Balloon Boy FNAF Guide

Balloon Boy FNAF Guide

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Balloon Boy is a humanoid animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Also called BB, he is among the more normal-looking animatronics. We first see him in FNAF 2.

Balloon Boy stands out because:

  • He looks human, unlike most of the other scary animatronics
  • It’s not clear who, if anyone, has possessed him
  • He is a mischievous animatronic who tampers with things instead of directly killing you
  • In fact, it’s not until Special Delivery that Balloon Boy can jump scare you

Balloon Boy’s Appearance

Balloon Boy looks just like a regular kid. He has big blue eyes, rosy cheeks, peach-colored skin, reddish hair, a triangular nose, and a plump body. He wears a propeller cap with blue and red vertical stripes, a two-buttoned shirt with a similar design, blue pants, and brown shoes.

He carries a sign labeled “Balloons!” in one hand and a yellow-and-red striped balloon in the other hand.

Bottom Line Up Front

Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy appears in 7 FNAF games:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s 3
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
  • Ultimate Custom Night
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Despite his friendly and innocent look, do not underestimate Balloon Boy. He is an animatronic you should be wary of when playing FNAF. He can easily tamper with your flashlight and make it easier for the other animatronics to get to you.

Balloon Boy: Lore

There is not much to Balloon Boy’s lore, unlike some other animatronics. There is plenty of speculation, of course. However, we know that when the refurbished Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opened in 1987, he was a newly installed animatronic. His job was being the balloon vendor.

However, after a series of incidents—including the Bite of ’87—Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed down just a few weeks later. BB and the other animatronics were scrapped, and that was that.


Balloon Boy

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Balloon Boy starts moving around on Night 2. He starts in the Game Area and uses the Left Air Vent to come to the office. However, you can only see him through the camera when he’s in the Left Air Vent or the Game Area. When he moves, he can let you know he’s close by laughing or saying, “Hi,” or “Hello.”

When he reaches the office, he won’t kill you like the other animatronics. Instead, he will disable the Air Vent Lights or your Flashlight and laugh like the mischievous animatronic he is. So naturally, this will give the other animatronics an easier time reaching you and killing you.

Foxy becomes especially dangerous when the lights are disabled because you can no longer stun him. To keep Balloon Boy from disabling the lights (And being a general nuisance), wait for him to enter the Left Air Vent. Then quickly wear the Freddy mask and wait to hear him leave- but be careful because you could be hearing another pesky animatronic.

BB will go back to the Game Area and start moving around again after a while. However, if you bring up the monitor instead of wearing the Freddy mask when BB is in the vent, he will come into the office and refuse to leave until 6am. This will severely lower your chances of making it through the night.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Balloon Boy is not a prominent character in FNAF 3. We just see his lifeless head inside the office in the core game. However, you can play him in one of FNAF 3’s minigames, “BB’s Air Adventure.” You can play this minigame on any night. Just click on the Balloon Boy character drawing on the left wall in the office.

Start by collecting all 7 balloons in the room, then head to the exit that appears. You can exit the room through this exit, and the minigame will end.

However, you can collect the unseen 8th balloon after gathering all 7. The room’s top left corner has an invisible exit you can jump through. This will take you to a black area with red balloon-shaped platforms you can jump on. You will reach a black-and-white section with three crying Balloon Boy silhouettes if you go down. Next, go right to enter another area and see a color-shifting balloon. Just make your way up to it, and the minigame will end.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Balloon Boy does not appear in the main game. However, you will see him in the Play-Test Minigames, where you test out various attractions you can place around the pizzeria. You play as Helpy and will encounter Balloon Boy in the Gravity Vortex ride. You will have to shoot the incoming Balloon Boy to get points.

Ultimate Custom Night

Balloon Boy is among the many antagonists you can play in Ultimate Custom Night. Just like FNAF 2, he will not kill you. However, he still has that annoying habit of disabling your flashlight if you let him get close. He also retains that irritating laughter.

The only bright side to having BB here is that you can set his difficulty to 20 and will not have to worry about him killing you.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Balloon Boy Help Wanted

In FNAF: Help Wanted, you play segments from the previous games and new ones. Balloon Boy returns and acts as he did in FNAF 2. You should put on the Freddy Fazbear mask to keep him away, or he will disable your lights while laughing. This will leave you vulnerable to Foxy (or Withered Foxy) and will make your progress significantly more challenging.

You will also see Balloon Boy in the new Trick or Treat minigame in the Curse of Dreadbear DLC. He will start running around the house with the other animatronics when you ring the doorbell.

Wait for the clock to chime, and if he vanishes from view at that point, put on the Balloon Boy mask. You will get a jump scare from Nightmare Balloon Boy if you wear another mask.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

FNAF AR: Special Delivery is an augmented reality horror game for Android phones and iPhones. The game has a Balloon Boy mini-pack which contains three BB lures and his plush suit. The lures will invite attacks from Balloon Boy, while the plush suit helps with Endo customization.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

In FNAF: Security Breach, you can only encounter Balloon Boy in the Balloon World minigame. This is a side-scrolling game where you control a relatively human Balloon Boy as he hangs on balloons. You have to navigate various areas, collecting balloons and other objectives while avoiding obstacles.

A balloon will pop whenever you hit an obstacle, and it’s game over if you lose all your balloons. However, you will get more points the further you advance.


Phantom Balloon Boy

Phantom Balloon Boy

Phantom BB is a badly burned version of Balloon Boy, similar to the other phantom animatronics. His eyes now glow white, making him look eerie. He also no longer carries his sign and balloon. Phantom BB appears in FNAF 3, FNAF World, and Ultimate Custom Night.

In FNAF 3, you will see him on the monitor. He will block your view of the background, then jump scare you if you are slow to change cameras. He then messes with the ventilation system. As you try to fix this, Springtrap will have the chance to get in the office and jump scare you.

In FNAF World, he often shows up in Choppy’s Woods. If he is beaten, he will join you as a playable character.

Nightmare Balloon Boy

Nightmare BB is not burned-up like Phantom BB. However, he looks even scarier. He has red pupils, red cheeks, and rows of sharp, pointy teeth in a big mouth. His fingers are also longer and shaped like claws, and his voice is now demonic.

He appears in the FNAF 4 minigame, “Fun With Balloon Boy.” Here, Nightmare BB leaves his seat, and your goal is to shine your flashlight on him just when he is on the “X” sign. If you succeed, you will have a two-hour bonus for the following night.

Fail, however, and you will get a death screen, or Nightmare BB will jumpscare you. Nightmare BB also appears in FNAF World. He is a possible playable character. However, to make him join your team, you must beat the Foxy Fighters with an A rank or higher.

In Ultimate Custom Night, Nightmare BB is slumped in the office. Do not shine a light on him until he sits up, or you will get a jump scare.mAnd in Help Wanted, Nightmare BB plays like in FNAF 4: shine a light on him when he is on the “X” before time runs out. Then, if you fail, he will jumpscare you.

Swamp Balloon Boy

This is a skin for Balloon Boy that appears in Special Delivery, so the way he acts is pretty much the same. He is completely covered in mud and pieces of moss and twigs on this skin. His grin looks evil, and his rotting moss-covered sign now reads “Rot.”

Frostbite Balloon Boy

This is another Special Delivery skin for BB. He is now a snowman with ice spikes scatted over his body. The same look applies to his balloon, and his sign reads “Avalanche!”


Question: Who Is Balloon Boy Possessed By?

Answer: It’s not clear if the ghost of any child possesses Balloon Boy. However, he is an animatronic who worked at the refurbished Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1987.

Question: Why Do People Hate Balloon Boy in FNAF 2?

Answer: Balloon Boy doesn’t kill you in FNAF 2, but he makes life difficult. He laughs at you, taunting you, and he disables your lights. This gives the other animatronics an easy time reaching your office and jump-scaring you.

Question: Is Balloon Boy In FNAF 3?

Answer: In FNAF 3, we see Balloon Boy’s counterpart, Phantom BB. This one is more intimidating and menacing than the regular Balloon Boy. First, he will appear on the monitor, blocking your view. He then jumpscares you if you are not quick to change cameras and will even mess with the ventilation system.

Balloon Boy FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Balloon Boy is among the more different animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s. He looks innocent, has hardly any lore, but is easily among the least-liked animatronics in the game.

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