Music Man FNAF Guide

Music Man FNAF Guide

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There have been plenty of animatronics added to the ever-expanding roster of Five Nights at Freddy’s characters since the release of the first game in 2014, but few have been quite as special as the now-famous music man. This mysterious animatronic is a bit of a misfit—even amongst FNAF’s cast of oddball characters—and while his origins are ultimately unclear, it took next to no time for fans to add him to the ranks of the series’ beloved bots.

Between his unique design, upbeat demeanor, and his introduction as one of FNAF 6’s non-hostile animatronics, it’s easy to see how Music Man quickly made his way into the hearts and meme-making minds of FNAF fans everywhere.

Bottom Line Up Front:

Music Man made his debut in the sixth canon installment in the franchise, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. Despite his late introduction, he quickly became a fan favorite, and he has returned for several more recent games since the release of FNAF 6.

Music Man appeared in Ultimate Custom Night as one of the game’s many hostile antagonists, giving players the additional challenge of keeping the office quiet to avoid his jumpscare.

In FNAF Security Breach, Music Man reappeared with two brand new redesigns that featured him not only as the Mega Pizzaplex’s larger-than-life DJ, but also as a tiny wind-up toy that crawls through the vents to chase Gregory.

Description & Overview

Music Man FNAF guide: the looks

Music Man has one of the most unique animatronic designs in the FNAF series, and he doesn’t exactly fit into either of the “animal” or “humanoid” categories that classify most of the franchise’s animatronics that came before him.

His six jointed, spindly legs give him a spider-like appearance, and his face is more blank and rigid than many of the other characters introduced so far. Music Man carries a pair of symbols in his hands, which he plays while he’s on stage in Pizzeria Simulator. He also crashes them together to warn you of his impending jumpscare in Ultimate Custom Night.

Music Man shares several design elements with the Funtime Animatronics, including their typical pink-and-white color scheme, round cheeks, and torso speakers. However, he lacks their moving face plates, and the strange shape of his body and head make it difficult to tell what his endoskeleton looks like, especially in comparison to those of the tube-filled Funtimes.

In Ultimate Custom Night, Music Man’s voice is boisterous to the point of sounding near-hysteric, which is similar to the voice of Funtime Freddy, though notably much less erratic and sadistic. Music Man’s voice lines are also accompanied by his own percussive background music, making him one of the few animatronics to play an additional sound when he kills you.


Music Man FNAF Appearances

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

In his first appearance in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Music Man is classified as a heavy animatronic that can be purchased from the Rare Finds Auction catalog for $19,000. While he has a high entertainment value, he also comes with a small liability risk that can increase if he’s purchased in terrible condition.

In this condition, Music Man can also be listed as having something undesirable inside, but it’s unclear what exactly is hiding in that suspiciously-designed Funtime torso. There’s also a chance of fishing him out of the Ballpit Tower when you playtest it, which will allow you to add Music Man to your restaurant’s animatronic band for free.

Once you obtain Music Man, you can place him on a show stage to have him perform in the pizzeria. Placing him on the stage with both Funtime Chica and El Chip will unlock the Posh Pizzeria achievement. Like the rest of the purchasable animatronics in Pizzeria Simulator, Music Man is non-hostile and won’t appear in your vents or office to attack you as the salvageable animatronics do throughout the week.

Ultimate Custom Night

When Ultimate Custom Night was released a few months after Pizzeria Simulator, Music Man was listed among the 50 selectable antagonists that returned for round after round of horrible revenge. Music Man is also featured in a variety of the game’s preset challenge modes, including “Pay Attention,” “Creepy Crawlies,” “Nightmares Attack,” and “Chaos.”

Music Man is one of only two sound-activated animatronics in the game (the other being Lefty), and he’s apparently standing right behind you at all times. Unfortunately, several animatronics can cause audio disturbances in the office, including Mangle, Phantom Mangle, BB, JJ, Trash & the Gang, Helpy, and Phone Guy.

The sounds they make will activate and aggravate Music Man, and he’ll become increasingly irritated as long as the noise continues. You’ll hear his cymbals become more and more frantic until he finally jumpscares you, but you can calm him back down by keeping the office as quiet as possible.

Like most of the other hostile animatronics in the game, Music Man has a variety of different voice lines that play at random if he kills you. He is voiced by Matthew Curtis. Interestingly enough, Music Man’s jumpscare features the original jumpscare sound effect from FNAF 1 rather than the sound effect that the other bots from Pizzeria Simulator use.

Security Breach

Music Man FNAF Security Breach

FNAF Security Breach gave Fazbear Entertainment a massive neon overhaul, complete with two brand new redesigns for Music Man: DJ Music Man and Lil’ Music Man. Lil’ Music Man is visually very similar to the original version of Music Man from FNAF 6, aside from the fact that he’s significantly smaller, more damaged, and has a wind-up key sticking out of his back.

According to an in-game message from Vanessa, Lil’ Music Man was one of several toy prototypes that were being kept in a display case in Rockstar Row. Lil’ Music Man will chase you through the Pizzaplex’s vents, so you’ll have to sprint through to escape unscathed when you hear his music box start to play behind you.

However, your stamina will most likely run out before you can make it out of the vents, so you’ll have to pace yourself as you clamber through. If you run out of stamina mid-chase and are unable to sprint until it recharges, Lil’ Music Man will almost certainly catch you.

DJ Music Man, on the other hand, has gotten a complete makeover since Pizzeria Simulator, featuring a drastically different body to match his new, massive size. While he still only has six legs, his overall shape is much more spider-like, and he wears big, white gloves on every hand.

His rigid rows of teeth now feature additional black keys to imitate the arrangement of a piano, and he wears a pair of large headphones that he holds while spinning discs at his turntable in the West Arcade. DJ Music Man is one of the largest animatronics in the franchise so far. The only other animatronic that’s comparable in size is the Blob, which was also introduced in Security Breach.

DJ Music Man Boss Guide

DJ Music Man Boss Guide

DJ Music Man is the only animatronic in Security Breach that never leaves his designated boss area, so he’s only a problem when Gregory has to visit the West Arcade around 5:00am.

However, as one of the game’s biggest bosses, he’s a massive threat in more ways than one. Despite the fact that Glamrock Freddy thinks of him as a “nice fellow,” DJ Music Man isn’t so friendly once the arcade’s power reset causes him to boot up in his experimental “bouncer mode.”

Once you flip the first breaker switch in the bathroom near the dance floor, DJ Music Man will try to grab you through the door. You’ll have to sprint through whichever door he isn’t reaching through to dodge him and escape.

Glamrock Chica will also be prowling around the arcade as you reset the breakers, and the area will be full of patrolling Security Bots that will alert her if they catch you. After all three breakers have been reset, you’ll have to make your way to the end of the arcade maintenance hallway to flip one final switch for a software update.

However, DJ Music Man will emerge from the huge, conspicuous hole in the wall and chase you one final time. He’ll cause obstacles to crash in your path as you run, so book it as fast as you can, and don’t risk looking back.

There are several items and secrets in the maintenance hallway, so I’d recommend either sweeping the area before activating the boss fight or returning once it’s over to dig around for anything you may have missed during the chase.

Unfortunately, Glamrock Freddy won’t be able to accompany you into this part of the Pizzaplex since his programming makes it impossible for him to stop himself from dancing when he’s on the arcade’s dance floor.

As such, you won’t be able to rely on him to rescue you from DJ Music Man or any of the other bots in the West Arcade. Once you reset all of the breakers in the area, however, DJ Music Man will return to his turntables and remain non-hostile for the rest of the night.

Notable Quotes & Messages

Music Man Notable Quotes & Messages

“Hey! Keep it down, would ya?” -UCN

“You and I will be making music together for a long, long time!” -UCN

“You hear that? It’s the sweet, sweet sound of your eternal silence.” -UCN

“ULTIMATE PARTY HOST – Congratulations on your installation of the new and improved DJMM. The DJMM features eons of musical enjoyment using a patented technique called ‘improv’ (royalty free!).

No two songs are ever the same. Save a fortune on cleanup! Using a series of connected tubes, the DJMM can run cleaning routines between set lists.

If the need ever arises, activate the new ‘bouncer mode.’ (Warning: Bouncer mode still under development. Use of the bouncer mode will void your warranty.)” –Security Breach message

“SECURITY REPORT – Well somehow someone broke into a Rockstar Row display case and stole the wind up toy Music Man prototypes. The case was smashed and there’s glass on the floor but no sign of a break in.

Nothing else seems to be missing. I have absolutely no idea how they got into the building and there’s nothing on the security footage. Now what should I do? Should I call the police and report a break in? – Vanessa” –Security Breach message


Question: Is Music Man in FNAF 1?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Music Man was not introduced to the FNAF series until Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, which is the sixth game in the core series.
However, since Music Man mysteriously uses the FNAF 1 jumpscare sound effect in Ultimate Custom Night instead of the same sound effect the rest of the Pizzeria Simulator animatronics in the game use, some fan theories (and memes) have been tossed around about Music Man secretly being in the FNAF franchise all along.
As much as we’d all like for that to be the case, however, Music Man does not actually appear in FNAF 1.

Question: Are DJ Music Man/Lil’ Music Man Different than the Original Music Man?

Answer: Yes; Steel Wool has made it clear that DJ Music Man is meant to be a distinct version of Music Man. He’s a counterpart animatronic to the original Music Man, much like Toy Freddy and Funtime Freddy are distinct counterparts to the original Freddy Fazbear.
While the studio hasn’t confirmed anything regarding Lil’ Music Man, it’s likely that this miniature menace is also classified in a similar manner.
Notably, the game files list Lil’ Music Man as “Lil’ DJ Music Man,” which could imply that this tiny toy prototype is specifically an iteration of the mall’s massive DJ rather than the Music Man from Pizzeria Simulator. As far as design goes, however, Lil’ Music Man looks a lot more like the original Music Man than DJ Music Man.

Question: Who Designed DJ Music Man?

Answer: Steel Wool artist Lau Rogers came up with the redesign concept for DJ Music Man. According to a post they made on Twitter, they were tasked with making Music Man “a DJ and also the worst thing you’ve ever seen.” Needless to say, their design exceeded expectations in every way.

Music Man FNAF Guide: Conclusion

As Five Nights at Freddy’s has grown and shifted over the last several years, so has the list of animatronic characters that become the frightening faces of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Music Man and many of the other bots added to the series in Pizzeria Simulator have become fast fan favorites, and I’m always impressed with the FNAF’s franchise’s ability to introduce new characters that quickly find their place in the spotlight without being overshadowed by the incredible cast that came before them.

Fortunately, it seems that Steel Wool still has big plans for Music Man, so it’s likely that we’ll be seeing him again—perhaps even as early as the first Security Breach DLC.

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