Syed Arham

Arham is a pretty multifaceted gamer that is willing to try his hand at anything, including unsettling horror games like FNAF. Despite his aversion to jump scares, he fell in love with the series and has played right up to Security Breach, and cannot wait to see where Scott Cawthorn takes the series next.

Gabriel FNAF Guide

Gabriel FNAF Guide

I’m a huge sucker for FNAF content, not because of Scott Cawthon’s unique depiction of horror (I am admittedly a coward in that regard), but because of the overarching plot. Most horror games focus too much on deriving as many jumpscares as they can from their gameplay instead of keeping the player engaged with a …

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charlie emily

FNAF Charlie Guide

Charlie is an alias for Charlotte Emily, the daughter of Henry Emily, who is later confirmed to be the ghost that haunts the Puppet. Charlie made her first appearance in a minigame in FNAF 2 along with the Puppet, at which point she was a mysterious, unnamed character. However, her second appearance in FNAF 6 …

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puppet fnaf

Puppet FNAF Guide

The Puppet is one of the most interesting and multi-dimensional characters in the FNAF universe. As far as his moral allegiances go, the animatronic rests in a gray area between good and evil. It is not as antagonistic as William Afton nor as protagonistic as Michael Afton – truly an enigma through and through. The …

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circus baby guide

Circus Baby Guide

Circus Baby is the second female animatronic Scott Cawthon introduced us to in the FNAF series after Chica. She holds the unique title of being the first evil animatronic tailored towards tactfully killing children. Her story began after the Missing Children’s Incident when we were first given a glimpse of William Afton’s true personality. Being …

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William Afton Guide

William Afton Guide

William Afton, or Purple Guy, serves as the main antagonist across the FNAF universe. This is important to note as he does not get directly featured in many of the games which take place in isolated parts of the main timeline.  Thus, the interesting thing is that players who’ve beaten the main games without exploring …

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how did michael afton die

How Did Michael Afton Die

With everything that has transpired over the last several games in the FNAF series, we’ve realized that death is a difficult concept to grasp in Scott Cawthon’s universe. While some essential characters died in a flash, such as Elizabeth Afton in Circus Baby’s clutches or Evan Afton between Fredbear’s jaws, some have lived to tell …

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FNAF Cupcake

FNAF Cupcake Guide

The story of Cupcake and the other animatronic characters begins in the 1980s, when Fazbear Entertainment’s first business success, Fredbear’s Family Diner, was in full swing. The restaurant was mesmerizing families left and right due to its innovative main attractions. As we are all well familiar with, these were Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, the animatronic …

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