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Helpy FNAF Guide

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s series is full of fantastic animatronics, and Helpy is one of the most unique—and adorable—bots of the bunch. This toy-sized mascot made his first appearance in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator as a companion to the player, which sets him apart from the abundant killer bots that haunt the halls of Fazbear Entertainment.

After the release of Pizzeria Simulator, Helpy became a popular recurring character in the franchise’s more recent installments, charming many fans with his irresistible cuteness.

Bottom Line Up Front

Helpy was first introduced to act as the player’s companion and mascot in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, appearing in many of the game’s menus and minigames.

However, Helpy returns in Ultimate Custom Night as one of the many customizable antagonists that make surviving the night a challenge. Helpy was also the menu mascot in FNAF VR: Help Wanted, and he received a glam rock redesign for his latest appearance in FNAF Security Breach.

Description & Design

Helpy is one of the many bear animatronics that appears in Fazbear Entertainment’s long roster of robots, and his design is similar to many of the Freddy Fazbears that have come before him. Helps physical appearance seems to be based on the design of his predecessor from FNAF Sister Location, Funtime Freddy. Both animatronics share a similar plastic exterior and round, pink cheeks.

However, in addition to Helpy’s smaller size and chubbier features, this miniature mascot also seems to lack the murderous mechanics present in the Funtime Animatronics. His color scheme swaps Funtime Freddy’s pink for a similar purple hue, and he lacks Funtime Freddy’s moving face plates, speaker, Bonnie hand puppet, and endoskeleton wiring as well.

Helpy is also notably non-hostile and tends to lend the player a helping hand in most cases, as his name suggests. Ultimate Custom Night is the only game where Helpy appears as an antagonist, and his jumpscare is more of a distraction or annoyance than an actual threat.


Helpy FNAF Appearances

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

In his original appearance in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Helpy primarily appears in the game’s menu screens as you build and manage your pizzeria. He also helps playtest most of your attractions through a variety of minigames once you place them in the restaurant.

If you purchase attractions with high liability risks, Helpy will be there to handle your legal woes if your patrons sue you. You’ll have the option to either settle or challenge your lawsuits, but if you get stuck with a legal bill you can’t pay, your pizzeria will go bankrupt.

Receiving more than 10 lawsuits without meeting the requirements for the game’s true ending will cause your pizzeria to be blacklisted. While you’re working in your office, you can honk Helpy’s nose with a click.

As far as lore goes, it’s unclear exactly when Helpy was created—or why. He doesn’t appear in the FNAF timeline until the events of Pizzeria Simulator, which bookend the main story of the first six FNAF games, and his presence isn’t really elaborated on in FNAF 6 or any of the games that come after.

Since Helpy shares most of his design features with Funtime Freddy, some fans have speculated that both of them were created by William Afton, who was confirmed to be the designer of the Funtime Animatronics. Others have suggested that William’s business partner, Henry Emily, created Helpy specifically to assist the manager of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place.

Despite the fact that very little is known about him, however, Helpy has become one of the more popular characters from the franchise’s recent installments, inspiring plenty of theories, headcanons, fanart, and, of course, memes.

Ultimate Custom Night

In Ultimate Custom Night, Helpy joins the fray with 49 of the franchise’s other animatronics as a selectable antagonist. You can add Helpy to any custom game and adjust his difficulty setting, but he’s also included in several of the game’s preset modes, including “Bears Attack,” “Pay Attention,” and “Chaos.”

Ultimate Custom Night is the only game in the series in which Helpy has a jumpscare. If you don’t click on him quickly enough when he appears in your office, he’ll blow a loud air horn at you to attract any sound-activated animatronics in the restaurant.

Helpy appears at random when you close the monitor, so be ready to react as soon as you put the tablet down. Helpy’s jumpscare won’t kill you, but the blaring sound of his air horn will make surviving the other animatronics much harder, especially if Music Man and Lefty are in the building.

Help Wanted

Helpy FNAF Help Wanted

Helpy is the only character introduced in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator that appears in FNAF VR: Help Wanted. Just like his original appearance in FNAF 6, Helpy is the mascot featured in the selection menus in Help Wanted as well, so you’ll see him most when you’re picking a virtual experience in the main hub area.

Helpy is also a purchasable item that can be claimed from the Prize Counter in exchange for 25 Faz-Tokens. He’s the most expensive prize listed at the counter, but there are a total of 30 Faz-Tokens in the game, so you don’t need to collect every single one to unlock him.

However, there’s a special prize for finding all 30 tokens in the game, and I’d say the reward is more than worth the time it takes to track down the five remaining Faz-Tokens. Very rarely, Helpy will appear on the desk to give you a clue about the secret button on the side of the game selection monitor. Aside from this helpful hint, however, he doesn’t affect the gameplay.

Much like the Helpy in the office of Pizzeria Simulator, FNAF VR’s mysterious Easter egg Helpy doesn’t seem to be a moving animatronic, suggesting that he could be a toy. In the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, there are several cutouts of Helpy in Foxy’s Pirate Ride that will guide you towards secret areas if you shoot them while they’re pointing in the correct direction.

Security Breach

In FNAF Security Breach, Helpy returns with a new glam rock makeover, along with several other familiar animatronics from previous games. Instead of a white and purple exterior, Glamrock Helpy has a blue torso and legs, as well as a new lightning-shaped bowtie reminiscent of the lightning bolt on Glamrock Freddy’s chest.

Helpy makes cameo appearances throughout the Pizzaplex, and he seems to be something of a mascot for the Pizzaplex staff in Security Breach. He mostly appears on posters offering important safety information for both employees and patrons.

Helpy’s most important job in Security Breach, however, is helping the player save their progress at the Pizzaplex’s Helpy-themed save stations.

You’ll be vulnerable to animatronics during the time it takes to save your game, though, so don’t forget to keep an eye on your surroundings. If the save stations go offline, they’ll depict an error screen that features a pretty distraught-looking Helpy.


Helpy FNAF Guide: Helpy FNAF Trivia

  • Helpy is a very cheerful animatronic, and in FNAF 6, he’s often shown dancing, leaping for joy, and grinning broadly to help celebrate the player’s actions and achievements.
  • Since Helpy’s jumpscare can’t kill you in Ultimate Custom Night, he does not have any voice lines.
  • In the official artwork for FNAF Security Breach, Helpy is depicted holding a tambourine. In another piece of promotional art for the game, he’s depicted in punk fashion with piercings and a studded leather jacket featuring a variety of colorful Fazbear pins and patches.
  • Since the release of Security Breach, Helpy has also been used as a representative for the Steel Wool team in promotional images released to update players about game patches and issue resolution.


Question: Is Helpy the Same as Funtime Freddy?

Answer: Helpy and Funtime Freddy are different animatronics, but their designs are incredibly similar. Some fans have speculated that Helpy was based on Funtime Freddy’s design, while others theorize that he was a toy prototype of Funtime Freddy that lacked the latter version’s more “interesting” design choices.
Helpy’s exact origins are unknown, so it’s hard to say for sure which came first, or if they were both designed by William Afton in the first place.

Question: Is Helpy a Real Animatronic?

Answer: Helpy is one of the more unique characters in Fazbear Entertainment’s ever-increasing roster of robots, which makes it difficult to determine what he actually is.
While Helpy shares traits with other animatronic characters, he notably lacks an endoskeleton, and he looks much more toy-like than robotic. He also seems to be pretty fragile as he breaks any time he hits the ground during a playtest minigame.
Since Helpy’s lore is so vague, however, fans have had plenty of fun coming up with theories, headcanons, and memes to explain Helpy’s place in the series.

Question: What are Some of the Best Helpy Headcanons?

Answer: There are tons of headcanons about Helpy that have been tossed around online—most of which are entirely comedic, or fall heavily into the realm of: “that would be really cool though, wouldn’t it?”
One of my personal favorites is the idea that Helpy is Henry Emily—or that he, like the Crying Child’s Fredbear plush from FNAF 4, is installed with surveillance equipment that allows Henry to monitor Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place from the “nearby” location he mentions in the game’s true ending.
Some fans speculate that Helpy is Michael Afton, or some kind of representation of him since Michael is most likely the player character of FNAF 6 as well. Others say that Helpy could represent the player, or even that Helpy only exists to the player and is not a real animatronic in-universe after all.
No matter what the truth may be, however, Helpy’s happy demeanor and chubby-cheeked charm make it easy to see why he’s one of the franchise’s most lovable characters.

Helpy FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Despite being introduced late in the series, Helpy has quickly become one of the most beloved characters in Five Nights at Freddy’s, appearing in nearly every game released after his first appearance in FNAF 6. Not much is known about Helpy’s lore, but fans have been quick to fill in the gaps of his story with plenty of ideas of their own.

In a franchise filled with killer bots and vengeful spirits, Helpy stands out in the best way possible, giving players an adorable companion to help them face the terror of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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