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Five Nights at Freddy’s is filled with mysteries and tragedies hidden beneath the dark corners of the restaurant. We struggle to connect the clues that are often cryptic and contradictory to each other. There are enough mysteries in the game that led many of us to anticipate the sequel games to learn the truth.

It was natural for fans to speculate that there could be more easter eggs hidden by Scott, waiting to be discovered. Tales of the legendary ‘fifth animatronic’ began spreading like wildfire in the internet forums of the FNaF community.

A screenshot was the supposed proof of the mysterious fifth animatronic called Sparky the Dog. According to one user, he is harmless and prefers to hide away from the cameras. He added that Sparky would only have a slim chance of appearing in the games.

Hundreds of people began hunting down Sparky to finally prove that he exists. Some people claim to see him but are not telling the truth. You see, the reason why Sparky is elusive is that he doesn’t exist. Sparky is considered the very first FNaF hoax. Despite not existing in the official canon, many fans began to love him. Fangames and fan art featuring Sparky are popping out, even if his creators later admitted the truth.

This article is about Sparky the Dog, the first FNaF hoax that captured the hearts of the FNaF fandom.

Bottom Line Up Front

Sparky is a fan-made fifth animatronic in the Five Nights at Freddy’s game. He is an animatronic dog that does not attack the player throughout the five nights. According to some players, he can be found lurking behind the darkness of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

After the game’s skyrocketing success, theories and urban legends began popping out on the internet – including the existence of a dog animatronic. Some players started posting numerous screenshots proving his presence which caught the attention of the FNaF community.

Many players began to hunt Sparky in their games but were unsuccessful. The creators of the screenshots admitted that the screenshots were fake and that the supposed ‘fifth animatronic’ is just a myth.

Despite the proof that he does not exist, Sparky remained a popular character within the FNaF community, spawning numerous headcanons, theories, and fan fiction. Sparky paved the way for the first official dog animatronic, Fetch, who appears as one of the antagonists of the Fazbear Fright series.

Sparky the Dog: Appearance, Personality, Quotes, and more


Image by Elitz Caballero

Sparky the dog’s appearance is based on the Dachshund breed. He has a humanoid figure with black floppy ears and brown fur. Like his other canine counterpart, Sparky possessed sharp teeth that could tear the player to shreds. You are lucky that he is said to be a neutral animatronic.

He is often depicted wearing a blue bib-overalls with golden buttons. He can be seen wearing a black bow tie in some depictions. Sparky appears to have been abandoned and forgotten for a long time. His exoskeleton in his left leg is missing, while his entire right arm is torn off.

Sparky’s Appearance in Welcome to Sparky’s

A fan named Kyesen made a fan game called Welcome to Sparky’s. In this game, Sparky has a different appearance than the original screenshot. In this game, Sparky appears more like a Labrador with a darker shade of brown. He has red cheeks and a golden collar.


According to his creators, Sparky prefers to lurk in the shadows, unlike his other murderous companions. He always avoids the cameras and the guards as much as possible and does not seem keen on attacking them.

Fans have a different interpretation of Sparky’s personality. Some fans, such as Mouse is Lonely, said that Sparky is a friendly animatronic who does not want to harm the game’s protagonist. He also said that Sparky has a close friendship with Bonnie.

The fan-made game, Welcome to Sparky’s, has a different interpretation of Sparky’s personality. He is considered the game’s main antagonist for terrorizing the night guard, much like Freddy in the original game. Like Freddy, he is the ringleader of the restaurant’s animatronics.

Sparky’s Background

Sparky’s creator did not make any backstory for him. However, fans took matters in their own hands and made their own backstory for him.

Sparky’s Backstory by Mouse is Lonely

Amino app user, mouse is lonely, said that Sparky was meant to be the drummer for the Freddy Fazbear Pizza. He was deemed unfitting and bland by the management leading him to be scrapped and replaced by Foxy. He was forgotten by everyone after the series of tragic events surrounding the restaurant. He stayed in the basement for years, occasionally walking around the restaurant – avoiding the guards and the cameras.

Sparky’s Backstory in Welcome to Sparky’s 

Sparky is the star animatronic of the Sparky and Friends Theatre Show, much like Freddy in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The game’s protagonist returns to their hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, and applies for a job as a nightguard. Unknown to the protagonist, Sparky will make his job a lot harder.

Sparky’s Notable Quotes

Sparky was not given any voice lines by his creators. The following quotes are created by a Youtuber named Jaze Cinema.

“Don’t be so critical; we both know who’s the real faker around here.”

“Who said who can’t teach an old dog with new tricks?”

“You’ll make a wonderful plaything once I am through with you!”

“You’re pathetic! All bark and no bite!”

“And now, it’s your turn to play dead!”

Sparky: The First FNaF Hoax

Five Nights at Freddy’s is famous for having multiple hidden clues scattered throughout the game. Each news clippings and posters give us clues to the horrific secrets behind the Freddy Fazbear Pizza Restaurant.

It was not a surprise when the FNaF community began searching for more secrets within the game. People began to formulate their own theories about what really happened. The answers about the identity of Purple Guy remained elusive at this point.

As the discussion went on, many fans began to speculate about the existence of the fifth animatronic hiding in the shadows.

Sparky’s Screenshot

Image by Elitz Caballero

The hoax began when a Tumblr user named Kodiabear posted a screenshot allegedly showing an animatronic dog hiding in the background. The screenshot spread like wildfire within the FNaF community. The screenshot was well-made that thousands were duped into believing that it was real.

Kodiabear defended his claim for days and even cross-posted his fake proofs to further add to the legitimacy.

As usual on the internet, people began claiming they found Sparky in their games. Others claim that he is within the game, but the chances of his appearance are very slim. Months later, many people began to question the legitimacy of the screenshot.

The Truth behind Sparky the Dog

Kodiabear and his friend would later admit they doctored the screenshot and let it spread throughout the internet.

According to Kodiabear, he is the man behind the idea of Sparky and spread the hoax to the internet. He was defending his claim for days when a few users began calling his claim fake. His friend, BigNyunyai, offered him to make a fake screenshot to fool the doubters – and it worked. She is also the one who designed sparky and his official image poster.

Years after the hoax, the two friends drifted apart. BigNyunyai posted on Reddit that she was the one who created Sparky, which caused a mild dispute with her former friend. According to Kodiabear, he was annoyed that she credited herself for Sparky’s creation, even if it was his idea in the first place.

Kodiabear did acknowledge that his former friend needs the acknowledgment since she is an artist. He is also happy that his little creation continued to stay relevant within the FNaF fandom. Of course, Sparky is the first FNaF hoax, after all.

Sparky’s Appearance in Games

Welcome to Sparky’s

Despite being a hoax, Sparky garnered a large following within the FNaF community. So much so that a fan made a popular game called Welcome to Sparky’s.

In this game, Sparky is the main antagonist who is hellbent on killing the protagonist. He is not the only one that the protagonist has to watch out for. Like Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the restaurant is crawling with other killer animatronics such as; Neeko the Cat, Hamlet the Chef Pig, Fuzz the Fuzzy Panda, and Whiskers the Mouse.

Five Nights at Treasure Island

sparky Five Nights at Treasure Island
Image from Treasure Island Wiki

Sparky appears as a custom night-exclusive animatronic in the Disney-inspired fan-made game. Sparky can be unlocked after completing one of the game’s challenges. His role is similar to Foxy’s; he first appears in the kitchen and turns off the lights before attacking the player.

Ultimate Custom Night

Sparky appears in another fan-made game called Ultimate Custom Night. He has the ability to shorten the amount of time in the clock every time the player closes the door.

The Real and Official Sparky: Fetch

Image from freddy fazbears pizza fandom

The FNaF franchise has yet to introduce a dog animatronic, even if several sequels have been released. Sparky was a widely popular character, even if he was a hoax. The FNaF would benefit greatly from his presence within the game.

The FNaF series had a controversial reception within the FNaF fandom because it does not share the same universe as the main games. The book series introduced several original animatronics that is also good at frightening the readers. Fetch is definitely a clear nod to Sparky.

Who is Fetch?

Fetch is FNaF’s first ever dog animatronic who appears in Fazbear Frights #2 but does not appear in the main games. He was activated by Greg and later escaped. Fetch began sending cryptic letters to Greg, often ‘fulfilling’ his wishes in awful ways.

Fetch’s Appearance

Fetch’s Appearance
Image from five nights at freddys fanon fandom

Fetch is a grayish-brown animatronic dog with big pointy ears, a long snout, and a pair of terrifying yellow eyes. Fetch wore a blue collar with his name on it. His mouth is lined with sharp teeth, used to tear apart anything he perceived as a threat.

Like Sparky, Fetch appears to be rotting. Wires can be seen sticking out of his ears and a hole in his belly, revealing his circuitry. Patches of fur are also missing, exposing his rusted metal.


Fetch does not talk but can communicate through the internet or by texting. He is fiercely loyal to anyone he considers his masters or owners, especially Greg. His show of loyalty is often violent and brutal such as maiming the dog who bit Greg and bringing its corpse to Greg’s backyard.

He is an instrument of vengeance. When Greg attempted to kill him, Fetch took revenge by killing Greg’s love interest, Kimberly, and dropping her corpse in Greg’s backyard.

Interesting Facts About Sparky

Sparky appears in a Clickteam LLC video

Clickteam LLC is a software development company that developed and remastered the HD ports of all the Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Clickteam LLC posted a video on YouTube celebrating the 7th anniversary of the games by showcasing the creative talents of the FNaF community. Sparky is featured in one of the fan arts presented in the video, alongside the official animatronics.

A Poster that seems to show Sparky appears in FNaF 3

In the opening scene of the FNaF 3 teaser trailer, you can see a wall filled with children’s drawings. In the furthest corner of the wall, you can see a blurred poster of an animatronic with floppy ears. Many fans speculated that it was a reference to Sparky.

Fetch debuted almost six years after the Sparky hoax

The Sparky the Dog hoax became widespread throughout the FNaF community merely months after the first game’s release, way back in 2014. It was widely considered to be the very first of many hoaxes related to the FNaF franchise.

Fetch, the first official Dog Animatronic, would later make his debut on March 3, 2020, almost six years after the hoax.


Question: Can you find Sparky the Dog in the first FNaF game?

Answer: No. Sparky does not spawn in any location of the first FNaF game, and he is not even present within the game’s code. He is a creation of two Tumblr users who made a hoax regarding the hidden fifth animatronic.

Question: Does Sparky the Dog appear in the sequel games?

Answer: No. Despite Sparky’s popularity amongst fans, Sparky never debuted in any of the official FNaF games. Many fans believed that the blurred poster in FNaF 3 teaser trailer was a clear nod to Sparky, but it was never confirmed by the developers.

Question: Does Sparky the Dog appear in the novel series?

Answer: No. Sparky never appeared within the novel series. However, a dog animatronic does exist in the novel canon called Fetch. Unlike Sparky, who is harmless according to his creators, Fetch is a violent agent of vengeance.

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