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Hey there! I’m Syed Arham, and I’ve been obsessed with FNAF games for years. After initially starting off watching famous content creators like Markipliar play through the game while being too scared to try it myself, I attempted my first run of FNAF 1 two years ago.

Ever since, despite all the terrifying memories and the unforgettable jumpscares, I have come to love Scott Cawthon’s universe and the characters that inhabit it, my favorite being Michael Afton.

At first, all that was on my mind was beating the games, but eventually, my intellect started to drift toward pondering over the game’s lore and mystery: Why do all the night guards keep getting fired for the same reason? Are they all the same person, perhaps?

Is it possible that they have a connection to the Crying Child? Such questions took me to the FNAF community, where I witnessed great individuals like MatPat piece together FNAF’s story in the most coherent way possible and resolve its many unsolved mysteries.

One of my favorite mysteries, as such, is that of the night guard protagonists, particularly Eggs Benedict from Sister Location.

Eggs Benedict Overview

Eggs Benedict is one of the few aliases Michael Afton used to infiltrate a couple of Fazbear Entertainment’s establishments as part of his investigation. He is William Afton‘s elder son and sibling to Chris and Elizabeth Afton. He seeks to learn about the company’s dark history and eventually put an end to it all. As such, he is considered the main protagonist in the overarching story and is one of Scott’s best-written characters, in my opinion.

Michael uses the alias “Eggs Benedict” to specifically infiltrate Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals, an underground establishment founded by his father, as a night-shift guard. In this guide, I’ll be covering the events that led up to his infiltration, his experience as part of the staff, and of course, the aftermath of the game’s canonical ending.

Eggs Benedict Appearance

Eggs Benedict Appearance

Benedict has been depicted in two different sprites, his human form and his “zombie” state (as I like to call it). As a human, he was a teenager of tall stature with a light skin tone and blue eyes, indicating how close he was to adulthood.

To me, his maturity was also evident from his get-up; with unkempt, brown hair, Benedict would often be seen in his signature purple long-sleeved shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes.

An interesting detail that I noticed right away about his facial expression was his huge grin, which, although similar to that of his father, goes a long way in setting him apart as a protagonist from his antagonistic dad. While William had a more sadistic and creepy smile, Benedict, in contrast, maintained a warm and friendly one, showing how the two existed on opposite sides of the moral spectrum. Neat little detail, Scott!

However, even his warm smile came off as creepy to me when Benedict died and came back to life as a zombie. Of course, due to nature’s course of action, his skin turned purple from decomposition, depriving him of his hair, nose, and teeth.

Furthermore, instead of eyes, he had empty sockets illuminated with white pupils – I’d even go as far as to say that they looked similar to the animatronics’ haunted eyes, indicating some kind of connection between their reanimation.

Coming off as both scary and grotesque, Benedict assumed the role of a shadowy force that would rarely make public appearances and instead work towards his goal in secrecy.


Benedict is one of the most developed characters in the series, hence why I praised his writing – his personality goes through shifts throughout the story until he finds himself where he wants to be. In his early teenage days, he was rather mischievous, always coming up with new schemes to bully his brother, or so I thought.

It eventually came to light that he was more than just a bad brother; his plots became more and more dangerous, especially when Chris developed his phobia for animatronics, to the point that Benedict was partly held responsible for the Bite of ’83.

The traumatizing incident of the Bite of ’83, however, did set Benedict straight, just as I would have expected. He grew out of his horrible habits and started to mature in personality and appearance. Doing away with mischief, the teen took upon himself the noble traits of kindness, bravery, and righteousness, finally shaping up to be the main protagonist the series desperately needed – well played, Scott!

Benedict is best remembered for his fearlessness, as he’s one of the very few characters in the series who never feared any haunted animatronics. Instead, when employees were dropping out of the night-shift staff in fear for their lives, he saw it as an opportunity to infiltrate and investigate – I firmly believe that it is due to the poor appeal of the position that he got in with relative ease.

I don’t know about you, but for me, perhaps his biggest display of gallantry was how unfazed he was when Ennard broke into his house in Sister Location’s non-canonical ending. Truly a sight to behold!

Role in the Games


Five Nights at Freddy’s 1

Benedict makes his first appearance of the series in the very first installment, FNAF 1, working as a night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, this time under the alias “Mike Schmidt.” The idea of the game is quite straightforward – every night, the animatronics come out of hiding and attempt to attack your office. I suspect that this is most likely because they perceive you to be William Afton, their killer, possibly due to Benedict’s blood relation with the man.

After playing through all five nights, the game comes to an end as Benedict is fired from the job on account of tampering with the animatronics as part of his investigation. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

I got to explore much of Benedict’s early adolescence in FNAF 4, as the game took a deep dive into the events surrounding the Bite of ’83 and its victim, Chris Afton.

The relationship between the two brothers was very depressingly depicted through the lore-based minigames that are shown as cutscenes after each night. The post-night 5 cutscene is probably the one I’ll never forget, which I first saw Markipliar react to in his YouTube videos.

Bite of ’83 (Post-Night 5)

On the day of his birthday, Chris is hurled into the Pizzeria by Benedict and his friends – they had already arranged his birthday party to be there, despite how much Chris feared the place. As such, they taunt the child for being so scared of a bunch of harmless animatronics and decide to bring him up close to one – all of this, of course, is part of Benedict’s scheme.

The quartet carries Chris over to Fredbear on the main stage and shoves him into the animatronic’s mouth, saying that he should “kiss” him – at this point, I already knew something terrible was about to happen. Chris has never been this frightened in his life and starts to cry and shake uncontrollably, eventually causing a spring lock failure to occur on Fredbear’s jaws, leading to his death.

I initially did not realize how the bite itself occurred – I mistakenly assumed that Fredbear was simply possessed and bit down the child out of bloodlust. I remember scurrying through Google to find a more scientific explanation (given that the incident took place before Fredbear’s possession) and learned about spring-lock failures.

Turns out that spring-lock mechanisms can easily be disrupted due to moisture, and in this case, I reckon that disruption came from Chris’s tears and sweat. This must’ve caused Fredbear’s suit to spring back into its normal state with its mouth closed and Chris’s skull crushed between its jaws.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location

Benedict is the game’s main protagonist, and the story revolves around his experiences at Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals. This is Benedict’s first infiltration, most likely inspired by piecing together clues his father left behind that hinted toward Circus Baby Entertainment. The hints encouraged Benedict to seek out his sister at the location – that must be why the game’s called Sister Location, right?

Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator

Benedict is also the main protagonist of FNAF 6, this time infiltrating as the establishment’s manager rather than a night guard.

This, of course, implies more responsibilities which I deduced from the very synopsis! Apart from furnishing the place from scratch and keeping the logistics functional in his office, he is also responsible for salvaging several animatronics. These animatronics include Molten Freddy, Scrap Baby, L.E.F.T.Y, and Springtrap – all which meet the criteria of paragraph 4.

Story of Sister Location

Night 1

The first night begins with Benedict making his way down to the facility, given that Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals operate underground. He is accompanied by an AI assistant (named HandUnit), who, similar to the phone guy, guides him through the shift.

I was personally expecting to see the OG Phone Guy do the guiding in this game, but HandUnit wasn’t half-bad! Anyhow, night 1 is meant to be a tutorial where you learn all the main mechanics, although this game is quite different from mainstream FNAF games.

Daily Tasks

Sister's Location Part 2

Upon reaching the facility, Benedict is to crawl through a vent in order to reach the Primary Control Module, where some of his daily tasks lie. Here, he must check both windows to see whether their respective animatronics are ready to perform the next day.

On the left is the Ballora Party Room and Dance Studio where Ballora performs – however, as she isn’t there, Benedict must administer a controlled shock to get her back on duty (Aversive Stimulus much?) On the right is the Funtime Auditorium where Funtime Foxy performs – however, he too isn’t there, and as such, Benedict must administer another controlled shock.

After waking up both animatronics, Benedict is instructed to move on to his next task, which involves taking the vent shaft into the Circus Gallery’s Control Module. As the name implies, Circus Gallery is where Circus Baby performs, and Benedict must also spring her back into action. However, Circus Baby is a little resilient and takes three control shocks to get back online, concluding the first night.

Night 2

Night 2 begins in a little bit of a different fashion. After descending to the underground facility, HandUnit assumes a different, more grumpy voice – I found that to be quite refreshing from your usual oh-so-formal guides.

The voice, however, sadly malfunctions during Benedict’s first chore (i.e. checking up on Ballora and Funtime Foxy), causing the original AI to take over and rush Benedict’s night duty to the next phase: Circus Gallery. That was where I started getting suspicious of what was going on…

Meeting Circus Baby

Upon making his way to the Circus Gallery Control Room, it is seen that, just like last time, Circus Baby is nowhere to be found – I expected that much.

This time, however, what I failed to anticipate was that when Benedict tries to deliver a controlled shock, the button fails to work, revealing that the system needs to be rebooted. As such, HandUnit goes offline temporarily to fix the problem, leaving Benedict all alone – Circus Baby then makes her move and approaches the night guard.

Circus Baby expresses her curiosity about why Benedict would choose such a dangerous job like this before getting to the point. She shows Benedict a hiding spot, imploring him to hide in it from the animatronics that are after him – as HandUnit had gone offline, so had several security doors, leaving Benedict vulnerable to other animatronics.

A little off-topic, but I just want to say that simply seeing Circus Baby, an animatronic, properly converse with the protagonist for the first time was lowkey shocking, giving off the impression that Sister Location was about to be a very different game – I was all in for it!

Following her instruction, Benedict takes refuge in the little vent, closing the porous lid and avoiding any eye contact with the animatronics trying to peep through.

Eventually, just as Baby had predicted, the animatronics lose interest and leave before HandUnit comes online, explaining that it was unable to reboot the system; hence, Benedict needs to go to the Breaker Room across Ballora Gallery to manually reboot the system himself. I vividly remember getting goosebumps at this part because the game’s first scary sequence was about to begin!

Breaker Room

Breaker Room
FNAF Sisters Location Wikia – Fandom

Contrary to the AI’s hasty instructions, Baby strongly advises Benedict to take a slower, more stealthy approach in order to avoid alerting Ballora. Following Baby’s instructions again works out in Benedict’s favor as he can safely make his way to the Breaker Room.

However, another daunting task lies in waiting for the newbie night guard – Scott really did me dirty by forcing me out of the frying pan into the fire.

HandUnit informs Benedict that he must interface with the control box in order to restart all the systems – doing so could disrupt nearby animatronics to the point of physical hostility. Therefore, if the danger level goes up, Benedict must pull away from the box and play the mascot sound in order to calm down any agitated animatronic, mainly Funtime Freddy in this case.

After manually rebooting the entire system, I almost forgot that Benedict must also make his way back to the Primary Control Module through Ballora’s Gallery. Rest assured, the hectic night will come to an end after that.

Night 3

Night 3, although shorter than the previous one, comes with its own challenges. Following the usual routine, Benedict goes into the facility and checks up on Ballora and Funtime Foxy first. Ballora appears to be dissected, while Funtime Foxy is nowhere to be seen.

To my surprise, HandUnit brushes it off as being “fine” and instructs Benedict to repair Funtime Freddy, who had recently incurred some damage. HandUnit also adds not to visit Circus Baby tonight, although Benedict can choose to do so – you can already tell that I was itching to disobey HandUnit’s instructions just to see what happens!

In the event that Benedict decides to visit Baby first by going to the Circus Gallery Control Room, he can converse with Baby in the same hiding spot she had previously recommended. Here, she reminisces the story of Elizabeth Afton’s death, talking about how she was always aware of the number of children in the room with her.

Obviously, the game doesn’t tell you, but this was because she was programmed to only lure in and kill children who came to play with her by themselves, given that they were easy to isolate.

Maintenance Work

Regardless, Benedict ultimately moves onto his maintenance task for the day, this time having to make his way to the repair room through Funtime Foxy’s auditorium. This challenge is quite different from that of Ballora’s gallery – essentially, Benedict has to get to the other side of the auditorium in complete darkness.

Furthermore, he can only momentarily use his flash beacon to get a glimpse of what’s ahead; if the coast is clear, he should progress, and if Funtime Foxy is there, he must go silent and check again shortly.

Once in the repair room, Benedict must follow the AI’s instructions in order to successfully fix up Funtime Freddy; the idea is to extract both of the animatronic’s power modules for repair. First, Benedict must open up Freddy’s faceplate to access the endoskeleton. For that, he must press four buttons in the following order: the one under Freddy’s right cheek, then under his left cheek, then next to his right eye, and then finally just above his nose.

Upon opening the faceplate, Benedict must retrieve the first power module by pressing the button on Freddy’s jaw. The second power module, however, is under Bonnie the hand puppet’s bow tie and is a little tricky to obtain due to the animatronic’s incessant fidgeting.

Once both modules are collected, Benedict is instructed to return to the control room through Funtime Foxy’s auditorium, although this time, the night guard is attacked and kidnapped by the animatronic. Contrary to what newbies may think, this sequence is part of the story and unavoidable – so don’t waste your time trying to replay the level just to outsmart Foxy.

Night 4

Night 4 is the shortest of all the nights as it follows only one sequence. Essentially, Benedict wakes up inside a spring-lock suit, accompanied by none other than Circus Baby herself. Baby describes how Funtime Foxy tried to kidnap him, but she saved him and kept him hidden inside the suit, although that is generally considered dangerous.

Something definitely felt off here, but I regrettably didn’t bat an eye to it. Regardless, she tells Benedict how they’re in the Scooping Room, which houses a machine called the Scooper used for extracting endoskeletons from animations for maintenance purposes.

Ballora Scooped

Ballora Scooped

The conversation is interrupted by the entry of two technicians, at which point Baby goes silent, imploring Benedict to do the same. The technicians came to the room with Ballora, looking to remove her endoskeleton due to some functional issues.

As such, Ballora is brought up, coincidentally where Benedict could also see her – then, a machine starts beeping, and on the third beep, the Scooper violently tears down Ballora’s exterior, revealing her endoskeleton. There was no blood, but surely that counts as gore, right?

At this point, the technicians take their leave, hoping to resume the maintenance process over the following day. When the coast is clear, Baby releases Benedict from the suit, adding that the security cameras would eventually identify him and the establishment’s staff would come to his aid. In the meantime, however, Benedict must keep the spring locks intact, as they were beginning to get loose due to excess precipitation.

It’s a tedious and excruciating task, but Benedict is eventually able to pull through and go home. I wasn’t sure why Circus Baby didn’t adopt a safer method of delivering Benedict back safely – however, as I said earlier, I did not pursue the suspicion any further.

Night 5

After spending four consecutive nights at Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals, Benedict is unaware that the fifth night would (spoiler alert) be his last. As usual, he enters the Primary Control Module from the vent shaft and begins his normal duties with the assistant AI.

However, something automatically feels off right off the bat – checking both Ballora’s Gallery and Funtime Auditorium yields a sight of two hung, dead technicians, which the HandUnit brushes off as “everything is as it should be.” I remember sweating at this point – something was definitely off before, but now, I could feel something terrible was about to happen.

Confronting Circus Baby

Without batting an eye, HandUnit hastens to Benedict’s next assignment, i.e, fixing up Circus Baby in the repairs room. For that, however, he must once again persevere through Funtime Auditorium and avoid the clutches of Funtime Foxy. Upon reaching the room, Benedict is greeted by a large Circus Baby body that is deactivated for some reason – regardless, he is somehow supposed to ready the animatronic for the next day’s entertainment.

But before Benedict could get to work, Circus Baby begins talking to him, telling him that something bad is within her, and seeking his help to set things right. She implores the night guard to recover what is good so that the rest of her body can be destroyed in the scooping room.

She instructs Benedict to press a button on her right cheek and enter the following code into the keypad: 9155129575. Correctly entering the code opens up a hatch containing her memory card, which Benedict is meant to take to the scooping room.

Scooping Room Incident

Reaching the scooping room, however, is a dangerous task, as Baby explains how Ballora entered the auditorium while refusing to return to her gallery. As such, she instructs Benedict to follow her guidance, which will take him to the scooping room safe and sound.

Upon turning back, Benedict enters the pitch-black auditorium, with only Baby’s voice to guide him in which direction to go and when to stop. Putting his faith in Baby’s hand, Benedict is finally able to make it to the scooping room.

In the scooping room, as we all know, a terrible fate awaits Benedict. As he enters the room, he is received by an odd sight – the Scooper surrounded by the parts of different animatronics, including Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Ballora, and Circus Baby.

Baby’s voice finds him once again, this time coming from the other side of the glass, from a creature that looks nothing like Circus Baby – Ennard. Ennard welcomes Benedict to the scooping room, expressing its anguish over its confinement.

Ennard embodies the quartet’s desire to escape the facility and experience the outside work as the culmination of all the Funtime Animatronics. However, given that it looks starkly different from a human being, it would be immediately rejected and shunned by the world. As such, the only way for it to blend in with society is to look human – to look like Benedict.

“The Scooper only hurts for a moment” are Ennard’s last words as it activates the Scooper, ripping out Benedict’s insides. It was at this point that I regretted trusting Circus Baby – at the time, I didn’t know how things exactly ended up the way they did, but my intuition could not stop identifying Circus Baby as the main villain there.



There are two endings to the game, one is canon and the other fake. The bad/canonical ending follows up from the scooping room incident with a cutscene that slowly pans over to a mirror reflecting the silhouette of the person.

This person, of course, is Benedict – however, towards the end of the cutscene, he opens his eyes and reveals that they are purple haze, indicating that Ennard has occupied his body. Such an odd sight this was – human souls occupying an animatronic, which in turn assumed another human body as its host.

However, the good/fake ending takes place if Benedict chooses not to follow Circus Baby’s instructions. As such, he finds himself in the Private room, where he must fend off Ennard for the rest of the night – finally, some old-school FNAF action!

Ennard can enter the room from either of the two doors on Benedict’s sides or from the front vent – in either case, the night guard must keep tabs on the cameras and shun away Ennard at all cost.


Question: What is the Circus Baby Minigame?

Answer: The Circus Baby Minigame is a very important lore-based minigame featured in Sister Location that definitively proves Circus Baby to be Elizabeth Afton’s killer. The minigame can be played by either dying five times or simply accessing the minigame from the Extras menu. The platformer minigame has a very simple objective to follow: you, as Circus Baby, must move across the map to deliver cupcakes to the hands of all the children in under 60 seconds.
Doing so will earn you the Ice Cream reward, which will trigger a cutscene if you take it back to the start. The cutscene will show a little blonde girl (Elizabeth Afton) walking towards Circus Baby, alone. Once she gets close enough, Circus Baby will bend back to deploy her claw, which will pull the girl in and kill her, followed by a loud, blood-curdling scream.

Question: What was Ennard’s plot all along?

Answer: The Funtime animatronics had always plotted to “pretend” to be defective because doing so would earn them a trip to the scooping room where their endoskeletons would be extracted. All four endoskeletons laid bare would allow the quartet to fuse together into a single amalgamation known as Ennard. After all, escaping as one animatronic would be easier than escaping as four.
As far as their grand escape was concerned, that’s where Circus Baby, the leader of the Funtime animatronics, played her role. She earned Benedict’s trust by putting him in sketchy situations where she would herself come to his aid, showing him that she was on his side. With enough trust built up, she would ultimately lead him into the scooping room, where the night guard’s insides would be ripped out, allowing Ennard to occupy his corpse.

Question: What happened to Eggs Benedict after the scooper incident?

Answer: After the scooper incident, Ennard went on to escape Circus Baby Entertainment and Rentals into the outside world. Here, the animatronic enjoyed life as a human, albeit for a short period – as Benedict was, in fact, dead, his body eventually began to decompose. The corpse’s skin turned purple as it began to lose its hair, teeth, and eyes, to the point that society became very suspicious.
At this point, Ennard, in order to avoid further complicating the situation, decided to extract itself from Benedict’s body, fleeing as an incomplete animatronic into the town’s sewerage system. Benedict was an empty corpse, but not for long – upon provocation from his sister’s voice, he rose up again.

Eggs Benedict FNAF: Conclusion

Eggs Benedict is one of Scott Cawthon’s best-written characters across the FNAF series. He is built up from a naughty, good-for-nothing brother to one of the bravest and most respectable main characters I have ever come to know.

Hence, as someone who’s played through the entire series, I felt the weight of FNAF 6’s ending, where everything comes to an end, and Benedict’s efforts come to fruition with his death. Among the protagonists, he is my favorite character, even more than Henry, because, unlike Henry, he actually went out into those night shifts and confronted the living horrors himself.

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