Funtime Freddy Guide

Funtime Freddy Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is the fifth major installment in the critically acclaimed FNAF series. Like all the other parts of this franchise, this one also makes you endure your worst week ever. Thanks to Funtime Freddy, surviving Sister Location is much harder than in previous FNAF editions. 

If you haven’t guessed already, Funtime Freddy is the Funtime version of Freddy Fazbear. So, if you’ve played the previous installments of the series, you will already be familiar with this animatronic as he was the main antagonist. Funtime Freddy seems like a harmless animatronic because of his appearance, but don’t be fooled.

He will do everything to ensure you don’t live another night shift. This guide covers everything you need to know about Funtime Freddy, from his movements to the top tips to beat him.

Bottom Line Up Front

If you’re in a hurry, we’ll try to give you a quick overview of how you can beat this animatronic. Funtime Freddy will first appear during Night 2 during the final hours of your shift. Funtime Freddy will keep looking over you when you go to the breaker room as you try to bring the systems back online.

The entire process can take some time to complete as you need to restart eight systems. Furthermore, you cannot fully restart all systems at once because clicking for too long will cause Freddy to approach quickly and kill you.  Therefore, you’ll need to utilize audio cues to keep Funtime Freddy away while you try to restore vital systems.

Funtime Freddy will later appear during Night 3, but he won’t be active this time. You will need to pass through the Funtime Auditorium to reach him and then press a couple of buttons in a specific order to claim a disk from his chest. You won’t need to worry about interacting with Funtime Freddy again from this point onwards. 

If you want to know more, continue reading our Funtime Freddy guide. We will talk about his appearance, the nights during which he appears, and what you can do to beat him. Furthermore, we’ll also talk a little about the other nights to help you beat the game. 

Funtime Freddy’s Appearance

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

As for his appearance, Funtime Freddy has a white and mauve color scheme. His stomach, knees, cheeks, thighs, elbows, shoulders, and the top areas of his feet are mauve, while the rest of his body is white. Also, he happens to be the first animatronic to have double faceplates. However, the reason behind this is unknown. 

Furthermore, he has a microphone in his left hand and a Bonnie Hand Puppet in his right hand. However, this puppet is not only for show as it’s capable of killing you.

How Difficult Is It to Beat Him?

At first, Funtime Freddy seems like a harmless animatronic who would be easy to beat. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as Funtime Freddy happens to be one of the most dangerous animatronics you’ll face in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.

The worst part is that he will make his first appearance in Night 2, meaning that you’ll have to worry about him from the early game. 

Many players often get confused about how to beat Funtime Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, so we’ll guide you through the process. You need to enter the breaker room to get the power back online, but Funtime Freddy will keep looking over you the whole time.

One little mistake can get you killed, so you’ll need to be extra careful while messing around with the systems. And this isn’t the only night during which you’ll encounter him. Some key points to remember about Funtime Freddy are:

  • He can kill you instantly.
  • You will see him in the breaker room every time the light flashes.
  • You will see whether he is aggressive or not through the danger level meter.
  • He approaches you when you pull up the monitor in the breaker room.
  • He approaches you more quickly when you start restarting a system.

Since you can get stuck in the breaker room forever if you don’t know what to do, we have decided to create a quick guide to help you get out. We’ll also talk about what you need to do when you encounter this animatronic during the later nights. By following our guide, you will be able to beat this dangerous animatronic without breaking a sweat.

All Animatronics You’ll Encounter Along with Funtime Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location Circus Baby

Before we get into how you can beat Funtime Freddy, let’s look at all the other animatronics you’ll face while surviving the nights.  Keep in mind that all of these animatronics will keep appearing as you progress through the nights. However, Bidybabs, Ballora, and Funtime Freddy will be the first three you’ll face as they’ll appear in Night 2. 

Circus Baby

Circus Baby is an animatronic that you won’t see or encounter, but you’ll be hearing her most of the time. Throughout the game, she’ll keep on talking to you, confusing you about whether she’s on your side or not. 


Ballora’s primary goal will be to scare you to death after you give her a shock to get her back on the stage. She will keep on haunting you from the shadows, and you will need to do everything you can to avoid her. You’ll first encounter her in Night 2. 


Bidybabs is a terrifying swarm of animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. They resemble tiny scary babies, enough to put fear in everyone’s hearts. Just like Ballora, you’ll encounter them during Night 2 as well. Bidybabs will do everything to attack you, so make sure you use the maintenance systems to avoid them. 

Funtime Foxy

Funtime Foxy is yet another animatronic you’ll need to watch out for, as a jumpscare from him can result in an instant game over.

While you’ll be introduced to him at the beginning of the game, he won’t cause any trouble until you reach Night 3. His main goal will be to prevent you from leaving the Funtime Auditorium. Just make sure not to flash Funtime Foxy too many times to stop him from activating.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location Ennard

Ennard is a mysterious animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. His true identity isn’t revealed until the very end of the game. He is a Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy hybrid.

You’ll encounter him during Night 5, and the choices you make during the playthrough will determine whether he’ll attack you or not. 


As mentioned earlier, Funtime Freddy has a puppet replacing his right hand. This puppet happens to be Bon-Bon, whose goal is to calm down Funtime Freddy.  You’ll first encounter him during Night 2 when Funtime Freddy appears. Also, he detaches himself from Funtime Freddy on night 3, and will attempt to kill you.

The Nights

Now, let’s get down to how you can beat Funtime Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. This section covers everything you need to know about how to tackle Funtime Freddy during your play through. 

Night 2 – Funtime Freddy in Breaker Room

Night 2 is when things will get pretty serious. I will be lying if I say this is an easy night and that you can complete it without any hurdles. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult nights of the entire game, and you will need to go through three segments to survive. These include the Bidybabs segment, the Ballora segment, and finally, the Funtime Freddy segment. 

Segment 1 – Bidybabs

You’ll go down an elevator while following HandUnit’s instructions during the first segment. After you reach this area, you’ll see that the power has gone out. Also, you’ll hear Circus Baby for the first time, after which you will need to hide under the desk. 

This is where the pace of night 2 picks up. While under the desk, Bidybabs are going to come and attack you. However, by following a simple trick, you can complete this segment easily.  You need to grab the metal sheet that acts as a door (you will see the writing on it that says “Grab Here”) and drag it to the right corner of the screen.

Now, the Bidybabs will try to open this door to attack you. However, whatever happens, don’t panic because many players make the big mistake of reacting when the metal sheet starts moving. They desperately try to bring the sheet to the center of the screen by excessively dragging it. Sometimes this can fail, which will make you vulnerable to any attack.

Instead, you need to drag the metal sheet to the right side of the screen, and when the Bidybabs start opening it, keep your cursor on the right side and hold down the left click button (tap if you’re playing on mobile). Keep holding the left click button and the cursor on the right side of the metal sheet even when it starts moving to the left. 

The force you’ll be applying on the sheet will prevent them from fully opening the door. You will need to repeat this entire process two times, after which you’ll hear the Bidybabs talking about leaving. Shortly after this, the power will come back online, and you will have successfully completed the first segment. 

Segment 2 – Ballora

Sister Location Segment 2 - Ballora

The next segment will have you crawling through vents while avoiding getting killed by Ballora. A great tip is to be patient throughout this part of the night because any mistake can lead to death. You need to hold down W + Shift to crawl faster through the vents, but you’ll need to stop as soon as you hear Ballora’s music playing.

Don’t wait for the music to become loud since you don’t want to risk dying. When the music’s volume goes down to the point when it’s barely audible or when you cannot hear anything, you should start crawling again. After a while, you will hear HandUnit speaking. At this point, stop crawling because he talks loudly, making it difficult to hear Ballora’s music.

Also, you will see Ballora doing a spinning dance move in front of you after crawling for a while. Stay calm the entire time and keep repeating this whole process until you reach the breaker room.

Segment 3 – Funtime Freddy

Now, the third segment will begin. The breaker room is where many players get stuck and cannot find out what they need to do. This area will put you against Funtime Freddy, and you’ll be able to see him from time to time.

And trust me, trying to figure out what you need to do while a dangerous animatronic is right in front of you is a high-pressure moment, making it challenging to figure out what to do. Nevertheless, you need to refrain from freaking out if you want to clear this area.

In the breaker room, you will need to restart the 8 maintenance systems before leaving. However, while you’re restarting the systems, Funtime Freddy will be watching you, and a single mistake can get you instantly killed. There is a maintenance panel that you can open by clicking over it, which will make a monitor appear on your screen. Through the monitor, you can restart each system by clicking the “Restart” button.

However, Funtime Freddy will start getting close to you as you pull up the screen. Also, he will become aggressive and attempt to attack you.

The trick here is that you don’t want to keep on a system restarting for a  long time. Instead, you should restart a system to around 30-40% and immediately close down the monitor. Afterward, play the mascot audio by pressing the Spacebar, which will make Funtime Freddy go away. 

On the top right corner of the screen, you will also see bars representing the danger level. If the bar is orange or red, avoid opening up the monitor as Funtime Freddy is close to you at this point. Instead, you should open the monitor and restart the systems only when the danger level is green or if Funtime Freddy moves back.

Also, while restarting a system, close down the monitor instantly and wait for Funtime Freddy to move back if you hear any weird noises. You will need to keep repeating the entire process until you have successfully managed to restart all 8 systems. As you can judge for yourself, this will be a time-consuming task and require a lot of patience to complete.

Many players try to rush the process by restarting the systems to more than 40% each time they pull up the monitor, which gets them killed instantly. Therefore, you should have the patience to restart the systems to 30-40%, wait for the danger level to turn green, and repeat the entire process until you’re finished.

After successfully restarting all systems, you must go through Ballora’s gallery. However, this time you won’t need to worry about stopping as Ballora won’t pose any threat, and you can just go forward quickly by pressing Shift + W.

Night 3 – Fixing Funtime Freddy

FNaF Sister Location Night 3

Now, we’ll move on to Night 3. This night is easier than the previous one, and it has two segments. However, this does not mean that you can be careless during this night as you’ll face Funtime Foxy. Also, you will interact with Funtime Freddy, but he won’t pose any threat this time, unlike before. 

In the beginning, all you need to do is follow HandUnit’s instructions and make your way to the Funtime Audition, which is the first major segment of Night 3. There will be two vents that you can use. The center vent will lead you to an easter egg, but if you’re not interested in that and want to progress through the night as quickly as possible, then use the vent on the right side.

After you reach the Funtime Auditorium, you will need to make your way to the Parts and Service room. The quickest way to get there is by holding Shift + W to run. On the way there, press space to flash the beacon to see if Funtime Foxy is around. If Funtime Foxy is not visible on the screen, run forward six to seven steps and light the beacon again.

If he appears anywhere on the screen, keep using the flash beacon repeatedly until he disappears. Don’t move a muscle until he’s gone because he can surprise attack you. Keep on repeating this process until you get to the Parts and Service room.

After you reach the Parts and Service room, you’ll see Funtime Freddy in front of you. Don’t freak out, as he won’t do any harm during this night. There are four buttons on his faceplate which you need to press in a certain order, that is:

  1. The button below his right cheek.
  2. The button below his left cheek.
  3. The button next to his right eye.
  4. The button above his nose. 

Keep in mind that these are Funtime Freddy’s left and right sides. So his right cheek will be on your left side and so on. In addition, after you press all four buttons, there will be a mini jumpscare after his faceplates open. Finally, you need to press another button that pops out below his jaw.

It’s pretty small, but you can’t miss it. Pressing this button will open his chest, and you can then grab a disc from there. Now, you will need to get the secondary power module from the puppet on Funtime Freddy’s hand. However, when you look up, Bonbon will be gone.

He will be hiding behind his master, so you need to move the flashlight around until you see Bon-Bon on Funtime Freddy’s left shoulder. Once you see a good opportunity, press the button under Bonbon’s bowtie to capture the module. 

After taking the modules from Funtime Freddy and Bonbon, you will need to go through the Funtime Auditorium again. This time, you can run at full speed as Funtime Foxy is going to jumpscare you no matter what you do. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid this as his jumpscare will lead to Night 4.

Tips for Beating Funtime Freddy

FNaF Sister Location

Tip 1 – Don’t Panic

Many players start panicking when they see Funtime Freddy in the Breaker Room. While it’s understandable that having a dangerous animatronic towering over you all the time isn’t a good feeling, you need to stay calm if you want to clear the night. Focus on getting the maintenance systems up and continue through the night.

Tip 2 – Don’t Restart the Systems above 30-40%

Make sure you restart each system to 30-40% and close down the monitor instantly. Then, you should proceed further only when the danger level becomes green.

Tip 3 – Don’t Try to Rush the Process

I know you want to clear Night 2 as quickly as possible, but you will need to stay patient if you don’t want to get killed. If you try to quickly restart the systems without caring about the danger level or Funtime Freddy approaching, you’ll get a game over in no time.  

Tip 4 – Remember The Button Pattern

After you reach the Parts and Service room during Night 3, remember in which order you need to press the buttons on Funtime Freddy’s face.

Getting the wrong sequence will waste vital time and potentially end with you dying later on. Perhaps writing the sequence beforehand on a piece of paper is the best choice if you find it difficult to remember.

Funtime Freddy Guid


Question: Does Funtime Freddy Appear During All Five Nights?

Answer: Funtime Freddy will only appear during the second and third night. You will only need to worry about beating him during Night 2 as he won’t be active in Night 3. 

Question: Do I Need To Worry About Bonbon?

Answer: While Bonbon isn’t a big threat, he will create trouble for you during Night 3. This is when he will detach himself from Funtime Freddy and run around the room. You’ll need to be extremely careful while trying to catch him as he can jump scare you.

Question: How Long Will It Take to Clear The Breaker Room Segment?

Answer: The Breaker Room segment is a little time-consuming, and it will take you around 10 minutes to complete if you do it perfectly. Most likely, you’ll fail or reach high danger levels, so you may have to spend more time waiting for Funtime Freddy to get less aggressive.


Funtime Freddy can be annoying to face without the right tactics. Nevertheless, you can beat him easily by using our guide and tips. Thankfully, he won’t be able to harm you after Night 2, but he’ll keep you occupied while he’s active. If you follow our guide properly and try not to rush the process, you’ll be able to beat him without breaking a sweat. 

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