Damien Freidly

Damien is a keen gamer and an esteemed writer within the industry, sharing his time equally between FNAFInsider and GameRant. His biggest passions within gaming usually sway towards all things spooky, and for that reason, FNAF is a game series that he holds near and dear. While he loves the gameplay, for the most part, it is the lore, and indeed the fan-fiction that has kept him engaged with the series this long, and he can't thank Scott Cawthorn enough!

FNAF Security Breach Glamrock Freddy Guide

FNAF Security Breach Glamrock Freddy Guide

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach took the FNAF franchise in a wildly different direction than its predecessors, giving Fazbear Entertainment a massive overhaul with a gigantic neon mall, free-roam gameplay, and a brand new cast of Glamrock Animatronics. Glamrock Freddy, also simply referred to as Freddy Fazbear in-game, is the star and lead singer

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