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The Puppet is one of the most interesting and multi-dimensional characters in the FNAF universe. As far as his moral allegiances go, the animatronic rests in a gray area between good and evil. It is not as antagonistic as William Afton nor as protagonistic as Michael Afton – truly an enigma through and through.

The Puppet is known for being the most humanoid of all the animatronics, not just in body but in mind as well. Cold and calculating, the animatronic’s awareness is indisputably unmatched, making dissecting its motives a strenuous task all in all.

As such, in this guide, I will be going over the Puppet’s appearance in the games and piecing together its role in the story.


Standing out as the creepiest of Scott Cawthon’s menacing roster of animatronics, the Puppet is a tall and slender animatronic with an eerie mask for a face. The mask is characterized by a large, toothless grin sported by rosy red cheeks – above the mouth rest two lifeless eyes with purple stripes, most likely signifying tears.

The rest of the Puppet’s figure is extremely lean and lanky, arguably the tallest of the lot, colored pitch black with white stripes on the arms and legs.

Oddly enough, the animatronic has three buttons running up the torso – the only sign of any clothing on its body. Moreover, it has three curvy fingers at the end of each arm, although they appear to be more like cables due to the lack of any joints.

Besides joints, the marionette also lacks feet, which makes one question its means of locomotion. Judging by its appearance in FNAF: Help Wanted, the animatronic seems to float as it walks on a pair of pinpoints. 

Role in the Games: Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Prize Corner

Puppet FNAF

The Puppet made its first appearance in the games in FNAF 2 as a character and a major antagonist. It is one of the many animatronics you will encounter in the game that tries to infiltrate your office, albeit with a surprisingly unique mechanic.

Apart from gameplay, the Puppet also makes an appearance in the two death minigames, Take Cake to the Children and Give Gifts Give Life. The Puppet is located in the Prize Corner (inside the gift box) and will continue to remain there as long as you continue winding the music box. 

Failure to do so will enrage the animatronic, who will visibly spring out and come to kill you – the only thing that can save you from the game over screen at this point is if the night shift ends before you die.

Appearance in Minigames

In the Take Cake to the Children minigame, Purple Guy (William Afton) is shown murdering a child outside the establishment, followed by a Puppet jumpscare to end the cutscene. Apart from that, in the Give Gifts Give Life minigame, the Puppet is shown giving the gift of life to William’s victims, revealing that it was behind the supernatural possessions in the first place.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 (Phantom Puppet)

Apart from the Happiest Day minigame, the Puppet itself does not make a substantial appearance in FNAF 3 – instead, only a hallucination of the animatronic is seen along with five others during the game. This counterpart of the Puppet is known as Phantom Puppet, a charred, pitch-black version of the original with white, glaring pupils, much like the other hallucinations.

How the Phantom Puppet’s hallucination mechanic works are that sometimes, although rare, the original Puppet will briefly appear on CAM 08.

If the monitor’s view is not immediately changed, the monitor will automatically be lowered, and the Phantom Puppet will appear, covering most of your screen. It can not be warded off and will remain on screen for the next 17 seconds while making static noises.

While the Phantom Puppet itself is not dangerous, the fact that it stalls you for 17 whole seconds is. Not only can this give Springtrap enough time to close the distance, but it also leaves you vulnerable to other phantom animatronics.

Phantom Freddy and Phantom Foxy are particularly dangerous in this regard as they are capable of attacking you in the 17-second time frame.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 (Nightmarrione)

Puppet FNAF

Although the Puppet itself is nowhere to be found in FNAF 4, something far worse and terrifying lies in wait. During the much-anticipated Halloween update in 2015, Nightmarrione was added as the new final antagonist to the game, and while it bears similarities to the Puppet, it is terrifyingly distinct in its own way.

Some say it is even more horrifying than the foregoing final antagonist, Nightmare. Starting off with its face, Nightmarrione’s mask is quite different from the original’s. Firstly, its previously uncomfortably large grin is now much more sinister, with sharp, pointy teeth lined up on both the upper and lower jaw.

Devoid of any rosy red cheeks, Nightmarionne’s eyes are similar to that of the Phantom Puppet, coming off as white when illuminated, with black stripes underneath. The rest of Nightmarionne’s body has gotten an equally scary makeover, bearing several similarities to the human skeleton, particularly in its upper section.

Its hands now feature three sharp, elongated fingers distinguished with white stripes – I wouldn’t be surprised to see the animatronic impaling its enemies with them. Last but not least, its legs, although still pointy in nature with no actual feet, have a greater range of motion with knee joints.

Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator

Security Puppet Minigame

The Security Puppet is an item you can place in the pizzeria in blueprint mode once purchased – however, it is more than just an item as interacting with it takes you to the Security Puppet minigame. The minigame takes place in the same setting as the Take Cake To Children minigame from FNAF 2 and adds more context to the original cutscene on top of developing the Puppet’s lore.

In the minigame, you are supposed to not let your assigned child (with a green wristband) get to the exit. If they, at any point, begin to approach the exit, you are to press space to hold them back.

Regardless, during the first two runs of the minigame, you will notice your assigned child is nowhere to be seen. A cutscene will play on the third run, revealing that the assigned child is a girl and the child murdered in Take Cake To Children.

The cutscene will start with the assigned child locked outside of the building and the Puppet trapped in its box under the weight of another box.

Having failed to protect the child, the child is then murdered, and as soon as it frees itself, the Puppet rushes over to the child, outside in the rain. The animatronic degrades as it makes its way to the victim, resting close by then before ceasing to function.

L.E.F.T.Y (Antagonist)


The Puppet also appears as L.E.F.T.Y in FNAF 6, one of the main antagonists of the game that haunts you. How exactly did the Puppet end up as L.E.F.T.Y? I’ll discuss that in the lore section! Regardless, you encounter L.E.F.T.Y in both the salvaging room and your own office.

In the salvaging room, you must proceed with the process very carefully, as the animatronic randomly moves through three stages every time you record the results of the audio cue.

While two of these stages are harmless, if you ever find L.E.F.T.Y slouching down significantly, give him a good ol’ zap, or he’ll kill you the next time you lift up that paper! Be careful not to zap on a false positive, as three will damage the animatronic.

L.E.F.T.Y’s bloodlust also extends to the office gameplay as it can enter either vent in order to creep up into your office. Just be sure to have the headphones on as you listen for each vent across the night – if you do hear an animatronic, possibly L.E.F.T.Y enter a vent, shine the flashlight at it until it goes away.

Rinse and repeat, and you should be able to escape L.E.F.T.Y and the rest of the animatronic’s clutches easily.

Ultimate Custom Night

Of course, it’s no surprise to see Ultimate Custom Night include not only the Puppet but Nightmarionne as well as L.E.F.T.Y. After all, it is intended to be the ultimate FNAF mashup where you can play your own custom night. Pick any collection of antagonists from the multitudes of killer animatronics we’ve seen across the FNAF games, set their AI to your desired level, and you’re good to go!

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted

FNAF: Help Wanted, practically being a remake of the original games in VR, is bound to feature all three, the Puppet, Nightmarionne, and L.E.F.T.Y. Furthermore, given that the game is more lively, showcasing actually three-dimensional movement, you can see just how the three animatronics interact with you, the player.

Lore: Puppet’s Origin

Circumstances of the Puppet’s Creation

After Elizabeth Afton’s death and the Bite of ‘83, Henry Emily decided to cut off ties with William Afton, determined to rebuild Fazbear Entertainment from scratch. Yet, even after having much success with the revamp the last and arguably the most prominent issue of them all was left to be addressed.

The predicament revolved around the shadowy force that was murdering children on Fazbear property, which Henry firmly believed was none other than William Afton himself. Henry needed to enact such security measures that allowed everyone else in but kept William out. As such, after several nights of brainstorming, he settled for one such idea: a facial recognition system.

Essentially, if a human-made eye contact with a toy animatronic, the animatronic, with the right design and algorithm, would be able to infer whether or not they are William Afton.

Puppet: The Ultimate Security Measure

Puppet FNAF

Given that Henry was up against another genius whose intelligence rivaled his own, there was no guarantee that the security measure would work.

If William were to foresee it, he could somehow undermine and breach it, putting every single child in the vicinity in great danger. While Henry accepted the risks, he did not give them a rest until he had secured the safety of his daughter, Charlotte.

Even if the facial recognition system failed, Henry thought that his daugther’s life should be guaranteed at the very least. Hence, he created an animatronic that sat in a box, held by strings just like a marionette that would specifically look out for Charlotte.

The animatronic was named the Puppet, and protecting Charlotte was its one and only purpose.

How the Puppet Became Haunted

Charlotte’s Murder

After being betrayed by Henry, William wanted to murder his daugther in retaliation. However, the biggest obstacle that stood between him and Charlotte was the Puppet.

While he could evade the facial recognition system by means of a suit and avoiding eye contact, the Puppet would still spring into action if he even got close to Charlotte. As such, the only way to keep the Puppet out of his sinister scheme was to trap it in its own box, isolating the helpless Charlotte.

The next night was a rainy one, where a convenient coincidence occurred, which I believe was William pulling the strings as part of his scheme. Essentially, a group of grumpy kids did two very odd things which facilitated William’s ploy.

They trapped the Puppet by placing a heavy object on top of its box and shunned Charlotte out of the restaurant into the alley.

As Charlotte was on the verge of tears, William pulled up in his car. Unaware of the tension between William and her father, Charlotte saw him as her savior, rushing him out of happiness. William went along with it with an evil grin, letting her come closer before stabbing her in cold blood. William had claimed the life of another child.

The Puppet’s Possession

The murderer fled immediately afterward, probably to avoid the Puppet, who must’ve been close to unloading the box and rushing to Charlotte’s rescue. The animatronic, however, was too late, as all it saw from a distance was the girl’s deceased corpse.

The Puppet had failed its only purpose, and the only thing it could do now was rest close to her as it bid farewell to its meaningless existence.

As it made its way to the lifeless body, the water phobic animatronic slowly started breaking down due to the rain, to the point that it began to crawl. Eventually, it reached Charlotte, and laid on top of her before closing its void-like eyes.

It wasn’t over yet. Before embracing oblivion, the Puppet felt the surge of a soul becoming one with it; this was undoubtedly Charlotte’s soul.

Charlotte resented William for robbing her of her youth, to the point of possessing the Puppet in order to exact vengeance on him. An ominous-looking animatronic with a vengeful spirit inside, the Puppet became a force to be reckoned with.

Puppet Ushers The Supernatural Era

Puppet FNAF

Supernatural Emergence

The Puppet was the first of all the animatronics to gain sentience – indeed a significant moment in the FNAF universe. Furthermore, contrary to what I initially thought, Charlotte did not rush to release her vengeful tendencies upon William Afton.

Instead, after falling victim to the murderer and definitively realizing that he was behind the infamous Missing Childrens Incident, she did the unthinkable.

The Puppet, like herself (yes, female pronouns are applicable now), perceived the five deceased children as vengeful spirits seeking to settle the score with their murderer. As such, she gave those souls a second chance at an animate existence, this time to finish unfinished business and find eternal rest before ascending to the beyond.

It’s not that Charlotte knew how she came to inhabit the Puppet in the first place – all she knew was that when her deceased body made contact with the animatronic, the possession took place.

Keeping that in mind, she placed Susie’s soul into Chica, Cassidy’s soul into Bonnie, Fritz’s soul into Foxy, and Gabriel‘s soul into Freddy. Yes, it was the Puppet who gave life to all these animatronics, as depicted in the Give Gifts Give Life minigame.

Remnant: Explaining the Possession

The Puppet was correct about the missing children wanting to seek vengeance, although they did not behave particularly differently.

Simply put, the animatronics acted out as they originally did during the day – at night, though, they would lurk in the Fazbear establishment and check the security office to see if William was there. After all, their goal was as simple as finding William and finishing him off.

Yet, how exactly did the Puppet, along with the other animatronics become haunted? That’s where the Remnant theory comes to play. Remnant is a metal used to bind souls to inanimate objects, first discovered by William Afton and integrated into the Scooper machine seen in FNAF: Sister Location.

Upon close inspection of the machine’s blueprint, a Remnant Injector can be seen.

Do you know what that means?

Yes, the stage was set already for the emergence of supernatural possessions. It is widely believed that William Afton had already injected remnants into many animatronics and subjects (possibly including himself).  Furthermore, the fact that Henry made his own animatronics out of old, salvaged animatronics explains how the mystical substance made its way into his own creation, namely the Puppet.

Puppet Becomes L.E.F.T.Y

Marionette and Lefty

Henry’s Project L.E.F.T.Y

One thing Henry could never forget and move on from was his precious, loving daughter, Charlotte Emily. Even though she was apparently long gone, Henry always felt that she was still there. Furthermore, with the revelation of haunted animatronics, Henry’s previously baseless assumptions became more concrete as he speculated the possibility of Charlotte haunting an animatronic.

While the probability of her possessing an animatronic was uncertain, he could not dismiss it. He couldn’t save her daughter before, but if there was even the slightest chance that he could save her now, he should definitely seize it.

Hence, the inventor got to work once again, emboldened by the flame of ambition, this time to lead her daughter’s soul to eternal rest. Henry created his last animatronic, L.E.F.T.Y (which stood for Lure Encapsulate Fuse Transport and Extract) for the sole purpose of capturing and containing the Puppet.

If her daughter had possessed an animatronic, Henry deduced, it most certainly had to be the Puppet. Not only was it always in her vicinity, but it, too, had gone missing on the day of his daughter’s death.

Successful Encapsulation

Somewhere down the line, L.E.F.T.Y was successful in its mission to confine the Puppet. Moreover, as L.E.F.T.Y was not a haunted animatronic, devoid of a personality, it served as a vessel for the confined animatronic – thus, the Puppet took the form of L.E.F.T.Y. In other words, the Puppet was now inhabiting and operating as the animatronic.

It’s important to remember that Henry did not intend to immobilize the animatronic by means of L.E.F.T.Y. All he wanted was to limit the Puppet to the animatronic so that he could lure it back to himself in order to exorcise it. Everything was still proceeding as the genius had planned!

L.E.F.T.Y, appearance-wise, is very similar to a regular Freddy, except that it is mainly black with a red accent. The red accent shows itself with red knee joints, cheeks, a red top hat, and a red bow tie. Other than that, it is speculated that L.E.F.T.Y is a modified version of Rockstar Freddy due to the presence of the signature star symbol on its chest.s

Puppet’s Exorcism

Security Puppet

Henry’s Final Scheme

Henry’s scheme with having Puppet inhabit L.E.F.T.Y was to ultimately draw her back to himself, in the prison of his own making. Although, by the time he had proceeded to the second phase of his plan, his ambitions had expanded from saving her daughter to saving all the displeased souls out there, inevitably undoing everything William had done.

Thus, for one last time, Henry opened up the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place, an establishment that would lure all the rouge animatronics into its maze-like basement before being set ablaze. As Remnant naturally dissipated due to prolonged exposure to considerable heat, this was the only way to free those poor souls.

The final part of Henry’s plan was to actually salvage the withered animatronics that would eventually make their way to the restaurant. Although they were attracted to the massive influx of children (which is why Henry opened up the restaurant), they were not strong enough to infiltrate and thus, remained in the outside alley.

Salvaging Puppet/L.E.F.T.Y

The final part of the plan was to have someone volunteer to collect the animatronics and verify them as one of four haunted animatronics before locking them up in the labyrinth. These animatronics included Scrap Baby (Elizabeth Afton), Scrap Trap (William Afton), Molten Freddy (Ennard), and L.E.F.T.Y (Puppet/Charlotte).

The brave volunteer who stepped up for the task was none other than Micheal Afton himself – truly the magic of fate. Henry had put up an advertisement for the vacant position of a “Pizzeria Manager,” and Micheal, who had been infiltrating Fazbear restaurants to learn more of the truth, saw it as the perfect opportunity.

Apart from managing the restaurant, Micheal would head out to the alley every night to salvage animatronics. He would bring them into his office, where he would run them through a criterion known as “Paragraph Four” – if they met Henry’s standard, he would lock them up in the labyrinth.

As such, all four animatronics, including the Puppet; the plan was now ready to move onto its final phase.

Finale: Only Ashes Remain

All Pupets

Henry remained in the building as he set the place aflame, intending to die with everyone else. The finale dawned upon the man, who was content with burning away with the rest of the past.

Henry recited his final monologue as all the trapped animatronics, including the Puppet, melted away, screaming and giving up the souls they contained. Yes, I am referring to the legendary Insanity Ending of FNAF 6, one that gives me goosebumps to this day.


Question: How did Elizabeth Afton Die?

Answer: Elizabeth Afton was the daughter of William Afton, who died in the tragedy at Circus Baby’s Pizza World. Circus Baby’s Pizza World was Fazbear Entertainment’s third establishment, which stood out for its unique, state-of-the-art mascot, Circus Baby.
Circus Baby was the company’s first automatic, endoskeletal animatronic that was modeled after Elizabeth herself.
Knowing just how resemblance the animatronic bore with herself, Elizabeth, unsurprisingly wanted to play with her desperately. However, her father forbid her from doing so, knowing that the animatronic may kill her since she did qualify as a child.
The man ultimately underestimated her daughter, who, unconvinced, sneaked into Circus Baby’s room one night and was killed.

Question: Is Puppet in FNAF: Security Breach?

Answer: The Puppet does appear in FNAF: Security Breach as an easter egg – upon closer inspection, its mask can be clearly seen on the Blob’s figure. The Blob, while being the secret antagonist, is a nest of east eggs as it is the amalgamation of old, salvaged animatronic parts. 
That is not to say that the Puppet itself is somehow a part of the animatronic’s conscience. That’s because Charlotte moved on long ago, as is evident from the absence of tears on the Puppet’s mask.
A neat little detail indicates that Charlotte was no longer a vengeful spirit, having settled the score with her murderer decades ago.

Question: What is the Happiest Day Minigame?

Answer: The Happiest Day minigame is the sixth and last minigame available to play in FNAF 3. The minigame can be accessed on any of the six nights by clicking on the Puppet painting in the Hall (CAM 03). The minigame can either have the basic ending or the cake ending, which is achieved after beating all the previous minigames.
The Happiest Day minigame is a depiction of the aftermath of William’s first death. After being scared into his Spring lock suit by the ghosts of the children, the dampness of the environment got the man killed, allowing the ghosts to find peace.
This is shown as Puppet sees all four children off before departing and leaving their masks (signifying which animatronic they possessed) behind.

Puppet FNAF: Conclusion

The Puppet is one of the most mysterious characters in the FNAF universe and stands out for being much more intelligent than the other animatronics.

She admits in the games that the other animatronics are akin to animals, one-dimensionally following their desires while she is significantly more aware. It is theorized that her awareness stems from the concentration of remnants inside the Puppet animatronic.

Regardless, the Puppet is a morally ambiguous character, walking in the gray area of right and wrong. She carries herself with but one goal, to exact vengeance upon William Afton – however, she is cold and calculating in nature, capable of eliminating anyone who gets in her way without a second thought.

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