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Circus Baby is the second female animatronic Scott Cawthon introduced us to in the FNAF series after Chica. She holds the unique title of being the first evil animatronic tailored towards tactfully killing children. Her story began after the Missing Children’s Incident when we were first given a glimpse of William Afton’s true personality.

Being a genius engineer, William had risen above his peers and went on to start up a very successful company with his friend Henry Emily, known as Fazbear Entertainments. The company’s first business venture in the form of Fredbear’s Family Diner was an even more enormous success.

In summary, the company was projected to do very well in the future had its reputation not taken a grim turn.

Missing Children’s Incident

The Missing Children’s incident shed light on William Afton‘s twisted personality, characterized by uncontrollable tendencies to harm and kill children. While he had kept it to himself for much of his life, it is argued that the large influx of children that stormed his diner every day (being the target demographic) eventually made him lose control.

Thus, the unstable man devised an unstable plan to scratch the itch that had been bothering him for so long. One night, in the midst of an ongoing birthday party, William dressed up in the Springbonnie suit as one of the staff and lured five children into the backrooms.

He coaxed them with a secret, special surprise, and the children, as naïve as they naturally were, followed suit into the unknown… Newspaper headlines the next day spoke of five children that had gone missing in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria: Gabriel, Jeremy, Susie, Fritz, and Cassidy.

From the outsider’s perspective, the children had literally vanished as their bodies were never discovered no matter how hard the police investigated. This is because after murdering them in cold blood, William had stuffed their bodies in the spring-lock suits….

Even though the Pizzeria was closed down after the incident and William was labeled the prime suspect, he was never really convicted due to the lack of tangible evidence. Thus, in reality, William had gotten away with his very first crime.

The Birth of Circus Baby

circus baby fnaf

After scratching that one annoying itch, William felt what any person would feel: satiated but not fulfilled. While his first set of murders had transpired much better than he had expected, he was itching to commit some more – there was no turning back for the man now.

William, however, realized that physically committing murders, even in the guise of a suit, was risky – one wrong move, and he could be caught in a matter of hours.

Therefore, he brainstormed a much safer method of executing his sinister plans without physically being there until he realized the answer had always been there in front of him. Why not make the animatronics do his evil biddings?

Around that time, Henry and William were coming up with ways to make the animatronics automatic to reduce staff overheads. So far, their best bet was to install sizeable endoskeletons in the spring-lock suits and operate them based on some degree of artificial intelligence.

William was all the more motivated to work on such endoskeletons as artificial intelligence meant that he could secretly program criminal algorithms without Henry realizing. In order words, he could use the animatronic’s already existing functionality to lure and kill children.

And thus, Circus Baby, William’s first such animatronic, modeled after his daughter, Elizabeth Afton, was born.

Circus Baby’s Pizza World

Henry was fascinated by Circus Baby’s design – she was everything he had hoped to see in an automatic animatronic. She could perform an array of different functions such as singing to children, dispensing ice cream for them, and even inflating balloons at birthday parties.

Seeing her in full action made him eventually greenlight the animatronic and bring her to a bigger stage.

However, Henry was unaware of Circus Baby’s secret weapon, a claw-like machine known as the scooper. Essentially, it was a large mechanical claw embedded deep in her abdomen that could pull victims into her stomach and kill them.

Furthermore, the scooper would only ever activate in the presence of a singular person, given that they were alone and in close proximity.

Regardless, Circus Baby, the first of William and Henry’s newest wave of automatic animatronics, made her debut in Circus Baby’s Pizza World as its mascot. As one would expect, the attraction was solely dedicated to her, and entertainment was practically her one-man show.

William’s Biggest Mistake

Circus Baby’s Pizza World was a monumental success, in comparison to which even the original Fredbear’s Family Diner fell flat. Circus Baby’s presence alone charmed all kinds of children into the attraction’s premises along with their parents, especially for birthday parties.

Aside from Circus Baby, the establishment played off of the same Fazbear Entertainment formula: entertain children with animatronic(s) and parents with some good food. On the other hand, William was quite pleased with both how the attraction was coming along and how Circus Baby, his evil puppet, had turned out.

As much of a genius he was, even geniuses can make miscalculations sometimes. In the case of William, his biggest mistake was underestimating a child’s relentlessness when it comes to getting what they want, the child being his own daughter, Elizabeth Afton.

Elizabeth Afton’s Demise

Elizabeth Afton

William always dismissed Elizabeth whenever she expressed her want to play with Circus Baby – after all, the animatronic was, in fact, modeled after her. However, knowing that Elizabeth qualified as a child in Circus Baby’s algorithm, he’d rather keep her away than potentially send her off to her death.

However, one night, when Circus Baby was recharging in her room, Elizabeth snuck in without telling her father. It was bound to happen at some point as her father never really offered a satisfactory explanation. Regardless, upon spotting Elizabeth, Circus Baby’s killer algorithm started running, and she began dispensing ice cream to lure Elizabeth closer.

Inspired by Circus Baby’s “magical” function, Elizabeth drew even closer to take the Ice cream. However, as soon as she entered Circus Baby’s close proximity, the animatronic’s eyes turned red as she bent back to open up her abdomen.

The claw-like scooper shot out from her abdomen and grabbed Elizabeth, quickly pulling her in before she could even scream for help.

Elizabeth experienced a quick and silent death within Circus Baby’s insides. Despite that, however, her soul did not find rest as it is said that beyond this point, Elizabeth came to possess and haunt the animatronic that robbed her of her youth.

Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals

Following the death of Elizabeth, Circus Baby is not heard from until a few years later. In summary, after Elizabeth’s demise, William went into shock. In a desperate attempt to protect his other children, he ended up getting one of them killed in the infamous Bite of ’87.

Consequently, with so much blood on his hands, Henry also parted ways with him and ran the company on his own. A few years later, William, trying to keep the business going as well as releasing his bloodlust from time to time, opened up Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals.

Separate from Fazbear Entertainment, this was a more underground location where parents could rent out the space and the animatronics for special occasions like birthday parties. As Henry had taken the original roster of animatronics along with him, leaving only Circus Baby in William’s hands, the engineer had to assemble his own roster.

Thus, he invented the Funtime animatronics, consisting of Circus Baby, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora. Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy were similar to the originals, except they were equipped with hidden murderous mechanisms.

The Escape Plan

Circus Baby, being possessed by the kind soul of Elizabeth Afton, was not as amicable herself – afterall, Elizabeth was coexisting with an AI designed to kill children. Eventually, Circus Baby began to change from the inside and while she retained her soft voice and outwardly kind nature, it was later revealed that she manipulated innocent people through the very same persona.

Her twisted nature soon became very evident as she plotted to escape Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals after it had become run-down long following William’s first death. In order to free the rest of the animatronics along with herself, the first part of the plan was to forcefully amalgamate all four animatronics into one, known as Ennard.

Ennard would be essentially a hive-mind, at the center of which will be none other than Circus Baby herself. However, the more complicated part of the plan was actually escaping the facility in the form of this grotesque mixture of animatronics.

For that, the best alternative Circus Baby could come up with was physically occupying a human host by ridding them of some of their internal organs. But where would she find such a suitable host in such a run-down place?

Micheal Afton’s Sacrifice

Scooper Room

Eventually, someone did, in fact, show up – Elizabeth’s brother, Micheal Afton, who infiltrated the facility as a late-night technician, seeking the whereabouts of his missing father. Micheal was the perfect host, but in order to extract his insides, Circus Baby had to earn his trust and get him to enter the scooping room. This is where we witness her twisted and cunning personality for the first time.

Micheal may not have realized it, but Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals was Circus Baby’s domain, where she was in full control of the remaining Funtime animatronics.

As such, she arranged animatronic opposition towards Micheal every night whilst acting like his savior by navigating him out of such pinches every single time. Furthermore, she also dropped hints of being possessed by his sister, compelling him to find solace in her even more.

Slowly but surely, Circus Baby had Micheal in the palm of her hand – and once she was sure of it, she put her escape plan in motion. One night, she instructed Micheal to come to the scooping room, luring him into her trap while carrying out the amalgamation process in advance.

When Micheal entered the room, he was greeted by the Scooper machine and the Funtime animatronics’ suits, which had their endoskeletons removed. At this point, Micheal realized what actually happened in the Scooping Room – the scooper was a machine designed to remove an animatronic’s endoskeleton for maintenance purposes.

However, the realization hit too late as Ennard soon revealed itself and its final plan in the sweet voice of Circus Baby. “The Scooper only hurts for a moment” were the last words Micheal heard before having his innards ripped out, dying in the process.

Separation from Ennard

After occupying Micheal from the inside, Ennard made his way to the outside world. It no longer had to worry about hiding and could, thus, experience the world to its fullest. However, as successful as their escape plan was, there was one thing Circus Baby failed to account for.

Given that Ennard was occupying a dead human body, Circus Baby did not factor in the eventual decomposition that would make them stand out from the other humans. Therefore, once Micheal’s body had turned purple and began emitting a very foul odor, Ennard decided to eject itself from its host and fled into the sewers.

For the next several weeks, Ennard lurked in the underground sewerage system, looking for an opportunity to escape – had it been caught, it would’ve most certainly been destroyed in its current condition.

What made matters worse was the internal conflict within Ennard. Recall that Ennard was the amalgamation of four animatronics, and instead of working together, Circus Baby was asserting dominance over the remaining three.

Thus, in order to maximize their chances of surviving, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora collectively ejected Circus Baby from Ennard.

Becoming Scrap Baby

Scrap Baby fnaf

After the separation, both Ennard and Circus Baby, who had previously been one entity, were incomplete and missing several parts. Funtime Freddy had now established control over what remained of Ennard and went on to desperately repair itself by crafting a new mask first and foremost.

Given that Funtime Freddy controlled Ennard, it comes as no surprise to learn that the new mask Ennard wore was that of Freddy, thus becoming Molten Freddy.

On the other hand, Circus Baby also attempted to repair herself with whatever little resources she had available. It is said that Elizabeth took her back to Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals, which was completely abandoned at that point, to put her back together.

It is important to bear in mind that upon separating, Circus Baby swore to become much better than Ennard could ever be – however, her new form, Scrap Baby wasn’t any better.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place

While all of the above events were transpiring, Henry Emily was devising a plan to put an end to what his old friend had started – someone had to.

When the man learned of the supernatural possessions of the animatronics, starting with his daughter, he was dismayed to discover that innocent little souls were trapped in the prisons of his own making. Thus, he resolved to free all of them, once and for all.

Knowing that William designed the animatronics to have a bloodlust for children, Henry opened up Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place to attract the four remaining animatronics. Apart from Scrap Baby, these included Scrap trap (William Afton), Molten Freddy (Ennard), and L.E.F.T.Y (Puppet/Charlotte). The plan was to gather them all into an inescapable labyrinth before setting the place on fire.

However, in order to gather such dangerous machines, he required what he called a “brave volunteer”, who would outwardly assume the role of managing the place but secretly salvage animatronics. The position, eventually, was taken by none other than Micheal Afton himself, who, having confronted much animatronics in the past, no longer feared them.

Scrap Baby’s Demise

Every night, Micheal would go out into the back alley to salvage any animatronic – this is because, as Henry suspected, the four would most certainly be attracted to masses of children. After salvaging them, Micheal would then run them through a criterion known as “Paragraph Four”, and if any animatronic met that criterion, they would be locked up in the labyrinth.

Micheal was entrusted with a rather risky task as one wrong move would give away the purpose of the salvage process, causing the animatronics to become hostile. However, Micheal was quite brave, and, owing to the fact that he never flinched during the entire process, Henry’s final plan was put into motion, and the building was set ablaze.

The animatronics desperately tried to escape, but it was virtually impossible to navigate through the entirety of it in such a maze-like area before getting scorched alive. Upon setting the final phase of his scheme into motion, Henry spoke on the speakers installed across the maze to address the animatronics one last time – the final cutscene of FNAF 6.

FNAF 6’s Final Cutscene: The Good Ending

circus baby fnaf

Once Micheal has salvaged and locked away all the animatronics while keeping the restaurant well above bankruptcy, the good ending is experienced.

The sequence is initiated by Scrap Baby, who, being under the impression that it was her father behind all this, exclaims, “All of the little souls in one place, just for us. A gift. Now we can do what we were created to do. I will make you proud, Daddy!”

However, Scrap Baby is interrupted by Henry, who disappoints her by announcing that neither were the animatronics called by William nor were they called to enact their sinister purposes. He then goes onto explaining that the maze-like facility they’ve been put into has no way out and that they should all cease any futile resistance and quietly give up their souls.

The facility is then set aflame, and images are shown of each and every animatronic as they cling onto the flimsy idea of life and inevitably melt away, freeing the souls of the children within.

Henry also adds that he will remain and die with the animatronics and that there was a way out planned for his volunteer. However, knowing that it was Micheal, a practical zombie who wishes nothing but eternal rest after fulfilling his duty, Henry let Micheal die with everyone else.

And so, a huge portion of the FNAF timeline came to an end, and Circus Baby, along with the others, met her end.


Question: What is the Circus Baby Minigame?

Answer: The Circus Baby minigame can be accessed in FNAF: Sister Location and reveals some integral information when it comes to piecing together Circus Baby’s origin.
The minigame can be accessed by either dying five times or selecting the minigame in the game’s Extras menu. If you’re playing the game on mobile, you should be looking for the black sprite instead.
The minigame is a pretty straightforward platformer, where Circus Baby must feed all the children in order to obtain the Ice Cream.
Once the Ice Cream object is received, the final cutscene of the minigame plays, which shows Elizabeth approaching Circus Baby, and Circus Baby, as per her criminal algorithm, bending back to shoot out a claw. The claw, as we know, pulls Elizabeth in and kills her.

Question: What does Circus Baby’s Blueprint Say?

Answer: According to Circus Baby’s blueprint, she possesses four main components apart from her mechanical claw, or the scooper. The first is an Air Hose Attachment integrated onto one of her fingers, allowing her to inflate balloons for children.
The second is an Internal Ice Cream Dispenser that dispenses Ice Cream, located in her naval area.
The third is a Song Databank from where Circus Baby can play songs – this also means that she can play any song as long as it’s stored in the databank.
Furthermore, a quality of life feature is installed that allows her to play user-requested songs. Last but not least, there’s the Emergency Stop button, a contingency used to kill her power should the need ever arise.

Question: What’s the Difference Between Circus Baby and Scrap Baby?

Answer: Appearance-wise, while there are similarities between the two, there are also stark differences that came about due to inappropriate reassembling after the separation from Ennard.
Apart from her disfigured face, Scrap Baby does retain the signature pigtails, albeit in the form of naked, multi-color wires. Furthermore, perhaps the biggest difference is that her claw now becomes part of her right hand instead of being inside her abdomen.
Scrap Baby is much more terrifying than Circus Baby, although both are far from the word innocent. Elizabeth’s insanity becomes all the more pronounced in the form of Scrap Baby as she goes overboard in terms of being violent and sadistic.
Moreover, she even comes to accept her purpose as a child-killing machine and thrills at the idea of making her father proud.

Question: How did Elizabeth Come to Haunt Circus Baby?

Answer: In general, what is known as the Remnant causes the supernatural phenomena of the animatronics to get haunted and thus gain sentience.
The Remnant is a metallic substance that binds living souls to all kinds of inanimate objects, forcing them to coexist with their new “body.” Therefore, from the outsider’s perspective, it appears as if the object is haunted.
It is theorized from Circus Baby’s blueprint that her mechanical claw, or the scooper, was integrated with a piece of the Remnant. Thus, when Circus Baby grabbed Elizabeth with the scooper and proceeded to kill her, Elizabeth’s soul was bound to the animatronic. As such, Elizabeth began identifying herself as Circus Baby, having accepted the state of coexistence.

Question: Is Circus Baby in FNAF: Security Breach?

Answer: While the events of FNAF: Security Breach takes place much after Circus Baby’s demise, it is safe to say we won’t be seeing her anytime soon.
However, that is not to say the cameos of such a monumental animatronic can not exist, as they do in FNAF: Security Breach. Hopefully, we continue to see more of such cameos in future FNAF games.
In Security Breach, Circus Baby has two distinct cameos, one very obvious and one not-so-obvious. We’re sure you’ve noticed the obvious one is the pair of Ice Cream Attendant bots, who are also verbatim called “Circus Baby Bots” in the files.
Their design and color scheme are based on Circus Baby’s, albeit a little loosely. Regardless, the other cameo is that of the Blob, who is an amalgamation of old animatronics, including Circus Baby.

Circus Baby Guide: Conclusion

Circus Baby stands out as an animatronic as she was not only the first-ever evil animatronic to be invented but also the first to become possessed by a child. Furthermore, Scott Cawthon quickly promoted her from just another haunted animatronic to one of the main antagonists of the entire series.

Her antagonistic nature is evident from her role in FNAF: Sister Location where she is revealed to have been the main mastermind behind all the events that occurred in Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals. What’s worse is that, over time, Elizabeth underwent a huge personality change, and had not Henry put an end to her, she would’ve soon surpassed the wickedness of William Afton himself.

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