active during this night.
  • Day 3: When you reach this part of the game, you’ll soon discover how quickly the energy bar dissipates. Furthermore, multiple animatronics might move simultaneously between rooms and corridors. You’ll need to practice even more if you want to pass this night. After a while, you’ll learn to check the cameras quickly and memorize the sound cues.
  • Day 4: Things will turn crazy when you reach the fourth night of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Additionally, you’ll notice that the attacks frequently appear through multiple fronts. Most noteworthy, you’ll find that even though you’ll do things the “right way,” you might run out of power before 6 AM. From now on, you’ll need to master the little tricks that help you reduce your power by acting more quickly and precisely.
  • Day 5: Depending on your gaming experience, it might take between half an hour to two hours to complete the level. Even though you are now familiar with the sound cues and how the animatronics attack, you might lose a couple of times. After a while, you’ll get the chance to pass through the night and complete the game.


Question: What do I need to play FNAFs?

Answer: From Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 through 4, you only need a mouse or a smart device to play. However, we recommend using headphones to enhance the gaming experience and make sound cues easier to hear.

Question: Are FNAF games difficult to play?

Answer: Anyone can play the game due to its simple controls and easy-to-learn gaming mechanics. The only difficult part is withstanding the jumpscares and learning attack patterns.

Question: Is the franchise over after FNAF 4?

Answer: No, you can find different spin-offs that add more lore and unique gaming mechanics. For example, Friday Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is a brilliant addition to the franchise that adds more depth to the lore.

Nightmare FNAF Guide: Final Thoughts

Many players worldwide have little experience with Five Nights at Freddy’s. Mostly, they know about the possible jumpscares and the adrenaline that you can get while playing. Indeed, it takes a little effort to withstand this genre, but everyone can complete the game.

Now, with all of the hints and tricks you read through this guide, you’ll have a better chance at beating Nightmare Mode. The most important aspect of this mode is to learn the attack patterns and how to defend yourself properly. 

Nightmare Mode might look tedious at first, but any player can complete the night regardless of their experience. All it takes is to keep your motivation up and those robots away from your face.

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