Quinn Quimby

Quinn has been a FNAF fan since the early days of its first few games, quickly falling in love after it all but took over their elementary school. Growing up with FNAF fostered a love of the horror genre and story-based games that has absolutely shaped him as a person. When not giving an impassioned lecture about lore or the scrapped versions of Security Breach, she can often be found replaying Resident Evil 4 again or making video essays about some random topic. Quinn is nonbinary and uses any pronouns.

fnaf burntrap guide

FNAF Burntrap Guide

Throughout each of the Five Nights At Freddy’s games, we’ve all faced many harrowing threats. From robots built specifically for murdering children to a giant scooper removing your insides, we’ve seen it all. However, throughout all of these, there’s been one big, consistent baddie pulling the strings: William Afton. Afton is a character who keeps dying

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