FNAF Security Breach Collectors Edition Guide

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise is every collector’s dream. Hundreds of collectible merchandise items, from plushies to figures, have been released since the first FNaF was released in 2014. As the years pass, the franchise only continues to make more.  

I don’t know about you, but I am an absolute hoarder of video game merchandise. As soon as I fall in love with a game, I’ll research what merchandise I can begin collecting. So when I started playing Five Nights at Freddy’s, a new world of merchandise was ready to greet me. 

I’ve never had a bad experience with Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise. Officially licensed products are always incredibly high-quality and worth every penny. So when the Security Breach Collector’s Edition was announced, I knew it was something I needed to add to my collection. 

What is a Collectors Edition?

A collectors edition usually refers to a special release for a game that is available for a limited time. Usually, collector edition products tend to increase in value as the product ages due to their limited release and availability.

In addition, rather than just selling the game, they tend to involve extra merchandise such as a different case for the hard copy of a game, a poster, or an art book. So while they may cost slightly more than just purchasing the base copy of a game, the extra bits that come with it are worth the cost. 

Though collectors edition releases are not to be mistaken with deluxe copies of games. I understand the confusion, as the two products imply a piece of extra content; however, a collectors edition tends to involve a physical product, while a deluxe edition tends to bulk out the in-game content. Ironically, most collectors’ edition products will also contain a deluxe copy of the game. 

So if you’re looking for some limited edition physical merchandise, collectors edition releases are a fantastic place to start. However, if you are planning on purchasing a collectors edition copy, you’ll have to be prepared to pay the price.

I’ll say now that these releases do not come cheap. Since they are filled with almost one-of-a-kind merch that you wouldn’t find in a store, alongside a copy of the game, the price tag mirrors this. But I can assure you that it’s worth it. 

Where  Can I Buy the Security Breach Collectors Edition?

Even though many retailers stock Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise, the Security Breach collectors edition is doing things differently.

First, because of the size and value of the release, it’s a hard product to find in-store without explicitly requesting it. Additionally, Collectors Editions tend to be a sought-after item, and most stores only receive one or two in a shipment. So chances are unless it’s been requested and reserved, it will be hard to find by just walking in. 

However, with stuff like this – the internet is your best friend. Several online marketplaces are stocking the Collectors Edition. This is a much more reliable method to purchase than praying it’s in stock when you visit your next GameStop. Pre-ordering, or just ordering the product once it’s released, means you are guaranteed to receive it, and you won’t have to pay extreme resellers prices. 

Here’s a list of everywhere currently stocking the box:

  • GameStop
  • Maximum Games
  • Amazon
  • BestBuy
  • Play Asia

Each location listed above sells the box for a standard price of $149.99. This may seem extreme at first, but once you learn what precisely the Collectors Edition has to offer, your distaste for the price might shift. I thought it was a lot of money for a fancy box and a physical copy of the game. Still, upon researching the contents, it had me almost throwing money at my laptop screen. 

Plus, this box’s price will only increase with age. Because it’s titled a ‘collectors edition,’ the product will only be available for a limited run, so you should act before missing out. I’m confident that resellers will take each item from the box and list them for double the worth on auction sites. 

What Comes in the Security Breach Collectors Edition?

Security Breach

If there’s one thing Five Nights at Freddy’s does right, it’s merchandise, and the collector’s edition for Security Breach is a perfect example. As I mentioned, the FNaF franchise is home to hundreds of pieces of merchandise, so they know what they’re doing.

They know exactly what their audience wants and won’t stop mass-producing it to satisfy everyone. As a result, the collectors’ edition captures the essence of Security Breach from the very moment you lay eyes on the box.

The presentation of this collector’s edition is enough to sell the product to me, let alone the contents. It comes in a stylish black box covered in tiny white stars. The front of the box showcases the Freddy Fazbear Mega Pizzaplex logo alongside the animatronics we have learned to love within the game.

Additionally, each animatronics signature surrounds the logo – which I think is a delightful touch and gives the box a whimsical, almost Disneyland-like feel. Toward the bottom of the logo – ‘Collectors Edition’ stands out in bright red neon letters – just to reassure you of what you’ve purchased. Also, depending on what console you’ve purchased the edition for, a band around the top will show the console’s logo. 

This box certainly looks the part on display—especially when displayed alongside the contents or a variety of other Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise. So if you’re like me and have an extensive plushie and figure collection, this box alone would fit right in. It’s rare for me to adore a product’s packaging as much as the products inside. Still, this fantastic release has me captivated by the very logo. 

However, if you’re not sold, then the contents of the box are sure to win you over. I’d say that this collector’s edition is among the most generous in terms of merchandise, so there’s something for everyone in various characters that I didn’t expect to see. 

Let’s start with the steelbook, which is the key to any collector’s heart. I am a sucker for a steelbook, and my shelves are home to many I’ve collected over the years. So, even if this box contained the game and an accompanying steelbook, I’d still probably buy it.

The appeal of steelbooks is the difference in the case compared to the standard game. In this case, the cover of the steelbook displays Glamrock Freddy’s arm and hand and Gregory holding on to his finger. In addition, there’s a bright, neon star in the background. It’s a subtle nod to the game so it won’t look garish on display. 

Even though the design is incredibly simple, I love the subtlety of this steelbook. The back of the case has the Security Breach logo in neon red, so if you want more of a prominent piece of Five Nights at Freddy’s merch on display, you can always flip the case.

The case’s interior is equally as enchanting as the outside, showing the sun version of the daycare attendant looking particularly joyful on the left, hanging upside down against a daycare center background, and the moon version on the right behind the disc.

Because of the shape of the animatronic, its face perfectly fills the space where the disc would go. Since you can only see the animatronic face, it has a similar haunting appearance to the moon from Majoras Mask. If you know how scary that is, then this will send the same chill down your spine. 

But of course, you can’t have a steelbook without a game to put in it. So, as expected, the collector’s edition comes with a physical copy of the game for your console of choice, which can be seen on the box’s exterior. I’ll dive in a little further a bit later as to whether or not this copy is different from the base copy of Security Breach, but it was worth mentioning here as it comes in the box. 

Moving on to my favorite product, the daycare attendant reversible plush. If you didn’t know already, I am a plushie fanatic. To make matters even better, the daycare attendant is my favorite character in the game, so this plushie is my definition of perfect.

Interestingly, rather than having either sun or moon, this plushie takes on a reversible form, so you can have whichever character you fancy on display rather than being limited to one. Additionally, this plush looks exactly like the sun and moon plushies on display in the gift shop (Fazbear Gifts) within Security Breach, which is a nice nod. 

But for any Vanny lover, this box also comes with an exclusive Vanny figure from YouTooz, which can only be found within this box. I didn’t particularly enjoy Vanny’s character within the game, but she’s still an integral character in the plot.

So she needs to make an appearance in the collector’s edition. This figure takes a chibi-like approach to the character, making her head much more significant than her body. She also comes with a clear acrylic stand, making her perfect for display. 

Finally, this collector’s edition also presents some more typical merchandise I’d expect to see in a box like this. Alongside a charming yet slightly overdone sticker sheet – which would probably sit in a drawer for the rest of eternity since I cannot use exclusive stickers – this box comes with a Mr. Hippo magnet and a collection of plush pins, including the four main animatronics to the game. 

As much as I love Mr. Hippo, I don’t understand why he’s the magnet instead of someone like Glamrock Freddy. I know the Mr. Hippo magnet is an in-game item that Gregory finds during his time in the Pizzaplex, but it seems like an unusual character to feature. Nonetheless, it’s still a charming addition to the release, even though it’s unexpected.

Once again, referencing the limited nature of the merchandise included in the kit, I’d imagine resellers are hiking the prices up of the content as much as they can. It seems unfair since this may be the only way many FNaF fanatics gain access to the merchandise.

Still, unfortunately, that’s the fate a lot of collectors face. So if you are keen to purchase a few items from this box rather than the entire collection, keep an eye out on sites like eBay for anyone who may be selling. 

What Console is it For?

PlayStation 4

The Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach collectors edition is available for a few consoles; however, the content in each box is exactly the same. The only difference is the logo around the top of the box and, of course – the physical game itself. 

Here is a list of consoles to which the collectors edition applies:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X

I think it’s such a shame that the collector’s edition isn’t available for PC players. Especially since I think many fans had their first experience with the franchise on PC and have continued to play the game that way, I understand many PCs don’t have a disc drive, so it would take away from the purpose of having a steelbook and a physical copy of the game. But many games are released with a download code instead of a disc, yet they still come with a case. 

Additionally, it seems unfair that PC players don’t have access to such a superb selection of merchandise. Due to the limited nature of everything, they probably never will if they don’t have access to a console listed above. I hope a PC edition comes out in the future, as it would be a shame for many players to miss out. 

Is the Gameplay Different in the Copy from the Collectors’ Edition?

Long story short, the physical copy within the Security Breach collectors edition is no different from the physical copy you can easily walk into a shop and buy. Additionally, it’s different from the version you can download from an e-Shop. So if you’re looking for a different in-game experience, it might be worth waiting until a DLC or a deluxe version of the content is released.

If you already have Security Breach, you’d be buying this collector’s edition for the merchandise rather than the game – which is an acceptable alternative. 

Due to the popularity of Security Breach, I find it hard to believe that the gameplay won’t have additional content released shortly. It’s easily one of the most popular Five Nights at Freddy’s titles to date and has bought in many new players – so it would be rude not to. I adored Security Breach from the minute I played, and I’d love to be able to replay that feeling, and the only way I think I’ll be able to is through DLC of the game!


Question: Are there collectors’ editions for previous FNaF games?

Answer: The Security Breach Collectors Edition is the only one released by the franchise, which I find incredibly surprising. Due to the franchise’s popularity and how many people buy Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise, I would’ve thought each game had its unique release.

But I’m sad to say they don’t. I understand that Security Breach’s bright colors and typically more ‘friendly’ looking characters may boost more merch sales than previous adaptations of the animatronics. But I would’ve loved to see the last games get the same attention. 

Question: Is Security Breach available on Nintendo Switch?

Answer: Currently, Security Breach is not available on Nintendo Switch. Although many previous Five Nights at Freddy’s games are available on the console, Security Breach is yet to be added.

In addition, due to the game’s size and the gameplay’s detail, I don’t think the Nintendo Switch currently has the facilities to support Security Breach to its highest standard. Therefore, as much as I love Security Breach, and as much as I love the Nintendo Switch, I think I’ll stick to the PC version. 


Answer: After seeing the friendly-faced magnet in the Collectors Edition, you may wonder who Mr. Hippo is and why he’s been included. I think that’s a valid question since he doesn’t appear in the game as an animatronic. However, Gregory collects character magnets throughout the title, and Mr. Hippo is one of them.

Furthermore, Mr. Hippo does appear in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. He’s a primary antagonist to the series but is still relevant in his own unique way. I believe he was added to the Collectors Edition as a nod to all FNaF veterans who would recognize the character. In a way, I think this magnet is a treasured addition since it’s an unexpected piece of merch rather than a character like Chica or Roxy. 

FNAF Security Breach Collectors Edition: Summary

Considering just how much comes within this Collectors Edition, I’d say it’s well worth the investment for a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan. It’s hard not to love all the merchandise they put out, but this item, in particular, is one of my all-time favorites. I think it perfectly captures the FNaF energy while still presenting merchandise of characters that would typically be overlooked. 

I’m incredibly pleased to see that this set isn’t just home to the game’s main animatronics; instead, they make sure to include characters like Vanny and the daycare attendant. As much as I think it’s a shame these pFroducts aren’t easily accessible in stores, the limited edition release is what makes players so keen to collect.

If you don’t already have a Five Nights at Freddy’s themed collection, this item is a fantastic place to start. But, even if you do, this is a piece I wouldn’t pass up. 

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