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Since I started playing FNAF in 2016, I’ve had a problem with the player characters: they aren’t interesting until you dig into their lore. So, I had to devour the mythology and replay the games to find the main characters intriguing. Even then, I found animatronics more interesting than humans.

However, I can’t say the same for FNAF: Security Breach. The game introduces Gregory, a young boy with personality–a notable departure from the bland previous player characters, except Vanessa. 

Here’s what you should know about Gregory. 

  1. He is the player character in FNAF: Security Breach
  2. He’s a young boy who evades security guard Vanessa and animatronics
  3. He’s the only player character to befriend an animatronic: Glamrock Freddy

Before I get into all the details I know about Gregory, here’s the bottom line. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Gregory is a kid who gets stuck in Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex and must stay alive until 6 am. However, he is resourceful and has a helpful ally in Glamrock Freddy–the first truly helpful animatronic in the franchise. 

Gregory’s Appearance

Gregory is a normal-looking kid. He has brown eyes and messy brown hair and is Caucasian. He wears a blue polo shirt with white stripes on top of a white singlet. He also wears brown cargo shorts, white socks, and multi-colored sneakers with grey soles. The boy also has bandages on his left knee and right cheek and a wristwatch on his left wrist. 

Gregory’s Personality 

Gregory FNAF

Finally, FNAF creator Scott Cawthon gave us a three-dimensional player character whose lore we didn’t need to explore to understand. Instead, playing the game gives us a feel for what Gregory is like. So, what are his personality traits?


Someone else might call Gregory outspoken, but I consider him petulant. Whenever the boy encounters something unpleasant, his first reaction is to complain. For instance, when he learned he had five hours left to survive in the building, he voiced his displeasure. The kid also complains if he receives an item he doesn’t like, calling it stupid or crappy. 


Gregory knows how to take advantage of his environment. Whenever he’s stuck or in a pinch, he uses his surroundings to find a fix or escape from the predicament. He also learns how to tinker with the robots. 


Gregory FNAF

Some gamers don’t like Gregory because, in their eyes, he’s the real monster in Security Breach. The kid’s vengeful side is a primary reason: after spending hours fleeing from the Glamrock Animatronics, Gregory chooses to disable and destroy them to save Glamrock Freddy.

He even adds that the animatronics deserve it because they kept hunting him. Gregory even gets revenge on Vanny as… spoiler alert… when he gets control of her STAFF Bots, he orders them to kill her–in Ending Five, which I discuss below in the Lore section. 

Gregory is not a kid you mess with. 


Gregory chooses who deserves his vengeance and who needs his empathy. While he has no remorse for anyone or anything trying to capture him, he shows compassion for the Mega Pizzaplex’s missing kids. 

When, thanks to Glamrock Freddy’s help, Gregory finally had a way out of the Pizzaplex, he thought of the missing kids and chose to stay. He wanted to investigate their disappearances and keep them from happening again. 

This aspect proves that Gregory is a three-dimensional character with positive and negative traits. 

Gregory’s Lore 

Glamrock Freddy and Gregory
Image from Fandom

Glamrock Freddy passed out during a performance. He woke up later in his dressing room and found Gregory hiding in his stomach hatch. The animatronic scanned Gregory, but the boy was missing from his guest list. He tried to get help but couldn’t reach anyone outside. He then encouraged Gregory to seek help from security guard Vanessa, but Gregory refused. 

Gregory then received a watch from Glamrock Freddy so the two could communicate. The watch also lets the boy access maps and surveillance cameras. The boy avoided the wandering STAFF Bots and animatronics as he made a break for the exit–they were searching for him on Vanessa’s orders.

However, he was too late–the clock struck midnight, the doors sealed, and they would only open at 6 am. He would have to spend the night in the Pizzaplex with animatronics that would attack him on sight and a security guard actively searching for him. 

At first, Gregory evaded the animatronics, which were hacked and programmed to attack any humans they encountered.

However, Vanessa soon captured and imprisoned Gregory in the Lost and Found section, and he saw her alter-ego, Vanny. Dressed in a human-sized bunny costume, Vanny abducted children and used them to bring Glitchtrap–the digital consciousness of series villain William Afton–to life. 

Since Vanny was also human, the animatronics and robots should have attacked her. Instead, their vision glitched whenever she was close–likely the result of Glitchtrap hacking them to keep Vanny safe and let her kidnap more kids for him. 

As the night passed, the Glamrock Animatronics lost their shine and grew withered. When Glamrock Freddy was so withered he was powering down, Gregory took him to the Parts and Service Department and saved him. While there, the kid saw schematics of the animatronics and decided to disable and dismantle them and use their parts to upgrade Freddy. He obtained Glamrock Chica’s Voicebox, Montgomery Gator’s claws, and Roxy’s eyes. 

As 6 am approached, Gregory and Glamrock Freddy made a break for the exit. However, when they reached the doors, Gregory changed his mind. He decided to stay and stop Vanny to keep her from kidnapping more kids. 

Gregory’s Endings

From this point, the game became non-linear as it had six endings. Let’s look at each Ending and how to unlock it. 

Ending One

Gregory Ending Sleeping In Cardboard Box
Image from Fandom

Instead of going back to stop Vanny, Gregory escaped the Pizzaplex with Vanny in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, Glamrock Freddy couldn’t join him since he could only last for one hour without a recharge station. As Gregory eluded his pursuer, more children went missing. Instead of going home, he hid in cardboard boxes on the streets. Eventually, Vanny found him, and he probably went missing like the other kids. 

To unlock this ending, reach the doors of the Pizzaplex at 6 am. The game lets you choose between staying or leaving. Choose “Leave,” and Gregory escapes. 

Ending Two

Gregory Ending In Company Van

Gregory convinced Glamrock Freddy to escape together inside a company van. They fled through the facility’s loading bay and drove off. However, Freddy’s charge soon ran out. Desperate, Gregory used jumper cables from the van to recharge Freddy. 

For this Ending, choose “Stay” when you’re at the doors at 6 am. Get a Party Pass, head to the Monty Golf area, and use the Party Pass to unlock the Security Office.

This will get you the Level 7 Security Pass. You should then head to the Basement Level and enter the Loading Docks. Find the Exit Door and, when it prompts you to leave or stay, choose to leave. This will initiate the last cinematic, and the game will end. 

Ending Three

Gregory Ending In Pizza Place

Gregory found a secret cavern underneath Roxy’s Raceway with the ruins of an ancient Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. This is likely the pizzeria that burnt down, releasing the souls of his victims who had possessed animatronics and killing William Afton in his Springtrap form

In the pizzeria’s ruins, Gregory found a recharge station that held the ruins of Springtrap. However, Springtrap had turned into Burntrap because of his burnt form.

However, Burntrap wasn’t dead–instead, Gregory found him powering up, probably because of the remnant he received as Glitchtrap from the children Vanny killed. Glamrock Freddy revealed Vanessa had brought him and the other Glamrock Animatronics down here before, and that’s when they started malfunctioning. 

After this revelation, Springtrap tried to control Glamrock Freddy, but the animatronic resisted. Gregory scorched Burntrap multiple times until the Pizzaplex exploded but couldn’t destroy him. Finally, however, the remains of the animatronics that had burned with Burntrap–and merged into a gruesome animatronic blob–grabbed Burntrap and dragged him away, leaving his fate unknown. 

To reach this Ending, you must first get Monty’s Claws, the Eyes Upgrade from Roxanne Wolf, and the Voicebox Upgrade from Glamrock Chica.

When your reach the doors of the Pizzaplex, choose to stay. Head to Roxy’s Raceway and the red door next to the Servo Bot Head. Open the door, go straight, and use Monty’s Claws to open the next door. Follow the path, and Chica’s Voicebox will open the next door. 

You’ll find the Old Elevator beyond this door. The Elevator will take you down to a cavern with the ruins of the old Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria. William Afton will rise as Burntrap; you should defeat Burntrap by burning him as often as possible. 

The other Glamrock Animatronics might appear in their ruined forms–except for Freddy, whom Afton failed to control. You can beat them like this:

  1. To beat Roxy, use Chica’s Voicebox.
  2. For Monty, lock the vent close to the central screen.
  3. As for Chica, close the doors on her, and she won’t enter. 

Ending Four

Gregory Ending

Gregory convinced Glamrock Freddy to burn down the Pizzaplex, which he gladly did. However, Vanny caught up and grabbed Gregory while on the rooftop. The animatronic rushed to the boy’s aid, and he and Vanny fell over the edge. Gregory rushed down to them and unmasked Vanny, confirming that she was Vanessa in disguise. 

However, in a plot twist, Vanessa appeared on the rooftop, gazing down at her lifeless double. 

To unlock this Ending, collect the golden animatronic plush toys after you reach the Pizzaplex doors and choose to stay. Next, head to the Prize Counter and the Fire Escape Emergency Exit. Select the Leave option, and the Ending cutscene will play. 

Ending Five

Gregory Ending 5

While passing through Fazer Blast, Gregory discovered a secret room above the arena. This was Vanessa’s secret base, where she hacked the Glamrock Animatronics and the STAFF Bots. 

The bots attacked Freddy and dismantled him. However, Freddy guided Gregory to the robots’ override controls. When he had control over the robots, Gregory ordered them to disassemble Vanny. They complied, tearing her apart in a gruesome and excruciating death. 

To unlock Ending Five, do not play the Fazer Blast section until after 6 am when you stay at the Pizzaplex. Then, complete Fazer Blast and explore the area you receive the Fazer Blaster. Look for a vent that will lead you to Vanny’s hideout. This time, there will be a third option called “Vanny” when Freddy asks if you want to leave. Click on this option to trigger the violent cutscene. 

Ending Six

Gregory Ending Princess Quest

Gregory freed Vanessa by completing the Princess Quest games. After she accidentally released Glitchtrap in FNAF: Help Wanted, he imprisoned her consciousness in the three Princess Quest games. Free from Vanny and Glitchtrap’s influence, Vanessa escaped the Pizzaplex with Gregory and Glamrock Freddy’s head–which still functioned. 

To unlock this happy Ending, complete all three Princess Quest games in sequence. The games are digital prisons for Vanessa’s consciousness that Glitchtrap made after possessing her. Completing the third Princess Quest game will trigger the final cutscene.

My Lore Theories

We don’t know much beyond what’s above–like where Gregory came from and how he found himself at the Pizzaplex. First, however, let me fill in the gaps with what I think happened. 

Theory #1: Gregory Is Homeless

Gregory was a homeless kid who snuck into the Pizzaplex, desperate for food, warmth, or to hang out with other kids and feel normal. However, Vanessa spotted him, and he snuck into Glamrock Freddy’s stomach cavity while the animatronic had shut down. This also explains why Gregory wasn’t on the guest list when Freddy scanned him and why he hid on the streets after escaping the facility. 

Theory #2: The Blob Is Michael Afton

Gregory FNAF

In Ending 3, the animatronic Blob that drags Burntrap has caused plenty of fan debate. I believe the Blob doesn’t have the souls of William Afton’s victims–when Henry Emily burned down the pizzeria, he permanently released the souls.

Instead, I think William Afton’s son Michael is the soul inside the Blob. He remained in the pizzeria to burn with the animatronics. However, part of Michael’s soul remained in The Blob if his father returned. This explains why he pulled away Burntrap when the possessed animatronic tried to kill Gregory and Glamrock Freddy. 

Theory #3: Ending Three Is Canonical

While some gamers consider Ending Six the real Ending because it’s a happy one where Gregory saves Vanessa, and they live happily ever after, I have a different opinion. I find Ending Three more canonical since it involves William Afton returning to life as Burntrap.

Even though the Blob drags him away to an unknown fate, the Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria co-founder has proven he never stays down. If we get more FNAF games, this is the most likely premise since the franchise’s main villain needs to return, and this Ending makes that probable. 

However, this remains speculation, and we won’t know until the next FNAF game comes out. 

Gregory’s Gameplay

FNAF games are not easy, and Security Breach is no exception. You must play tactfully to survive until dawn and unlock the six endings. The game doesn’t limit you to one room like most FNAF games. However, exploring the massive Pizzaplex brings dangers like the STAFF Bots, Vanessa and Vanny, and the Glamrock Animatronics. 

However, don’t worry! If you follow the guides below, you’ll make it to the end. 

How To Defeat Montgomery Gator

How To Defeat Montgomery Gator

I found Monty one of the toughest challenges in FNAF: Security Breach. I died multiple times before I beat him and got his claws. Even with this guide, you’ll still find the boss fight challenging. However, keep at it; you should beat Monty faster than I did. 

Start by heading to the west side of the Atrium, where you’ll find Monty’s Gator Golf. Next, head to the upper level, interact with the cannon and use it to shoot the two targets in front. A short cutscene will trigger when you head down to the walkway, where Monty appears and leaps onto your walkway. 

Once the cutscene ends, don’t waste time: run away and look for nearby turrets. Use them to shoot balls into the splash bucket and fill it. However, don’t stay in one place long because Monty will jump to your location if you linger. Instead, shoot at the bucket and run, and repeat this when you reach another turret. 

When you fill the bucket, the meter alongside it will show an indication. Run towards the button in front of the bucket, and you’ll trigger a cutscene. In the cutscene, Monty leaps to the walkway next to Gregory. However, Gregory pushes the button, and the bucket dumps all of its balls onto Monty, making him fall over the side. He lands below, crushed and defeated. 

How to Get Glamrock Chica’s Voicebox

How to Get Glamrock Chica’s Voicebox

You’ll need the Fazer Blaster for this fight. Head to the Green Room Hallway in the Atrium with your Party Pass. You can unlock a shutter at the corridor’s west side that will open a shortcut. Use the shortcut to reach the Fazer Blast arena.

Enter the arena, and you’ll receive a Fazer Blaster for a minigame. Use it to shoot the enemy bots as you capture the flags. Make each shot count since you only have five shots before recharging. Once you win, drop your used Fazer Blaster and pick up the one you’ll use for the rest of the game. 

After you get the Fazer Blaster, go to the Fazer Blast office–its door has a “No Entry” sign. Head to the bathroom to grab the message bag and security badge upgrade. Next, take the gift box to unlock the Bowling Ticket. 

Next, head to the third floor and find Bonnie Bowl. Give the bot your ticket and enter the lift. Once you hit the button and reach your destination, turn left and go to the ice cream parlor. Head to the back and past the door. Take the gift box at the corner, on top of several packages. The box contains Monty Mystery Mix, which you need for your battle with Glamrock Chica. 

Leave the parlor and head to a red door between the ice cream and pizza stands on the first floor. Enter and head straight to the freight elevator. Press the button and go to the kitchen when you reach your destination. 

The pizza kitchen has Chica and two security bots. Sneak towards the trash compactor and place the Monty Mystery Mix there. Then, avoiding the bots and Chica, head to the backdoor. You’ll find the generator behind it. When you find the generator, turn it on. 

Sneak back to the kitchen. If Chica blocks your way, stun her temporarily with the Faz Blaster–the same goes for the patrolling Bots. Next, you’ll find a button labeled “Trash” near the trash compactor. Press it to start the compactor. 

This will trigger a cutscene where the scent of the Monty Mystery Mix lures Glamrock Chica to the compactor. As she stuffs her face, Gregory pushes the button to activate the trash compactor. It crushes Chica, destroying her. 

After the cutscene, head to Chica and collect her Voicebox. 

How To Get Roxanne Wolf’s Eyes 

Roxanne Eyes

Getting Roxy’s eyes is dicey, but bear with me. Head to Roxy’s Raceway. It’s full of go-karts; you’ll use one to destroy her. Look for a crate labeled “Driver Assist” behind the staircase at the corner. Inside the container, you’ll find a STAFF Bot’s dysfunctional head.

Grab the head and take it to the Arcade’s Security Room. However, you’ll face DJ Music Man before reaching the Security Room. In this section, stay out of sight and the reach of the animatronics, and you’ll be fine–but you can learn more in this guide

Once you’re in the room, fix the head and return it to Roxy Raceway. You’ll find a go-kart with a STAFF Bot missing its head. Attach the head to it and start the go-kart. Roxy will try to stop you by jumping onto the track. However, the go-kart will crush her. When Roxy is unconscious, you must remove her eyes before she gets up. 

Head to the vents through the back of the Raceway. Roxy will hunt you, but since she’s now blind, staying quiet will keep you safe. 


Question: Does Gregory in FNAF: Security Breach Have Parents?

Answer: Gregory doesn’t have parents. He is not on the guest list at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex and sleeps on the streets when he escapes in one of the endings. Gregory is either a runaway or an orphan, but he is homeless. 

Question: Who Is Gregory In FNAF?

Answer: Gregory is the player character in FNAF: Security Breach. He is a young homeless boy who explores Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex and encounters the Glamrock Animatronics and Vanessa.

Question: What FNAF Game Is Gregory In?

Answer: Gregory is the main character in FNAF: Security Breach. 

FNAF Gregory: Conclusion

Gregory is an intriguing boy with a satisfying story–depending on the Ending. He made me invested in Security Breach, and his story is canon as it ties into Vanny and Glitchtrap. 

If you haven’t played Security Breach, I recommend doing so for the experience more than the endings. Gregory is free to explore the Pizzaplex, and I loved his interactions with Glamrock Freddy. The gameplay also excited me for the next FNAF game whenever it releases. 

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