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Merchandise shopping can be incredibly overwhelming for any game or franchise. But something as over-saturated as the Five Nights at Freddy’s brand can leave new shoppers not knowing where to start. There is a massive world of FNaF merchandise, and toys only make up a small part of it.

So to make the process easier and point you in the general direction of the best toys I can find while advising you on what’s good about each type of toy, I have created this guide to the creme-de-la-creme of Five Nights at Freddy’s toys. So strap in because this is one in-depth list.

What Makes a Good Five Nights at Freddy’s Toy?

The first thing to consider when buying a Five Nights at Freddy’s toy, whether that’s for you or a gift for another fan, is if the toy is fun. Toys are designed to be played with, so they must be fun. If you’re buying a toy for a younger fan, then take a moment to ask yourself if it’s something you would enjoy if you were their age. If it’s not something you can see a fan enjoying, then chances are, it’s probably not a good toy.

Secondly, things like figures and plushies need to be accurate to the characters they represent. This is one, if not the most important, feature to consider when buying merchandise. The detail and accuracy of a piece of merchandise is a make-or-break deal for me, and if I can’t look at a figure or plush and immediately recognize the character – it’s a no-go.

Finally, they should be affordable because they will be played with and probably deteriorate over time. But in turn, they need to be robust and of high quality. A high-quality product doesn’t mean it needs to be incredibly expensive.

A perfect example of this would be the quality of Funko products paired with their reasonable price tag. So no matter your budget, I guarantee there’s a toy for you.

Where to Buy Five Nights at Freddy’s Toys?

Where to Buy Five Nights at Freddy's Toys?

Because of Five Nights at Freddy’s immense popularity, there is an incredible amount of retailers that stock toys and merchandise. So it’s easier to walk into a store and find a toy or two. But if you’d instead browse online, Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise is just as accessible online as in-store.

When it comes to buying limited edition products, or you know exactly what you want to buy, I’d recommend online shopping over visiting a store. Once again, referencing the popularity of Five Nights at Freddy’s, there’s never any guarantee that the product you want will be available in-store. It’s better to be safe than sorry to avoid disappointment!

Here’s a list of known Five Nights at Freddy’s toy retailers:

  • Toys-R-Us
  • Hot Topic
  • GameStop
  • BoxLunch
  • Walmart
  • Target

Brands to Look Out For

A few brands will consistently crop up when buying merchandise for Five Nights at Freddy’s. These tend to be the most reliable and frequently shopped at, so their popularity means you’re on to a good product. Of course, every toy collector will have their favorite brands and different recommendations, so I thought I’d share a few of mine to help direct you towards what I consider the best of the best.

Here is a list of brands to look out for, followed by the FNaF toys they specialize in:

  • Funko – everything. It would be less time-consuming to develop a list of products Funko DON’T make.
  • Sanshee – Plushies
  • YouTooz – Plushies & Figures
  • Hex – Plushies
  • HeroWorld – Figures
  • McFarlane – Playsets & Figures


Five Nights at Freddy's Figures

Figures are an excellent alternative for anyone who wants a more detailed piece of merchandise than a plush or a blind bag toy. The majority of Five Nights at Freddy’s figures are incredibly detailed and accurate to their in-game animatronics.

Obviously, there is still a lot of space for brands to adopt stylistic choices with their figures, but with the number of figures currently available, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

Funko is undoubtedly the brand you will see most in figure shopping. Though saying that, they are probably the brand you will see the most when it comes to Five Nights at Freddy’s merch. They have released over fifty-Five Nights at Freddy’s figures, which doesn’t include their extensive Funko Pop collection either.

But outside of Funko, several companies have also produced their own line of Five Nights at Freddy’s themed figures. So there is always an alternative if you don’t like the look of specific Funko figures. For example, HeroWorld is another alternative brand that puts a spin on the characters, in case you wanted something that wasn’t a complete depiction of the characters.

My Top Picks for FNaF Figures

Because of how many figures Funko has released, it’s hard to decide which Five Nights at Freddy’s figure you want to buy. In addition, there are tonnes of different styles and varieties of each character, making it quite challenging and overwhelming to choose, especially if you’re in a store and trying to make a quick decision.

I’ve narrowed down a few of my top picks of Five Nights at Freddy’s figures to help you make a decision. Of course, it’s up to you and your favorite characters to find something that suits you, but my pros and cons might help you ensure your next figure purchase is right for you.

Chocolate Freddy – $13.99

Chocolate Freddy

I probably couldn’t tell you if you asked why I love this Chocolate Freddy figure so much. Chocolate Freddy isn’t a character we have ever seen in-game, nor is it a variation of the animatronic that has even been rumored to exist.

But I adore this figure, even down to its candy-colored teeth. I think it’s such an adorable and unique take on the character while still having a lot of classic Freddy traits. So if I had to select my favorite Fazbear figure, this is the one I would choose.


  • A unique take on an original character
  • A more cute design than the horrifying side of FNaF


  • It might not be ideal for someone who loves the original FNaF characters
  • A limited edition figure, so it may be harder to find now

Circus Baby – $14.99

Circus Baby

Even though Circus Baby is one of Sister Locations’ scariest antagonists, I can’t help but feel like this figure is a must-have for any FNaF fan.

Rather than adopting the frightening side of Baby, which we are used to seeing, it looks exactly like the animatronic from the Elizabeth Afton minigames. It has a bright color palette and seems relatively innocent. However, adding Ennard’s Torso within the same package is slightly horrifying.


  • Fully poseable, so easy to display
  • It comes with an additional Ennard piece and Microphone accessory
  • Once again, an outstanding level of detail and quality from Funko


  • The Ennard piece is part of the ‘Build your figure,’ so the piece on its own is pretty useless

Nightmare Chica – $14.99

Nightmare Chica

For anyone searching for a terrifying yet incredibly detailed piece of Nightmare Chica merch, this figure is the piece for you.

When I said that figures have more of an opportunity to showcase details that merchandise like plushies would miss, this is the exact figure I had in mind. I adore Chica, and I think this figure perfectly captures her Nightmare variation’s horror.


  • Incredibly detailed, even to the exposed fangs in her mouth
  • It has a lot of sections, so fully poseable
  • Poseable nature makes it easy to stand on display


  • It might not be suitable for children due to its scary nature

HeroWord Five Nights at Freddy’s Five Pack – $14.99

HeroWord Five Nights at Freddy's Five Pack

I wanted to ensure that my list of top picks wasn’t just a selection of Funko figures, and this HeroWorld pack piqued my interest. It doesn’t have the same in-game accuracy as Funko figures but instead utilizes the stylistic ability I mentioned at the top of this section.

The figures in this pack don’t necessarily look like animatronics, but they are still recognizable as the crew from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Rather than adopting the same look as the Funko figures, these have smaller heads and torsos and incredibly long and slim legs.


  • The five-pack contains all the central animatronics from the first FNaF title
  • Cheaper than a singular Funko figure, and you get five for the price of one
  • It still includes a lot of detail despite being a different, lesser-known brand and a cheaper product


  • All figures come pre-glued to a base, so they are hard to play with and best used for display
  • It might not be a good alternative for someone looking for an accurate figure rather than a stylized one


Playsets are a great addition for any figure collector. They provide an excellent base for displaying your favorite figures and are fantastic for any younger Five Nights at Freddy’s fan to immerse themselves in. Paired with the right figures, it’s hard not to love the appearance of playsets, and luckily, many of the sets also come with figures.

There are two reasonably predominant brands when it comes to playsets. One is Funko, with their recent release of Funko Snaps and accompanying playsets, and the other is McFarlene.

While Funko specializes in a cheaper alternative to toys, McFarlene focuses on producing an incredibly detailed, high-quality product for a little more cash.

My Top Picks for FNaF Playsets

There aren’t many Five Nights at Freddy’s playsets, unlike the number of figures. Given the amount of different locations within FNaF titles, you would have thought at least one company would be solely producing playsets for fans to adore, but no.

Instead, there are a few playsets on the market, which makes shopping significantly less overwhelming compared to the oversaturated amount of figures.

However, if you still don’t know where to start, here are my top three Five Nights at Freddy’s themed playsets.

Funko Snaps! Freddy Fazbear and Party Room – $34.99

Funko Snaps! Freddy Fazbear and Party Room

The Funko Snaps Party Room playset perfectly captures the calm before the storm from Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s a recognizable area for any fan and presents the slightly eerie feel of the game.

Additionally, this playset comes with a Golden Freddy Funko Snap figure and an array of accessories to help set the scene. Furthermore, it’s an affordable option for anyone looking to buy their first FNaF playset without breaking the bank.


  • A cute, chibi-style playset
  • It comes with a lot of accessories to help set up
  • It comes with a Golden Freddy Funko Snap figure, so you don’t need to splash the extra cash on buying figures


  • It only suits the Funko Snaps-sized figures

McFarlane the Show Stage Playset – Price Varies

McFarlane the Show Stage Playset

Rather than being bright and happy like the Funko Snaps party room playset, the McFarlane set captures the franchise’s more gritty and unsettling side. The figures are much more accurate than their in-game animatronics, so it’s only appropriate for the setting to match.


  • Captures the darker side of the FNaF franchise
  • Accurate to the in-game setting
  • Includes Chica, Freddy, and Bonnie figure


  • Quite a rare find, so reasonably expensive now

McFarlane Construction Room Playset – $44.99

McFarlane Construction Room Playset

Rather than just having another party room playset, this one focuses on the more unsettling side of the animatronic storage. This playset resembles a construction room, where endoskeleton parts and animatronic elements are features.

I love the difference in this set compared to the show stage McFarlene Set, and the two side by side look incredible.


  • It comes with a Shadow Freddy and Foxy figure
  • It comes with several accessories to set the scene
  • Filled with details and references to the FNaF games, which hardcore fans will appreciate


  • Much like the other McFarlene set, it’s quite a rare find
  • Expensive due to re-selling price


When it comes to gaming merchandise, plushies tend to be the most mass-produced, marketable adaptations of in-game characters. As I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, if you’ve walked into the toy section of Hot Topic or even Walmart and Target, you’ve probably been bombarded by the sight of Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies.

This is great, especially for people like me who avidly collect plush toys over other merchandise. But the mountain of potential plush buys makes it harder to decipher which brands are good and which products are the best while remaining affordable.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies, but a few are recognized among fans as the best of the best.

My Top Picks for FNaF Plushies

I look for a few things for my top picks in Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies. For example, I adore when FNaF plushies are created to look like their in-game equivalents rather than trying to look like the animatronics.

Sanshee and Funko have made a great range of plushies that mirror this style. If a plushie doesn’t reflect the style of the character it’s based on; then it’s ruled out for me.

But if you’re still feeling overwhelmed with the number of Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies available on the market, I’ve narrowed down a list of my favorite FNaF plushies, which might help encourage you to find one you love.

Sanshee Chica Plush – $39.99

Sanshee Chica Plush

The Sanshee Chica plush is the best plush equivalent of the character to date. Even Funko couldn’t top the brilliance of this plush, and it’s been one of my favorites since I first saw it.

It has perfect rounded features and an accurate color palette to the in-game Chica plush we see in FNaF 4. Additionally, I love the attention to detail with the bib and the cupcake plush since many Chica Plushies tend to miss making the extra plush.


  • The most accurate character plushie
  • Additional magnetic cupcake plush
  • High-quality material


  • Sightly more on the expensive side of the scale
  • An incredibly popular plush, so it tends to be sold out

Hex Foxy Plush – $49.99

Hex Foxy Plush

Handmade plushies can be extremely hit and miss, especially with a franchise as big as Five Nights at Freddy’s – however, the Hex plush collection is known to be consistently brilliant. They have released an adorably unique plush for every main animatronic, with the addition of Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie, but the Foxy has always been my favorite.


  • Unique plush handmade by an independent business
  • Entirely accurate to the in-game animatronic rather than plush, especially with the exposed endoskeleton


  • Incredibly expensive to someone looking for a quick plush
  • Magnetic limbs make it hard to play with and is mainly designed for display

Sanshee Bonnie Plush – $29.99

Sanshee Bonnie Plush

Much like the Sanshee Chica plush, I love the Sanshee Bonnie plush for the same reasons. It’s incredibly accurate to the in-game plushie of Bonnie and is a high-quality, affordable product. In addition, because it doesn’t come with a cupcake plush, it’s slightly cheaper than the Chica plush while still having the same charming appearance.


  • High-quality product
  • Accurate to the in-game plush
  • An affordable plush for any Bonnie lover


  • Similar popularity to Chica so frequently sold out

Funko Cupcake Plush – $19.99

Funko Cupcake Plush

Out of every FNaF character to have a plush equivalent, you probably didn’t expect to see the plush Cupcake on my list of best. But, this plush is a prime example of Funko giving the spotlight to underrate characters rather than only offering plushies for the main characters.

I have loved the Cupcake animatronic since I played the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game, so this plush is a great addition to my collection.


  • An affordable plushie
  • A subtle FNaF plush rather than the main characters


  • Has the color palette of the FNaF World Cupcake rather than the mainline game
  • It lacks a few predominant details, such as the Cupcake’s iconic buck teeth

Youtooz Vanny Plushie -$29.99

Youtooz Vanny Plushie

Youtooz is one of the newest competitors in the Five Nights at Freddy’s plush market, but that doesn’t make them any less important. In fact, their Five Nights at Freddy’s range is pretty refreshing since they give us a few new styles we haven’t seen before. But out of their latest releases, the Vanny plush is by far my favorite.


  • Super cute sitting pose to make display easy
  • The 9-inch size makes it suitable for cuddling
  • Incredible attention to detail, even in the patchwork paw


  • Limited run without news of a re-release, so hard to come by
  • It can only be purchased online rather than in-store as well

Mystery Toys

If you don’t particularly have a favorite Five Nights at Freddy’s character, or you’re looking for a gift for a FNaF fan, and you don’t know who they like, then Mystery Toys are a fantastic thing.

Rather than spending ages trying to decide which character you want to take home, mystery toys are a grab-and-go alternative that can also be a great addition to any collection.

My Top Picks of Five Nights at Freddy’s Mystery Toys

There is an incredible amount of Five Nights at Freddy’s mystery toys. So whether you want figures, plushies, or keychains, I guarantee there is something for you. I personally adore mystery figures, especially when there’s a level of rarity on the checklist.

Mystery toys are one of the first things that ignited my love for collecting, so if you’ve never got one before – I’d recommend it. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of finding the character you’ve been searching for.

Funko Mystery Minis

Funko Mystery Minis

Even though Funko is responsible for making most of Five Nights at Freddy’s mystery toys, their Mystery Mini collection sets the basis. It has an extensive eight series’, covering every FNaF title to date. Which also means it’s home to a lot of unusual characters. I adore how many FNaF characters are included in this collection, and it’s one of the reasons Mystery Minis are so popular among the fanbase.


  • High-quality, affordable figures
  • Huge variety of characters to find
  • Releases are as recent as Security Breach & Help Wanted


  • Specific figures are ‘location-locked.’
  • High chance of getting doubles the more you collect

Security Breach Keyring Blind Bags

Security Breach Keyring Blind Bags

Keyring blind bags are great for any Five Nights at Freddy’s fan on the go who wants to show their love for the franchise subtly. I’ve always found that blind bag keychains are robust enough to keep on a bag or car and house keys.

So there are several ways to incorporate your love for FNaF into your daily commute. The Security Breach is my favorite collection of keyrings, as I think the characters perfectly suit the keyring style. Additionally, it seems like the kind of merchandise you’d win at an arcade.


  • Cute, simpler style keychains compared to figures
  • Even features characters like Vanessa
  • It doesn’t just come in Security Breach characters; previous games also have keychain equivalents


  • As any small figure would, sometimes the paintwork looks a bit messy
  • A small collection means there’s a high chance of getting doubles

Mystery Mini Plushies

I love plushies as much as I love mystery toys, so this combination is a match made in heaven. If you loved the Funko Mystery Mini series, these mini plush keyrings would probably give you the same amount of joy. This set has eight characters, including some you wouldn’t expect to see.


  • Cute chibi-style plushies
  • A variety of characters, including Mangle and the Puppet
  • A cheap and adorable gift idea


  • I wish they were standalone plush toys rather than keyrings
  • Only on series and a limited selection of characters

Five Nights at Freddy’s MyMoji

Five Nights at Freddy's MyMoji

MyMoji blind bags have been around since I first started collecting things like figures and keychains, so when the Five Nights at Freddy’s collection was released, I knew it would be something I ended up buying.

The keychain-style products have a recognizable appearance and have been around for a long time. Rather than being small figures, the MyMoji toys are just spherical heads of a character, with the addition of ears and accessories.


  • Recognizable, unique blind bags
  • One of the oldest in the game, so always accessible
  • Incredibly detailed despite their smaller size


  • Keychain style might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • The rounded design lacks in-depth with certain characters who are defined by their facial shape
  • Character selection is limited to the central animatronics and has never expanded further

Five Nights at Freddy’s Pint Sized Heroes

Five Nights at Freddy's Pint Sized Heroes

These Pint-Sized Heroes are precisely what they say on the tin. They have similar rounded heads to MyMoji but also have smaller bodies. Instead of being keyring-style toys, these figures stand on their own. Currently, there is only one set that contains fourteen characters.


  • A great variety of characters from FNaF and FNaF 2
  • A cheap figure to collect
  • Figures instead of keychains


  • Because of their small size, the paint job might sometimes be a bit messy
  • Relatively lightweight, so fall over on display easily

Board Games

If buying singular toys like plushies and figures isn’t your thing, you may want to look at Five Nights at Freddy’s board games. I know what you’re thinking; how a video game can be adapted into a board game, but trust me.

Sometimes it works. Luckily, the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise is easily adaptable into things like board games and spin-off titles, which may be one of the many reasons it’s so popular.

A few FNaF-inspired board games would be a perfect addition to any fan’s collection, which are different from card games based on animatronics. These board games are a tremendous amount of fun for family and friends to play with one another and allow more people to get involved with the franchise.

Survive ‘Til 6 AM – $25.99

Survive 'Til 6 AM

This compact board game regurgitates the premise of the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game. Essentially, both players are tasked with ensuring no animatronics step foot into the office and are armed with a hand of cards; it’s a tense fast-paced game where players will fight with one another as if their life depends on it.


  • A fast-paced, tense card game for quick fun
  • A small compact board, so it’s great for traveling with


  • If you play often, it’s easy to learn the best way to play
  • Quite a few separate pieces, so you need a fair amount of space to play

Night of Frights – $49.99

Night of Frights

Similar to the Survive ‘Til 6 AM board game, the Night of Frights game requires players to creep through the pizzeria and collect items along the way. But the twist is that all players take on the role of the animatronics rather than the survivors.

The game aims to be the first animatronic to capture the guard in the office, so you need to utilize special abilities and power-ups along the way.


  • It comes with some adorable character figures as counters
  • A great game if you want to sit down and have a longer Five Nights at Freddy’s game instead of playing the video games
  • Suitable for ages eight and up, so even younger fans can get involved


  • A lot of small cardboard pieces may get lost if you play with young ones
  • It takes some time to sit and learn the rules

Freddy Fazbear Pizza Jumpscare Game – $25.99

Freddy Fazbear Pizza Jumpscare Game

If you don’t want to sit down and invest a period of time in learning the rules of a new board game, then this jumpscare-inspired game is easy to set up and play immediately. It has no rules, aside from the main aim which is to avoid making Freddy jump.

It has similar mechanics to Buck-a-Roo, so you can imagine the jumps this FNaF remake will provide. It’s a great alternative for someone who doesn’t like card-based games, yet still wants a real-life FNaF game.


  • Great for quick rounds rather than a sit-down gaming session
  • Some tense, high-strung quick fun, mirroring the style of the video games
  • Based on luck rather than skill so is accessible for players of all ages


  • Probably not a game you’d reach for time and time again
  • If you’ve got a game of Buck-a-roo somewhere, you probably don’t need it


Question: Why aren’t Funko Pop Figures Included in this List?

Answer: I wanted this list to include a variety of toys that can be played with. Unfortunately, I find Funko Pop figures are more of a collector’s item than a toy despite being made by such a popular toy company. But, if you are looking for a list of all things Funko Pop, we have several helpful guides on FNAFInsider to help answer all your questions.

Question: When did Funko Start Making Five Nights at Freddy’s Toys?

Answer: Funko acquired the license to make Five Nights at Freddy’s Toys in 2015, a year after the first game was released. Since then, they have become one of the most recognizable Five Nights at Freddy’s merch producers and have created a toy for almost everyone. From mystery toys to pull-back cars to plushies, Funko has done it all.

Question: Will Sanshee Re-make their FNaF Plushies?

Answer: Because of Sanshee’s high praise, I’d be surprised if their Five Nights at Freddy’s plush range doesn’t come into stock soon. As I mentioned earlier, they are the go-to retailer for FNaF plush.
They have re-released the collection after its debut several times to satisfy players’ needs, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t continue. I don’t think FNaF fans will ever get bored of their adorable plush.

Ultimate FNAF Toys: Summary

So now you know the ins and outs of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s toys, it’s time you started your FNaF-themed collection. There’s no better time than now, primarily because of the growing interest in the game.

I love seeing the new merch each time a new game is released, and I’m sure once your collection has started growing, you will too. Merchandise is one of the best ways to express your love for a franchise, and as a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan – it’s not like you’re in short supply!

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