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After spending years growing up with the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, it’s slowly lost its fear factor after time. I used to be incredibly easily spooked, and the slightest sound would make me jump.

So Five Nights at Freddy’s was a nightmare to someone as frightened as me. But after pouring hours into playing and researching the game, I’ve become somewhat desensitized to the terrors, and I find it hard to find something that gets my heart racing.

So Security Breach took me by surprise when it introduced some antagonists, which genuinely left me scared. Suddenly a whole new realm of fear was unlocked – all it took was a mass of wires. Of course, there are the jumpscares from the run-of-the-mill animatronics, but dwelling beneath the surface is a creature not for the faint of heart.

The Blob’s Physical Appearance

The Blob is unlike any other animatronic we have seen in the Five Nights at Freddy’s timeline. Rather than adopting a complete animatronic form, this strange creation is significantly more intimidating. It has no recognizable limbs and no fundamental facial features. Instead, it’s just a mass. It bares a similar appearance to Molten Freddy but with significantly less structure.

Most of the Blob’s body is created by wires and various endoskeleton parts, building a black mass. When Gregory first encounters this mass, it appears to be breathing.

At first, we don’t know what it is, and there are no signs of it being alive or animate like the other characters within the game. However, as we approach the Blob and descend further into the basement of the pizzaplex, a few more details come to light.

Among the mass of wires and cables, a few elements of the Blob are incredibly unsettling. Within its mess of wires, a few of the animatronics from previous Five Nights at Freddy’s games can be seen. For example, Chica is situated toward the creature’s base, with wires pouring out her eyes and mouth.

Bonnie has the same fate toward the top of the mass. There are also a few other characters situated around, such as Circus Baby and Marionette, which may begin to ring some alarm bells for any fan brushed up on their lore. But I’ll speak about this in more detail later.

Even though the Blob has no visible face, the mask of Funtime Freddy acts as a mouthpiece. The mask is divided into four sections, much like the jumpscare version of the original animatronic, and the eyes are blacked out with red pin-prick-sized pupils.

These pupils appear like lights within the mask, which suggests that the Blob is ‘powered on,’ which brings it to light.

The rest of the animatronics involved in the Blob’s body have the same appearance, with red lights acting as eyes. This only adds to the Blob’s ominous appearance and leaves a lot of fans questioning how it came to absorb these shells and why it did in the first place.

The Blob’s Appearance in Five Nights at Freddy’s Games

The Blob's Appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's Games

The Blob is one of the final animatronic encounters Gregory faces toward the end of Security Breach, and frankly – I think it’s one of the most terrifying. First, since the Blob is a similar size to DJ Music Man, you can’t see the entire thing until you’re standing in front of it.

Furthermore, due to residing in the basement depths, the first encounter the player has with the Blob will only expose the top of its head, making it hard to understand what you’re looking at, which makes it all the more terrifying when you finally do.

As you travel to the bottom of the stairs and listen to the rattling breathing from the black mass, you’ll realize it’s alive. No one in the pizzaplex warned you about this mass, and even Freddy sounds slightly confused about where you are and why this mass is moving.

However, the Blob will attack Gregory if he steps into the basement, so he must travel down through Glamrock Freddy. Because of this, it’s hard to stop and look at the mass of wires in front of you. But if you do, you’ll feel a true sense of dread. In addition, the Blob is an incredibly unexpected encounter to face toward the end of the game, so you don’t know how to react.

Outside of Security Breach, the Blob is yet to appear in any other Five Nights at Freddy’s title. I hope this changes in the franchise’s future, as I think this character could change the fear that FNaF is known for. I think the ambiguous appearance of the creature, paired with the lack of narration and explanation, left a lot of fans, myself included, genuinely scared.

The Blob’s Personality

Unlike characters like Molten Freddy or Funtime Freddy, the Blob lacks the same fun-loving, only slightly eerie nature. Instead, it seems thoughtless and mechanical and lacks the personality we adore in animatronics.

It takes a while for the Blob to ‘spring’ to life. It seems exhausted and mindless when we first see it in the basement. It doesn’t have the same communication features as the animatronics and relies on heavy breathing and echoed screeching to communicate.

I think this element feeds into what makes this animatronic so terrifying, as we can’t gauge any real personality from it.

Obviously, our first instinct with entities like this is to assume they are aggressive, as most of the time – they are. So if you step foot in front of the Blob as Gregory, it’s quick to attack. But it gives Glamrock Freddy a chance to pass, and Glamrock Freddy even refers to the energy surrounding the creature as “his friends.”

Because of the Blob’s quick response to attack Gregory, it gives the mass a somewhat protective personality. There’s a reason we aren’t allowed in the basement of the pizzaplex, and we quickly learn that’s because of Firetrap.

In a way, the aggression is almost like the Blob is trying to help Gregory remain a safe distance from Springtrap, which protects Glamrock Freddy from becoming possessed.

The Blob’s Role & Lore

The Blob's Role & Lore

Because of the Blob’s one-off appearance, we don’t have much information on its history – but that doesn’t mean Five Nights at Freddy’s fans haven’t been dissecting every aspect of its surroundings to understand its purpose in the timeline.

Due to residing in the now desolate, cremated remains of the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place, which Henry caught alight in an attempt to stop Afton, there is a tremendous amount of speculation suggesting the Blob is the only animatronic remaining from the fire.

Additionally, we meet the Blob within the same area where we meet Afton’s reincarnated spirit in Burntrap, so many fans believe the two are linked. Additionally, the animatronics embedded within the wired mass all have one thing in common. They are the animatronics said to be possessed by Afton’s child murder victims.

At first, I didn’t realize this because of the Funtime Freddy mask. But upon further inspection and seeing Circus Baby and Marionette, it seems much more intentional than just a coincidental selection. Going off what I’ve already said about the Blob having an almost protective personality, it feels as if the Blob has one sole intention – to end Burntrap and finally put an end to what we can only assume as Afton’s existence.

This would make sense why they chose those animatronics rather than just a random selection, as it makes the Blob seem like a vengeful spirit rather than one just trying to harm. The ending of Security Breach further supports this point.

In the cutscene at the end of Security Breach, Freddy and Gregory are seen running from the flames in the basement. During this animation, Firetrap attempts to make his escape from the basement to try and catch up with them.

However, black tentacles descend from the ceiling and wrap themselves around Burntrap. The Funtime Freddy mask also descends, screeches, and pulls Burntrap into the black mass of cables.

We can only assume that this is the end of Burntrap, as we don’t see him post-credit. But part of me thinks he will re-appear in the next Five Nights at Freddy’s title. Especially after Afton declared previously that he ‘always comes back.’

Outside of this appearance, the Blob’s tentacles can frequently be seen during the game’s end sequence. Avoiding them is integral, as they present the same threat as the Blob itself.

But if Gregory gets into Freddy each time he sees the tentacles, they will slowly retract and pose no real danger. Upon encountering the Blob, the Fazwatch will refer to it as ‘Tangle,’ but this name is never used outside the log.

The Blob’s Counterparts

The Blob's Role & Lore

The Blob is a fairly standalone character in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. However, it does share a few traits with pre-existing characters. Of course, just because they share personality traits doesn’t mean they are counterparts, but it helps understand more about the Blob’s appearance and personality.

One of the most prominent characters in which the Blob shares its appearance is Molten Freddy. Although I mentioned this at the beginning of the guide, I thought it would be best to dive into more detail, especially since the two characters are made up of other animatronic parts – partially responsible for their aggressive personalities.

In addition, molten Freddy appears as one of the four main antagonists in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. Molten Freddy is made up of the remains of Ennard, so it takes on a similar wire appearance as the Blob. However, Molten Freddy still hosts a similar fun-loving nature as Freddy Fazbear, but with a slightly darker edge.

The face panel of Molten Freddy has the same Funtime Freddy mask as the Blob, so it moves in segments rather than a whole piece. Ennard is the only other character to consist of an endoskeleton rather than a complete animatronic. But once again, it has significantly more structure than the Blob.

Rather than just being a mass of cables, Ennard has a humanoid form, which, paired with its creepy clown mask, makes it one of the most chilling antagonists. Like the Blob, Ennard’s structure consists of other animatronic parts amalgamated into its unsettling form.

I think Ennard, Molten Freddy, and The Blob have very similar eerie energies. I think all three are scarier than any other animatronics we have encountered. If Ultimate Custom Night were revisited and a few of the newer animatronics were added, I’d love to face off with these three endoskeletal creatures, but I don’t think I’d sleep a wink.

But outside of just being scary, these characters have a level of depth we are yet to explore. As in-depth as the lore of Five Nights at Freddy’s goes, I’m surprised their appearances haven’t been covered in more detail. But it does make me wonder if it’s being saved for a future installment to the franchise.

FNAF Security Breach Blob: FAQs

Question: Who is Burntrap?

Answer: Burntrap is one of the unexpected antagonists of Security Breach. Taking the form of a decrepit and charred Springtrap animatronic, it’s easy to assume that Burntrap is linked to the spirit of William Afton.
Especially since he appears in the location where William was said to have been killed. There’s something different about Burntrap’s animatronic, symbolized through the purple eyes rather than the stereotypical red that the Blob features.
Since the Blob is quick to attack Burntrap and almost seems like that’s its sole intention, it’s almost as if the animatronics are finally fighting back after the peril Afton has put them through.

Question: What games is Ennard in?

Answer: Ennard is a primary antagonist in several Five Nights at Freddy’s games. He makes his debut in Sister Location as the final antagonist the player faces and then appears again in Help Wanted as a Posthumous Antagonist.
Additionally, he appears on a cardboard cutout in Security Breach and can be applied to a custom night in Ultimate Custom Night. I’d love to see Ennard in future Five Nights at Freddy’s games, and I think paired with the Blob, they could make something terrifying.

Question: Is William Afton Dead?

Answer: William Afton is one of Five Nights at Freddy’s most persistent characters and has faced several deaths throughout the timeline. Within Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, a minigame suggests that Afton died by getting inside a broken animatronic suit which triggered one of the spring locks and forced the suit closed.
Because of this, Afton got mangled and fused to the suit, which is how Springtrap was born. Since then, Afton has faced numerous supposed deaths yet still finds a way to resurrect himself and become the next horrifying installment.
So there’s no honest answer as to whether or not William Afton is dead. We’ll have to wait until the next Five Nights at Freddy’s game to see what happens next.


Even after nine mainline games and a mountain of fanmade content, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of the offerings of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Characters as ominous as the Blob are what keep me so consistently engaged with the games and so willing to read into every last piece of history and lore it has to offer.

I feel like I’ve rinsed Security Breach dry of its theoretical potential, but I’m still not satisfied with my knowledge.

I hope the Blob becomes a recurring character within the franchise, and I really like how the animatronics are being stripped back to their bare bones. I think this approach is much scarier, especially after we have spent so long with the animatronics.

But, it’s the change of pace the franchise needs, and I can’t wait to see how it applies in the future.

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