Bon Bon FNAF Guide

Bon Bon FNAF Guide

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Bon Bon, or the Bonnie Hand Puppet, is a hand puppet in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Funtime Freddy wears him in FNAF: Sister Location. Despite his miniature size, Bon Bon is not an antagonist to be trifled with.

Bon Bon stands out because:

  • He is a hand puppet who can jumpscare you if you’re not careful.
  • He is sentient. Bon Bon acts as a calming influence on Funtime Freddy.
  • In Sister Location, he helps Michael Afton one night and tries to kill him the next.
  • Since he can fit on Funtime Freddy’s hand, Bon Bon is among the smallest animatronics in the series.

Bon Bon’s Appearance

Following the theme of Funtime animatronics, Bon Bon does not look sinister. Instead, he has red cheeks, is primarily blue in color with light blue accents, and he wears a red bowtie with a black button just below it. Because he is a hand puppet, Bon Bon does not have a lower body. However, this does not make him any less dangerous.

Bon Bon also has a significant resemblance to two other animatronics. The first one is Toy Bonnie, both in color scheme and attire (the bowtie, in this case). The second is Bonnie in FNAF World, on whom he is based.

Bottom Line Up Front

We see Bon Bon in 2 FNAF games where he has an active role:

In Ultimate Custom Night, we only see him as a decoration for a Sister Location-styled office.

Bon Bon: Lore

Bon Bon

Bon Bon is a sentient Funtime animatronic made by William Afton. Along with Funtime Freddy, he performs at Circus Baby’s Pizza World and Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. He is not possessed by the soul of a murdered child, unlike several other animatronics. However, he initially seems like a pacifist because he tries to calm down Funtime Freddy.

The two are best friends with contrasting personalities, which shows when they hunt down the player. However, when Sister Location ends, Bon Bon and the other Funtime animatronics are scooped up and merged into Ennard.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Bon Bon is among the main antagonists in Sister Location. We see him in Night 2 when he appears with Funtime Freddy. After you activate the mascot response audio, you will hear Bon Bon speaking to an agitated Funtime Freddy.

Bon Bon tries to calm Funtime Freddy, telling him to calm down and persuading him that there is nothing to be concerned about. Funtime Freddy listens to him and returns to the stage.

In Night 3, you will reach a point where it’s necessary to push the button beneath Bon Bon’s bowtie. However, Bon Bon does not make this easy. Instead, he detaches himself from the deactivated Funtime Freddy’s hand and flits around his friend.

You have to find him and push the button quickly, or else Bon Bon will jumpscare you. In Night 5, Bon Bon appears in the Scooping Room. However, only his shell remains after his endoskeleton has been removed. Therefore, he is not a threat here.

You can also encounter Bon Bon in the game’s Custom Night mode. Here, Funtime Freddy will hide in one of the closets outside either door. Pay close attention to what Funtime Freddy says. When he tells Bon Bon to attack, you should quickly shut the relevant door (because Bon Bon is coming to jump scare you). And when he shouts “surprise,” close the opposite door.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery

In this Augmented Reality game, you encounter Funtime Freddy (with Bon Bon on his hand). You will have to shock Funtime Freddy, and Bon Bon will start to hunt you. Because of Bon Bon’s tiny size, you have to look down to find him. Then, when he attacks, shock him, and you win.


Bon Bon Fnaf


Bonnet is the female version of Bon Bon. However, she has a pink color scheme with light pink accents instead of blue. She appears in Sister Location’s Custom Night, Ultimate Custom Night, and Help Wanted. In Custom Night, Bonnet appears in the Office on your right side. She walks to the left, looking at you, and you have to click on her nose. Otherwise, she will jumpscare you.

Bonnet’s behavior in Ultimate Custom Night is similar to Sister Location’s Custom Night. When she appears and walks towards the left side of the Office, just make sure you click on her nose. Otherwise, a nasty jump scare awaits.

In Help Wanted, Bonnet is more of an annoyance than a killer. She appears in Night Terrors, where she blocks your view. This gives Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon the chance to sneak up on you and jump scare you. To keep Bonnet away, shine a light on her when you see her on drawers and in the closet.


Bonnie Fnaf

Bonnie is the inspiration for Bon Bon and Bonnet. He is among the main antagonists in FNAF, performing at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza along with Chica and Freddy. Bonnie is possessed by one of William Afton’s victims and attacks adults in the pizzeria at night. In 1987, he got replaced by the new Toy Bonnie, who significantly resembles Bon Bon.


Question: Is Bon Bon a Boy or a Girl?

Answer: Bon Bon is a boy as he is basically the hand puppet version of Bonnie. However, he has a female counterpart called Bonnet.

Question: What Does Bon Bon Tell Funtime Freddy in Sister Location?

Answer: During Night 2 in Sister Location, Bon Bon tells Funtime Freddy to calm down and convinces him to return to the stage and stop pursuing the player.

Answer: Bonnet is the female counterpart to Bon Bon. Their features are identical, with the only difference being their colors.

Question: Who Voices Bon Bon?

Answer: Bon Bon is voiced by Becky Shrimpton.

Bon Bon FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Because of his miniature size and his friendship with Funtime Freddy, Bon Bon is among the more exciting animatronics to encounter. The bond he shares with Funtime Freddy is rare for the animatronics, and it makes the games he appears in plenty of fun for FNAF fanatics like me.

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