Gabriel FNAF Guide

Gabriel FNAF Guide

I’m a huge sucker for FNAF content, not because of Scott Cawthon’s unique depiction of horror (I am admittedly a coward in that regard), but because of the overarching plot. Most horror games focus too much on deriving as many jumpscares as they can from their gameplay instead of keeping the player engaged with a …

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righty fnaf guide

Righty FNAF Guide

Five Nights at Freddy’s had massive amounts of followers since its release – and I am one of them. I still remember when we dared each other to play the game after classes had finished. We record our own ‘Let’s play’ and laugh at how ugly our screams were – we’re at the edge of …

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scooper fnaf guide

Scooper FNAF Guide

If you play Five Nights at Freddy’s, it’s okay to develop a fear of animatronics (especially the nightmare ones). But I think that animatronics also have something they are afraid of. It’s called the Scooper. But what is it? Its full name is the Scalable Creation of Ulterior Presence (SCUP) It is a machine It …

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bonnet fnaf guide

Bonnet FNAF Guide

For a video game franchise that tries to terrify you every chance it gets, Five Nights at Freddy’s has a surprising number of adorable characters. A prime example is Bonnet. She is an adorable pink rabbit animatronic that you’re more likely to cuddle than run from. So, what’s the deal with Bonnet? She is among …

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dave miller fnaf guide

Dave Miller FNAF Guide

Five Nights at Freddy’s began as a deceptively simple point-and-click indie horror game in 2014, but in the eight years since the original game was released, FNAF has exploded into a massive multimedia franchise. The FNAF series now spans dozens of games and books packed to the brim with fantasy, fun, and—above all—horror. In the …

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jj fnaf guide


Five Nights at Freddy’s is a franchise well-known for its animalistic animatronics, but we have seen much more than a few animals throughout its timeline. At first, I found characters like Freddy and Chica terrifying, but once I reminded myself that they were based on rather friendly and cuddly real-world things, the fear factor fizzled …

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fnaf phone guy

FNAF Phone Guy Guide

Five Nights of Freddy’s puts the player in a dangerous world where friends are few and far between, but one of the franchise’s oldest and most iconic characters acts as an ally to talk you through your five nights on the job. The unnamed Fazbear employee that calls at the beginning of each night, affectionately …

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