FNAF Security Breach Glamrock Freddy Guide

FNAF Security Breach Glamrock Freddy Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach took the FNAF franchise in a wildly different direction than its predecessors, giving Fazbear Entertainment a massive overhaul with a gigantic neon mall, free-roam gameplay, and a brand new cast of Glamrock Animatronics.

Glamrock Freddy, also simply referred to as Freddy Fazbear in-game, is the star and lead singer of the Mega Pizzaplex’s animatronic band as well as the mall’s main mascot. Unlike the rest of the killer animatronics in the series, however, Glamrock Freddy quickly becomes the player’s ally in Security Breach, though the exact reason for this is unknown even to him.

Bottom Line Up Front:

It’s unclear exactly why Glamrock Freddy is Gregory’s ally, but you’ll need to rely on him throughout the night if you want to survive until 6 am. You can hide in Freddy’s stomach hatch to avoid bots and call him to your location with the Fazwatch.

As the Pizzaplex’s main mascot, this strangely friendly Freddy Fazbear plays an important role in most of the game’s story and endings as well.

Appearance & Personality

FNAF Security Breach Glamrock Freddy
Image From Freddy Fazbears Pizza Fandom

Glamrock Freddy is a redesigned version of the old Freddy Fazbear animatronic, featuring glam rock-style paint and aesthetics. His design includes blue and red face paint, a lightning bolt, spikey bracelets, red shoulder pads, an earring, and leg warmers.

Like the rest of his new-and-improved bandmates, Glamrock Freddy has a sleeker overall appearance than most of the previous animatronic mascots in the series. Freddy and the other Glamrock Animatronics are strangely sentient and seem to have more complex personalities than previous iterations of the Fazbear band.

It’s possible that they have some kind of highly advanced A.I. that grants them the level of free will and emotional range they show throughout the night, but it’s also possible that they’re possessed.

Whatever the case may be, it seems that Glamrock Freddy and his friends’ personalities are somehow connected to their endoskeletons. During a scene in Parts & Service, Vanessa mentions scrapping Glamrock Freddy’s endoskeleton and putting his casing on a new one as a threat, which implies that it’s Freddy’s endo itself that makes him unique.

Unlike the other hostile animatronics that roam the Pizzaplex, Freddy is extremely friendly, optimistic, earnest, and caring—not only towards Gregory but towards the other animatronics as well, who he considers to be his close friends.

Freddy takes on a protective, almost fatherly role towards Gregory. He’s very agreeable and patient, even when dealing with adversity. Freddy notably misses Glamrock Bonnie and expresses emotional distress over his loss several times throughout the night.

Image From Freddy Fazbears Pizza Fandom

Freddy also expresses disbelief over the other animatronics’ hostility and claims that none of the bots in the Pizzaplex should be able to hurt a guest since it goes against their programming. However, Vanny was able to hack into the Pizzaplex’s system and glitch the other bots, presumably causing them to become violent towards Gregory.

Freddy is the only animatronic that Vanny was unable to hack, but it’s unclear exactly why. Freddy seems to want to be a good role model for Gregory, discouraging him from cheating at games and from hurting others. However, Freddy is still willing to break rules in order to help Gregory, such as taking him into the utility tunnels despite the fact that guests aren’t allowed and lying to Vanessa about Gregory’s whereabouts.

It’s unclear how much Freddy knows about the sinister situation occurring in the Pizzaplex, but he’s aware of the fact that children have been disappearing inside. While he denies that his friends truly want to hurt Gregory, he knows that Gregory is in real danger and does everything he can to help him escape.

Glamrock Freddy also has a very in-depth knowledge of the Pizzaplex and its operations, which comes in handy throughout the night. Not only does he help direct Gregory through the massive complex and its many puzzles, but he’s also able to use the Pizzaplex’s system to make buttons and devices accessible for Gregory to use.

He also makes strangely intelligent remarks about the Pizzaplex’s marketing campaigns and safety procedures, including the fact that he filed a formal complaint about the mall’s VIP-only fire escape.

Gameplay Mechanics

Freddy's Stomach To Hide

Throughout the night, players have to rely on Glamrock Freddy to survive the Pizzaplex’s various villains. You can hide in Freddy’s stomach hatch in order to escape most of the mall’s animatronics as well as Vanessa, but Vanny and the Daycare Attendant (AKA Moondrop) can pull you out of Freddy to attack.

Freddy’s battery doesn’t last very long, but you can recharge him by walking into any of the mall’s recharge stations. If Freddy runs out of power, he won’t be able to help you again until the start of the next hour. At the end of every hour, you’ll have to find a recharge station to escape Moondrop, who is set loose from the Daycare when the mall’s lights go off.

Fortunately, there are two battery upgrades for Freddy hidden in the Pizzaplex. The first can be found in the far back garage of Roxy Raceway tucked away under a shelf. The second is on a table near the vent by Salads & Sides. If you get separated from Freddy while exploring, you can call him with the Fazwatch.

However, he won’t be able to help you if he’s out of power, or if he’s in an area where your map doesn’t have a signal. While Freddy acts as your ally for the majority of the game, there are a few times that Freddy may kill you if you’re not careful.

If he runs out of power after you’ve already upgraded him in Parts & Service, he’ll attack you. He’ll also attack while you’re upgrading him if you fail to follow instructions carefully. Freddy can attack you while he’s being hacked by Burntrap as well.

Parts & Service Upgrades

As you face off against the other animatronics throughout the night, you’ll have the chance to upgrade Freddy in Parts & Service. Once you obtain a new upgrade part, you’ll have to play a Simon Says-style matching game similar to the minigames featured in Sister Location and Help Wanted. However, if you don’t follow instructions, Freddy will attack you.

Chica’s Voice Box

Chica’s Voice Box
Image From Five Nights At Freddy’s Fandom

After beating Fazerblast, Gregory will encounter Chica in the kitchen. You’ll have to bait her into the garbage compactor using Monty’s Mystery Mix, which can be found in the back room of the Bonnie Bowl ice cream parlor. Once you take Chica’s voice box and upgrade Freddy, he’ll be able to make a sound that stuns nearby animatronics.

Roxy’s Eyes

Roxy's Eyes

Once you find the Driver Assist Bot head and repair it in the West Arcade, you’ll be able to race on Roxy Raceway and claim Roxy’s eyes. With this upgrade, Freddy will be able to spot items through walls, making it easier to track down all of the mall’s gifts. Roxy’s eyes will also allow Freddy to see 16 Retro CDs hidden throughout the Pizzaplex, which you’ll need to reveal while piloting Freddy before you’re able to pick them up.

Monty’s Claws

Monty’s Claws
Image From Triple A Fasbear Fandom Fandom

Monty’s claws can be claimed once you beat him in the catwalks above Monty Golf, which you can reach through the Mazercize area once you’ve found the pass in the Daycare Theater. This upgrade allows Freddy to break through chained gates and access new areas of the mall.

In order to obtain Chica’s voice box and Monty’s claws, you’ll need a Party Pass to access the Fazerblast and Monty Golf attractions. Since you can only find one Party Pass before 6am, you can only get all three upgrades if you choose to stay in the mall and investigate at the end of the night.

At this point, Freddy will give you another Party Pass he found so you can explore whichever attraction you didn’t choose before.

Related Quests & Story

FNAF Security Breach
Image From FNAT Fandom

Since Glamrock Freddy acts as Gregory’s companion throughout most of the game, he plays an important role in Security Breach’s story, as well as several quests and objectives. At the beginning of the game, Freddy finds Gregory hiding in his stomach hatch after he mysteriously collapsed on stage during the intro sequence.

Once Gregory is able to free Freddy from his green room, Freddy carries him through the Pizzaplex’s utility tunnels to help him reach the exit. Unfortunately, they are unable to make it before the mall’s security doors close for the night, leaving Gregory trapped inside. Once Gregory makes it through the Daycare around 1 am, Freddy will, fortunately, be waiting just outside the doors.

You’ll have to jump into Freddy’s stomach hatch quickly to avoid being caught after the Daycare Attendant sounds the alarm. Gregory will have to hide in Freddy and make it to a recharge station to avoid being caught by Moondrop at the end of every hour for the rest of the game.

After escaping Vanny in Lost & Found, Gregory will find Freddy collapsed near Roxy Raceway. You’ll have to find a Backstage Pass in order to turn on the elevator at the main stage. Once you locate the Stage Control office during this section of the game, you’ll find an old Performance Disk inside with the security badge.

For reasons unknown, this will give Freddy a “second wind,” allowing him to make his way to your location to rescue you from the office. You’ll have to press the buttons in front of whichever monitors Freddy appears on so he can reach you.

Once you’ve reunited with Freddy, you’ll have to make your way to the main stage together. Unfortunately, he will be unable to carry you. You can reach Parts & Service by using the Performance Disk in the sound booth on the third floor of the Atrium. However, Moondrop will capture Freddy once you reach the nearby recharge station. In order to rescue him, you’ll need to find the Level 4 Security Pass in the Parts & Service security office.

Freddy will need his head reattached before he’s able to leave Parts & Service, so you’ll have to perform maintenance on him once you get inside. If you don’t follow instructions carefully, he’ll attack, and you’ll have to start the sequence over. After Freddy is back in working order, Gregory will suggest taking parts from the other animatronics to upgrade him, but Freddy refuses since he doesn’t want to hurt his friends.

Unfortunately for Freddy, you’ll dismantle one of the animatronics during the next few sections of the game despite his protests. You’ll face off against either Chica or Monty depending on which section of the mall you choose to explore next.

When you defeat them, you’ll be able to salvage Chica’s voice box or Monty’s claws to upgrade Freddy. Once you return to Parts & Service, you’ll have to play another matching game to complete the upgrade. After the first upgrade, you’ll be able to explore the Roxy Raceway and take Roxy’s eyes.

This second upgrade will allow Freddy to see new objects that were previously hidden, but it will be close to 6 am by this point in the game. Freddy will help you reach the exit, but you’ll have to choose to leave the Pizzaplex and end the game or stay and continue to investigate.


Warning: This section contains major spoilers for FNAF Security Breach.

First Ending

There are six different endings in FNAF Security Breach. If you choose to simply leave the mall when Freddy gives you the choice at 6 am, you’ll get the only one-star ending in the game. Gregory will escape only for Vanny to track him down later, and it’s unclear what becomes of Freddy in this ending.

If you completed the Fazerblast section and found Vanny’s hideout above this area, you’ll be given a “Vanny” option at 6 am. Choosing this option will allow you to confront Vanny in Fazerblast, but she’ll command the S.T.A.F.F. Bots to disassemble Freddy, making this ending another “bad ending.”

A third, similar ending can be unlocked if you collect all of the Golden plushies hidden around the Pizzaplex, including Golden Freddy, Golden Chica, Golden Monty, Golden Roxy, Golden Sun, and Golden Moon. Finding all six will allow you to escape through the Prize Counter VIP fire escape after 6 am.

Freddy will use a lighter built into his index finger to set the Pizzaplex on fire, at which point Vanny will confront him and Gregory on the roof. Freddy will grab her and jump from the roof, killing them both in order to save Gregory. If you reach Level 7 Security Clearance before 6 am, you can escape through the Loading Docks.

Gregory will steal one of the Pizzaplex’s vans to drive himself and Freddy towards the sunrise. Freddy’s battery will die shortly after, but after a quick zap from the van’s jumper cables, he’s able to return to working order.

True Ending
True Ending

While the game’s canon ending hasn’t been confirmed, many fans refer to the “Burntrap” ending as the “true ending.” After obtaining all three upgrades for Freddy, he and Gregory can explore a mysterious sinkhole beneath the Pizzaplex. Here, they find Burntrap, the latest incarnation of William Afton’s malice brought back to life by Vanny.

If you manage to survive Bunrtrap’s attacks, Gregory and Freddy will escape the mall together as it crumbles to the ground. The game ends with a scenic photo of the two of them sitting on a peaceful hill together, making this one of the game’s better endings. However, it’s unclear what becomes of Burntrap, Vanessa, and the Pizzaplex.

Security Breach’s best ending can only be unlocked if you find and beat all three Princess Quest arcade games. Once you do, the Pizzaplex’s bots will deactivate, and Vanny’s mask will be left on the ground. Gregory picks up Freddy’s head and takes it with him in a duffel bag, and the two of them escape with Vanessa, who has been freed from Glitchtrap’s control. The three of them are then shown on the hill eating ice cream together.

Key Quotes

  • “Showtime already?! I am experiencing a malfunction. The recharge cycle is not complete.”
  • “Way to go, superstar! I knew you could do it.”
  • “Do not worry, Gregory. Even if we are spotted, you are safe with me.”
  • “I feel you are broken… No, I feel that something is wrong. I am taking you to the first aid station.”
  • “You found the fire escape! Unfortunately, I do not think there is a way to reach it without becoming a VIP. It is not a very good emergency system. You are lucky there is not a fire! I have lodged a formal complaint.”
  • “There is no rabbit at the Mega Pizzaplex… Not anymore.”
  • “I want to help you. Maybe they want to help you too.”
  • “Gregory, those parts belong to my friends. I would never do anything to hurt them. There must be a good explanation. They are not capable of hurting a guest. None of us are. It would go against our programming.”
  • “‘Vanny.’ It is very similar to Vanessa… and also Bunny. That can not be a coincidence.”
  • “No, I cannot exit this facility. Without a recharge station, my systems would shut down within an hour. It is a safety precaution. It is my design. This is where I must stay. Do not return. It will never be safe. I will miss you.”
  • “Gregory, you have a choice to make. The door is open, and you can go. Or, you can continue to investigate the secrets of the Pizzaplex. I feel there is something else going on besides Vanny.”
  • “I have never been allowed in here before. This must be where I was born. Look at all the endos. They are all the same… Have I always been a Freddy? Am I Monty with a different shell? What if I am not the first Glamrock Freddy? Are there more of me at other pizzerias? Do we all feel the same? Am I special? If I am mass produced, am I still art?”
  • “I know what this is. I have been here before. She brought me here. I found myself for the first time when I cleared the path. I did not want to, but I had no choice. Now, I have a choice. I have changed. My friends are here. They are so angry… confused… but I can protect you. I AM NOT ME.”


Kellen Goff
Image of Kellen Goff From Hazbin Hotel Fandom
  • Glamrock Freddy is voiced by Kellen Goff, who also provided both voices of the Daycare Attendant. Goff also voices Funtime Freddy in Sister Location and Fredbear in Ultimate Custom Night.
  • Freddy’s voice is the default voice option for all of the Fazwatches.
  • Freddy’s stomach hatch is supposedly meant to hold party supplies like cakes and piñatas, but it’s notably large enough to fit a small child, which is reminiscent of the design of his more hostile predecessor, Funtime Freddy.
  • Glamrock Freddy has a programming bug that makes him unable to stop himself from dancing when he steps onto the dance floor of the West Arcade.
  • It’s possible that Freddy is programmed with some sort of first-aid response since he can detect when Gregory needs medical attention.
  • Freddy has a lighter built into his finger to light birthday cakes, but he is only ever shown to use it in one of the game’s six endings.
  • Glamrock Freddy’s stage performance in the intro sequence was inspired by Freddie Mercury’s performances and choreography.
  • For some reason, Freddy can’t see Vanny until he has been upgraded with Roxy’s eyes.


Question: Is Glamrock Freddy a good guy?

Answer: As far as we know, yes. Glamrock Freddy acts as Gregory’s ally throughout the entirety of FNAF Security Breach, and he only becomes hostile after he remarks that he is notably “not himself.” However, while the lore implications of this hostility are unclear, it’s also possible that Freddy’s attacks were mostly included to balance the game and add stakes to certain sections. Freddy promises Gregory that he’ll do everything in his power to help him escape, and he wants to protect his friends, so for the most part, it’s safe to say that Freddy is a good guy.

Question: Is Glamrock Freddy possessed?

Answer: It’s still unknown whether there are any spirits possessing the Glamrock Animatronics, including Glamrock Freddy. Some fans have speculated that these shiny new bots have advanced A.I. that gives them their quirky personalities, but others suspect that the Pizzaplex’s animatronics are possessed like their predecessors. There isn’t enough evidence to say for certain right now, but it’s possible that the new Ruin DLC will answer some of these questions.
One of the most popular theories about Glamrock Freddy is that he’s possessed by the spirit of Michael Afton, who was supposed to burn with Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place at the end of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. However, it seems that William Afton and the other animatronics that were lured to this location managed to survive in admittedly twisted ways, so it’s possible that Michael’s spirit was not released in the fire, either. It’s difficult to say for sure whether Michael Afton possesses Glamrock Freddy, but the theory does seem pretty plausible. Hopefully, the DLC or a future game will clear this up as well.

Question: Why is Glamrock Freddy helping Gregory?

Answer: Unfortunately, no one knows why Glamrock Freddy wants to help Gregory—not even Freddy. Apparently, none of the animatronics should be able to hurt a guest since it goes against their programming, but for some reason, Freddy is the only one who is not hostile towards Gregory. Throughout the game, Freddy expresses confusion about why his friends have become violent, and why he himself has not. It’s possible that this has something to do with Freddy’s “Safe Mode,” which he enters after his collapse on stage. This mode is never explained in-game, and it’s unclear if any of the other animatronics have it, or if it’s unique to Freddy. Regardless, we can only speculate about it for now.


FNAF Security Breach took the FNAF franchise in a new direction, and Glamrock Freddy’s desire to help rather than harm added a new layer of mystery to this horror story. However, you’ll be glad to have him around to get you out of trouble as you try to survive just one night in the Mega Pizzaplex.

It’s unclear whether or not we’ve seen the last of Glamrock Freddy, or which of Security Breach’s ending is the “true” ending, but it’s safe to say that this new-and-improved Freddy Fazbear is one of the friendliest Freddy in the franchise so far.

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