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Five Nights at Freddy’s has a symbiotic relationship with YouTube. When I discovered the franchise, it wasn’t through Steam, Android, or Desura. Instead, I found FNAF through YouTube.

I’m also one of many to discover the franchise in this manner. FNAF is among the first video games to become overwhelmingly popular, thanks to YouTube. When you consider how straightforward the gameplay is and how scary the game is (thanks to an abundance of jump scares and YouTubers who jumped out of their seats while playing), the success of FNAF was inevitable.

However, who are these YouTubers who influenced the success of FNAF so heavily?

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Bottom Line Up Front

FNAF has had its fair share of YouTubers from launch. Personalities like Markiplier and MatPat heavily influenced the game’s success, as their FNAF playthroughs often got millions of views.

Why the YouTubers Were Influential

In the mid-2010s, video game playthroughs were growing in popularity, and personalities like PewDiePie were becoming significantly influential. However, what made them such big deals?

  1. They offered a new form of entertainment. Many initial video game YouTubers used humor to brilliant effect. They poked fun at themselves when playing a challenging or frightening game, and even though they might have exaggerated their reactions, you couldn’t look away.
  2. They offered variety. Most of us couldn’t afford every new game. Seeing YouTubers play new games gave us insight into whether those games deserved our hard-earned cash. These YouTubers taught us how to beat challenges like boss fights and puzzles.
  3. They showed us new games. YouTubers didn’t always play the latest AAA games. If they did, FNAF would never have exploded in popularity. Instead, they often sought out indie games and, by playing them, brought those games to the spotlight. I believe YouTubers constitute a significant reason for the growth of the indie game scene—and they even teamed up with some indie developers to promote their games.

Selection Criteria

Alight, we now know why video game YouTubers were so influential. However, not all of them are worth mentioning. How, then, have I made my selections?

  1. Importance to FNAF. These YouTubers brought significant attention to Five Nights at Freddy’s. Through their videos, thousands (if not millions) of gamers learned about FNAF and often went out and bought the games.
  2. Popularity. While we have more YouTubers who released FNAF videos than we can count, not all of them reached gargantuan levels of popularity. So, to simplify things, I’m limiting the count to YouTubers with a reasonable amount of influence, getting at least several thousand views from their FNAF videos.
  3. FNAF-Focused. Most FNAF YouTubers weren’t exclusive to the franchise; they also released content on other video games. That said, I’m avoiding the ones who only released a handful of FNAF videos, even if they went viral. After all, you can only be among the best FNAF YouTubers if you release many videos on the franchise.

Now that you know how I made my selections, let’s get into it and look at these YouTubers!

The Best FNAF YouTubers



  • YouTube Subscribers: 34.1 million
  • FNAF Videos: 105

This first name is the most recognizable (and obvious when considering FNAF YouTubers). With over 34 million subscribers, Markiplier is among the most recognizable YouTube video gamers.

Markiplier, born Mark Edward Fischbach, joined the channel in 2012 and started making Let’s Play videos where he played and streamed video games. He specialized in horror games, and when FNAF 1 came out, Markiplier was among the first YouTubers to play it.

Markiplier’s first FNAF video remains the most-watched FNAF video on YouTube, with a whopping 106 million views. Since then, he’s released over 100 other videos on the franchise. The only FNAF games he still needs to play are Security Breach: Fury’s Rage and FNAF World.

When playing, Markiplier often panics when encountering an animatronic and does everything to find safety. However, he calms down when the danger is over and acts like he isn’t scared (even though his terror is obvious). His antics are the primary reason I consider Markiplier among the most entertaining YouTubers.

Markiplier has even worked with Scott Cawthon. In the launch trailer for Special Delivery, the YouTuber was a Fazbear Funtime Service spokesperson. He was also among the secret bosses in Freddy in Space 2, which also credited him.



  • YouTube Subscribers: 16.4 million
  • FNAF Videos: 56

MatPat, born Matthew Robert Patrick, is an American YouTuber. Like Markiplier, he started his channel in the early 2010s.

However, unlike Markiplier, MatPat’s videos do more than show him playing games. Instead, he researches his topics, constantly theorizes, and speaks over video clips and images. In addition, MatPat uses humor that’s not over the top to keep viewers engaged, unlike Markiplier.

MatPat was among the first YouTubers to form theories on FNAF lore. His videos cover everything from Glitchtrap to Golden Freddy and are as insightful as they are entertaining. FNAF lore is anything but straightforward, so The Game Theorists is a fantastic place to get all the info to help you piece together the franchise lore.

Like Markiplier, MatPat has also worked with FNAF creator Scott Cawthon. He was among the Freddy in Space 2 secret bosses, a game that also credited him for special appreciation. MatPat’s Game Theorists also teamed up with Cawthon to release Freddy in Space 2 during their 2019 St. Jude’s Charity Livestream.

That’s not all MatPat has done; he’s also behind some official FNAF merchandise at Creator Ink.


dawko fnaf youtuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 1.92 million
  • FNAF Videos: 110+

Dawko, born Lewis K. Dawkins, is among the most dedicated FNAF YouTubers. With over 100 FNAF videos, he has tacked virtually every topic on the franchise, including leaks, hidden details, fan games, alternate universes, playthroughs, and more.

Unlike MatPat and Markiplier, Dawko started his content creation career on Twitch. However, he focused on YouTube after the popularity of his FNAF YouTube videos. When FNAF 3 came out, Dawko devoted his entire channel to FNAF. Thanks to this action, Dawko became the authority on everything FNAF.

Naturally, his skills in the games also improved. In 2018, Dawko became the second streamer to clear Ultimate Custom Night’s brutal 50/20 mode. He also doesn’t struggle as much as other streamers when playing a new FNAF game for the first time, which makes his playthroughs double as tutorials.

Capitalizing on his popularity, Dawko launched a web series in 2018 called The FNAF Show. With two seasons, Dawko uses The FNAF Show to interview anyone connected to the FNAF franchise. So far, he has interviewed voice actors, YouTubers like MatPat, and fan-game creators like Kane Carter and JeliLiam.

Dawko also interviewed Scott Cawthon after he beat UCN’s 50/20 mode, which took several weeks of trying and failing. They have since become friends, with Dawko reaching out during a rough patch in 2020.

Other than interviews, Dawko makes a FNAF song at the end of each FNAF Show season.

DJ Sterf

dj sterf

  • YouTube Subscribers: 138,000
  • FNAF Videos: Around 400

DJ Sterf does not kid around when it comes to Five Nights at Freddy’s, with about 400 videos uploaded. However, he started in a different type of game: Dance Dance Revolution. The American YouTuber uploaded perfect scores on his channel.

However, DJ Sterf’s channel grew modestly until 2015, when he played FNAF 3. He unearthed every minigame secret to unlock the game’s “Good Ending,” This feat was so impressive that it earned the YouTuber a featured article on Kotaku.

DJ Sterf is so good that he’s helped out other YouTubers when stuck on a game. In 2017, he helped Dawko survive the most challenging mode on Sister Location. When Dawko wanted to nail Ultimate Custom Night’s 50/20 mode to get his interview with Scott Cawthon—as I mentioned earlier—DJ Sterf teamed up with him to make it happen.

DJ Sterf even created a spreadsheet for UCN that has helped countless gamers overcome the game’s most challenging modes.

The YouTuber also goes out of his way to complete the toughest challenges in FNAF games. For entertainment value—and to drive the difficulty up—he also achieves these challenges under ludicrous conditions like:

  • Avoiding power-ups
  • Juggling while playing
  • Using exclusively Level 1 characters in UCN’s 50/20 mode

DJ Sterf isn’t just a FNAF YouTuber. He is also among the elite players and has conquered the games’ difficulties. DJ Sterf is part of why the average gamer sees FNAF games as beatable.

The YouTuber is also a video game Developer and Tester. Because of his immense skill in exploring and beating FNAF games, he has helped creator Scott Cawthon to test the later FNAF games.


8-bitryan fnaf youtuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 3.56 million
  • FNAF Videos: 24 videos

8-BitRyan is a YouTuber who has covered Five Nights at Freddy’s and other games like Friday Night Funkin and Dark Deception. 8-BitRyan launched his YouTube channel in 2015, so he hasn’t been in the industry for as long as the previous content creators.

However, his FNAF videos are still uber-popular, garnering millions of views.

8-BitRyan has played through the later FNAF games, Help Wanted and Security Breach. 8-BitRyan talks a lot during his playthroughs and integrates video and sound effects to keep the playthroughs interesting. He also doesn’t react extremely to jump scares like some YouTubers, although he doesn’t hide his fear.

Overall, 8-BitRyan is a refreshing change from other YouTubers. He doesn’t overreact like Markiplier, and he’s not an expert like DJ Sterf; he’s just a regular guy trying to get through the games without soiling himself.

8-BitRyan has also formed another channel with another YouTuber, Bazamalam, called 8-BitGaming. Through this channel, the pair discuss FNAF VHS tapes and animatronics and have played through earlier games like FNAF 4.


fuhnaff fnaf youtuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 339,000
  • FNAF Videos: 168+

John Andrew has a YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to FNAF. The channel, FuhNaff, is relatively young since he opened it in 2020. However, the channel has already gained over 32 million total views.

The considerable viewership isn’t just a fluke. In FuhNaff, Andrew discusses fan theories while offering new ones, does reviews, shows the different endings of games like Security Breach, and shares FNAF news and announcements.

If you want a source for breaking FNAF news, FuhNaff is a fantastic source. Andrew does his fair share of research and catches wind of even the most mundane news as long as it involves FNAF.

Hyper Droid

hyper droid fnaf youtuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 183,000
  • FNAF Videos: 60+

Hyper Droid is an Australian who creates distinct FNAF videos. He makes playthroughs, but that’s scratching the surface of what you’ll find on his channel.

As a coder, Hyper Droid uploads tutorials on reproducing FNAF games in Scratch, a free programming language. The tutorials are easy to follow, insightful, and can help you better appreciate Scott Cawthon’s development of the games.

Hyper Droid also discusses mysteries like shadow animatronics and Golden Freddy. The YouTuber also has a series of videos he calls ‘FNAF, But.’ In these videos, he plays FNAF games but with added difficulty. For instance, he could play the games without using doors or cameras, which significantly ramped up the challenge and tension.

If you’re looking for unconventional FNAF videos, Hyper Droid is a YouTuber you should pay attention to.

Elementia Studios

elementia studios fnaf youtuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 16,200
  • FNAF Videos: 100+

The Elementia Studios founder, Chris, started the channel to make an unofficial Minecraft fan movie. However, he found success when he began uploading FNAF videos.

Unlike many other YouTube channels, Elementia Studios focuses on the FNAF books. Chris offers explanations of the timeline and lore. However, he takes things up a notch by making unofficial audiobooks for FNAF fans who don’t want to read the books but still want to get the story.

Chris also teamed up with several other gifted voice actors to bring the FNAF books to life; they sound like the characters, not robotic or one-tone. The audiobooks also don’t drag; each chapter is less than ten minutes long, and you can finish an entire book in an hour. The YouTuber has made audiobooks of the main trilogy and the Fazbear Frights books.

Other than audiobooks, Elementia Studios has rankings of stuff like FNAF AR skins, Fazbear Frights stories, and even other FNAF YouTubers.

MR Springs

mr springs

  • YouTube Subscribers: 31,600
  • FNAF Videos: 170+

Five Nights at Freddy’s offers more than games and books. It also has an abundance of merchandise to capitalize on its popularity. However, not every FNAF merch is worth your hard-earned money. Knowing which ones to get and which to avoid is vital.

That’s where MR Springs comes in. This YouTube channel specializes in FNAF merch. MR Springs has reviewed over 60 pieces of merch from FNAF Blacklight Slime to Special Delivery plush sets. The channel has ranked them to give you an easier time finding the best FNAF merch.

MR Springs also looks at custom action figures and obscure merch you’ve never heard of, like inflatable costumes and candy tins. The channel is also a treasure trove of merch concepts that never made it to production. Here, you’ll see McFarlane Toys, Mystery Mini concepts, Funko Pop concepts, plushies that should never have been made, and other concepts that never made the cut (or shouldn’t have).

Puggos Pizzeria

puggos pizzeria fnaf yotuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 43,600
  • FNAF Videos: 400+

Puggos Pizzeria is another YouTube channel with a host of FNAF merch-related videos. The channel has similar content to MR Springs, like reviewing and unboxing plush toys, Funko merch, and custom plush toys.

However, Puggos Pizzeria also has hundreds of videos on non-merch topics. The channel has reviewed FNAF memes and bootleg toys, explored FNAF lore, Fazbear Frights stories, and looked at types of FNAF fans. The YouTuber has even made music videos for FNAF plush toys.

Puggos Pizzeria is a channel you can find yourself exploring for hours. I found the content refreshing and love the diversity of topics. Its videos are also not over-the-top to go viral and get more views.

Orange Animations

orange animations fnaf youtuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 1.12 million
  • FNAF Videos: 170+

Have you exhausted every FNAF game and book and are looking for fresh content that’s not a rehash of everything else? Try Orange Animations.

The YouTube channel stands out by producing original animations made using Source Filmmaker. The animations put FNAF characters in scenarios you probably never thought about before. For instance, have you thought of putting FNAF animatronics in Squid Game? There are animations for that.

Have you also thought of FNAF animatronics fighting anime-inspired animatronics? This channel has numerous videos like that. Or have you thought FNAF should be a comedic series? Orange Animations’ most popular animations are humorous and challenge you not to laugh before the videos end.

Orange Animations shares content with other channels like Animation Time. Together, they add a new dimension to FNAF that you’ll appreciate if you’re looking for a laugh.



  • YouTube Subscribers: 3.65 million
  • FNAF Videos: 400+

Because of its concept and immense popularity, FNAF has inspired plenty of fan games. Of course, many aren’t worth playing, but some FNAF fan games stand out, like One Night At Flumpty’s 2, The Freddy Files, and Dayshift At Freddy’s: Remastered.

FusionZGamer is a YouTuber who plays such fan games on his channel. He has brought attention to games like Oblitus Casam, SCP The Endurance, and FNAF The Glitched Attraction. The YouTuber links to the games, describes them, reveals how scary they are, and tells us if they are worth playing.

If you’re curious about FNAF fan games, FusionZGamer is a fantastic place to start.


superhorrorbro fnaf youtuber

  • YouTube Subscribers: 1.88 million
  • FNAF Videos: 75

Briton Mike Bambridge launched SuperHorrorBros in 2016 with his best friend. The pair started by uploading horror video game content and became famous for a different horror game: Bendy And The Ink Machine.

Mike’s friend left the YouTube channel soon after, and he changed its name to SuperHorrorBro. This action was more than a name change, however. Mike started releasing different videos, like searching for easter eggs, forming his video game theories, and sharing creepypasta.

The transition was successful, and SuperHorrorBro’s subscribers skyrocketed. He also reached an unprecedented level of fame after he started uploading Five Nights at Freddy’s videos. The videos have received over 2 billion views. They include theories, animatronic lore, the scariest moments, and more.


Question: How Many FNAF YouTubers Are There?

Answer: Hundreds of YouTubers have made content related to Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, many also make content related to other games.

Question: Who Is The Biggest FNAF YouTuber?

Answer: With over 34 million subscribers, Markiplier is the most popular FNAF YouTuber. However, FNAF has other famous YouTubers like MatPat with 16.4 million subscribers or 8-BitRyan with 3.56 million subscribers.

Question: Who Is The Best FNAF Player On YouTube?

Answer: DJ Sterf is currently the best FNAF player. He’s completed the most difficult challenges and does some challenges with a handicap, like using no cameras or doors.


YouTube is rich in FNAF content. Whether you’re looking for a guide, secret lore, or fan games, the above FNAF YouTubers have you covered. They craft content to inform, entertain, or both.

I prefer helpful FNAF YouTubers like DJ Sterf because I often get stuck in FNAF, especially in the more challenging modes. However, you can try YouTubers like Dawko if you are looking for all-around content. Either way, these are the best YouTubers to look for in FNAF.

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