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Eleanor FNAF Guide

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise has its fair share of baddies.  In the games, Freddy and co try their best to give you a hard time and make you leap from your seat with relentless jump scares. But in the novels, Eleanor is the villain who will send shivers up your spine.

So, who is she?

  • Eleanor is a being who feeds off of people’s pain and agony.
  • Her first appearance comes in Fazbear Frights 1’s second story, To Be Beautiful.
  • She appears in several stories throughout the books.
  • She could be a Circus Baby counterpart because they both originated from the ball pit and have similar attack patterns.
  • She also looks like a slender version of Spring Bonnie.

Bottom Line Up Front

Eleanor is a manipulative animatronic. She pretends to be sweet and gentle. But this is just a front to make people trust her and empathize with her. She actually uses people to reach her sinister goals.

She appears in several Fazbear Frights books, either as the main villain or in cameos.

Eleanor’s Appearance

Eleanor has red hair tied into two pigtails, a painted face, pink lips and cheeks, and bright green eyes with long lashes.

She has a small, sleek body with gray skin, a round bust, a tiny waist, slim arms and legs, and a long, thin neck.

Eleanor Lore

Eleanor FNAF Guide: lore

In To Be Beautiful, a girl called Sarah finds an inactive robot in a random car’s trunk in the local junkyard. Intrigued, Sarah takes it home, gives it a thorough cleaning, and activates it.

The robot sparks to life and introduces itself as Eleanor. To show Sarah her gratitude, Eleanor promises to make her wish (to be beautiful) come true. For this to happen, she gives Sarah a unique necklace and advises her to not take it off for any reason or at any time.

But Eleanor is not the saint she makes herself seem. Whenever Sarah sleeps each night, Eleanor chops off the girl’s body parts with surgical precision (macabre, I know). She then replaces those body parts with metal ones.

But Sarah doesn’t notice because the necklace cloaks the metal parts and makes them look human. She also doesn’t feel pain or soreness. She also doesn’t see anything wrong with her body (yes, I also found that hard to believe).

Still, the metallic parts help to make her more beautiful, so she believes her dream has come true. But Sarah inevitably catches on to the scam. One day at school, her necklace accidentally falls. This exposes all her metallic parts. Horrified, Sarah rushes home to confront Eleanor about this. In the garage, she finds her rotting disembodied body parts.

Then Sarah sees Eleanor with an identical necklace to the one she gave her. Eleanor presses a button on the necklace, and she takes on Sarah’s pre-mutilation appearance. The diabolical robot then takes on Sarah’s identity, leaving her to crumble into junk and die.

Later, though, Eleanor blows it with the Sarah disguise, and her true form is revealed. She eventually breaks down, and the Stitchwraith finds her and takes her to the abandoned factory. If there’s a life-saving lesson we should learn from this tale, you shouldn’t take random robots from the junkyard home. And for goodness’ sake, don’t assume they have your best interest at heart if they are sentient.


Eleanor Appearances

Fazbear Frights 1

Eleanor is the main baddie in the book’s second story, To Be Beautiful. She also appears in epilogues from Fazbear Frights 1 and some of its sequels. The epilogues are called Stitchwraith Stingers.

Stitchwraith Stinger #7

Jake is a dead boy whose soul resides in Stitchwraith, with William Afton’s and another kid’s souls. When the Agony, a sinister amalgamation of animatronics and souls, is absorbing other animatronics, Jake tries to stop it.

This is when he discovers Eleanor. She pins him down, sucks a shard of evil out of him, and lets herself get sucked into the Agony. But Eleanor separates herself from the entity before it gets destroyed.

Stitchwraith Stinger #10

Jake takes Renelle (Eleanor in another human disguise) to her father’s home. The father is Dr. Talbert, a scientist who gathers Remnant (the stuff that can make you more powerful or even immortal). Jake gets a sudden vision of Eleanor and realizes this animatronic is Renelle. Disgusted, he tries to kill her but passes out before he can.

He then gets several visions that establish Eleanor as the mysterious main baddie in the book series:

  • She gave human teeth and eyes to the Plushtrap Chaser. He appears as the main villain in Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch’s Out of Stock story.
  • She was the hidden figure torturing Delilah in the 1:35 A.M. short story from Fazbear Frights 3: 1:35 A.M.
  • In Fazbear Frights 4’s Step Closer story, she holds down Pete after a truck smashes into him; she then operates on him.
  • In Fazbear Frights 5’s The Man in Room 1280, Eleanor is the hidden presence lurking inside William Afton (As if he needed to grow eviler). She leaps out of Afton’s body, suggesting she was the second signal in Afton’s brain.
  • In Fazbear Frights 6’s Hide-and-Seek, Toby is a teenager who destroys an arcade game called Hide-and-Seek. But Eleanor seemingly escapes from the game and latches onto his shadow, giving it sharp teeth and rabbit ears. She leeches off his anger, though he defeats her by eventually killing himself after completing the game.
  • In Fazbear Frights 6’s Blackbird short story, a train runs over one of the main characters, Sam. But we now discover that Eleanor pushed him into the train’s path.

After having these visions, Jake naturally wants to kick Eleanor’s butt. So he attacks her and pushes her against the wall. But Eleanor uses her illusion powers to twist this and make it look like he stabbed her.

Dr. Talbert shoots Jake (remember, he sees it as Jake stabbing his daughter), disabling Jake’s Stitchwraith form. He then gives “Renelle” some Remnant, and Eleanor rejoices. We discover that the Remnant was her goal, and now she shows Dr. Talbert her proper form.

Stitchwraith Stinger #11

Eleanor FNAF

In this epilogue, Eleanor repeatedly attacks a detective called Larson in a memory world (don’t ask; this franchise is weird). After several encounters, she appears to defeat the detective.

But things are different in Eleanor’s real world.

Jake didn’t die from his gunshot wound in the previous epilogue. After all, he’s a soul possessing an animatronic and all. Instead, he reaches Eleanor, strangles her, and uses his body’s energy to burn her.

Jake then traps Eleanor inside a memory, finally defeating her.


The counterparts I’ve listed below aren’t canon. I’ve included them because I think they fit.

Circus Baby

I think Circus Baby is a counterpart to Eleanor because of their general resemblance. The main difference between the two (physically, at least) is that Eleanor is slim while Circus Baby is chunky.

But both have red lips and cheeks, red hair with two pigtails, bright green eyes, and long eyelashes.

Circus Baby appears in several FNAF games that include:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
  • Ultimate Custom Night
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

She also appears in the FNAF World spinoff game, making Circus Baby one of the most famous enemies in the franchise.

Since we are talking about Circus Baby, we have to mention…

Scrap Baby

Scrap Baby fnaf

Unlike Eleanor and Circus Baby, Scrap Baby is heavily damaged. She has several missing parts and blue skin patches. In addition, she wears roller skates and a tiara and has black eyes with white pupils and green irises.

Scrap Baby shows up in:

  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
  • Ultimate Custom Night

Unlike Eleanor and Circus Baby, Scrap Baby was possessed. Inside her was the soul of…

Elizabeth Afton

Elizabeth Afton was Michael Afton’s younger sister and William Afton’s daughter. She only appears in the FNAF minigames, so we see her in pixelated form.

Elizabeth loved her father’s animatronics, but one of them killed her. One day, she was close to Circus Baby, and the animatronic murdered her. But Elizabeth’s soul eventually possessed Circus Baby, becoming Scrap Baby.


Question: Who is Eleanor in Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Answer: Eleanor is an evil animatronic in the FNAF novels, Fazbear Frights. She is the main antagonist in one story, To Be Beautiful, and appears in epilogues to a lot of the books.

Question: Is Eleanor Circus Baby?

Answer: Because of their visual similarities, we assume Eleanor is one of Circus Baby’s counterparts.

Question: Is Eleanor Elizabeth Afton?

Answer: Even though Elizabeth Afton possesses Circus Baby, one of Eleanor’s counterparts, believes Elizabeth Afton doesn’t possess her.

Eleanor FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Eleanor is a sinister and manipulative animatronic. So, she would be right at home in the FNAF games. But unfortunately, her presence in the books doesn’t feel significant until you reach Stitchwraith Stinger #11 and realize how influential she has been.

I also like her deceptive nature. This can make for a fantastic horror game if Scott Cawthon returns from retirement. But for now, I suggest reading the books: especially To Be Beautiful. It will show how manipulative and dark this villain is. I say she can rival William Afton if given a chance

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