FNAF 4 Bedroom Guide

FNAF 4 Bedroom Guide

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For those unfamiliar, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is the fourth cannon installment of the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. It is mostly famous for being the scariest Five Nights at Freddy’s game, which I agree with. It takes sound design to another level, which, if done good, can make a game 100% scarier. Scott Cawthon – the creator of the FNAF series, really knew how to choose the correct ambiance and overall graphic design.

It doesn’t follow the traditional office gameplay present in the prior games. Instead, it introduces us to a new perspective from which we can look. In FNAF 4, you play as a child alone at night, stuck in his room, trying to avoid nightmarish creatures representing the animatronics from Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria.

Even though the game sparked a lot of controversies, it is still one of the FNAF’s greatest hits, which will be replayed all over again over the years.


This guide will give you an insight into how to complete Five Nights at Freddy‘s four without trial and error. In addition, it will serve as a piece of paper that you can always return to when stuck at a certain point in the game.

Everything about every animatronic from FNAF 4 will be displayed here – their behavior, appearance, and difficulty. You will also have the knowledge required to complete each night. Hence everything that you will need to do after reading this guide is practice.

Everything You Need to Know

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is different from the prior FNAF games. Every game until that point had to feature the security cameras, which you would access to know where the animatronics are. But now, instead of checking in on the animatronics from a distance, you now have to go face to face with them.

You are playing as a relatively small child in a bedroom with four different spots, which you will have to look over – the left and right door, closet, and bed. To check if an animatronic is at the door, you will have to run up to it and listen closely to the animatronic breathing.

This makes the experience feel more realistic and scarier since the only thing that separates the nightmare animatronics from killing you is a thin wooden door.

You must also pay close attention to the sounds that you are hearing. Therefore you must pay attention, especially to the animatronic’s steps that can be heard in the background. So having good headphones for this is a must because it will let you know which side of the hall the animatronic is present.

That is a key feature when trying to avoid an animatronic coming to your closet because as you hear it running, you will want to go to the correct door to shut it down as fast as possible. Unless you want to deal with constantly checking the closet to see if the terrifying animatronic has left, then the inevitable jump-scare. 

From time to time, you will also want to turn around to check the bed because, over some time, Freddles will start accumulating behind you unless you scare them away with the flashlight. Because of that, you will have to check it more often in the later nights due to Nightmare’s and Nightmare Fredbear’s behavior.

And the last thing you need to know before playing is that after you finish each night, you will play a minigame with Plushtrap.

In the minigame, you need to flash the light on him when he stands exactly on the red cross; you will need to turn up your volume if you don’t want to get jump scared because when you finish the minigame, your night will be 2 hours shorter.

The Animatronics

Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Freddy is one of the Nightmare animatronics that appears in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. He is present almost every night. With him, there are three little plush animatronics that come with him that are known as Freddies – three plush versions of Nightmare Freddy.

He is not the type of animatronic to come at your door. Instead, he will get summoned if there are all Freddies on the bed for a long period of time. Then, you will get jumpscared by their master – Nightmare Freddy when they gather.

You will need to flash your light on the Freddies to counter him, making them go away. But, of course, everything will be fine when you see a regular Freddy plush.

Repeat this behavior, and you will be good. But once the nights become harder, you will need to do it quite often.

“I have always been hiding in your shadow” – Nightmare Freddy.

Nightmare Bonnie and Chica

Nightmare Bonnie and Chica are two animatronics that appear in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4; they are present during almost all nights. They share the same behavior, so that’s why they are put in the same section.

They aren’t like Nightmare Freddy – Nightmare Bonnie will solely come through the left door, while Nightmare Chica is coming to the right door. This is a reference to their classic counterpart’s behavior in the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game, where they come from the same side of the doors.

Countering them is more difficult than dealing with the Freddies on your bed. You will need to constantly be on the lookout for the sounds of their steps if you want to ease up your situation a little bit.

Otherwise, you will have to constantly run up to the left door to see if you can hear them breathing next to your face. If you do, shut the door as fast as possible, you will hear their steps if they are going away. And if you use the flashlight while they are still present at the door, they will immediately jumpscare, giving you no time to go back to your bed.

Later throughout the night, they get more aggressive, and it can be very difficult to deal with them.

Nightmare Foxy

Nightmare Foxy

Nightmare Foxy is one of the Nightmare animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. He is present almost every night.

Nightmare Foxy has a unique behavior that isn’t similar to the prior animatronics I covered. Therefore, he will not come to your door so he can jumpscare you right away, but rather he will hide in the closet. His hiding behind the closet is a reference for the Pirate Cove from the first game, where he was always located.

Furthermore, when he enters your closet, you will want to go as fast as possible to it. So, when you open the closet and flash the light, there is a chance that his head will already come out, giving you a small jumpscare. Because of that, you will want to shut the closet for a couple of seconds because he has 5 phases that he goes through before finally jumpscaring you.

Thus, the longer you shut the closet, the more he will retrieve to his last “plushie” phase. This mimics his behavior from the first game, where he also has 5 phases before attacking the player. But just don’t get carried away because the other animatronics are still active.

So to prevent him from going into your closet, you will want to pay close attention to the steps in the house. You will recognize him easily, because you will hear him running. And to prevent him from entering your room, you must immediately shut the correct door.

Nightmare Fredbear

Nightmare Fredbear

Nightmare Fredbear is a Nightmare animatronic that appears in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. He is only present during the 5th and 6th nights. His appearance is very interesting because we never got to see any real embodiment of Fredbear before, besides Golden Freddy.

He will appear for the first time in Night 5, where he will be the only animatronic present in the house. It references the Crying Child – the character you are playing with, getting bit by the Fredbear animatronic. That’s because Nightmare animatronics are not real, they are just his figment of imagination.

Nightmare Fredbear will come from both halls. Because of that, you will need to pay close attention to his steps and running to know where he is heading. So when you catch him in the hallway by flashing your light at him, close the door, and try not to flash your light more than once, or you will get jumpscared.

Furthermore, he is also, besides running, capable of teleporting either in your closet or on your bed.

When you can’t hear him running, he will start to laugh. That means he is either in your closet or behind you on the bed. So come to the closet as fast as possible, and shut the door for a few seconds, but if he is not found there, turn around, and you will see his disembodied head on your bed.

Then you need to continuously flash your light at him, to make him go away. Therefore, dealing with him is like the game of catch. You will need to have excellent headphones that differentiate the sides where the sound is coming from. You also must be fast and careful at the same time, and in the end, you will beat him with a little bit of practice.



Nightmare is an animatronic that appears for the first time in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. He is only present during the 7th night, the secret 20/20/20/20 mode, and Night 8.

Nightmare has rather mysterious origins, because he never appeared in a prior FNAF game. Therefore there are only a couple of theories that try to guess his origins. And the interesting fact is that he is transparent, you will see that he even has a brain if you look good enough.

He shares the same behavior with Nightmare Fredbear, but he is more difficult to beat since he is more aggressive than him. Again, he will come on both sides of the doors, but this time he will be right in front of you, instead of down in the hallway like Nightmare Fredbear. In that case shut the door immediately, and head to the next one.

When you hear his laugh suddenly without any steps in the background, check your closet and bed because there is a high chance that he spawned in there.

Nightmare doesn’t have an ordinary jumpscare. Instead, you will get a still image of his horrific face with an eerie noise in the background when he jumpscares you. Many people dislike it, but in my opinion, it’s unique, and it just makes him scarier.

In the end, all you have to do is apply the same tactic as when dealing with Nightmare Fredbear, and you will be fine. Just don’t get mad if you don’t get it at first. It takes practice to beat him.


Plushtrap is a plushie animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. He is present in his minigame, which occurs after the end-of-night minigame after every night. Unlike others, he isn’t animatronic that is present during the night. Instead, Plushtrap has his minigame called Fun With Plushtrap, where if you beat him, you will get to skip 2 hours the next night.

In the minigame, he will be sitting on a chair at the end of the hall, and you have around 30 seconds to catch him standing on the cross that is right in front of you. It’s like the Red Light Green Light game, but here you have to catch him off guard before he jumpscares you.

How to Beat All Nights

Night 1

Night 1

The first night may seem peaceful, but don’t let that fool you. Even though there are low chances of you getting jumpscared during the first night, you will still have to watch out because if you make one wrong move, you are dead.

The game will quickly explain the mechanics and, even faster, leave you on your own. You must pay close attention to sound, and regularly check the Freddles behind you, and you are good to go. And, there is no need to think about Nightmare Foxy, as there is a rare chance of him appearing during the first night.

Night 2

In Night 2, you will want to establish a routine. First, when it begins, check all places where the animatronics could be so they can load faster later in the game when you need to check those places.

Nightmare Bonnie and Chica will become more aggressive, and you will have to learn the sound cues that they produce when at your door, as this is the only way for you to recognize their appearance. But shutting the door shut without a proper reason will attract them if they are already not present.

Also, there are possibilities of you having some trouble with Nightmare Foxy. Firstly, try to keep him out of your room. But it isn’t that bad if you don’t succeed because Nightmare Foxy in Night 2 isn’t that aggressive. And, always check the Freddles, try to visit them more frequently than on Night 1.

Night 3

Night 3 is a slightly harder version of Night 2. You will need to pay more attention to Nightmare Foxy, because he now makes a more significant appearance. In addition, Foxy now becomes more annoying than on the prior nights.

You should keep him out of the room for the longest time possible. But even if you let him be accident into your room, you still have a chance of beating him.

You will recognize his steps in the hallway because they sound faster and lighter. Then you must rely on your headphones because a high volume is necessary when playing this game. And it also serves as a good punishment if you mess up.

On the other hand, Nightmare Bonnie and Chica will not get significantly harder. But their difficulty increases the next night. The same applies to Nightmare Freddy.

Night 4

FNAF 4 Bedroom

Enjoy Night 4 while it lasts because things from there only get harder. You should pay more attention to Nightmare Bonnie and Chica. As they are going to become more aggressive than before. Also, the Freddles will be even faster.

Those are the two main things that you must pay attention to. You need to listen for the steps and the animatronic’s heavy breathing, and you are good to go. Nightmare Foxy’s difficulty will not change. Instead, he will behave like on the fourth night.

Night 5

Night 5 is the night that changes everything now. Just right when you got used to the behavior of all Nightmare animatronics, you will now have to encounter a new one. In the fifth night, Nightmare Fredbear makes his debut appearance. After 4 am, every animatronic disappears from the house, leaving you alone with Freadbear.

He does everything that the animatronics do during the past nights. Therefore, you will need to check both of your doors, your closet, and behind your bed.

When he comes to one of your doors, use your flashlight once. Then, if he is standing in your hall, quickly shut the door to prevent him from coming in. Just don’t flash him more than once because you are only increasing your chances of getting jumpscared.

Also, you will hear him running as fast as Foxy. You will need to be fast if you want to catch up to him to prevent him from entering your room, thus jumpscaring you. And it’s even worse when he goes silent, it’s not a good sign, and you should not drop your guard. If you hear him laughing without the background steps, quickly check your closet or bed.

If he is on your bed, use your flashlight, and if he is in your closet, hold it shut to make him disappear. All you need to do is to repeat this pattern, and you will survive the night, unlocking the first star.

Night 6

Night 6 is just a harder version of the fifth night. Every animatronic’s behavior will be much more aggressive than before. During that night, your main objective is to reach 4 am, where Fredbear will replace all animatronics. That will be your saving point.

During it, you will get pondered with animatronics coming from every imaginable side of your room. It will be difficult fending them off, but this impossible night becomes possible with enough practice. If you beat this night will unlock you another star and the seventh night.

Night 7

FNAF 4 Night 7

Night 7 is an even harder version of the sixth night, but with a little surprise at the end. Here, Foxy and the Freddies are the main issues. Now they are significantly buffed, while Nightmare Bonnie and Chica remain almost the same difficulty.

Most suprisingly, this night features a special animatronic that will make his debut appearance right after 4 am. He is called the Nightmare, and he is the transparent black recolor of Nightmare Fredbear. Matter of fact, they are different in behavior. Nightmare is certainly more aggressive, and he will make you miss the original four animatronics hunting you down.

You must be faster than in the past if you want to survive the Nightmare. Therefore, he will give you less time to react. This is one of the biggest challenges in the FNAF series. And, beating this night will unlock another star and Nightmare under the extras menu.

Night 8

This is the first and last game to feature the eight-night. It is the harder version of the seventh night that features Nightmare at the end. You will have to type 20/20/20/20 in the Extras menu to play it. And this is also a reference to the hardest custom night preset from Five Nights at Freddy’s 1.

This night is a real challenge to beat, but I’m sure that it won’t be that hard for you if you reached this far. Because over time you must have adopted the perfect pattern and momentum needed to survive the game.

Beating this night will unlock you another star.


Question: What does the Halloween Update Contribute to FNAF 4?

Answer: The Halloween Update for Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 doesn’t change anything gameplay-wise. It features reskins for almost all animatronics. And the only ones who are excluded are Nightmare Freddy and Fredbear. It also replaces the Fun with Plushtrap minigame with Fun with Balloon Boy, and the end-of-night minigames feature a Halloween theme.

Question: How Long will it Take for Me to Finish Night 8?

Answer: It all depends on how long you are playing the game. You need to establish a perfect routine of checking where animatronics may be. You need to build good muscle memory by going through the trial and error process. This may sound like an exhausting task, but for true FNAF lovers, it will not be that hard.

Question: How to Recognize Different Sound Cues?

Answer: You need to have good headphones for this one to understand from which side they are coming. The slow steps are from Bonnie, and Chica, while the faster ones are from Foxy, Nightmare Fredbear, and Nightmare.
Pay attention to the animatronic’s breathing. There are samples on YouTube that you can listen to to remember them.

FNAF 4 Bedroom Guide: Conclusion

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is the scariest FNAF game out there. However, the implementation of sound design and a bedroom instead of an office are great things that made FNAF 4 remarkable.

The game also stands out for its difficulty, it is certainly one of the hardest FNAF games to truly master. So you will need to practice a lot to finish the whole eight nights, because, unfortunately, most players don’t even make it to that point.

This guide will help you understand the animatronic’s movement pattern during the nights and how to adapt to their behavior. In addition, this article can serve as a cheat sheet that can help you out when you are stuck at a certain point in a game.

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