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I have been a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s since it was released to the public. My childhood friends introduced me to the game after watching big-name YouTubers. My friends wanted to play the game together because we wanted to film our reaction video. We have a great time recording our reactions every time Freddy, Chika, and Foxy appear on our screens.

We were so engrossed with the franchise that we began theorizing about different mysteries surrounding the restaurant. Eventually, we began to draw our fan animatronics, complete with their own lore and behavior.

It turns out we are not the only ones to do it. Thousands of fans began making art about the FNAF, and few stood out. Websites like Reddit and DeviantArt began churning out masterpiece after masterpiece that all of us can adore.

In this article, I am going to list the top 10 best FNAF fan art of all time.


Bottom Line Up Front

Fan art is the sincerest expression of appreciation for the FNAF franchise. Many talented people devoted their time and effort to creating magnificent works of art for other fans to see. Anyone can make fan art of FNAF because all you need is paper and a pencil – hopefully, you might find inspiration to make your own after reading the article.

FNAF fan art is very diverse in content and style. People have different opinions and themes they like to convey in their work. There is no right or wrong way to do it. What is important is that it comes from the bottom of your heart.

My personal favorite FNAF Fan art is ‘Trapped in Limbo’ by Reddit user u/turntail. It struck the balance of cool and emotional. I never expected that Scraptrap could be both intimidating and pitiful at the same time.

Remember, the best way to show your appreciation of the art is to credit the artist if you want to share it on the internet. Artists need to be exposed so that more people can see their work, so typing their names in the description would be nice.

How Do I Choose My Favorite Fan Art?

Beauty is subjective. There is no objective way to measure the art’s beauty – it is up to the viewer if they like it. I have my criteria for choosing my favorite fan art that I would gladly share with you.

There are thousands of fan art out there on the internet, so forgive me if there are works of art that I missed that you think are deserving of the spot on the list.

  • Emotion – These kinds of fan art affected me emotionally upon viewing the fan art. Does it make me sad? Does it make me scared? If it does, then I think that art is a good one.
  • Perspective – This fan art gave me a new perspective on a character or event. If the art made me sympathize with an otherwise unsympathetic character. Perspective is also about providing new context about what is happening to the characters in the game.
  • Uniqueness – All arts are original, but some art pieces are more authentic and unique than others. If the art’s message or style is something no one has done on the internet, then the art might have a spot on my list.

My Top 10 Fan Art

Without any further ado, here are my favorite fan art of FNAF in no particular order:

A Cry for Help

A Cry for Help

Many FNAF fan art made the animatronics either more wholesome or horrifying, depending on the artist. I find this fan art unique because it conveyed an emotion that I rarely felt playing the FNAF games: Sadness. It reminded me that there is more to animatronics than being robots.

The fan art depicted Chika trying to reach out to the guard with a black-like substance dripping from her eyes. Chika’s soul can be found reflecting on the monitor. Is she going to strangle him or beg for help?

This haunting fan art changed my perspective on animatronics. I feel very sorry for them. I almost forgot that they are innocent children whose souls are trapped in the animatronics. Maybe this poor soul is begging the guard to free her, but she is unable to speak.

I also like the overall depressing tone of the fan art. Yellow has always been the color of energy and life. The dimness of the room made it dull and lifeless, signifying the hopelessness and despair of the children.

According to the FNAF Lore, a serial killer named William Afton murdered several children and stuffed their corpses inside the restaurant’s animatronics. William was posing as a security guard to lure the children to their deaths. The vengeful ghosts are hostile to all security guards and will attack them at night, including the player.

The only weakness that I could find about this fan art is the design of the security guard and the soul. I think that the guard and the soul has a rather cartoonish design that conflicts with the overall feel of the fan art, especially when compared to how detailed the artist Chika drew.

This fan art was created by Reddit user u/cosmic-cryptid. You can find this fan art on r/fivenightsatfreddys on Reddit.


  • Chika’s black tears are effective to bring emotion to the viewers.
  • The Atmosphere really gives off a sense of despair and desperation


  • The guard and soul’s cartoonish art style clashed with the overall tone

Adventure Time, but it’s FNaF

Adventure Time, but it's FNaF

Adventure Time always has a special place in my heart. It’s a fun show with interesting characters, creative storylines, and an intense atmosphere. Part of Adventure Time’s charm is its simplistic and colorful art style that tells us that we will be having an adventure worth remembering.

One Reddit user named u/Nabird drew many FNAF characters in Adventure Time art style. It was such a bizarre choice to combine the two because they are different from each other. Thanks to the art style, the animatronics seems like a bunch of friendly characters you can meet while adventuring. The art made you forget that they can snap your neck and stuff your insides into the murder bots.

To be fair, Adventure Time also has a fair share of horror sprinkled throughout the series. Maybe one day, we can have a kid-friendly show featuring our favorite bunch of haunted and murderous animatronics.

The fan art’s weakness is how crowded the poster is. I am struggling with where and what I am looking for because of the fan art’s lack of focus. This fan art would have been better if they can remove around three to four characters to make it feel less crowded.

You can find more of u/Nabird’s art on Reddit.


  • Perfect imitation of Adventure Time’s art style.


  • The poster is way too crowded.
  • Oversaturated color.

Seeing You Powerless Is Like Music to Me

Seeing You Powerless Is Like Music to Me

This fan art is created by a Deviantart user named HannahRoseArtist. This fan art depicted the Puppet and the soul controlling it in a triumphant pose. I like the art style because it shows the Puppet in a heroic light – something that can be overlooked if you miss the lore.

To put into context the fan art, the Puppet contained the soul of Charlotte Emily or ‘Charlie’ for short. Charlie is the daughter of Henry Emily, the co-founder of Freddy Fazbear. Charlotte is the first victim of a serial killer named William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy.

The lore states that the Puppet placed the souls of the killed children into the animatronics, helping them take revenge against their killer. In FNAF 6, it was revealed that Henry, Charlie, and Michael conspired to end the curse.

My only nitpick about this fan art is how the artist drew the ghost’s hand. You can see how the ghost’s index finger bends in the wrong way. Maybe this was intentional on the part of the artist, suggesting that the ghost broke her finger while struggling against her murderer.

A tragic character, Charlie, ended up one of my favorite characters. I am glad that she is depicted as what she really is; a hero. You can find more of HannahRoseArtist’s works in Deviantart.


  • Lore-accurate depiction of the Puppet
  • Painting the Puppet like a hero in a convincing way.


  • The ghost’s right hand was lazily drawn.

The 8it3 (The Bite of’ 83)

The 8it3 (The Bite of' 83)

Created by Reddit user u/thetrue_ragu. The fan art depicted the bite of 83, a pivotal plot point that affected much of the series’ lore. The fan art seems like a renaissance painting set in the modern world. The fan art made it look more like a human sacrifice than a horrible prank gone wrong.

There are so many things in the painting that make it very creepy. We have Freddy’s eyes looking straight at the viewer. The crying child’s expression moments before his death. You can see the ghosts of the children killed by the serial killer if you look closely enough.

According to the lore, the child depicted in the painting died after the animatronics malfunctioned and bit the child’s entire frontal lobe. It is unknown what happened to the crying child after the bite, with many suggesting that FNAF 4 was his final dream before dying.

The teenager with the red fox mask is Michael Afton, the crying child’s older brother. The death of his younger brother after the bite becomes a pivotal moment in his character development. The fan art pretty much emphasizes the tragedy that forever changed the Afton family.

Although I was having fun searching for the ghost heads hidden somewhere in the fan art, I think including them in the fan art is unnecessary.

If you want to see more of u/thetrue_ragu’s art, you can check his profile on Reddit.


  • Depicting the Bite of 83 like a renaissance painting.
  • Freddy’s eyes are really creepy.
  • I can clearly see the emotions of the characters.
  • It is fun searching for hidden ghosts.
  • One of the bullies deserves being kicked in the face.


  • The ghosts are not creepy, they are essentially floating faces hidden in the background.

From the Depths of Scott’s Nightmares

From the Depths of Scott's Nightmares

And now we are in ‘Nope’ territory. This horrifying piece of art was made by Reddit user u/FuntimeCaty. This fan art features one of the original FNAF animatronics, Bonnie but thousand times more terrifying.

Imagine yourself walking alone at night, bringing nothing but your flashlight. Suddenly you hear a mysterious noise nearby. You followed the mysterious noise until you spotted ‘it’ with your flashlight. It’s a purple bunny suit stuffed with flesh, its empty eye sockets looking directly at you. The last thing you see is the bloody grin before everything turns black.

This image was partly inspired by artist Trevor Anderson, the creator of Sirenhead. This is by far the most disturbing FNAF fan art I have ever seen. The murderous animatronics are scary, but the original is nothing compared to this.

This fan art has a similar art style as Trevor Anderson’s unsettling images. I even thought at one point that it was Trevor who made this fan art.

You can find this image on Reddit.


  • The art is terrifying to look at.
  • The flesh inside the Bonnie suit is disgustingly effective in scaring you.
  • Viewers get the sense that they are the ones that Bonnie is looking at.


  • The art style has similarities with Trevor Anderson’s unsettling images.

Trapped in Limbo

Trapped in Limbo

This is, by far, one of the best pieces of fan art I have ever seen. This beautiful work of art conveys a sense of hopelessness and despair, fear and pity, justice and cruelty. What kind of message does it say? Is this a symbol of resurrection or of eternal damnation?

I love the lighting of this fan art, especially the beautiful contrast between the darkness, the light shining above, and the fiery flames of hell. It seems he is in Limbo, a place not hell and not the mortal world.

Limbo is the perfect term for William’s fate after his death since he was not cast to hell and did not walk on the earth as a man. William’s soul was trapped inside an animatronic after he was brutally crushed by it. He was forced to walk in the mortal realm on the very animatronic that became his tomb.

William’s fate is cruel, but it is a fate that he truly deserves. William is a serial killer who murdered children and stuffed their corpses inside the animatronics. He was an unrepentant man who laughed at the ghosts of his victims before suffering the same fate.

This is my favorite fan art so far; I don’t have anything to nitpick on this masterpiece. One question, though, how did William’s Skull go outside the animatronics?

The artist of this masterpiece is Reddit user u/turntail.


  • Viewers felt conflicting emotions upon seeing the fan art.
  • The lighting is topnotch.
  • Scraptrap looks very intimidating and epic.


  • The placement of the skull makes no sense but it is still cool to look at.

FNaF: Purple Guy

FNaF: Purple Guy

Try to imagine this image is the last thing William’s victims saw. Imagine being alone with this psychopath with his sadistic smile. You can’t do anything but wait for inevitable suffering at the hands of William Afton.

I like how the fan art depicted William with pale skin and a murderous grin that made him seem not human. However, we should not forget that William is only a human serial killer; he was not a supernatural creature nor a killer robot (yet). We still see him as a monster, not because of his physical appearance but his unforgivable actions.

The lighting of the fan art was also something that I commend. It really made William creepy to look at because we cannot see his eyes. He resembles more like a skull which emphasizes his lack of humanity. Purple clothes, check. Pale face, check. And a wide grin, check. William in this fan art look awfully like Joker from the Batman series.

Deviantart member BritneyPringle made the fan art.


  • Viewers can feel conflicting emotions upon seeing the fan art.
  • The lighting is top-notch.
  • Scraptrap looks very intimidating and epic.


  • The placement of the skull makes no sense but it is still cool to look at.

Gregory, Be Still

Gregory, Be Still

Now for more wholesome fan art. This fan art was made by Reddit user u/Rogerdodgerfnaf. It depicted Glamrock Freddy trying to shield Gregory from other hostile animatronics surrounding the room. Vanny can be seen leaning on the glass window with a knife in her hands.

I like this fan art because it depicts Freddy and Gregory’s wholesome friendship. Freddy looks adorable while clutching Gregory like a doll, a sharp contrast to the horrors occurring in the background. Security Breach may have some problems, but I’m glad the game introduced me to this Freddy. I know that Freddy is ten times stronger than me, but I just wanted to protect this fluffball all my life.

I also love how Freddy’s colors pop out in the fan art. He is radiating wholesomeness in this fan art; he wants the viewers to look at him rather than be terrified of Vanny. Aw. Even Freddy protects us from Vanny.

The fan art has a lot of things going on in the background. If the colors of the background aren’t muted, then the entire fan art looks crowded. That is why the artist purposely made Freddy stand out so that viewers are pointed out where to look.

You can find u/Rogerdodgerfnaf’s work on Reddit.


  • William’s smile looks really creepy and disturbing.
  • The fan art captures how dangerous William is in the lore.


  • William looks similar to the Joker from DC Comics.

Nice Hiding Spot

Nice Hiding Spot

“Oh my God.” That is the first thing I said when I first saw this fan art. Chika’s realistic eyes and disjointed jaw made this fan art unsettling and surreal to look at. The lighting and shadows also contributed to the overall feel of this fan art.

Chika’s haunted stare is the main selling point. Her eyes did not show any hint of glee but of sadness and tiredness – of lifelessness. Chika looks like she is staring into our very souls and can grab us any moment.

Her disjointed jaw was also adding up to her ghastly appearance. She can’t bite, she can’t speak, but she is still a disturbing sight because of her broken and incomplete look. I also love how detailed it is. I could see the individual strands of hair and the dust particles, which made us feel that Chika knew we were behind the screen.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this fan art. It’s just that ‘Trapped in Limbo’ gave me more emotions than this fan art. ‘Trapped in Limbo’ made me both intimidated and pitied by William Afton. This art was made by Reddit user u/thetrue_ragu.


  • The overall fan art still gives me the creeps despite the lighting.
  • The way Chika stares at the viewers.
  • The broken jaw helps make Chika more unsettling to look at.
  • A perfect balance of realism and stylistic choice.
  • It is very claustrophobic to look at thanks to the table.


  • The eyes looked like it was copied and pasted.

(SFM) Afton Family: APAngryPiggy Remix

SFM) Afton Family APAngryPiggy Remix

A YouTuber named TOGK made a music video using the Source Film Maker (SFM) and APAngry Piggy’s remix of the Afton Family song. The music video shows the history of each member of the Afton Family and their fate.

TOGK is talented because of how smooth the animation of the music video is. The music video made me understand the overall lore of the FNAF franchise – six games worth of it condensed into a 4-minute-video. TOGK also used different styles, effects, and camera angles in the video, making it very dynamic and entertaining.

The character’s facial expression was also very detailed. I could clearly tell the emotional state of the character even if they did not say any words. William’s pain, Crying Child’s fear, Elizabeth’s shock, and Michael’s guilt were all etched on their face.

I like how the video portrays the FNAF lore; however, there are some inaccuracies. The video portrays the crying child as the protagonist of FNAF 4. It was still not yet confirmed who really was the protagonist since a lot of people were convinced that the game took place in Michael’s dream due to guilt.

You can find the music video on YouTube.


  • Good animations.
  • Perfectly explained the lore of the games.
  • The music video also perfectly captures the lyrics.
  • I am currently simping at Michael Afton, nuff said.


  • There are some inaccuracies with the lore.
  • I am also simping at William Afton, a serial killer.


Question: Where can we find good FNAF fanart?

Answer: FNAF fans are everywhere on the internet. The best fanart can be found on websites like Reddit and Deviantart. YouTube is also a great place to search for good FNAF-related animations.

Question: Can artists monetize FNAF fanart?

Answer: The FNAF franchise is owned by Scott Cawthorn, who needs income from merch and advertisement. You need permission from the owner and other companies if you intend to sell your fanart. You might be sued for copywriting infringement.

Question: Can we include FNAF fanart in our works?

Answer: Yes. If you want to include FNAF fanart in your Social Media content or a school project, you can, but you need to ask permission from the artist. Be sure to credit the artist for them to get exposure.

Best FNAF Fan Art: My Final Thoughts

Art is an expression of one’s devotion and emotion. Many fans wanted to express their love for the FNAF franchise by making these works of art. fan art made us love the characters more, shedding new light on the lore and bringing new perspectives and experiences.

The FNAF community has produced thousands of FNAF fan art and shared it across the internet. I am so glad to be part of a community of talented artists and animators. It has been an honor to spread the word of their talents and help them in their career as artists.

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