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There are two kinds of persons: those who read comic books and those who should start reading comics (yes, I’m biased). After the meteoric success of the Five Nights at Freddy’s video games, the release of connected novels was inevitable.

Like the games, the books were released to positive reception and significant sales and inspired the release of graphic novels.

Essentially, Scott Cawthon didn’t just outsource the creation of the FNAF comics to random freelancers. Instead, he co-wrote them with the talented writer Kira Breed-Wrisley and let Claudia Schröder handle the illustrations. The result is a series of exciting, perfectly-paced, and visually striking graphic novels.

Bottom Line Up Front

After the immense success of the Five Nights at Freddy’s video games and novels, Scott Cawthon expanded the franchise universe with the FNAF comics. The comics are adaptations of the official novel trilogy, but they have subtle differences and additions that any real fan will appreciate.

Reasons to Read the FNAF Comics

Are you on the fence about whether you should read or avoid the FNAF comics? I have four good reasons why you should read them. If they don’t convince you, nothing will!

  1. They expand on the FNAF universe. If you’ve played any FNAF game, you understand that while they have epic scares and palpable tension, they are stingy in lore. You must take notes and examine everything about every scene and every character to figure out what’s happening beneath the surface. Well, the comics help with that. They expand on the lore that the games only hint at and enhance your understanding of FNAF.
  2. They follow a different continuity. Yes, graphic novels and video games share elements, like some locations and characters. However, besides enriching the video games’ lore, the FNAF comics also follow a separate continuity with characters who are only hinted at in the games (like Cassidy).
  3. They are easy to get into. I get it; not everyone has the patience to read several hundred pages of a novel. But anyone can read the comics: they are full of vivid, colorful illustrations, and you can finish them faster than you can read a few chapters of the novels.
  4. They show us how certain characters look. There are certain characters we never see in the games except for minigames (like William Afton). However, in the graphic novels, we can see how he looks (or at least, how creator Scott Cawthon wanted him to look).

I hope you’re now ready to give the FNAF comics a try. All the information you must know about them is below. So, let’s get started!

Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes: The Graphic Novel

five nights at freddy's - the silver eyes - the graphic novel

  • Release Date: 26th December 2019
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
  • Grade Level: 7 to 9
  • Characters (Human): Charlotte “Charlie” Emily, Henry Emily, Dave Miller/William Afton, John, Marla, Carlton, Jessica, Aunt Jen, Lamar, Sammy, Michael Brooks, Officer Dunn, Clay Burke
  • Characters (Animatronics): Foxy, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Golden Freddy, Chica


We are still determining when the development of The Silver Eyes: The Graphic Novel started. However, since graphic novels often take between 1 to 3 years to develop, I suspect Cawthon began to work on them in 2018 or 2017.

Cawthon revealed the comic’s official cover on April 2019. In July, he released the first 18 pages of the book as a preview. And in December, the book came out with stellar reviews on influential outlets like Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


After ten years, Charlotte “Charlie” Emily returns to her Hurricane, Utah hometown to attend the honorary commemoration of a scholarship dedicated to Michael Brooks, her childhood friend.

Ten years ago, in 1985, Michaele Brooks was one of five children who went missing inside Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. The bodies were never found, but Charlie’s dad, Henry Emily, was the prime suspect. Henry killed himself shortly after, and to escape the chaos, Charlie moved to another town to stay with her aunt.

Now that Charlie’s back, she reunites with her old friends. They visit the old Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria but learn that a mall was built around it, though construction was never finished due to local superstitions. The teenagers sneak past the lone security guard and enter the pizzeria. To their surprise, the animatronics are still on the stage and in good condition.

The next day, they head to another town, New Harmony, to find Henry’s first restaurant, Fredbear’s Family Diner. They find it, and during their exploration, Charlie remembers a yellow rabbit abducted her young brother Sammy in this restaurant.

That night, they return to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and encounter the security guard, Dave Miller. He agrees to explore the abandoned restaurant with the teenagers. But when they split up, Dave dons a yellow rabbit suit and kidnaps one of the teenagers, Carlton.

The other teenagers escape and go to the cops, but they find the entrance sealed shut when they return. One of the officers returns the next day, but Dave catches and kills him.

Desperate to save Carlton, the teenagers return to the abandoned mall. They find Dave, who has trapped Carlton in an old spring lock suit. Dave reveals that even the slightest movement can make the animatronic’s metallic parts pierce Carlton and kill him.

To show his seriousness, Dave removes his costumes and unveils several scars on his neck, back, and chest.

Meanwhile, Carlton sees a yellow Freddy costume that speaks to him. Carlton learns that the five missing children were killed and stuffed into animatronic suits. However, their spirits remain in the suits, possessing them.

The other animatronics then come to life and attack the teenagers. Thanks to her background in animatronics, Charlie frees Carlton. They knock out David with a pipe and restrain him with electrical cords. Dave then admits he’s the child murderer from ten years ago.

But the animatronics soon corner the teens, and only the yellow Freddy’s intervention saves them; he puts the other possessed animatronics to rest. The cops then arrive and use a sledgehammer to break down the wall and free the teenagers.

Desperate, Dave escapes from his restraints and grabs Charlie, threatening to kill her. However, Charlie trips his suit’s spring locks, causing the suit’s internals to pierce him.

After the ordeal, Charlie visits the town’s graveyard and reminisces about her father, which wraps up the story.

Fun Facts

The Silver Eyes: The Graphic Novel gave us our first look at William Afton (disguised in this book as Dave Miller). Before this, we only saw him as the Purple Guy in the games.

The comic also shows us Henry Emily for the first time, along with Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and Fredbear’s Family Diner.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Twisted Ones: The Graphic Novel

five nights at freddy's - the twisted ones - the graphic novel

  • Release Date: 2nd February 2021
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
  • Grade Level: 7 to 9
  • Characters (Human): Charlotte “Charlie” Emily, Clay Burke, Jessica, John, Dave Miller
  • Characters (Animatronics): Foxy, Twisted Animatronics, Springtrap, The Silver Eyes Animatronics


After the success of the first FNAF comic, they had to make another one based on the second novel, The Twisted Ones. Again, Christopher Hastings adapted the story into comic book form, and Claudia Aguirre handled the illustrations.

The book came out in February 2021 and received stellar reviews: it currently has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


A year after the incident at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, Charlie is in college, staying with her friend Jessica, and excited about a fresh start in New Harmony. Like her dad, Charlie pursues robotics. However, after a tornado appears in Hurricane, a body shows up with injuries that mirror those of a spring lock failure.

Police Chief Clay Burke asks Charlie to help uncover if the murder connects to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. After seeing the corpse, Charlie returns to Hurricane and confirms that a spring lock failure caused the death.

When she heads home, Charlie finds another corpse with similar injuries—who looks remarkably like Charlie. They discover that the dead girl is called Tracy, and there are three holes in her backyard.

To uncover the background, Charlie heads to her dad’s old house with a friend and discovers a secret room. Unfortunately, there’s one animatronic in the room: Foxy. The animatronic tries to grab Charlie, but her friend John saves her by tearing off its head.

The pair find a hidden disc in Foxy, and when they turn it off, Foxy’s fur vanishes, and they only see its wires and metal parts; the disc was causing hallucinations!

They draw a map to trace the whereabouts of the animatronics, and Charlie realizes they are after her. Soon, they encounter Twisted Freddy, and to keep the surrounding people safe, they claim a gas leak. But the damage is already done: the young adults find another body and animatronic: Twisted Wolf.

Charlie dreams about her dead sibling, Sammy. When she wakes up, Charlie imagines she hears animatronics but doesn’t see any. However, Twisted Freddy appears from the shadows and grabs her. The animatronic tries to suffocate her by burying itself. Charlie escapes and finds she’s in an unfamiliar Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant.

It turns out that Charlie was dreaming it all; she hadn’t been abducted.

Soon, Charlie and her friends learn that Dave Miller is still alive and his new form is Springtrap. He made the hallucinogenic disc. The Twisted Animatronics attack the teenagers, but the original ones from The Silver Eyes come just in time to protect the teenagers.

Charlie stabs Springtrap, but he escapes. The building also starts to collapse, and the teenagers escape. However, Twisted Freddy grabs Charlie and traps her inside its stomach. This time, however, Charlie doesn’t make it; she dies.

Distraught, her surviving friends head to a diner and—miraculously—encounter Charlie. However, John believes this is an impostor, and the story ends.

Fun Facts

On DeviantArt, The Silver Eyes illustrator Claudia Schröder revealed that she was approached to work on The Twisted Ones. However, she refused, and that’s why the project went to Claudia Aguirre.

This comic also showed us exactly how the illusion disc worked and how terrifying the Twisted Animatronics are.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Fourth Closet: The Graphic Novel

five nights at freddy's - the fourth closet - the graphic novel

  • Release Date: 28th December 2021
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
  • Grade Level: 7 to 9
  • Characters (Human): Charlie, John, Clay Burke, Charlie, Aunt Jen, Jessica, Marla, Carlton, William Afton, Afton’s victims (Michael, Susie, Fritz, and Cassidy)
  • Characters (Animatronics): Circus Baby, Mangle, Funtime Freddy, Ennard, Charlie


After successfully adapting the second book, Christopher Hastings also adapted The Fourth Closet. However, Diana Camero was the illustrator this time.

The book came out just after Christmas on 28th December.


A few months after The Twisted Ones ended, John still suspects that Charlie is an impostor. Clay Burke, Carlton’s dad, also has the same suspicion. Clay reveals that he’d never seen Charlie until he saw her with Aunt Jen; he’d just assumed Henry had been protective. After their conversation, a mysterious figure attacks Clay with a knife.

Later, John passes Circus Baby when he drives back to Clay’s house. He finds Clay near death and calls an ambulance. He also notices a scrambler device that makes one of the dolls resemble a real girl. He reveals his findings to Jessica, and that night, they drive to a town called Shining Reef.

They find a house with a silver star and find Aunt Jen. Charlie arrives and goes to another room to speak to her aunt privately. John and Jessica, meanwhile, head to Charlie’s room and discover another Charlie, hidden in a chest and unconscious.

Meanwhile, the fake Charlie stabs Aunt Jen to death. Before she can get to her “friends,” they escape with the unconscious Charlie. They call Marla and Carlton and tell them what’s happened.

Jessica thinks that if she switches around her science project–which takes the form of earplugs–she can make them invisible to the animatronics. So Carlton goes to her room, gets them, and switches the wires. He then sees the faker Charlie, who transforms into Circus Baby.

Carlton wears the earplugs and becomes invisible to Circus Baby. The animatronic leaves.

Later, Jessica spies on Circus Baby. However, the animatronic realizes this. She captures Jessica, locks her in Circus Baby’s Pizza, and forces her to operate on William Afton—who is still alive but dying. The surgery is successful, and as thanks, Afton throws Jessica into a room with four missing children.

But William isn’t the only threat. Mangle breaks into the room and abducts one child.

Meanwhile, Carlton and Marla break into the restaurant only to find a maze of mirrors. Funtime Freddy hunts them, but the earplugs keep them hidden from the animatronic. Finally, they find Jessica and agree that Carlton will look for the missing kid while Jessica and Marla will take the other kids to safety.

Mangle suddenly appears and chases Jessica, but she evades him and traps him in the ball pit. Carlton also encounters Funtime Freddy but makes the animatronic crash into a carousel and take significant damage.

Carlton then discovers that Michael is trapped in an animatronic endoskeleton merged with the other animatronics: this is Ennard. William Afton abducts Carlton and injects him with a strange fluid that knocks him out.

Carlton sees the ghosts of Afton’s victims: Michael, Susie, Fritz, and Cassidy. He helps them collect pieces of their pictures, and their souls are finally freed.

When Carlton wakes up, he sees Afton being attacked by Mangle and Funtime Freddy. They kill him this time, and Carlton’s friends save him.

Meanwhile, at Aunt Jen’s house, Charlie encounters Circus Baby. The animatronic reveals that she used to be a human called Elizabeth. At the same time, Charlie was a robot Henry Emily made in four stages to reflect the life stages she would have while growing up.

Circus Baby was the fourth stage, but because she was once human, she has her and Charlie’s memories.

Charlie forces Circus Baby to the closet and activates another animatronic that stabs through them. Finally, John arrives, but he’s too late.

Later, John is at a graveyard. He passes through the graves of Henry and Charlotte Emily, goes to another hidden grave, and the story ends.

Fun Facts

The comic gives us a glimpse of the Missing Children William Afton killed.

The comic also censored some parts of the novel, like when Circus Baby ripped Aunt Jen’s stomach open. If the comic illustrated such graphic scenes, its rating would have been 18+.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection #1

five nights at freddy's - fazbear frights graphic novel collection #1

  • Release Date: 6th September 2022
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
  • Grade Level: 7 to 9
  • Characters (Human): “Into The Pit:” Oswald, William Afton, Oswald’s parents; “To Be Beautiful:” Sarah, Abby, “Out of Stock:” Oscar, Raj, and Isaac
  • Characters (Animatronics): “Into The Pit:” Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Spring Bonnie; “To Be Beautiful:” Eleanor, “Out of Stock:” Plushtrap Chaser


On 2nd July 2021, ComicBooks.com and Scholastic announced that the recent Fazbear Frights books would be turned into graphic novels. On 6th September 2022, Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection #1 was released.

Christopher Hastings continued as the official adaptor of FNAF novels into comic books. However, this time he had more than one illustrator. They included:

  • Gonzalo Duarte
  • Andi Santagata
  • Ben Sawyer
  • Anthony Morris Jr.
  • Eva de la Cruz
  • Didi Esmeralda

Lore: Into The Pit

During the summer holidays, Oswald gets bored since he has no buddies to hang out with in town. So he spends most of his days at Jeff’s Pizza reading books.

One day, after a fight with his dad, Oswald hides in the restaurant’s ball pit. However, he finds that he’s time-traveled to a full 80s arcade. The stage has three animatronic performers: Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica, and at the corner, a man in a Spring Bonnie suit is lurking.

Oswald plays with the kids and later returns to the ball pit. Finally, he finds himself back in Jeff’s Pizza and discovers that no time has passed since he time-traveled.

Naturally, Oswald returns to the ball pit several times. One morning, however, he finds Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in chaos. The man in the Spring Bonnie suit beckons Oswald to a private room, where the boy sees several dead kids. He runs away, narrowly escaping, and dives back into the ball pit.

When Oswald emerges, he finds his dad searching for him. But the time-travel thing doesn’t only work for Oswald; Spring Bonnie’s arms appear, grab Oswald’s dad, and pull him under. Spring Bonnie emerges, takes Oswald to their car, and drives him home. Strangely, everyone but Oswald thinks Spring Bonnie is his dad, even his mom.

The terrified boy returns to Jeff’s Pizza and finds his dad unconscious, but Spring Bonnie is in pursuit. Oswald struggles with Spring Bonnie, and the rabbit somehow hangs, leaving only the suit behind. Finally, the boy’s dad wakes up, and Oswald tells him he must have hit his head.

Lore: To Be Beautiful

Sarah dreams of being beautiful to be part of the popular girls in school. She storms off when her best friend, Abby, asks Sarah to be herself.

The next day, Sarah walks home and sees an abandoned car in a scrapyard with a hand sticking out. She pulls out the hand and sees it belongs to a full-sized mechanical doll. Sarah takes it on, and when she switches it on, the doll calls itself Eleanor.

Thankful for being rescued, Eleanor promises to fulfill any wish Sarah has. The teenager’s only desire is to be beautiful. Eleanor gives Sarah a silver chain with a heart-shaped pendant the next day.

She tells Sarah never to remove it and promises the teenager will grow more beautiful each day she wears the pendant. Eleanor then sings the teenager to sleep, and when Sarah wakes up, she notices that her arms are toned and slender.

Within the next week, Sarah grows more beautiful and draws the attention of the boys and the popular girls. Finally, however, she slips and falls at school one day. The pendant falls, and Sarah’s schoolmates scream as they witness her horrifying transformation: Eleanor has replaced Sarah’s body with rusty, mechanical parts.

Sarah’s body starts turning to scrap, and she rushes home. Eleanor waits until Sarah is immobile, then transforms into Sarah—how she initially looked before they met. Eleanor then leaves, and their roles are reversed.

Lore: Out of Stock

Oscar’s life sucks, but he’s excited about the release of the light-activated mechanical rabbit called the Plushtrap Chaser. He goes to the mall with best friends Isaac and Raj, where he learns that only the store in the mall still has the rabbit in stock. They queue, but once they reach the front of the line, that store also sells out.

Oscar overhears the staff discussing a lifelike returned Plushtrap Chaser. They refuse to sell it, but he grabs it and pays as he escapes. When the boys unbox the toy at home, they notice it has realistic eyes and humanlike teeth. They try to turn the Plushtrap on, but it doesn’t work.

On the eve of Halloween, a storm cuts the power in the neighborhood as the three boys hang out in Oscar’s house. The Plushtrap Chaser comes alive and attacks the boys. They escape the house, but the toy pursues them.

The boys reach the train tracks as a train approaches. Raj and Isaac jump across the tracks, but Oscar waits for the perfect moment. He eventually jumps, barely dodging the train. However, the train crushed the Plushtrap Chaser, and their nightmare ended.

Fun Facts

Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection #1 swapped out one of the stories from the original book. So instead of “Count The Ways,” we got “Out of Stock.” Since “Count The Ways” jumps back and forth in time, this is probably for the best. Unfortunately, the FNAF comic omitted the epilogue, “Stitchwraith Stingers #1.”


Question: How many FNAF Comics are There?

Answer: There are four FNAF comic books: The Silver Eyes, The Twisted Ones, The Fourth Closet, and Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection #1. They are all based on pre-released FNAF novels and novella collections.

However, they are less detailed than the novels since that would make them far too long. Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection #1 also swaps out two stories (“Count The Ways” and “Stitchwraith Stingers #1”) for one: “Out of Stock.”

Question: When is the Next FNAF Graphic Novel Coming Out?

Answer: Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection #2 is the next upcoming FNAF comic book. It will be released on 23rd March 2023. The stories included will be “Fetch,” “Room for One More,” and “The New Kid.” It will be followed by Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection #3 in August 2023.

Question: Can a 10-Year-Old Read FNAF Comics?

Answer: The suggested age rating for every FNAF comic is at least 12 years old. A 10-year-old will likely find the themes, content, and visuals disturbing—this is a horror franchise, after all.


The FNAF comics offer an insightful new way to look at the franchise’s characters and locations. They also provide a more accessible route into the novels while offering new details.

If you want to understand FNAF better or enjoy fun new stories in its universe, I highly recommend graphic novels. They are fast-paced, exciting, insightful, and some of the best horror graphic novels you can read today.

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