fnaf pizzeria simulator guide

FNAF Pizzeria Simulator Guide

Throughout the Five Nights At Freddy’s series, the one thing that keeps players coming back, again and again, is the mystery and lore of the franchise. The lore had been hinted at in early games and then expanded and expanded upon.

FNAF 2 and 3 had lore-based mini-games that took a bit of work to piece together, and FNAF 4 took this concept further, becoming whole gameplay sections.

FNAF 4 and the following Sister Location were our first big story-based games, giving more depth and insight into the overall lore and story.

Despite all of the massive overhauls the lore has gone through, from Glitchtrap to the Mimic, there’s still one game that marks a major shift in our understanding and knowledge of the lore. The sixth game, Pizzeria Simulator finally added the direct, clear-cut backstories most fans were looking for.

fnaf pizzeria simulator


Henry, William Afton‘s old business partner and co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment, decides to end things once and for all. He concocts a plan to lure all of the remaining animatronics to a new Freddy’s location and burn it to the ground, hopefully freeing their souls in the process.

You play as Michael Afton, returning from Sister Location to become a Freddy’s franchisee and carry out Henry’s plan. Michael rounds up the animatronics night by night, and the building is set on fire at the end of the week, with Henry and Michael dying in the fire.

Notable Characters

fnaf pizzeria simulator notable characters

  • Michael Afton: Last we saw Michael, he was rotting alive and violently barfing animatronic bits into the sewers after being scooped and worn by Ennard. Now, he’s back to finish the job and take on the challenge of running a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza to lure in animatronics.
  • Henry Emily: This is Henry’s first major appearance in a game, aside from the little scraps we saw in FNAF World. He was William Afton’s old business partner before Afton began pursuing the business of murdering small children. Wracked with grief after the murder of his daughter, Henry has dedicated his life to freeing the souls possessing the animatronics and ensuring William gets what’s coming to him.
  • Molten Freddy: Molten Freddy is the remnants of Ennard after exiting Michael’s body. He’s comprised of Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Bon-Bon, and Ballora after having ejected Circus Baby.
  • Scraptrap: Perhaps the goofiest version of William Afton to exist, Scraptrap is Springtrap after surviving the FNAF 3 fire. Despite being older and burned here, his design has more flesh than Springtrap and an equally jarring piece of bone sticking out.
  • Scrap Baby: Scrap Baby is a ruined version of Circus Baby, having been ejected from Ennard after a fight for control. She still contains Elizabeth’s soul, as evidenced by her green eyes, and most of her outer casing has rotted away, leaving exposed wiring and metal.
  • Helpy: Pizzeria Simulator marks Helpy’s first in-game appearance. While he goes on to be more important in Security Breach’s Ruin DLC, he’s mostly a mascot figure in this game. He appears in several mini-games as well as the catalog, lawsuit sections, and end of the day money tally.

fnaf pizzeria simulator characters

  • Lefty: Lefty is a black Freddy animatronic created by Henry. Inside, it contains the Puppet and the soul of Charlie, Henry’s daughter. Lefty was designed to capture the Puppet/Charlie and bring it to the pizzeria to free her soul in the fire.
  • Mediocre Melodies: The Mediocre Melodies are cheaper, off-brand animatronics presumed to have been created by Henry before he worked with Afton on Freddy’s.
  • Rockstar Animatronics: The Rockstar animatronics are redesigned versions of the core four (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy) meant to look more modern. They have hard plastic casings and almost look like a midway point between the originals and toy animatronics.

fnaf pizzeria simulator characters


Pizzeria Simulator plays vastly differently than any other title in the series. While each game has their own quirks and unique aspects (such as Security Breach’s open world or Help Wanted’s Virtual Reality), they mostly follow a similar structure.

Pizzeria Simulator still has an office section like these games, but much of it is based upon a different style.

fnaf pizzeria simulator gameplay

FNAF 6 mostly plays like a tycoon game, where you build your own pizzeria and try to launch it to success. To be fair, this gameplay is fairly skippable for most of the possible endings, but I find that I usually spend most of my time in this section.

It’s fun to build and design your pizzeria and unlock new versions of familiar animatronics, and this is also where vital lore and backstory can be found via mini-games. After these sections, the office segments usually play similarly to previous FNAF games, though each animatronic essentially functions the same.

fnaf pizzeria simulator gameplay

The animatronics that will chase after you in the office are Molten Freddy, Scraptrap, Scrap Baby, and Lefty. The difficulty here doesn’t come from them working the way they do in previous games but rather from functioning exactly the same as each other as the number of animatronics increases each night.

As you work through your night tasks, there are three tools you can run in the background to help you. The motion detector, audio player, and silent ventilation.

The motion detector shows where the animatronics are, the audio player allows you to lure animatronics away from you, and silent ventilation provides cooling when your fan is too loud.

Salvage Mechanic

In addition to the animatronics you can buy for your Pizzeria, FNAF 6 has a separate section where you can choose to salvage animatronics found in the back alley. These animatronics won’t appear as attractions in the Pizzeria, instead stalking the vents and haunting you during the office sections.

fnaf pizzeria simulator salvage mechanic

After choosing to salvage an animatronic, Henry will explain the steps to you via tape, where audio prompts will play, and you’ll mark down the animatronics’ reactions on your sheet. You’ll be equipped with a controlled shock if the animatronic is about to get aggressive.

If you fail and are jump-scared, the animatronic will remain in the vents of your pizzeria, with the only difference being you won’t receive the salvage money. Each animatronic appears on a different night, with Molten Freddy on the first, then Scraptrap, Scrap Baby, and Lefty.

Some catalog items come with a warning that something could be hiding in them, and if you buy one of these, it’s possible some of the animatronics will come in that way and not show up in salvage gameplay.

fnaf pizzeria simulator salvage mechanic

Lore (Contains Spoilers)

In FNAF 6, you play as William Afton’s son, Michael, trying to right the wrongs of his father’s past. At the end of Sister Location, his internal organs were scooped out, and he was worn as a skin suit by Ennard to blend in. However, his body quickly began to rot, and Ennard ejected itself out into the sewers.

Because of the remnant from the scooper, Michael remains alive even though his body is rotted. After seeing an ad, he applies to become a Freddy’s franchisee, becoming part of Henry’s plan to lure the animatronics to a new pizzeria and burn it to the ground.

fnaf pizzeria simulator lore

In his final speech, as the animatronics burn, Henry announces that there was a way out planned for Michael, but he knows that isn’t what he wants. Michael stays with Henry and the animatronics and dies in the fire.

In addition to the main story, the game provides us with additional lore through mini-games.

Fruity Maze shows how William lured Susie, the child spirit possessing Chica, to her death, Midnight Motorist shows us a glimpse of William and Michael’s home life, and the Security Puppet shows the story of Charlie’s death and subsequent possession of the puppet.

Important Mini-Games

The Game’s Opening

fnaf pizzeria simulator important mini-games

The game’s opening begins with you as Freddy delivering pizzas to children. As you play, Shadow Freddy appears, and everything starts to glitch until it leads into the main Pizzeria Simulator gameplay.

Fruity Maze

fnaf pizzeria simulator fruity maze

In Fruity Maze, you play as a little blonde girl and run through the maze collecting fruits. As you collect more fruit, little yellow rabbits begin to pop up.

If you collect every fruit, the next time you play the game most of them will be replaced with injured dogs, and after collecting those they will all be replaced with a dead dog.

This is meant to show William Afton luring Susie to the back of the Pizzeria with the promise of her dead dog before he kills her and she goes on to possess Chica.

Midnight Motorist

fnaf pizzeria simulator midnight motorist

Midnight Motorist is a racing game on an ordinary highway, showing William speeding up to 200 miles per hour. On the fourth lap, there’s a hole at the bottom of the map.

Going through it allows you leave the car and continue as the orange guy, presumed to be William Afton. You can go to a place named JR’s (assumed to be a bar), where you’re told you aren’t allowed in anymore.

After this, William goes home, where he finds his youngest son has disappeared. The window is broken, and his tracks lead away from the house, with an animatronic footprint next to them. William remarks that he’s gone “off to that place again” and will need to be punished.

Security Puppet

fnaf pizzeria simulator security puppet

In this mini-game, you play as the Security Puppet, tasked with keeping the child with a green wristband from getting to the exit. However, through each round, you only see children with different colored wristbands.

After launching the mini-game for the third time, it shows the Puppet locked inside its box and the child forced outside by bullies.

The Puppet frees itself and goes to save her, but it’s too late as she’s already been murdered by William Afton in the alley. As it makes its way over to her body, it begins to malfunction in the rain, finally finding her and laying down.

This mini-game shows how Henry’s daughter Charlie was murdered despite his attempts to keep her safe and how she went on to possess the Puppet.


Like many other FNAF games, Pizzeria Simulator allows you to play out multiple endings. There are five in total and an additional sixth certificate for completing all the lore-based mini-games.

fnaf pizzeria simulator endings

Completion Ending

fnaf pizzeria simulator completion ending

The completion ending is the true ending, and it’s where the other games continue from. This ending is achieved by salvaging and surviving all of the animatronics. At the end of the week, Henry reveals himself and his plan to you, and the building burns to the ground.

Mediocre Ending

fnaf pizzeria simulator mediocre ending

The mediocre ending is achieved by keeping the Faz-Rating at zero by not decorating or adding attractions to the Pizzeria. Hand Unit will call you lazy and present the certificate of mediocrity.

Insanity Ending

fnaf pizzeria simulator insanity ending

The insanity ending is unlocked by purchasing Egg Baby, which allows you to view secret files on the computer terminal. After placing Egg Baby in the Pizzeria, you can unlock a secret mode on the terminal, which displays animatronic blueprints as Henry monologues about freeing the souls of the animatronics.

Once this plays out, you’re fired for what you’ve seen and presented with the certificate of insanity “to ensure that no one believes you and to ensure that we can promptly replace you without incident.”

Blacklisted Ending

fnaf pizzeria simulator blacklisted ending

The blacklisted ending is achieved by purchasing items with high risk levels and building up to a score of 50 liability. At the end of the week, Hand Unit says you’ve become a liability and blacklists you from the Pizzeria.

Bankrupt Ending

fnaf pizzeria simulator bankrupt ending

The bankruptcy ending is achieved by losing all your money on a lawsuit, prompting a cutscene where Hand Unit describes you as a lost cause.

Lore Keeper Ending

fnaf pizzeria simulator lore keeper ending

The lore keeper ending isn’t really its own ending, so much as an additional badge that can be slapped onto any ending. The lore keeper ending is achieved by unlocking and playing through all of the lore-based mini-game sections.

Completing the lore keeper ending reveals a scene after the end credits, showing 6 graves on a hill, each named for one of the kids from the missing children’s incident.



fnaf pizzeria simulator areas

The Pizzeria itself is what sets this game apart the most from others in the series. At the start of the game, it’s an empty room with wooden walls and some tables. As you progress in the game, you can add different attractions and upgrade the space and flooring, resulting in a far nicer area.

Office Room

fnaf pizzeria simulator office room

If you’re as bad at the game as I am, this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. After spending the day decking out your Pizzeria with swag, you come to the office room for your closing tasks, where you’ll be tasked with surviving all of the possessed animatronics you’ve salvaged (or accidentally let in).

The tasks themselves are simple, but depending on how many animatronics are in your Pizzeria, you may have a bad time here.

The room is equipped with a monitor in front of you to access your tasks and a vent on either side of you where animatronics will appear. There are children’s drawings decorating the walls and a fan you can turn on and off.

Salvage Room

fnaf pizzeria simulator salvage room

The salvage room is where you do maintenance checks for all the salvage animatronics. The room is shrouded in darkness, and it’s hard to make out little more than the wooden table, overhead light, and each respective animatronic across from you.


fnaf pizzeria simulator alleyway

The back alley is where all of the salvage animatronics are found. It’s run down and full of garbage. Charlie is also shown dying in a similar alleyway before possessing the Puppet, but it’s unclear if this is the same alleyway or just a similar location.

FNAF Pizzeria Simulator Guide: FAQs

Question: Where does Pizzeria Simulator Fit in the FNAF Lore?

Answer: Pizzeria Simulator is the sixth FNAF game, and it comes after FNAF 3 and Sister Location and right before Ultimate Custom Night. It contains lore-based mini-games that come far earlier in the timeline.

Question: Why was Baby Removed from Ennard?

Answer: In the lead-up for Pizzeria Simulator, the source code for Scott Cawthon’s website showed Circus Baby fighting with the rest of Ennard and being ejected. It’s believed she was removed because the rest of Ennard didn’t want to be controlled by her.

Question: How does Pizzeria Simulator End?

Answer: Pizzeria Simulator has multiple endings, but the canon ending that the following games were built off of is the completion ending, where the building burns down at the end of the week.

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