fnaf burntrap guide

FNAF Burntrap Guide

Throughout each of the Five Nights At Freddy’s games, we’ve all faced many harrowing threats. From robots built specifically for murdering children to a giant scooper removing your insides, we’ve seen it all. However, throughout all of these, there’s been one big, consistent baddie pulling the strings: William Afton. Afton is a character who keeps dying

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best fnaf memes

Best Fnaf Memes

I started playing Five Nights at Freddy’s after the game had gone viral on YouTube–and my first FNAF game was the second one. I have since enjoyed the countless horrors, jumpscares, and franchise lore. With FNAF’s surging popularity and an FNAF movie in production from Blumhouse Productions, it’s no surprise that the franchise has near-infinite

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fnaf yenndo

FNAF Yenndo Guide

I’ve played Five Nights at Freddy’s for a while and have always been curious about the Freddy animatronic and his counterparts. From Golden Freddy to Funtime Freddy, each new iteration never disappoints. However, I wasn’t ready for Yenndo–this animatronic fascinated me, despite having a minor role.  Before we dive in, let’s look at Yenndo’s bottom

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