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Amazing FNAF Costume Ideas

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If you’re anything like me, it seems like Halloween is fast-approaching at any time of year. The whimsical joy of costumes, candy, and all things creepy can’t be contained within a single month, and if you want to create a really good costume, it’s best to get a head start, anyway.

Fortunately for those of us who love Five Nights at Freddy’s, the fantasy and fun of our favorite indie horror franchise really can make it feel like Halloween every day.

Five Nights at Freddy’s has a lot of potential for Halloween, trick-or-treat, or similar costume-required events. Between the terrifying animatronic designs, classic 2014-style indie horror aesthetics, and dozens of terrifying costumes that already exist in the series’ canon, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in this weird and wonderful franchise.

No matter your budget, deadlines, or DIY skill level, these ideas will help you pull together a FNAF costume that’s an even bigger show-stopper than Freddy’s on-stage breakdown in Security Breach.

The Bottom Line – Quick & Easy FNAF Costume Checklist

  • Animal ears & makeup
  • Solid color shirt / outfit / wig
  • Bowtie (Freddy & Bonnie)
  • Top hat (Freddy)
  • Rabbit ears (Bonnie)
  • “Let’s Eat” shirt/bib (Chica)
  • Eyepatch & pirate costume pieces (Foxy)
  • Security guard uniform (FNAF night guard, William “Purple Guy” Afton, Mike Afton, or Vanessa)

Costumer’s Pick: Michael Afton

FNAF Costume Ideas: michael afton cosplay

It’s hard to pick favorites when it comes to FNAF costumes, but Michael Afton stays consistently at the top of my list more than all the rest. Between his decades-long character arc and the numerous body horror experiences he has along the way, there’s a ton of inspiration to be found in his narrative that’s ideal for Halloween and other scary costumes.

This incredible Michael Afton cosplay by u/nonbinate on Reddit is a perfect example.

I love costumes that tell a story, and Michael Afton is basically one big field day in that regard. There are a million different ways you can interpret FNAF’s twisted narrative through costume design, especially considering the way the games themselves use Michael’s body to evoke horror throughout the series.

Over the span of his story, Michael Afton stars as a security guard, an animatronic technician/maintenance worker/janitor, a zombified purple guy with a haunted robot puppeteering him from within, an overly-thrifty franchise manager, and—depending on your opinions about FNAF lore—either an angsty teen or crying child.

The fact that Michael has been canonically mistaken for the series’ overarching antagonist due to their family resemblance is like a gift to narrative-happy costume designers sent directly from the developer with a big red ribbon on top.

Of course, you don’t have to tell a story with your costume to get it to stand out. Still, I do recommend giving it a try sometime, especially if you’re stuck or can’t find the right inspiration for your own costume. Not only is it lots of fun, but it can really help you create a cohesive look that’s effective enough to appear in the nightmares of your friends and fellow party-goers!

Top 6 Easy FNAF Costume Ideas

While there are some official Five Nights at Freddy’s costumes and masks available from retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, it’s actually very easy to make a good FNAF costume with generic or handmade pieces. For context, I’ve spent a few seasons working at Halloween stores, so most of these recommendations are things you should be able to find with one trip around your local costume shop.

Still, if you’re looking to really bring a show-stopper to your next costumed event, these basic FNAF costume ideas are also very easy to build on and customize. The sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

Freddy Fazbear

FNAF Costume Ideas: freddy

He’s been the face of Fazbear Entertainment since the very beginning—the one, the only: Freddy Fazbear! Not only is this classic brown bear the franchise’s titular character, but it’s also very easy to dress up as him for Halloween.

Not only can you find plenty of bear and teddy bear costumes already pre-made, but a simple set of ears, bowtie, and top hat is often enough to bring Freddy to life.

This Freddy Fazbear by lovaeji on TikTok really shows how some well-applied makeup and color-coordinated costume pieces can come together to create an excellent look. The fake teeth really sell this one, too.

There are always ways to incorporate a lot of your own personal sense of style into your costume, too. Take this Freddy Fazbear by u/LeapingLizardCosplay on Reddit, for example. This is a fun, completely unique look that makes Freddy look more than ready for the next big show.

If you want to get a little more crafty with your costume, this awesome Freddy Fazbear by Okashi-Ryu on Deviantart is great inspiration for an effective foam or cardstock mask. Masks with this shape and structure can easily be made to move with your jaw when attached with spirit gum or washable glue.

Costumer’s TipDon’t forget to do a skin test on your arm or hand to make sure you’re not allergic to any makeup or adhesive products!

Freddy Costume Checklist

  • Bear ears/headband
  • Black top hat
  • Black bowtie
  • Brown shirt/bear costume/onesie
  • Brown wig (optional)
  • Prop microphone (optional)

Hard Mode: Dreadbear Costume Ideas

Fortunately, since Freddy has been imagined and reimagined so many times throughout the franchise, there’s plenty of inspiration to find within the series itself! One of my favorite Halloween-inspired Freddy designs is Dreadbear from FNAF VR: Help Wanted, which interprets Freddy/”Fredbear” as a Franken-bear whose brain you have to program yourself.

This look will likely require some special effects makeup to pull off, but fortunately, there are tons of Frankenstein and Frankenstein-inspired looks and tutorials online. Your Dreadbear costume can be as Freddy or Franken as you want, so don’t be afraid to play around with different makeup looks to find the blend that you like best!

Bonnie the Bunny

Bonnie the Bunny

Bonnie has a special place in the FNAF franchise, not only as the animatronic of choice for masquerading murderers in the series’ lore, but also as the first and only animatronic to give the game’s developer nightmares of his own. There’s something undeniably creepy about his vague, blank stare—but that makes him a great choice for a FNAF costume, too!

Like Freddy, there are tons of great Bonnie costumes that can be created with makeup and well-coordinated clothes and accessories, just like @NightCove_theFox’s OG Bonnie on Twitter.

Of course, there are plenty of canon and canon-inspired ways to make everyone’s favorite bunny even more terrifying. This Twisted Bonnie by HazyCosplayer on Deviantart is some real FNAF novel-inspired nightmare fuel that’s perfect for a Halloween makeup look, as is this latex-and-tissue Withered Bonnie makeup look by Ami1987 on Amino.

withered bonnie

If you’re a better costumer than me, you could even try your hand at something a bit more lifelike, such as this Bonnie animatronic suit by Lightning Grace on YouTube.

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how much work this must have taken to create, but with enough skill, determination, and years of experience, it seems anything truly is possible! If you have any robotics experience, you could create a cool set of moving ears or a light-up mask that would really bring your look to life.

Bonnie Costume Checklist

  • Blue rabbit ears/headband
  • Red bowtie
  • Blue shirt/rabbit onesie
  • Blue wig (optional)
  • Prop red guitar (optional)

Hard Mode: Springtrap Costume Ideas

Springtrap—previously known as “Spring Bonnie”—has been a fan-favorite animatronic of the series since his introduction in FNAF 3. He’s got it all: the creepy movements, the sinister intelligence, and the rotting robotic body that literally just won’t quit no matter how many times we try to burn him.

Springtrap is also one of my personal favorite Halloween looks to break out for a night of thrills, chills, and haunted house-style antics. If they ever make a real-life Fazbear Frights attraction, I’ll be first in line to audition regardless of the fire hazards.

My favorite thing about Springtrap costumes is the sheer potential for different looks you can create from his absolutely horrific design—and even more horrifying character arc.

If you’re not familiar with FNAF lore, this may come as a spoiler, so readers beware: The Springtrap animatronic is possessed by the corpse of the serial murderer that transformed the Fazbear franchise into a twisted nightmare in the first place. As such, Springtrap has the depth of character required to inspire an infinite amount of haunting Halloween costumes.

springtrap cosplay

You could create a zombified/humanized version of him like this amazing Springtrap cosplay by @MylCreates on Twitter, a full-body Glitchtrap suit like the incredible Andiematronic’s, or my own most recent abomination that I’ll be wearing to my friends’ annual Halloween drag ball this year: Sexy Springtrap.

The only limit is your own imagination, so get crazy with it!

Chica the Chicken

As much as I love Chica, she’s my least favorite animatronic of the core four to actually deal with in-game. I’ve suffered the most jumpscares from her, mostly because her beaked (or un-beaked) face always startles me whether I see her coming down the hall ahead of time or not.

Still, that jumpscare potential makes for great Halloween costumes, especially if you’re looking to create a specifically scary look—though there are plenty of ways to make her look much sweeter if that’s more your style.

springtrap cosplay

While her Puppet makeup is among my favorite FNAF looks of all time, iHasCupquake on YouTube has a great Chica makeup and costume tutorial that’s simple, fun, and perfect for Halloween.

You can also get a little more nightmarish with your Chica costume, just like this Nightmare Chica cosplay by u/GioAugust on Reddit. The creative use of mismatched color contacts and false teeth make this costume especially creepy!

On the other hand, this incredibly sweet Chica look by n0izx on Amino brings out another side of her character entirely. Chica’s spirit was just looking for her dog, after all.

Chica Costume Checklist

  • Yellow shirt/leotard
  • “Let’s Eat!!!” bib/shirt
  • Beak/makeup
  • Yellow wig (optional)
  • Yellow/pink/white tutu (optional)
  • Orange tights/stockings (optional)
  • Feather boa (optional)

Hard Mode: Toy Chica Costume Ideas

I’ll agree that FNAF 2’s Toy Chica isn’t scary at all when she appears in the game’s menus or on the show stage. However, once she’s out and about at night, her beak comes off, leaving a gaping animatronic maw that looks more than ready to bite a frontal lobe or two.

I love CryH0g’s use of fake nails to create the look of Toy Chica’s removed beak in this creepy Toy Chica cosplay. This technique would look especially impressive in the dark thanks to the reflection of the silver nail polish. Costumes with “moving parts” are so much fun to create and wear, and Toy Chica’s removable (and, apparently, very lore-relevant) beak would be great inspiration for a costume with a built-in “reveal.”

You can really get creative with the makeup underneath the beak to make her look as nightmarish as you want once it comes off. I’d recommend getting a larger costume duck bill that covers most of the lower half of your face for this look, but you could also use a printed or shaped face mask.

If Toy Chica isn’t quite the style you’re after, Glamrock Chica’s beak gets pretty smashed up in FNAF Security Breach as well. If you’re looking for a more vibrant, 80s-style costume with a similar reveal effect, “shattered” Glamrock Chica is the way to go. Check out makeup tutorials for broken/possessed dolls if you’re stuck!

Foxy the Pirate

Foxy is by far one of my favorite animatronics in the entire franchise (second only to Mr. Hippo, obviously), but he’s also one of my favorite sources of inspiration for creative FNAF costumes.

Not only is it easy to dress up as Foxy, but it’s even easier to create a fun, unique costume of him using pretty much any pirate or vaguely pirate-related pieces you can find.

If you already have a pirate costume that you’ve worn for a previous Halloween or Renaissance Faire, now’s the perfect time to break it out again!

Captain Foxy cosplay 

This impressive Captain Foxy cosplay by u/Just_Another_Railfan on Reddit is an excellent example deserving of its own theme-park pirate ride, but you also could make a much simpler version with fox ears and makeup rather than a full Foxy costume head.

The great thing about Foxy’s pirate aesthetic is that it’s incredibly versatile, giving you the freedom to pull off some great looks like this Foxy cosplay by @pic4fresa on TikTok. I love all the different pirate pieces incorporated into this costume and how they work together, but you could just as easily swap any of them for things that fit your own sense of style to create something unique.

Foxy Costume Checklist

  • Fox ears/headband
  • Pirate eyepatch
  • Red shirt/pirate shirt
  • Torn brown pants (optional)
  • Hook hand (optional)
  • Pirate coat/costume (optional)

Hard Mode: FNAF 4 Foxybro Costume Ideas

I put Foxybro from FNAF 4 under “Hard Mode” for two reasons: a) it can be hard to make this costume recognizable, especially if you’ll be partying with people who aren’t as familiar with the franchise, and b) depending on how crafty you want to get with the mask, this one can be a real challenge.

Foxybro can be a very simple costume if you choose to buy an official or handmade Foxy mask online or in stores. You can also craft a simple, effective mask with paper or cardboard, or you can use a paintable mask as your base and add the ears and snout with cardstock, foam, or paper mache. Really, the difficulty of this costume is whatever you want to make it.

Of course, you could always do what I’m doing for my Foxybro costume and sculpt a full Foxy costume mask with foam, hot glue, and the ghosts of your questionable crafting choices to haunt you the entire time. I’m having the time of my life, but if you’ve worked with hot glue… you know.

I mentioned this video before, but Andiematronic’s amazing Spring Bonnie/Glitchtrap suit tutorial was my biggest inspiration for this project.

This look offers an almost uncanny blend of cartoon and lifelike aesthetics that really make Andie’s Glitchtrap costume look like it stepped straight out of VR. Since the Foxy mask is the only recognizable part of Foxybro’s character design, I wanted to challenge myself to make something a little more lifelike for his costume, too.

I haven’t done much work sculpting foam before, but if you have the time and patience to experiment with it, it’s actually a lot of fun! Just don’t try to whip up a realistic Foxy mask in one weekend—this one may take you several attempts, especially if you’re a beginner foam-crafter like me.

Aside from the mask, however, all you need for this costume is a gray tank top and denim shorts.

Security Guard

Security Guard

The FNAF Security Guard has been one of the most classic FNAF-inspired Halloween costumes and cosplays since the franchise’s earliest days. Fortunately, it’s also a very simple costume to put together. You can buy generic security guard uniforms and costumes at a variety of retailers, but it’s just as easy to create this look with a basic button-up shirt and black slacks or jeans.

All you really need is a security hat, a badge, and a good Fazbear employee’s “genuine disregard for instinctive self-preservation.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of security guards in the FNAF universe that you can use to inspire your costume. Characters like William Afton, Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, and Fritz Smith are never given in-game appearances, giving you the creative freedom to come up with your own costume ideas.

t cOsPlaza’s Purple Guy cosplay

Of course, few security guards have the same charm and personality as the classic Purple Guy costume from way back before we even knew our killer’s name. Take one look at cOsPlaza’s Purple Guy cosplay, and you’ll see exactly why this fun costume is such a popular pick.

Now that FNAF Security Breach has finally introduced a security guard with an actual in-game model to the series, Vanessa A. is another great candidate for FNAF costumes. @LifeOfCosplay on Twitter does a great job of showcasing our newest night guard’s unique personality with this awesome Vanessa cosplayJust watch out for that villainous alter ego, and you should be fine!

FNAF Security Guard Costume Checklist

  • Security guard costume/uniform -OR- button-up shirt & black pants
  • Security guard hat
  • Security guard badge
  • Nametag (optional)
  • Blonde ponytail wig (for Vanessa costumes)

Costumer’s Tip: For a quick, easy, and authentic-looking FNAF guard badge, get a security lanyard with a transparent badge attachment and print a custom Fazbear ID card to put inside. Adding FNAF pins and buttons to the lanyard will make your costume stand out even more!

There are generic templates and generators for ID cards online, but you can also make your own badge with any image editing software you’re comfortable using. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to look high-quality—with Fazbear Entertainment’s suspiciously high turnaround rates, I wouldn’t really expect them to invest in good, long-lasting employee IDs.

Hard Mode: Phone Guy Costume

If you’re looking for a FNAF Security Guard costume that’s classic, creative, and lets you show off some serious above-and-beyond crafting skills, Phone Guy is a great costume option for you.

Since Phone Guy isn’t given a canon appearance in the FNAF series, a lot of fan artists and cosplayers will depict him with a rotary phone for a head instead. As such, a phone object-head is a fun, unique piece that you can add to any security guard costume.

While this isn’t a look I’ve personally pulled off, stArT has a great Phone Guy object-head process video that uses accessible materials and looks amazing!

If you’re looking for a modern version of this security guard idea inspired by the franchise’s more recent installments, you could make a Vanny mask or foam head to wear over your Vanessa costume instead.

The Puppet

The Puppet

The Puppet is an excellent choice for a FNAF costume. Between its terrifying grin, tear-stained cheeks, and marionette-like movements, the Puppet falls into the category of “creepy doll” costumes that can make you shudder whether you know which franchise it comes from or not.

My favorite Puppet looks are those that really lean into that creepy doll aesthetic, like this Charlie/Puppet cosplay created by @iforselener on TikTok. I also love this true-to-model Puppet cosplay by AshLeiTikTok on Deviantart. It certainly goes to show how effectively horrific a relatively simple character design can be!

Puppet Costume Checklist

  • Black morphsuit/full-body tights & cloth mask
  • Black-and-white striped socks & gloves
  • White paintable mask/Puppet makeup

Nightmare Mode: Nightmarionne Costume Ideas

Nightmarionne takes the Puppet’s scare-factor and raises it exponentially, as its terrifying name might suggest. If you played the Halloween DLC for FNAF 4, you know this thing lives up to it, too.

Nightmarionne is a literal nightmare version of the Puppet. While it’s not technically a real animatronic in-universe, it certainly feels real enough when its glowing eyes, bared teeth, and exposed ribcage show up in the hallway to jumpscare you.

All of these things would make for an excellent FNAF costume, but it would most likely take some higher-level DIY skills to create, not to mention some serious elbow grease.

You can add your own spin to this costume by adding black slime or webbing, more bones or body horror, or whatever else you can think of that has the potential to haunt your dreams for weeks to come.

I’ll be honest—this isn’t a look I would attempt to pull off myself at my current skill level, so I can only really toss around ideas about it for now. However, if you’re feeling bold, determined, and crafty enough to try it, William Jakespeare’s ALIEN costume uses a great method for making costume ribs out of foam and clay.


Question: Which version of my FNAF character should I choose for my costume?

Answer: With all the different animatronics, canon redesigns, and creative potential for new spins on each character in Five Nights at Freddy’s creepy cast, there are unlimited ways to make your FNAF stand out from the crowd.

If the classic versions of the animatronic costumes listed here don’t appeal to you, there are always a variety of versions waiting in the wings. The Toy, Phantom, Nightmare, Funtime, and Glamrock Animatronics are there to inspire you from every inch of FNAF’s extensive lore.

You can always come up with your own redesigns and interpretations, too. It might be fun to give some of the other animatronics the “Dreadbear” treatment and reimagine them as classic Halloween monsters for your costume!

Question: How do I make my FNAF costume more horrific?

Answer: As far as special effects and Halloween-style horror goes, there are few things more effective than fake blood. I love using blood squibs for costumes and stage effects, so I may be a little biased here, but I do think it’s one of the easiest ways to make any look inherently more horrific. There’s something very visceral about the look of blood that’s hard to replicate.

Whether you’re dressed as a murderous animatronic, a serial killer security guard, or a zombified purple guy, a little bit of fake blood can go a long way. Of course, a lot of fake blood can go a long way, too. How much gore you add to your costume is up to you.

If you want to push your makeup skills with your FNAF costume, however, special effects makeup products like liquid latex, fake wounds, and more are typically available at Halloween and party stores as well. While these require a bit more skill to handle and blend, they’ll give you a lot more options for creating costumes, skin-peeling effects, and fake wounds that look really authentic.

A peel-away liquid latex effect would work especially well for characters that transform from human to animatronic in the series, such as Circus Baby, Michael Afton, and William Afton. While you can achieve similar looks with nothing but makeup, latex and spirit gum add a lot of depth and detail that can’t be replicated without them.

Question: Are color contacts good for FNAF costumes?

Answer: Color contact lenses are a great option for making your FNAF costume a cut above the rest. Eye color is an important factor in a lot of FNAF lore, so colored lenses can add a lot to your costume’s authenticity.

There are also tons of special effect contact lenses available for costumes and cosplays. White-out, black-out, glow-in-the-dark, and UV lenses work particularly well for FNAF costumes, but don’t be afraid to look around and find the lenses that will work best for your look.

Costumer’s Tip: Be sure to talk with your eye doctor before your shop for contacts—it’s really important to take care of your eyes. Remember: you only get two!

Final Thoughts – FNAF Costumes For Everyone

Five Nights at Freddy’s costumes are great choices for kids, teens, and adults alike, making them an excellent choice for your next costume party or Halloween fair.

One of the greatest things about this franchise is the sheer size of its fanbase—it always surprises me to see my young cousins’ eyes light up over costumes of the same characters that I myself first met when I was still in school.

Say what you will about FNAF’s peak popularity, but it’s undeniable that these characters really do have a special place in the hearts of fans of all ages. As long as you enjoy creating your FNAF costume, you can make the fantasy and fun of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza come to life.

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