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Elizabeth Afton Guide

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Let’s agree on one thing: the Aftons are among the most messed-up families in video game history. The dad, William Afton, is a monster in human form. And when William dies and comes back as Springtrap, he becomes an actual monster. William’s son, Michael Afton, possibly bullied his younger brother and caused his untimely death. And the youngest child, Elizabeth Afton, is a sweet, innocent girl who dies far too soon and becomes the stuff of nightmares.

Elizabeth Afton is a distinct FNAF character because:

  • She is serial killer William Afton’s daughter
  • She is killed by Circus Baby and ends up possessing the animatronic
  • She turns from curious and innocent while human into cold and murderous in her animatronic forms

Elizabeth Afton’s Appearance

We only see Elizabeth Afton in her human form in the death minigame from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. She has green eyes, blond hair with a red bow, and wears black shoes, a blue skirt, and a pink top with two buttons.

And like her father and brother, she speaks with a British accent. However, since Elizabeth is not part of the main game, we only see her in pixelated form.

elizabeth afton
Circus Baby Minigame

Bottom Line Up Front

We only see Elizabeth Afton in her human form in the Sister Location death minigame. However, her counterparts appear as significant villains in a few FNAF games.

Elizabeth Afton Lore

elizabeth afton's death
Circus Baby grabs Elizabeth

Elizabeth is William Afton’s daughter and the younger sibling to Michael Afton and the Crying Child. As a kindergartener, she has a fascination for animatronics. Her favorite one is Circus Baby because she makes balloons for kids and gives them ice cream.

She believes that her father made Circus Baby a special gift for her. So, she is disappointed when he never lets her get close to the animatronic. However, Elizabeth doesn’t know that Circus Baby has a sinister purpose. Her father programmed the animatronic to kill children. Circus Baby did this by waiting until she was alone with one child, then killing them.

So, William refusing to let Elizabeth get close is his way of protecting his daughter. This is shocking because it shows that even a monster like him can care for others.

However, Elizabeth goes against her father’s wishes and approaches Circus Baby. Since she is the only child in the area, the animatronic grabs her with its claws—whose original purpose was to dispense ice cream to kids—and kills her.

But this is not the end of Elizabeth. Her soul possesses Circus Baby, becoming a scheming, murderous animatronic. Meanwhile, a distraught William closes the restaurant, blaming it on gas leaks. The animatronics are taken to Circus Baby’s Entertainment & Rental, the sister location.

She eventually decides to escape the facility. To do that, she and the other animatronics fuse to form Ennard. Even though Ennard is a hive mind, Elizabeth is the one controlling it. Ennard then disembowels Michael, Elizabeth’s brother, and forces itself into him, wearing his skin as a suit.

Michael’s body eventually decays to the extent that it vomits Ennard into a sewer. Then, miraculously, Michael’s body rises up. Elizabeth’s soul then separates from Ennard and returns to a beaten-up Circus Baby, becoming Scrap Baby. She vows to continue her father’s work of taking more lives but is killed as Henry Emily sets fire to the pizzeria.

Finally, Elizabeth’s soul is set free, and her story ends.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Elizabeth doesn’t appear in the main game. Instead, we see her in the Circus Baby death minigame. Here, you play as Circus Baby and have to give cupcakes to all the children you see before time runs out. If time runs out or you fall into a pit, Baby dissipates.

However, if you succeed, an ice cream cone will appear at the end. Pick up the ice cream and return it to the start of the minigame. The ice cream will automatically drop, which will prompt Elizabeth Afton to appear. Once she shows up, Elizabeth makes her way to Circus Baby and the ice cream. A robotic claw suddenly emerges from Circus Baby’s stomach when she is close enough. It pulls Elizabeth into her torso, and the minigame ends.


Circus Baby

circus baby giving away the cupcakes
Circus Baby giving away the cupcakes

Circus Baby is William Afton’s murderous creation and the main mascot in Circus Baby’s Pizza World. However, once she kills Elizabeth Afton, the young girl’s soul possesses her.

Circus Baby appears in:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location
  • Ultimate Custom Night
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Circus Baby is among the tallest animatronics in the series and resembles a circus clown. The animatronic has red hair, pigtails, green eyes, and red cheeks with a red top, a short red skirt, red shoes, and is holding a microphone.

Scrap Baby

scrap baby

Scrap Baby looks similar to Circus Baby. However, many of her parts have changed. She has cables for hair, a claw in place of her right hand—likely the one Circus Baby used to kill Elizabeth—exposed eyes, two dead lights on her chest, and roller blades on her feet.

She appears in:

  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
  • Ultimate Custom Night
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery


Question: Is Elizabeth The Youngest Afton?

Answer: Yes, Elizabeth is William Afton’s last-born child and only daughter. She is also Michael Afton’s younger sister.

Question: Does Elizabeth Afton Get Abused?

Answer: While Elizabeth’s father, William Afton, is a serial killer, he does not go so far as to abuse her. That said, he often neglects her. But, curiously, William showed some he has a conscience when he warned Elizabeth against getting close to Circus Baby. He also showed it when he shut down Circus Baby’s Pizza World after her death.

Question: How Does Elizabeth Afton Die?

Answer: Elizabeth approaches the animatronic, Circus Baby, despite her father’s warnings. The animatronic has been programmed to kill any child she is alone with, so she kills Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth’s soul then possesses Circus Baby and later Ennard and Scrap Baby. Her soul is finally released while possessing Scrap Baby, and the building she is in burns down.

Question: Is Elizabeth Afton Evil?

Answer: While still alive, Elizabeth was a curious child with normal curiosity for her age. She was fascinated by Scrap Baby, especially how the animatronic gave kids ice cream and balloons.However, after dying and possessing Scrap Baby, she becomes cunning, murderous, and evil.

Question: Who Voices Elizabeth Afton?

Answer: Zehra Jane Naqvi voices Elizabeth Afton. She also voices Ennard and Bidybabs.

Elizabeth Afton Guide: Conclusion

Elizabeth Afton has one of the most tragic stories in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. She passed away at such a young age, only to return as a vicious being. And when her story ends as her soul is released, you can’t help but let out a sigh of relief that her pain and misery have ended.

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