why is bonnie not in fnaf security breach

Why is Bonnie Not in FNAF Security Breach

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Bonnie is a major character in Five Nights at Freddy’s, with appearances in multiple games. However, he doesn’t appear in the FNAF: Security Breach horror game. Or, at least, that’s what most people believe.

Contrary to popular belief, Bonnie appears in the latest game as part of The Blob–not in his original form. Meanwhile, his counterpart, Glamrock Bonnie, doesn’t appear directly but receives mentions in the game.

 To learn more about Bonnie in Security Breach, read on! 

Why is Bonnie Absent in Security Breach?

Let’s start with what we know. Bonnie and his counterparts had supporting roles in the previous games, and he last appeared in FNAF AR: Special Delivery as a posthumous antagonist. So he hasn’t played a significant role in FNAF lore since the earlier horror games. 

In Security Breach, Bonnie isn’t part of the enemies you face. He doesn’t even get a counterpart, as you see with Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, and Glamrock Bonnie. Instead, Montgomery Gator replaces Bonnie as the band’s new guitarist.

Montgomery Gator, or Monty, is an alligator animatronic who resembles a 1980s glam rock musician. Like Bonnie, he plays the guitar. However, that’s where their similarities end. 

With Monty replacing Bonnie, it seems like Scott Cawthon intentionally left Bonnie out. However, that’s not the case. Bonnie appears in Security Breach, though not in a straightforward way. Only eagle-eyed players with an unhealthy FNAF obsession (I’m guilty there) know about Bonnie’s presence in the game. 

Bonnie has two appearances in Security Breach. The first appearance is indirect: in Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, head to Bonnie Bowl and see a drawing of Bonnie at the entrance. The existence of Bonnie Bowl proves that Glamrock Bonnie also existed. However, where did he go?

You’ll receive a message titled “MISSING,” which offers hints. The message contains three security reports highlighting Glamrock Bonnie’s whereabouts. Though they don’t specify the date, they show that one night at 12:24 AM, Bonnie left his green room in Rockstar Row. He went east to the Atrium.

At 2:40 AM, he entered the East Arcade. Almost two hours later, at 4:12 AM, Bonnie entered Monty Golf, which contains Montgomery Gator. 

Later, you’ll receive another message related to Bonnie titled “Understudy.” The message contains a Management Report that shows management is making Montgomery Gator the new bass player since Glamrock Bonnie is out of commission.

Parts and Services have also made necessary adjustments. The message sounds optimistic, hoping Monty will be more popular than Bonnie. 

Shortly after the start of the game, Glamrock Freddy also refers to Glamrock Bonnie. When hiding inside his chest compartment, Gregory sees Vanny: a human security guard disguised in a rabbit costume.

When he mentions Vanny to Glamrock Freddy, the animatronic responds that the Mega Pizzaplex no longer has a rabbit. We know that Bonnie is an anthropomorphic rabbit animatronic, and he’s been decommissioned, so this is a direct reference to Glamrock Bonnie. 

Bonnie’s second appearance in FNAF: Security Breach is also not straightforward. Since the game has multiple endings, you might not even see the one with Bonnie. To reach that end, follow these steps: 

  1. Collect Roxanne Wolf’s eyes upgrade, Monty’s Claws, and Glamrock Chica’s Voicebox Upgrade. 
  2. When you can leave the Pizzaplex towards the night’s end, stay. Go to Roxy’s Raceway and open the red door alongside the Servo Bot Head. Enter, go straight, and open the next door with Monty’s Claws. Chica’s Voicebox will open the door after that, and you’ll find the Old Elevator. 
  3. Take the Elevator. 

This will unlock a boss fight against Burntrap and the other Glamrock Animatronics. Defeat them, and the fight will culminate in The Blob appearing and dragging away Burntrap. 

The Blob is a black mass of wires, cables, and different endoskeleton parts. Like Ennard, you can see details of various animatronics in The Blob.

For instance, the character includes the faces of Bonnie, Funtime Freddy, Mangle, Circus Baby, The Puppet, and Chica. Though Bonnie is now part of another being, he is still present in Security Breach. 

My Theory

Bonnie FNAF

We know the fate of the original Bonnie: according to the Security Breach ending (Which I consider canon), he became part of The Blob. Meanwhile, his counterpart, Glamrock Bonnie, was decommissioned. However, how did Glamrock Bonnie meet his demise? 

He was last seen entering Monty Golf. The apparent theory is that Monty was jealous of Glamrock Bonnie and destroyed him irreparably to take his place in the band. However, I suspect Vanny. William Afton’s consciousness controlled her in his Glitchtrap form, and he probably saw Bonnie as a threat.

Maybe Bonnie, like Glamrock Freddy, didn’t fall under Vanny’s influence. However, Vanny couldn’t get rid of Glamrock Freddy since he was the band leader.

But Glamrock Bonnie was replaceable because Monty also existed. So, Glitchtrap ordered Vanny to destroy Bonnie in a way that would permanently decommission him and minimize the potential threats. 

What other Animatronics are Missing in Security Breach?

fnaf bonnie

Bonnie isn’t the only character who doesn’t make a significant appearance in Security Breach. Foxy is also missing from the video game. However, while you can find information explaining why Bonnie is missing, there’s no such luck with Foxy. The game doesn’t even mention Glamrock Foxy. 

However, the only explanation is that the horror game replaced Foxy with Roxanne Wolf. She is also themed after a wolf and is part of the band. I suspect Roxy was built as a female, child-friendly version of Foxy, not as a counterpart but as a replacement. 


Question: Who is Glamrock Bonnie?

Answer: Glamroch Bonnie is an animatronic made as an entertainer for Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. However, he was decommissioned before FNAF: Security Breach happened. 

Question: Why isn’t Bonnie in FNAF: Security Breach?

Answer: Bonnie doesn’t directly appear in Security Breach. However, he appears in one of the game’s endings as part of The Blob. You can also learn about Glamrock Bonnie through various messages in the game.
The messages explain why he doesn’t appear: he went missing in Monty Golf and was decommissioned soon after. 

Question: Who is Montgomery Gator?

Answer: Montgomery Gator, or Monty, is a Glamrock Animatronic. He is the guitarist for Glamrock Freddy’s band and replaces Bonnie.

Why is Bonnie Not in FNAF Security Breach: Conclusion

Bonnie appears in FNAF: Security Breach, though in a minor role that many players won’t experience without help–which I find a pretty neat easter egg. So now that you know what to look for, I suggest replaying FNAF: Security Breach and looking for the Bonnie references. 

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