how does security breach really end

How Does Security Breach Really End?

Five Nights At Freddy’s is no stranger to multiple endings. In fact, as far back as the first game, there have always been at least two ending options based on whether you complete the optional custom nights. These endings had minor differences (i.e., staying hired or getting fired), and that was about it.

By the time FNAF 3 rolled around, things were a bit different. FNAF 3 had three separate endings, each based on the completion of optional content, but drastically different.

This would continue throughout the other games, with Sister Location giving the player more agency by allowing them to choose where to go as the main character instead of seeking out optional mini-games.

security breach end

Though each of these other games has been followed by sequels that canonized one specific ending, with Security Breach, things are a bit more… complicated (aren’t they always).

In the aftermath of the game’s release, it seemed like most fans generally agreed- the Burntrap ending (the only ending with an actual playable segment and cutscenes vs. comic panel slideshows) was the “real” ending.

However, Security Breach’s DLC, Ruin, has added more complexity to this understanding, making it unclear what we are and aren’t meant to view as canon. If you’re lost like most people, you’ve found the right place because I plan to unravel which endings are definitively canon.

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Bottom Line Up Front

There are many endings to Security Breach, and while it initially seemed clear which was canon, the Ruin DLC has made things significantly more confusing. Despite this, I believe most clues point to either the Save Vanny Ending or a combination of that ending and the Burntrap ending, as they were initially intended to be one.

The Important Endings

The “Save Vanny/Princess Quest” Ending

This ending is considered the best/happiest option of them all, but it requires the most work, falling back on that original seek-out-mini-games approach.

To complete the Princess Quest ending, you need to find and beat all of the Princess Quest arcade cabinets located in Roxy’s Salon and the DJ Music Man’s area of the arcade, respectively.

save vanny-princess quest ending

After completing these two, when you reach the end game, and Freddy gives you the choice to stay or leave, select the Vanny option. There’s a short chase sequence, after which you can choose a different ending or play the final Princess Quest arcade game.

After beating it, the game immediately transitions into comic panels, showing staff bots deactivating, Vanny’s mask and bow tie on the ground, and Freddy’s head encouraging a nervous Gregory to go to the exit where Vanessa is holding the front door for him.

save vanny-princess quest ending

The “Burntrap” or “Canon” Ending

This ending also requires a fair bit of work, requiring you to decommission all three animatronics vs. the minimum of two and play through an additional boss fight.

It’s also been considered the definitive ending until Ruin came along because it was labeled as the canon ending in game files and the only ending to have a full-fledged gameplay sequence instead of a comic.

burntrap or canon ending

To get this ending, you head to Roxy Raceway after decommissioning all three animatronics and go through the door near where the Staff Bot head was earlier. You descend the stairs and end up going down in the elevator, where you wind up in the ruins of the FNAF 6 Pizzeria.

Here, you’ll descend further down the sinkhole and fight with Burntrap, after which a fully animated cutscene shows him getting swallowed up by the Blob as Freddy and Gregory escape, the area caving in around them.

Which One is Canon?

As mentioned earlier, the Burntrap ending is the only end to be fully played without comic panels, and in the game files, it’s labeled as the canon ending. However, Ruin seems to retcon this, at least partially. 

security breach ends

In the game, you collect comic panels detailing the different endings of Security Breach, supposedly marking these endings as non-canon. Each ending can be found in these comic collectibles, including the Burntrap ending- but not the Save Vanny ending.

Of course, this isn’t the only complication here- other details point to the Save Vanny ending, such as the sword in the arcade machine or the ending panel easter egg near the end of Ruin.

security breach ending

However, we can’t definitively say it’s the Save Vanny ending either- there’s just no way that Gregory could have accurately imagined the Burntrap rooms or the Blob (both of which are canon in Ruin) so accurately for a fictional comic.

In addition, it’s pretty clear that the Mimic is intended to be some version of Burntrap, complicating things further.

What Ruin Changes

FNAF as a series is full of retcons, and the Ruin DLC is no stranger to this. When Security Breach came out, it was a shell of the version it was intended to be, and as the game has been updated and patched, it’s already had many retcons just within itself.

In Ruin, for example, when we find the Shattered Freddy in Fazer Blast, his foot is segmented differently than our Freddy from Security Breach, with the word prototype slapped onto it. Initially, one would assume this was a different Freddy, but there’s more than meets the eye here.

fnaf security breach ending

Aside from the foot, it makes sense for this Freddy to be our Freddy. He’s missing his head and has the exact same pattern of damage shown in the Save Vanny ending. His body is also found in Fazer Blast, the same spot it’s left in in that ending. However, changing the foot design is such an oddly specific choice that it has to mean something.

At the same time, we know it’s virtually impossible for this to be a separate Freddy; Vanessa states near the start of the game that Fazbear Entertainment only has the one Endo casing.

However, the damage to the Pizzaplex comes from an earthquake long after Security Breach (theorized to be from the Blob tunneling underneath it), and it doesn’t make sense to leave Freddy’s body just hanging out in Fazer Blast.

security breach fnaf end

Ruin also adds the Mimic from the Tales From the Pizzaplex book series. The Mimic is the main villain of Ruin, pretending to be Gregory underneath the Pizzaplex. However, it’s unclear where the Mimic comes from in-game. He’s likely meant to be Burntrap, but a few differences between their models and location muddle things.

Most of the changes in Ruin are new details added to pre-existing character models and areas. It makes it hard to tell where everything stands, just what exactly is and isn’t canon.

security breach fnaf end
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The True Ending is a Combination of the Save Vanny and Burntrap Endings, and Other Endings Exist to Inform Supporting Details and Lore

My first theory is that the true ending is both Save Vanny and Burntrap. This would fix some of the problems caused by it only being one; things are far less messy, and more details make sense. This would canonize specifically the cutscenes and keep the in-game comics as non-canon.

security breach the true ending

Essentially, the cutscenes and boss fight of the Burntrap would be canon, and so would the cutscenes and gameplay before the comic ending of Princess Quest; Gregory would descend and fight Burntrap, then return to the surface to free Vanny from Glitchtrap’s control.

The comic where Vanessa holds the door wouldn’t be canon, but everything before that would.

However, there are still some major issues with this theory.

For starters, the rooms from the Burntrap fight are shown to exist (which Gregory couldn’t have known about without going down there) but still be in good condition, with the holes and wear-and-tear from the Blob being nonexistent- meaning at least part of that fight must be non-canon.

the true ending security breach

Princess Quest is the Canon Ending, and Burntrap is Partially Canon

In my second theory, the true ending is the Save Vanny ending, but specific parts of the Burntrap ending are canon. We know that Gregory must have seen Burntrap and the Blob at some point because there’s no other way for him to render them so accurately.

We also know Gregory must have been down to the ruined Pizzeria at some point because his backpack is shown down there.

So, in this theory, all of Princess Quest is canon, and Gregory escapes with Vanessa and Freddy’s head.

However, for some reason (theorized to be the creation of M.X.E.S.), he and Vanessa return to the Pizzaplex and descend to the ruined Pizzeria and catacombs underneath, as evidenced by the worn but fairly new-looking backpack of Gregory’s shown there.

the canon ending security breach

This would also explain how Gregory knew what Burntrap and the Blob looked like and why the damage the Blob made in the Burntrap fight isn’t in Ruin.

Essentially, the entirety of Princess Quest is canon, and only the details of what’s under the Pizzaplex are canon from Burntrap. There is Burntrap/the Mimic and the Blob down there in the ruins of the Pizzeria, but Gregory doesn’t go down and fight it.

Burntrap is the Canon Ending, and Everything Else is a Red Herring

This possibility, I feel, is the least possible and least backed up, but there are a few things about it that do make sense. This theory alleges that everything that canonizes Princess Quest is only there to confuse, and Burntrap is the only true canon.

In this theory, the ruined Freddy found in Fazer Blast isn’t actually our Freddy and the “prototype” detail slapped on the bottom of its foot is important.

security breach ending burntrap

Ruined Freddy is only there to confuse players, and the same goes for all other in-game details. Gregory drew the comic of what actually happened here, and the other comics were similar bad endings he thought could’ve happened.

He didn’t draw Princess Quest because he couldn’t imagine a world where Vanny helped him.

I’m not a fan of this possibility because while I do think the Burntrap ending shouldn’t be entirely retconned, this theory just has too many holes. Why put so much importance on Princess Quest just to de-canonize it? And this theory still doesn’t account for the lack of Blob damage to the Burntrap rooms.

security breach ending


Question: How many Endings does Security Breach have?

Answer: There are six different endings to Security Breach, with two being considered the main/most canon endings.

Question: What’s the True Ending for Security Breach Ruin DLC?

Answer: Ruin has two main endings, but it’s believed that the elevator ending is canon because it makes the most sense.

Question: What Happens to Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?

Answer: While we don’t know which of the main endings is definitively canon, both of them show Gregory escaping the Pizzaplex, which we also know to be true based on the Ruin DLC.

How Does Security Breach Really End: Conclusion

There’s no clear answer to which ending is canon, but I think the most likely possibility is theory one or two. Both Princess Quest and Burntrap are canon while answering for most of the holes in other theories.

One of the best parts of stories like FNAF is the ability to decide for yourself what fits into your personal canon, and what you believe in. Eventually, the next FNAF game will be released, and we’ll have a definitive answer.

Still, until then, fan conversation and debates keep the fandom alive and deepen everyone’s understanding of and relation to the source material.

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