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FNAF Minigames Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) is one of the best games I have played recently. I loved playing FNAF, but after completing the game, I was disappointed it was over, as I wanted more content. However, I was ecstatic when I learned the franchise has several minigames with different gaming styles. 

FNAF has taken the gaming world by storm. This horror fiction game features animatronic robots, rabbits, glowing eyes, bears, and more. As a community, we were happy to hear that the game has secret hidden gems like minigames that you can play randomly during a survival run or by triggering a random event. This guide will showcase all the fun side games you can play within the Friday Nights at Freddy’s universe.

Bottom Line Up Front

Here’s all you need to know about Five Nights at Freddy’s if you’re in a hurry! Five Nights at Freddy’s allows players to take a new summer job at the pizza place of Freddy Fazbear. In this game, parents and kids alike can come to have food and be entertained with countless events and activities.

Freddy Fazbear’s main attraction is his two animatronic robots. These robots are programmed to provide fun and please the crowds. However, the robots’ behavior is a bit unpredictable at night, and it’s much less expensive to hire a security guard than to find a maintenance specialist. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a fun game with incredible graphics and gameplay. The distinct sounds of the characters will keep you entertained throughout as they move through the hallways and the kitchen. Players especially seem to love it when they use up all their power, after which Freddy shows up at their door with creepy music and glowing eyes. 

Although the main game is exciting to play, the franchise features numerous minigames. They can occur during a random event or when doing a specific sequence. These minigames provide a different style of gaming compared to the main game. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading.

History Of Five Nights At Freddy’s

Five Nights At Freddy's

This video game’s main series comprises nine horror genre titles that take place in various locations connected to the fictional franchise of a family pizza restaurant called “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.” The restaurant is named after its mascot, an animatronic bear named Freddy Fazbear.

Most of these games allow players to become nighttime employees who must use tools such as lights, vents, doors, and security cameras to defend themselves against different hostile animatronic characters that become alive at night. The series’ lore is gradually revealed by way of minigames, easter eggs, and voice recordings featured throughout the game. 

Players get access to 8-bit minigames after completing a certain task or after they die. These minigames are related to the story in a cryptic manner. Each FNAF game has different minigames that expand upon the Friday Nights at Freddy’s lore.

Friday Nights at Freddy’s Minigames

As the title suggests, there are countless minigames in Five Nights at Freddy’s. They include Balloon World, Chica’s Party, Mangle‘s Quest, BB’s Air Adventure, Stage 01, Fruity Maze, Happiest Day, and Midnight Motorist.

There are even 3D minigames that you can enjoy, such as Fun with Plushtrap and Monty Golf AR-Cade. These minigames provide a fresh experience since they deliver a different take on the typical FNAF games.

Mangle’s Quest 

Mangle's Quest 

You can access this minigame on Night 2 of FNAF 3. Activating the game is easy because you need to go to Cam 07 and click the top-left screen, where you’ll find the arcade machine. In this game, you will have the option of a basic ending or a cake end. 

In the basic ending option, you are supposed to use the controls of WASD to control the Mangle. In this case, W is the Jump button, and you need to move around the Mangle in the minigame platform to collect the four missing parts.

Each of the missing parts is worth 100 points. Also, you must be careful of the big kid you will find running around in the inner room. If you simply touch or land on this kid, your Mangle will be dismantled, ending the minigame. In the Inner room, towards the last segment, you’ll see that an exit sign will appear. Touching the door will end your minigame.

In the cake ending, if you have already succeeded and advanced in BB’s Air Adventure, you will get an option to jump through an invisible exit and leave the inner room. You can find this hidden exit by going to the top-right side. After that, you will see a Mangle fall into a majorly red atmosphere.

While you fall down, you will see a very tall Puppet silhouette or its statue crying while being collapsed down to its knees. The left side of your screen will be filled with red balloons that you’ll need to follow. Once you reach the end, you’ll find a cake that will end the minigame when touched. 

Afterward, you’ll unlock another minigame called Happiest Day. As an alternative option, you can use the door to exit, which can be found on the bottom left. However, taking this exit door will not unlock anything new in the Happiest Day minigame. 

Balloon World

Balloon World

Balloon World is the second minigame you can play in FNAF 3. The playable character in this game is Balloon Boy. You can find the minigame in the hidden room with the arcade machine. You’ll notice a message that has been left by a former employee who had tried to free Vanessa in the Princess Quest. 

It’s important to note that Balloon World is quite similar to Flappy Bird, so you’ll have an easy time here if you’ve played the viral mobile game. In Balloon World, you are required to control Balloon Boy and avoid obstacles. When you collect three balloon pick-ups, you gain another life. However, if you hit an obstacle, you will pop one of your balloons. The game ends when all your balloons have been popped.

The aim of Balloon World is to survive as long as you can while gaining points. Moreover, the minigame switches between day and night at regular intervals. During the day, you can collect party hats, increasing your score by a staggering 1000 points.

Alternatively, you will see bats flying across your screen at night, serving as additional obstacles. Also, you will occasionally see a tiny purple glitching effect on the screen. Collecting a glitch and carefully following the terrain’s outline will result in a message in front of the eclipsed sun “good night”.

Fruity Maze

Fruity Maze

In this minigame, players control a little girl who has to collect fruits like grapes, cherries, and oranges within a stipulated time frame. This time limit can be extended by collecting a large number of fruits. Moreover, you can use three power-ups:

Cape: This power-up enables you to pass through the borders.

Lightning: This power-up allows players to run faster.

Magnet: This power-up attracts all the nearby power-ups and fruits to the player. 

Once you collect all the fruits successfully, you will notice that the minigame will turn more decrepit in your next playthrough. In addition, the orange fruits will be replaced with the presence of dead dogs, and the music will slow down.

Susie, the girl you will see in the background, will start tearing up and have a pretty sad frown on her face. Once you collect all the items, you will see the minigame becoming more disturbing and distorted. You will no longer be able to access lightning power-ups, and the dead dogs will appear to be mutilated.

Moreover, the two other fruits will be replaced with flowers and coffins. The music will get even slower, and many figures of Spring Bonnie will appear randomly. You will now leave a long trail of blood puddles behind you while you walk. Moreover, regardless of how far you make it, the time will eventually run out. This time, you will see William Afton dressed in a suit of Spring Bonnie behind Susie, who will still be mourning. 

Susie, the main player in this minigame, is believed to be one of the many victims in the incident of Missing Children who would later possess Chica.

This is confirmed in the game Coming Home, in which Chica supposedly takes the spirit of Susie, the murdered girl. Another infamous theory is that the dying dog of Susie would later turn into Mangle. This is evident as the dog has a missing eye like Mangle. 

Happiest Day

Happiest Day is another minigame that features in FNAF 3. It’s the last hidden gem in this franchise. Players can access this minigame by going to Hall (CAM 03) on any night and drawing the puppet off the right wall by double-clicking on their character. The gameplay of this minigame is relatively straightforward. Also, you can choose two endings in this minigame – the basic ending and the cake ending. 

In the basic ending, the player controls a kid who wears a mask similar to the puppet and can walk only left or right. The player walks past several children wearing pig or alligator masks.

At this time, you can either go far right to find one of the crying children or to the extreme left, where many kids will be wearing gray masks unlocked in other minigames. If you have not completed all the minigames with cake ending, you will only have the option to leave through the exit door. 

To get the cake ending, you must have already beaten all five minigames with their cake endings to get to this alternative ending. You will find four children with Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and Bonnie masks on the left side of the table.

Then, you will see a crying child with a Golden Freddy mask on the right side of the table. Afterward, the child controlled by you and the other children will suddenly disappear with their masks falling on the ground. If you notice carefully, you will see that the puppet masks will fall very slowly compared to others.

Once this is done, six balloons will go upwards and out of view. Finally, the minigame will end and save to your game files suggesting that there was a Good Ending to Happiest Day. 



This minigame features in FNAF 2, triggering after an animatronic kill you. This game is set in Freddie Fazbear’s Pizza in 1987. In this minigame, the player controls the character of Withered Freddy and is required to follow the puppet.

After finding a specific puppet, the game ends abruptly and cuts to static. After that, the player can either follow the puppet or encounter Golden Freddy. It is important to remember that touching any dead body lying about the map will also end the game abruptly. While the player walks, you can hear the letters being called regularly, spelling “S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M.” 

Midnight Motorist

Midnight Motorist is another interesting minigame in FNAF that you must try. In this minigame, the player controls a race car and must reach the end while avoiding all the purple cars. The players’ speed increases the longer they go without hitting a car.

However, if they hit a car, it will decrease their overall speed. Furthermore, driving through the bottom border gap will reveal a new location. Also, the music will change depending on the surrounding terrain.

Finally, you will find yourself at a fork in the road, and you will have to choose between going either south or west. If you go west, you’ll arrive at a place labeled “JR’s” in neon. After parking, you will need to get out of your car and head toward the building. Once you get close, a green man will greet you. Unfortunately, he will prevent you from entering from the west. Hence, you will be required to return to your car and go south.

In contrast, you will find a secret area slightly off the road if you go back north and then turn west. When you reach this secret area, you will be required to get out and walk through a cleared forest area. In this location’s upper left corner, you will see a mound that can be interpreted as a grave or a burial ground. 

Alternatively, you will reach your house if you decide to go south of the fork in the road. Upon entering the house, you will see a man in gray sitting in an armchair, staring at a television. To go forward from here, you must leave and go to the back of the house.

Here, you will come across rabbit-like footprints and a shattered window. Your character will then say the following words: “Ran off to that place again. He will be sorry when he gets back”. This is where the minigame ends and returns to the screen of the Pizzeria Simulator. 

Take Cake to the Children

Take Cake to the Children

In this minigame, you will play as Freddy. There are 6 children in the game placed in 2 different corners of a room. The idea is that Freddy races to both sides of the room toward the children and offers them a slice of cake to make them happy.

After feeding them, their appearance will turn green. However, if you neglect them for too long, their apprentice will turn red. While all this happens, one child will stand outside and start crying. 

Also, while you, as Freddy, try to serve the six kids some cake, a car will come and stop outside. William Afton will step out of the car and kill the sad child. You will suddenly notice that the crying stops, and then the child starts crying very hard while all this happens. 

When the sad child is dead, it will turn gray. During this time, the letters S-A-V-E-H-I-M are called out. At this point, you will start moving very slowly. Once you can make all six children green again, you will not be able to move and will have to see the children go red one by one in anger. At the end of the minigame, the purple car and William Afton will go away, and the jump scare of the puppet is triggered, leading you back to the main title menu.

Quick Tips & Tricks For Five Nights At Freddy’s

To access the minigames, you’ll need to play the main FNAF content. In most cases, you have to survive until a specific night to trigger an event to start the minigame. Below you’ll find some excellent tips to help you get by the nights and reach your desired minigames.

Tip 1: Use Lights Only When Under Attack

Use lights only when under attack because using power inefficiently will leave you defenseless later. So, a good trick is to quickly switch the light on and off when you hear footsteps approaching. This lets you check the doorway quickly while limiting power usage.

Tip 2: Keep A Lookout For Glowing Eyes 

Freddy is usually not visible through the camera easily. So, a good indication is to look out for glowing eyes. You might feel that the screen is empty until you find a pair of glowing eyes staring at you! 

Tip 3: Make Sure The Doors Are Open At All Times 

Closing Door

Closing the door helps you keep your enemies away, but it’s the biggest waste of power in the game. Holding them closed even when enemies are not nearby will lead you to 0% energy by 1 in-game hour. Therefore, you should keep the doors open until you hear one of the characters approaching, at which point you should slam the doors to survive.

Tip 4: Use Headphones To Better Understand Audio Cues 

You will get loads of auditory information in this game. So, listening for footsteps, vents, and other sound cues can help you react faster. However, if you play on your pad or smartphone, their built-in speaker may be too quiet for you to hear a sound cue.

Therefore, a good tip is to use headphones because they help you hear and understand the dynamic sounds in FNAF. Also, you’ll gain more information by using headphones. For example, now you’ll hear if the footsteps are coming from the left or right, letting you adapt much quicker when shutting doors. 

Tip 5: Understand Your Enemies And Their Movement 

This tip is one of the most important things that can get you further ahead in the game. You must learn how each of your enemies moves throughout the night. To begin with, Freddy is the bear who is usually hard to predict since he can disrupt cameras.

When this happens, you can take it as an indication of Freddy lurking around. You must observe him and remember that he usually moves around the camera circuit before attacking. Also, he can break through the doors, so your aim should be to slow him down when you are in the final hours of the night. 

Bonnie is the purple rabbit who will always be on the left side of the doorway. Also, he moves randomly through the rooms, making his attacks unpredictable. Therefore, when you see his shadow in the hallway, your reaction should be to turn on the lights.

Then, there is a yellow bird known as Chica. It usually appears on the right side of the door and moves quickly towards the player. Therefore, you must have a fast reaction time to close the doorway when you see Chica. 

Finally, Foxy is a character that does not like to be seen, so it stays in Camera 1C. A great trick is to quickly shut the left door when you hear some running on the left side because this is a clear indication that Foxy is attacking. Also, whenever you see the sign “IT’S ME!”, shut the left door immediately because it means Foxy is around. 


Question: Who is Freddy, the brown bear, and how to deal with him? 

Answer: Freddy is an important character in the game since he is the animatronic band’s “leader” and is somewhat a wildcard during the nights. He isn’t dangerous until the 5th night, but it’s crucial to watch him just in case. He has the power to turn off the lights in the room he’s been in or is currently in. However, his eyes glow, a clear giveaway of his location.
You need to be careful of him because he can scare you badly by getting inside your security room. One trick to deal with him is to pretend that you are dead, so do not move your mouse when he gets in your face. However, Freddie gets more aggressive at later stages and can be seen moving more often than you think. Also, do not keep your doors closed for too long because this triggers Freddy to come kill you. 

Question: What happens on the fifth night, and how to ensure winning?

Answer: The fifth Night is the final shift you have to survive, and every single AI acts differently. So, you need to throw all your strategies out of the window and be super attentive to every AI character. You must note that Freddy goes crazy and attempts to kill you multiple times throughout the night.
Moreover, Bonnie and Chica will be able to jam the doors permanently, so you need to stay away from them. Therefore, you need to ensure that they don’t come close by using sound cues, lights, and vents. 

Question: What happens after Night 5?

Answer: After completing the main story, night six will begin, also called overtime. So, if you were overwhelmed with night 5, the next one will be even more complicated. One thing to note is not to look at the pirate’s cove because that activates Foxy. Moreover, Freddy is very intense on this night, and he can get inside even with the doors locked. 

FNAF Minigames Guide: Summary 

To summarize, Friday Nights at Freddy’s has completely redefined the genre of horror games. It’s straightforward to play yet successfully builds an intense atmosphere of creepiness and tension. You will likely enjoy this type of game if you are a horror fan due to the in-depth spooky lore and multiple jump scares. 

Moreover, the franchise has expanded to minigames and spin-offs that take a different approach to the main game. We’ve gone over the best minigames that you can play right now. So what are you waiting for? Load up the game and try them out!

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