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Five Nights at Freddy’s started as an indie game that would become a horror juggernaut in just a few years. FNaF’s success is thanks to the support of loyal fans.

I became a fan of FNaF because of how easy but scary the game is. The game’s mechanics are simple to digest. I just need to prepare myself for the hundreds of jump scares instead of reading complicated tutorials. The easy game mechanics introduces the game to a broader audience.

The game also has dark and complicated lore that is interesting to follow. Like cliffhangers from soap operas, the suspense keeps us glued to our seats because we want to anticipate the plot twists. It was fun to engage with the community, obsessing in finding the answer to all sorts of mysteries.

Aside from the mainstream games, the franchise also gives us plenty of merchandise to indulge in. One of which is posters! I like buying FNaF posters because I’m always spoilt for choice with various designs that fit my personality. They can quickly enhance the overall look of your room.

If you want to buy a poster but struggle with choosing, then you are in the right place. This article will give you tips in tricks for finding the best ones. I will also provide you with my personal Top 10 FNaF Posters that you might want to see.

Bottom Line Up Front

Aside from the main games, the FNAF Franchise also offers tons of official merchandise that fans can enjoy.

One of the most common FNaF merchandise is FNaF posters. They are incredibly affordable, customizable, and come in all colors and sizes. Choices for your posters are very personal, so I recommend buying them based on your favorite characters and personality.

My Top 5 Picks in the List

  • Sun & Moon Boss FNaF Security Breach Poster: For those who love symmetry, this poster is just for you.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – group: It’s designed with all the main casts of FNaF: Security Breach except Gregory. Ideal for those who love all the characters! 
  • Monty Boss FNaF Security Breach Poste:: A fantastic poster featuring Montgomery Gator being a typical rockstar.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: Wash your paws Poster: A cute poster that “gently” reminded us to wash our hands.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s – Nightmare Freddy Poster: Fan of true horror? Buy this dark and terrifying poster that will give you nightmares.

What You Should Do Before Buying an FNaF Poster

Five Nights at Freddy’s has given me good memories. Freddy and his gang deserve a spot in my room because I have a soft spot for these killer animatronics. I want my posters to capture the essence of the characters and make them stand out in my room.

Choose your Aesthetics

It is given that the posters should look presentable. You should be looking for an FNaF Poster that fits your personality. In my case, I want it to be eye-catching, presentable, and pleasing to the eyes. 

If it’s your first time buying one, choose a simpler design to compliment your room’s ambiance. This is why you should be very particular about your chosen art style.

Determine the Quality

Nobody wants a torn-up poster unless it is part of the design. You would like your posters to have paper quality so that your FNaF Posters are durable enough to last for a long time. You can check the quality of the FNaF Poster by touching it and seeing if it is strong enough for you.

When buying online, always read the reviews to ensure that the poster you bought online is in good condition.

Consider Your Space

Plan ahead for any possible situation in your room before buying a poster. Always check for possible leakage from your walls and rooftops to avoid water damage. They can be flammable too. It’s best to keep them away from anything that could ignite them, such as sockets and wirings.

Ideally, you hang your poster on the wall. However, some collectors want to simply store their posters. If you have pets, be extra cautious in choosing a storage space—dogs and cats love to chew and tear things apart. That’s why you need to store your posters in unreachable spots. 

My Top Choice Posters

I have carefully picked the best posters with varying design aesthetics, sizes, and print and paper options. Just a disclaimer, the prices and shipping fees might vary depending on where you are located. Be sure to double-check them before you make a purchase!  P.S. I’m from the Philippines, and shipping fees are quite expensive since most stores are based internationally.

1. Sun & Moon Boss FNaF Security Breach Poster

Sun & Moon Boss FNaF Security Breach Poster

I love contrasts and Yin-Yang themes. This poster hit the jackpot, so I placed this poster in my top 10. The poster shows Sun and Moon, the daycare attendants that debuted in FNaF: Security Breach. The black background makes the colors in the poster stand out even more. I can picture this poster being surrounded by string lights or glow-in-the-dark stickers. It’s just a perfect pop of color for your room.

I also love this poster for its balance and symmetry. It shows how different the two characters are and also showing how similar they are. There’s no doubt Sun and Moon’s mischievous smiles can brighten(or creep out) anyone who sees this poster.


  • Design: The poster was printed on semi-gloss poster paper. The poster’s size is customizable and includes a 5mm white border for framing.
  • Brand: The poster was designed and sold by devanericcc


  • Small (16.4×19.7 in.): $16.07
  • Medium (23.4×28.1 in.): $26.77
  • Large (33.2×39.8 in.): $37.48


  • Fascinating Contrasting of colors
  • It has balance and symmetry


  • The Black Background might not fit well with lighter-colored walls.
  • The smiles of Sun and Moon is a bit creepy for a cutesy poster.
  • Only three size options and framing is not included

2. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Group


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Group

“FNaF: Security Breach” is the most recent and ambitious game in the franchise. It is the first FNaF game that introduces us to a massive map for players to explore and discover.

The poster features Vanessa and the new batch of animatronics. I like this poster because it shows us something new the latest batch of animatronics is sleeker, colorful, and modern compared to their predecessors. It is also a unique poster because it has a human character, Vanessa.

 However, it can be a bit misleading because Vanessa is not a hero, but I still like Vanessa and love that she shines in it.


  • Design: You can choose the poster’s size, type, and ways to post it. The price of the poster depends on your desired specifications. A standard poster made of glossy poster paper is relatively affordable compared to its premium counterpart, which is made of heavy-weight, semi-gloss paper. It is printed in high-quality ink to make the color more vibrant. If you want your posters to be framed, fans can choose what material for your poster’s frame.
  • Posting Options: Magnetic Hanger, Poster Clip, Poster Mounts, Pushpins.
  • Framing Options: Barnwood Fram, Black Frame, Mahogany Frame, Silver Frame, White Frame, Gold Frame, Bronze Fram.
  • Brand: Trends International


  • Standard Unframed (22.375” x34’ in.): $9.99
  • Small Premium Unframed (14.725” x22.375’ in.): $18.99
  • Medium Premium Unframed (22.375” x34’ in.): $20.99
  • Small Premium Framed (14.725” x22.375’): $49.99
  • Medium Premium Framed (22.375” x34’): $54.99


  • Tons of customizable options for fans to choose from.
  • Vibrant colors
  • Free shipping if your order reaches $15.00
  • More sizes and framing choices


  • Relatively expensive compared to other posters of the same quality
  • The poster is overcrowded with characters.
  • Vanny stood out like a sore thumb because of her faded colors.
  • It does not feature the game’s main character; Gregory.

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s – Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Freddy

This poster is great for fans who like the nostalgia of the original game. It’s ideal for a fan like me, who missed the creepiness of the original animatronics. The poster depicts the original Freddy, looking at the viewers with menacing eyes.

I love how the dark background blends well with Freddy. The overall design makes him stand out in this poster. The way it angles Freddy made him seem to be stalking the viewers, adding its creepiness. Consider buying this poster if you want your room to be dark and full of terror.


  • Design: Prices for the poster vary depending on your choice of poster type, posting options, and poster size. You can choose all sorts of framing options for their posters. The only difference between the standard and premium poster is the choice of paper. Just like the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Group poster, a standard print uses glossy poster paper, while a premium poster is printed on high-quality, semi-gloss paper. 
  • Posting Options: Magnetic Hanger, Poster Clip, Poster Mounts, Pushpins.
  • Poster Frame Options: Barnwood Frame, Black Frame, Mahogany Frame, Silver Frame, White Frame, Gold Frame, Bronze Frame.
  • Brand: Trends International
  • Where to


  • Standard Unframed (22.375” x34’ in.): $9.99
  • Small Premium Unframed (14.725” x22.375’ in.): $18.99
  • Medium Premium Unframed (22.375” x34’ in.): $20.99
  • Small Premium Framed (14.725” x22.375’ in.): $49.99
  • Medium Premium Framed (22.375” x34’ in.): $54.99


  • Offers free shipping for qualifying options.
  • Printed on high-quality ink that makes the poster vibrant.
  • Gives your room a creepy ambiance.
  • Features Classic Freddy.


  • Options for the poster frames are very expensive.
  • The black and brown combination makes the poster harder to see in darker rooms.
  • They only offer one-size for standard prints without framing options.
  • Paper quality easily wrinkles and creases.

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery Premium Poster Bundle (3-Pack)

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery Premium Poster Bundle (3-Pack)

The posters can be sold separately, but I recommend you buy the bundle. The 3-pack bundle has its own menacing and unsettling aesthetic when combined. The art of the poster pack is just gorgeous, and I like how detailed the animatronics and the background are.

Chika and Bonnie’s posters are the best in the bunch. I love how the yellow light illuminates the room and how Chika looks in the poster. Freddy’s section is a close second because he looks intimidating and dominating. 

The only thing I can criticize about the poster pack is Foxy and Scraptrap’s poster. I think their section is a lot darker than the other two.


  • Design: Since this is from Trends International, it has a similar design and finish as the previous posters I’ve mentioned—with standard and premium print options. 
  • Price: $47.22
  • Size: 22.375” x 34′ in.
  • Brand: Trends International
  • Where to Buy:, you can also buy this on Amazon, but it’s currently out of stock. 


  • Great and Detailed art style.
  • Features the original animatronics
  • Can be combined or sold separately.


  • The bundle might be too big for your room
  • Only one size option
  • Though it is ready to frame, it doesn’t offer any framing option in-store

5. Five Nights at Freddy’s – Help Wanted Wall Poster with Push Pins

Five Nights at Freddy’s - Help Wanted Wall Poster with Push Pins

This poster is great for fans who want their rooms to be extra creepy. It features all the animatronics in FNaF: Help Wanted, the first FNaF virtual reality game.

The animatronics in the FNaF universe is already scary enough; this poster added an extra level of creepiness. What makes it unique is the night vision effect and empty white eyes, making it a cool and terrifying sight, especially at night. I can’t imagine waking up in the middle of the night with this hanging on my wall. 


  • Design: The poster is printed with high-resolution art on PhotoArt gloss poster paper. The poster has enhanced color with a top-notch look and feel.
  • Price: $20.49
  • Materials: Paper and Plastic
  • Size: 22.375″ x 34″ in.
  • Brand: Trends International


  • Creative and high-resolution artwork
  • Vibrant and unique design


  • The dark background makes the poster harder to see in darker rooms.
  • Only one size option
  • Significantly expensive shipping fees compared to other posters sold online

6. Glamrock Freddy FNaF Security Breach Poster

glamrock freddy poster

Glamrock Freddy is the friendliest animatronics within the FNaF universe. The poster makes him look so adorable and cuddly. It is great for fans who have played FNaF: Security Breach and love this character. Glamrock Freddy really oozes wholesomeness throughout the game. I can guarantee that he can also make your room welcoming and cute if you place this poster along with other cutesy characters.

The white background may look dull, but it could be an opportunity for more creative fans to show their artistic talents.


  • Design: It is printed on semi-gloss poster paper.
  • Price: $15.47
  • Size: 16.4” x16.4’ in.
  • Brand: Designed and sold by lexlshop
  • Website:


  • Features Glamrock Freddy.
  • Cute and wholesome design.
  • It looks like a poster that you could actually find in the Pizzeria.
  • Thick paper and high-quality ink used


  • The poster may be too small for your room.
  • The White background might be boring to some fans.
  • Lacks the game’s horror element
  • Limited print and size options

7. Monty BOSS FNAF Security Breach Poster

Monty BOSS FNAF Security Breach Poster

Montgomery Gator is one of the FNaF: Security Breach bosses that Gregory has to fight to escape the Pizzeria. Who wouldn’t want this poster of Montgomery Gator? It offers an excellent and fun addition to any room. This poster would fit right for musically inclined fans, especially rockstar fans.

Montgomery Gator just oozes charisma and definitely fits the rockstar icon (which he is). The poster is fantastic and would make your room more epic and livelier. I usually have a reservation with the color green, but this poster uses it well.


  • Design: Like Glamrock Freddy FNaF Security Breach Poster, the poster is printed on semi-gloss paper.
  • Price: $28.75
  • Size: 23.4” x28.1’ in.
  • Brand: Designed and sold by be-yourself-art
  • Website:


  • Amazing and Stylish artwork
  • Really captures Montgomery Gator’s personality
  • Great for Rockstar fans


  • Green is not really a great color for room decorations. PS: I’m not a fan of green! 
  • The print quality isn’t consistent
  • The paper’s reflective shine makes the design hard to see.

8. Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach – Wash your paws poster

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach - Wash your paws poster

I love how cheeky and cute the poster is. It’s a simple poster gently reminding the viewers to wash their hands with a subtle threat. The ‘or else’ part sounds creepy, but given that it is in the FNaF universe, that threat is far more sinister.

A cutesy art with an ironic message, this poster is right for fans with a subtly dark sense of humor.


  • Design: The poster is printed on semi-glossed paper with a 5mm white border for framing.
  • Price: $14.29
  • Size: 16.4”x22.5 in.
  • Brand: Designed and sold by iprintARTSTORE
  • Website:


  • Adorable artwork
  • Encourages good hygiene
  • It looks like a poster that you could actually find in the Pizzeria.


  • The threatening tone clashes with its cutesy art.
  • Glamrock Freddy does not threaten anyone.
  • A bit pricey for its size and quality

9. Five Nights at Freddy’s – Nightmare Freddy Poster

Five Nights at Freddy’s - Nightmare Freddy Poster

I know that Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game, but the poster is unlike any FNaF poster I have ever seen. The poster looks straight from other gaming franchises such as Doomslayer and Elden Ring. Nightmare Freddy really fits his name with his decaying body covered with mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth.

I recommend this poster to fans who are hardcore gamers because this poster screams epic. You can complement it with other posters from action-packed games such as Dark Souls and DOTA.


  • Design: Rolled poster placed on an oversized tube for maximum protection.
  • Price: $14.99
  • Size: 34” x22’ in.
  • Material: Premium Heavy Stock Paper
  • Brand: Wall Art Distributors Inc.
  • Website:


  • Nightmare Freddy is intimidating in this poster
  • The Red and Black color combo made the poster look sinister and cool.
  • A perfect addition to your man cave.


  • Definitely not recommended if you have kids in your home.
  • It may not be visible in a dimly lit room.
  • Packaging (rolled) can create permanent creases when mishandled in transit

10. Five Nights at Freddy’s – Survived Wall Poster

Five Nights at Freddy’s - Survived Wall Poster

Everybody who plays Five Nights at Freddy’s knew not to be fooled by the game’s simple gameplay. You need to be precise and adaptable because one mistake will lead to a game over. Surviving five nights is a difficult task that only a few manage to succeed.

After succeeding on the fifth night, you can now unlock the sixth night, which is the most challenging night in the game. What are you going to do after beating the game? Buy a poster and let your friends know that you won!

This poster is great for fans who beat the game at the most challenging level. This poster shows Freddy and the gang congratulating the player for surviving all their challenges. In this poster, you can see Freddy and the gang genuinely happy for you, making it a heartwarming poster.


  • Design: The poster has a satin finish which removes unwanted reflective glare.
  • Price: $8.49
  • Size: 22.375” x34 in.
  • Brand: Trends International
  • Website:


  • Buying the poster is a satisfying way to celebrate your achievement.
  • Satin Finish removes unwanted reflective glare.


  • The framed version of the poster is expensive.
  • It’s a large poster that would not fit in a small room.
  • Colors may look washed out and not as vivid as the design


Question: Where can you buy the best FNaF posters?

Answer: Amazon is a great place where you can get the best FNaF posters. Their products are guaranteed to be high-quality and make your spending worth it. Redbubble is a close second.

Question: How do you pick a good FNaF poster?

Answer: An excellent FNaF poster respects the game and its characters. Good posters also preserve their colors for a long time before fading out, allowing you to display them for years to come. The poster must also be durable and easy to stick on the wall.

Question: What is the ideal FNaF poster size?

Answer: The ideal size for an FNaF poster is 24” x36’ in. Oversized posters would overwhelm the entire room and might not fit. Smaller posters make it challenging to stand out from other decorations and would not fill the empty spaces.

Best FNAF Posters Conclusion: What’s Your Favorite Pick?

Five Nights at Freddy’s holds a special place in my heart. I cherish every moment that I spend with my friends playing this game. Remembering the game made me nostalgic about those times when the animatronics were the only thing that made me scream instead of bills.

The best way to show our love and appreciation to FNaF is to buy their official posters. Posters would make your room a lot livelier since your walls are filled with your favorite FNaF art.

My personal favorite among my top 10 is Five Nights at Freddy’s – Nightmare Freddy Poster because it looks otherworldly, disturbing, and badass. My close second is Sun & Moon boss FNAF Security Breach Poster because who doesn’t like symmetry?

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