fnaf ruins dlc guide

FNAF Ruins DLC Guide

When I was a kid, Five Nights At Freddy’s was a pretty simple game. Click around, watch the cameras, check your doors, and survive until 6 am. Pretty easy! Help Wanted even makes light of this inherent simplicity, beginning many of its levels with the instructions “Push buttons, survive until 6”. FNAF is not a difficult game, and it was never intended to be one.

Of course, as the series began to grow, it was impossible to stay new and relevant while also maintaining this simplicity. As the years went on, both gameplay and lore became far more refined and complex- we went from clicking around to climbing through vents to the immersivity of VR to the series’ first open-world free-roam game.

All of this leading, of course, to what may just be the most anticipated “game” in the series: Security Breach’s Ruin DLC.


Some indeterminate amount of time after Security Breach, the Pizzaplex is in ruins and Gregory is trapped underneath it. He reaches out to an old friend, Cassie, who ventures into the Pizzaplex to brave the horrors that await her there and free Gregory.

Though the Pizzaplex is destroyed, the old animatronics are still active, and you as Cassie will need to fight and outsmart your way to the wreckage underneath Roxy Raceway.

Notable Characters

fnaf ruin cassie and gregory meet
Cardboard cutouts supposedly of when Cassie and Gregory first met
  • Gregory: Returning from the last game, Gregory is once again trapped in the Pizzaplex and needs your help to get out… or does he?
  • Cassie: The main character of Ruin, Cassie is a friend of Gregory. Though not much is known about her past, we know that her dad works for Fazbear Entertainment, and she had a party at the Pizzaplex in the past that none of her friends showed up to where she bonded with Roxy and is implied to have met Gregory.
  • Ruined Monty: A wrecked version of the green gator from Security Breach, Monty is now stripped of his casing and far more terrifying as he chases you throughout the destroyed Pizzaplex.
  • Ruined ChicaAlso looking far more decayed than we last saw her, Chica now sports mold and other rot over her mouth and  chest cavity. She’s missing chunks of her casing as well but is nowhere near as bad off as Monty.
  • Ruined Roxy: Though she doesn’t have as big of a role as we expected, Roxy is very important to Ruin, initially appearing as an antagonist and then a minor companion. She’s by far the most sympathetic of the Ruined animatronics, and the work done with her character here makes up for what little we got in the base game.
  • Helpi/Helpy: What else is there to say about this little guy except that he’s Helpy? Helpy is a little blue and pink bear animatronic, having become a cute staple in FNAF games over the past few years. This time, however, he’s here to guide you through the world of AR- and do some minor gaslighting, of course.
fnaf ruin helpi
He’s a dirty liar, but I can’t get enough of this funky little guy!
  • M.X.E.S. or “The Entity”: M.X.E.S. is a strange AR rabbit creature that hunts you throughout the game, alerting animatronics to your position if you stay in the V.A.N.N.I. Network for too long. He’s later revealed to be a security measure that will go to any lengths to keep what’s underneath the Pizzaplex locked up.
  • Candy Cadet: A fan favorite since his first appearance in Pizzeria Simulator, Candy Cadet returns right before the final boss of the DLC to tell a story of a boy and his mother living with a monster in their basement.
  • Headless Freddy: Perhaps one of the most interesting characters, Headless Freddy is a decayed version of Glamrock Freddy without his head. He acts more like a wild beast than an intelligent animatronic, with his stomach hatch essentially acting as a maw, and most importantly, makes it especially hard to decipher what the true ending of Security Breach is.
  • Eclipse: Another interesting character, Eclipse is the most definitive version of the Daycare Attendant. He begins as Sun and Moon fighting for control over their animatronic body, but after you reboot them, he becomes a combined version of the two, bringing out the best of both of them. It’s insinuated that the Daycare Attendant was always meant to be Eclipse, and the last time we see them is when they gently scoop Cassie out of the daycare and remark that they have a lot of cleaning to do.
fnaf ruin eclipse
Eclipse in their final appearance so far


Ruin is interesting because while it mostly plays similarly to Security Breach, it switches a good few things up a bit. Whereas Security Breach was mainly a stealth game with a heavy reliance on jump-scares, Ruin focuses on a tense atmosphere and uses that to build up its story and scares.

As an arcade junkie myself, I absolutely adore the ’80s neon hyper-pop vibes of Security Breach, and I think it still feels like an FNAF game- but it doesn’t feel like much of a horror game.

Not to say that horror can’t be stylistic (IT and Stranger Things are both proof that a good story can both be scary and have the goofy vibes of the 1980s), but combined with its gameplay and the massive amount of bugs present at launch, a lot of Security Breach ends up being more frustrating than genuinely scary.

A good comparison is the section directly after you’re kicked out of the Daycare in both games. In Security Breach, all of the animatronics are alerted to your location, and you have to hide in Freddy, run through party rooms, and sneak around to ensure none of them find you. In Ruin, this area has far more build-up.

fnaf ruin endo
An Endo I caught moving just before it could grab me

Instead of being thrown into a room full of active animatronics and Staff Bots, Ruin gently deposits you into what at first seems like a safe area. You’re surrounded by Endos, but they aren’t active yet- leading to an uneasy feeling similar to that of the eye of a storm. You’re safe, for now- but in just a few seconds, you’re going to be in absolute hell.

As you go through the area and activate the nodes you need to progress, the Endos will slowly become active.

And because they’re Endos, not animatronics (which only move when you aren’t looking, or in Ruin when you have the V.A.N.N.I. mask on) it becomes unbelievably scarier. Whereas Security Breach has you stealth around and mad-dash to get out, Ruin makes you linger as the area slowly becomes more terrifying.

fnaf ruin a deactivated endo
A deactivated Endo

Lore (contains spoilers)

Though most of Ruin’s lore takes place in the present, there are quite a few scraps and easter eggs from previous games. We see old fan favorites Like Candy Cadet make a (presumably final) return, and though Ruin leaves more questions than it answers, it also provides key information to some of the franchise’s biggest mysteries.

Throughout the DLC, the wet floor sign bots from Security Breach are present, and by going into AR mode the player is able to deactivate them.

In my first playthrough, I wasn’t sure what this meant; there was no tutorial, no popup from Helpy telling me why to deactivate them or what to expect. However, deactivating all of the wet floor signs causes Glamrock Bonnie’s “corpse” to spawn in Bonnie Bowl.

fnaf ruin a deactivating wet floor signs
Image Credit: Rifle Gaming on Youtube

While not really giving an answer as to what happened to him, it is nice to finally see Bonnie in-game. Even bigger of a reveal, however, is the Mimic. At the end of the game, it’s revealed that the person on the walkie-talkie was actually the Mimic pretending to be Gregory.

fnaf ruin the mimic giving chase
The Mimic giving chase

This gives the first in-game appearance of the Mimic (aside from Burntrap in the base game, though it’s still not clear if they’re one and the same) and it’s really well done. Taking a hint from horror movies and doing the complete opposite of Security Breach, this area is even more tense than the base game.

The designers kept the area shrouded in darkness, making it hard to tell when the Mimic is near, or even right behind you.

On more than a couple of occasions, I thought I was safe, only to realize those red eyes peering back at me, slowly edging nearer. The Mimic is unbelievably well-used here, and I can’t wait to see where things go in Help Wanted 2.

Key Items

Like Security Breach before it, Ruin will have you relying a lot on the flashlight, though this time with infinite battery. However, you also have some new toys at your disposal.

fnaf ruin acquiring the faz-wrench
Acquiring the Faz-Wrench


The Faz-Wrench is a new tool that allows you to interact with different puzzles and locks. In the real world, Cassie uses it to unlock doors, and in AR, she needs it to breach the security nodes throughout the Pizzaplex. It’s believed to be a standard tool for Pizzaplex technicians, and Cassie remarks that her dad has one.

fnaf ruin mask bot
Mask Bot handing Cassie the Security Mask

V.A.N.N.I. Network

The V.A.N.N.I. Network is more… unexpected. At the beginning of the game, Cassie is jump-scared by Mask Bot, who gives her a familiar-looking security mask. This mask is crucial to understanding modern FNAF lore- while it’s the original Vanny mask from Help Wanted, it also opens up an entirely new AR world.

The AR world is claimed to be what most of the Pizzaplex is built on, with all sorts of secret passages and hidden sections appearing. It provides an interesting second half to gameplay, and more directly connects the game to Help Wanted and the events of the Storyteller arc in Tales From the Pizzaplex.


There are a few different collectibles found throughout the game, most of these being found in AR Mode. The majority of AR Collectibles are the same as the base game, but there are a few new items, and the old ones have updated descriptions.

In addition to the AR Collectibles, there are a few real-world present boxes that contain hand-drawn comics, presumably by Gregory.

fnaf ruin collectibles

AR Collectibles

  • Glam Monty Plush: A plush of Glamrock Monty, found in Monty Golf after receiving the Security Mask
  • Bonnie Pinata: Pinata of Bonnie, found in a hidden room in  Monty Golf
  • Moon Plush: A plush of Moondrop, found in one of the Daycare towers
  • Sun Mask: A mask of Sun’s face, found across the bridge in the Daycare
  • Sun Plush: A plush of Sundrop, found behind the Security Desk
  • Moon Pinata: A pinata of Moon, found immediately after encountering Sun
  • Golden Sun: A golden plush of Sun, found at the top of one of the play structures
  • Comedy Mask: A happy Eclipse mask, found in the back of the Lucky Stars Gift Shop
  • Golden Moon: A Moondrop plushie, found in Sun’s room inside the Daycare Theatre
  • Sun Pinata: A pinata of Sun, found in the first area of the Monty Golf Catwalks
  • Glam Chica Plush: A plushie of Glamrock Chica, found on the Catwalks after M.X.E.S. is sealed away
  • Foxy Plush: A Foxy plush, found in the Maintenance room
  • Glam Bonnie Plush: Glamrock Bonnie plush, found in the kitchen area of the Maintenance room
  • Chica’s Lunchbox: A lunchbox with a Chica design, found in the inhibitor room of Chica’s Bakery
  • Foxy Mask: A Foxy mask similar to the one in Help Wanted and FNAF 4, found in the bathroom of the kitchen in Chica’s Bakery

fnaf ruin ar collectibles

  • Golden Freddy Plush: Actually, not a plush of Golden Freddy, but a golden plush of Glamrock Freddy. Found in the server room
  • Glam Roxy Plush: A plush of Roxy, found on the Salon stage right after Roxy’s cutscene
  • Golden Plushbaby: A golden Circus Baby plush, found outside the Salon in the stair area behind one of the child nodes
  • Moon Mask: A mask of Moondrop, found inside a room in Roxy Raceway
  • Plushbaby: A Circus Baby plush, found in a shipping container in Roxy Raceway
  • Bonnie Mask: A mask of Bonnie found inside a taped-off room right before Bonnie Bowl

fnaf ruin ar collectibles

  • Golden Foxy Plush: The same as the Foxy plush, but gold. Found in the women’s restroom in Bonnie Bowl
  • Golden Bonnie Plush: A golden variant of the Bonnie plush, found in a pile of rubble near the lanes in Bonnie Bowl
  • Glam Freddy Plush: A plush of Glamrock Freddy, found in a maze corner of Fazerblast
  • Foxy Lunchbox: A lunchbox with Foxy in it, found at the top of Fazerblast
  • Freddy Lunchbox: A lunchbox with Freddy on it, found in the hall after Headless Freddy’s chase section
  • Bonnie Lunchbox: A lunchbox with Bonnie on it, found on the way to deactivate Roxy

Real Collectibles

  • Comic Pages: There are eight comic pages spread throughout the Pizzaplex, found in Monty Golf, the Catwalks, Chica’s Bakery, Roxy’s Salon, Roxy Raceway, Bonnie Bowl, Fazerblast, and the rooms from the Burntrap boss fight in the sinkhole. Each of these depicts a different ending from Security Breach, with Cassie remarking that they look like they were made by Gregory
  • Faz Tokens: Tokens from Pizzeria Simulator, found in Bonnie Bowl and throughout the ruins of the FNAF 6 Pizzeria in the sinkhole. They can be used for one final story from Candy Cadet

Important Areas

Main Atrium

fnaf ruin main atrium

The main atrium of the Pizzaplex is destroyed, but almost welcoming. The middle of the area is completely carved out, leaving rubble from the Glamrock Freddy statue and a giant sinkhole, but warm, inviting sunlight pours in from the boarded-up windows- almost beckoning.


fnaf ruin kitchen

The kitchen is similarly destroyed, but in a different way from other areas in the game. Mold and rot litter everything in sight, with garbage bags covering the floor and cockroaches crawling around everywhere.

Monty Golf

fnaf ruin monty golf

Monty Golf is almost unrecognizable, with large chunks of debris covering nearly everything. Golf holes are torn apart, with benches flung over them. The wreckage makes it hard to maneuver, leading to a lot of crouching in this area. In AR Mode, one thing remains familiar- the large stage, with a giant Monty on top.

Superstar Daycare

fnaf ruin superstar daycare

In this section of gameplay, you’ll climb through the play structures and turn on the generators needed to repair the Daycare attendant. The Daycare has seen better days, but it isn’t as bad as other areas in the game. Play structures are torn apart and worn, and some of the slides have fallen off; as Eclipse remarks, this is not a safe play area.

Daycare Theatre

fnaf ruin daycare theatre

To get to the Daycare Theatre, you’ll need to go through a bunch of Endos. Once you get inside the theatre, you’ll find a giant AR Endo poking out of the screen, which you can use to exit to the next area.

Chica’s Bakery

fnaf ruin chica's bakery

Chica’s Bakery is full of giant food sculptures, now worn away by time. Similar to the kitchen, piles of rot litter the floor, in addition to battery acid from Chica’s charging station.

The Salon and Roxy Raceway

fnaf ruin the salon and roxy raceway

This section has you facing off against both Roxy and Chica at separate times. The salon is torn apart, consisting mostly of broken-up makeover stations and ruined signs. Throughout the Raceway, there are many chunks of ceiling and unused cardboard cutouts.

Bonnie Bowl

fnaf ruin bonnie bowl

Bonnie Bowl is full of broken bowling pins and busted arcade cabinets, with two large holes in the bowling lanes. In this area, you’ll mostly be outsmarting and running away from all of the tiny Music Men.


fnaf ruin fazerblast

Fazerblast is full of tipped over partitions, with carpet being torn up and busted Staff Bots all over the place. There’s a short segment here with Headless Freddy, but that’s about it.


fnaf ruin catacombs

To get to the Catacombs, you go through the large sinkhole in Roxy Raceway, first going through the ruined FNAF 6 Pizzeria and then the rooms from the Burntrap fight. The tunnel leading into it is covered with roots, likely an homage to the Storyteller tree considering what you find here.

FNAF Ruins DLC Guide: FAQs

Question: Who is the Main Character of the Ruin DLC?

Answer: The main character of Ruin is Cassie, a friend of Gregory’s called to the Pizzaplex.

Question: Is Roxy Redeemed in Ruin?

Answer: It seems like in Ruin, Burntrap’s hold over the animatronics has been disconnected, leading to the animatronics being different than they were in the base game, especially Roxy. Roxy is a far more sympathetic character, showing how much she cares about Cassie and the kids who come to the Pizzaplex

Question: What is the Canon Ending for Security Breach?

Answer: Ruin doesn’t specifically canonize one ending, but based on clues in the game, the most likely true ending is either the Save Vanny ending or a combination of the Burntrap ending and the Save Vanny ending.

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