Vanny FNAF Guide

Vanny FNAF Guide

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Glitchtrap is among the most distinct villains in Five Nights at Freddy’s: he’s a sentient computer virus that tries to possess someone and escape the digital world through them. But did you know that he had a follower?

Yep. That’s Vanny.

She stands out because:

  • She was the character we rooted for in Help Wanted but became the villain in Security Breach.
  • She doesn’t wear an animatronic suit; instead, she dons a bunny costume.
  • She wants to resurrect William Afton.

Vanny’s Appearance

Vanny is among the least intimidating baddies in the series. She’s not entirely on the level of Balloon Boy or Dee Dee, but she’s nowhere near as creepy as Springtrap or Nightmare Fredbear.

She wears a white stitched-up bunny costume that has a pink tartan patch stitched onto the costume’s left hip. She also wears a blue bow and has pink paw pads on the fingers and the palms of her hands. Her eyes are red, she has long whiskers, and she wears a large grin.

Vanny’s weapon of choice is a knife, which she wields in her right hand.

Bottom Line Up Front

Vanny FNAF Guide

Vanny makes her appearances in:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery

Vanny Lore

Vanny, or Vanessa, is a beta tester who played The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience. When playing the game, she discovered some tapes (From Tape Girl) that spoke about a virus called Glitchtrap. Glitchtrap, the serial killer William Afton’s soul and consciousness in digital form, wanted to escape the game by possessing a host.

Tape Girl offered advice on how to destroy Glitchtrap, which Vanessa followed. But her mind was not challenging enough, so Glitchtrap trapped her instead in the game’s files, inside a mental prison.

We see this in the minigame Princess Quest. Here, Glitchtrap gained increasing control over Vanessa’s mind as she spent more time in the game. However, she eventually caved into him and transferred Glitchtrap’s consciousness into Fazbear Entertainment’s security system.

Glitchtrap also had significant influence over her mind, and Vanny ended up with split personalities: herself and the homicidal Vanny. This led to erratic workplace behavior that eventually got her mandatory therapy. But Glitchtrap did all he could to keep Vanessa from being cured. During therapy, Glitchtrap influenced her to tell a false backstory that resembled his own when he was still the human William Afton.

One of her doctors researched Vanessa’s past and unearthed the truth. She started making progress with Vanessa, and hope was on the horizon.

However, Glitchtrap took matters into his hands. The therapists started to go missing, and one was found dead. Vanny had used the Special Delivery service to send killer animatronics infected by Glitchtrap to the therapists and kill them.

Vanessa communicated with Glitchtrap through encrypted emails as he used her to infiltrate the software systems of Fazbear Entertainment. She then moved to another location, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. Glitchtrap’s plan for moving her here was so she could help him transfer his consciousness from the digital space into a physical animatronic.

To do this, he got Vanny to hack the restaurant’s security protocols and infect the Glamrock animatronics and every other system. Vanny then controlled Glamrock Freddy. She made him move through the burnt pizzeria’s ruins under the restaurant. Here, she reassembled Springtrap and started resurrecting him.

To maintain control over Vanessa, Glitchtrap ensured that Princess Quest arcade machines were made. As a result, the machines were always on, even when unplugged.

A lost child, Gregory, discovered the machines. He played them sequentially and retraced Vanessa’s digital footprint. This led him to find where Glitchtrap had mentally imprisoned Vanessa. He unlocked the prison and freed Vanessa, which separated her from Vanny.

Gregory then teamed up with Glamrock Freddy to beat Glitchtrap before his resurrection was complete. But, once again, the ghosts of Afton’s victims consumed him, and Vanessa was free.


Vanny FNAF

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

In Help Wanted, you play Vanessa. You play minigame versions of previous FNAF games and new ones and eventually find the tapes from Tape Girl. This is when you discover Glitchtrap.

He tries to possess you so he can escape the game through your body and eventually succeeds. This is something you learn when you play the Curse of Dreadbear DLC. She becomes his vessel, creating the murderous new persona called Vanny.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Vanny first appears close to 1:00 am as the initial power diversion occurs. After Glamrock Freddy heads to the Recharge Station, she skips towards the Superstar Daycare. Gregory, the player character, sees her and tells Glamrock Freddy.

At 1:45 am, Vanessa catches Gregory and puts him in Lost and Found. She then talks to him at 2:00 am through the monitors. The screen then changes to Vanny, who asks Gregory if he is having fun yet. Vanny appears outside the Lost and Found room and attacks Gregory. He escapes, but Vanny still hunts him in the atrium. Whenever Vanny is close, his hearing and sight distort.

To avoid the attention of the animatronics, Vanny wears an Animatronic Transmitter Earpiece. She also shows up on other occasions, like when the Dumpster Diving mission ends. When she’s some distance from Gregory, Vanny skips leisurely towards him. But when she’s close, she runs towards him.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery

Vanny FNAF

Vanny does not physically appear in Special Delivery. But there are various mentions of her in the Fazbear Entertainment “unintended emails.”

The emails reveal that Vanessa, called “Ness” here, is searching for terms like “torture” and how to make humans complian. We also learn that Vanny controls Vanessa’s thoughts half the time. One day, she researches flowers; the next, she studies how far a person can be cut in half before passing out.


Question: Is Vanessa an Afton?

Answer: Vanessa is not related to the Aftons. William Afton’s digital consciousness, Glitchtrap, simply uses her to try and regain his physical form.

Question: Is Vanny Dead?

Answer: Vanny, the serial killer, dies. In the good Vanny ending, Gregory plays Princess Quest III and finds Vanessa’s digital prison for her mind. He releases her, which breaks Vanessa free from Glitchtrap’s possession and essentially kills Vanny.

Question: Is Vanny a Human?

Answer: Yes, Vanny is simply Vanessa in a white bunny costume. She is still human.

Question: Is Vanny Real?

Answer: Yes. Vanny is a woman who reluctantly does what the sentient virus Glitchtrap tells her. He uses her to eventually reclaim a physical form and become immortal.

Question: How Did Vanessa Become Vanny?

Answer: When trying to destroy Glitchtrap, the sentient virus imprisoned her mind. This allowed for a new persona, Vanny, to be born. Vanny is a serial killer in a white bunny mask who follows Glitchtrap’s orders.

Question: How Old Is Vanessa in Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Answer: Vanny is around 23 years old, based on the leaked emails.

Vanny FNAF Guide: Conclusion

I found Vanny one of the more interesting villains in Five Nights at Freddy’s. She has two personalities and is a reluctant killer. However, she deserved the happy ending she received because she was Glitchtrap’s puppet; her intention was never to become homicidal and a tool to a serial killer.

I suggest playing both Help Wanted and Security Breach to see how Glitchtrap twists a good person into doing evil

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