Quinn Quimby

Quinn has been a FNAF fan since the early days of its first few games, quickly falling in love after it all but took over their elementary school. Growing up with FNAF fostered a love of the horror genre and story-based games that has absolutely shaped him as a person. When not giving an impassioned lecture about lore or the scrapped versions of Security Breach, she can often be found replaying Resident Evil 4 again or making video essays about some random topic. Quinn is nonbinary and uses any pronouns.

fnaf ruins dlc guide

FNAF Ruins DLC Guide

When I was a kid, Five Nights At Freddy’s was a pretty simple game. Click around, watch the cameras, check your doors, and survive until 6 am. Pretty easy! Help Wanted even makes light of this inherent simplicity, beginning many of its levels with the instructions “Push buttons, survive until 6”. FNAF is not a …

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fnaf burntrap guide

FNAF Burntrap Guide

Throughout each of the Five Nights At Freddy’s games, we’ve all faced many harrowing threats. From robots built specifically for murdering children to a giant scooper removing your insides, we’ve seen it all. However, throughout all of these, there’s been one big, consistent baddie pulling the strings: William Afton. Afton is a character who keeps dying …

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